Kobe Bryant: ‘I’m 100 percent’

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant  enjoys the international game of futbol as much or more than any of his NBA peers. So it’s not a surprise to see him making the rounds in Brazil for the World Cup.

Of interest to Los Angeles Lakers fans, though, might be the words coming directly from Kobe that he is 100 percent healthy and ready for next season. He played in just six games in 2013-14, recovering from the Achilles injury that cost him the playoffs last season and then sitting the bulk of this season as his fractured knee healed.

He’s not worried about the Lakers’ listless coaching search or the fact that there are only three players (Steve Nash and Robert Sacre are the others in addition to Kobe — Nick Young has a player option on his contract and Kendall Marshall a team option on his deal) under contract for next season.

“That’s the best time,” he told an interviewer, “when people count you out.”

Check out Kobe live and extremely candid from (what appears to be a park bench) Brazil:


  1. Inferno says:

    The Lakers need to trade pau for Randle and pick up Smart for their pick in the draft. They also need a decent center. They might get Bynum or Gortat from free agency. Also pick up Lane stephenson from free agency. Keep Young, meeks and Hill. Try to get Melo or love

    Pg. Smart
    SG Kobe
    SF Lance
    PF Melo or Love
    C Bynum or gortat
    6man Swaggy P

  2. The FAKERS made a big mistake when they gave KobME Cryant that 2-year extension before the start of the 2013-14 NBA season.

  3. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    I’m a LeBron fan and for along time hated Kobe… But now I appreciate the truly talented warrior that Kobe is. His killer instinct is very similar to MJ’s and I would want Kobe in the 4th quarter over LeBron anyday! Kobe is truly one of the greatest basketball players of all time. its a shame that he probly wont get a 6th ring on the Lakers in the next 2 years. But 5 is not too bad either.

  4. erik says:

    Look people he is not trying to be like m.j ok. He is nasty all by himself and there won’t ever be no one like m.j or wilt or Russell or bird etc. Kobe is kobe and that’s all folks. Don’t hate and just sit down and enjoy the kobe show babyyyyyyyyy

  5. erik says:

    Dam you freaking haters!!!!!!!!!!! Kobe rules and Lakers are taking it all babyyyyyyyyy.

  6. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Robinson and Marion on the Heat?

  7. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Nash Kobe Melo James -> Lakers 2015

  8. LakersNation says:

    First of all,i am Kobe is bigger fan frm long time and I know Kobe will be back next season with 100% healthy bodie…how come Duncon can still play better even he is olds too like Kobe now…Kobe he’s smart plays too and he can make Lakers back to final game…so Lakers fan from Marshall Island really happy because you’re just get better BM24…LakersNation

  9. lacrampa says:

    lakers don’t give a damn about a title now, kobe is here, kobe is a cash machine. kobe around in the building is gold for any team so grow up kids, they will rebuild when they have milked the 8 to the death

  10. sports fan says:

    Kobe is 100% ready to ballhog while getting paid his $40 mil.

  11. Dem says:

    As long Kobe is in the Lakers, that franchise will never get a chance to rebuilt. Lakers are so dumb they have to pay 40 million for an old player.. Dont biuild a team around Kobe because his time is done!. And Kobe, you dont own anything in that franchise so stop acting like a GM making decisions for the franchise, Just step down, offer a huge paycut. and get a young player that can carry the franchise. because obviously, your knees and ankle cannot carry the franchise anymore.

  12. D. says:

    Great! Right on time! 😉

  13. smh… just retire. you ain’t got it anymore. stop chasin MJ’s legacy. stop tryin hard to be like MJ.

  14. FERNIE.O says:

    KB24 and the Lakers are coming back with a vengance.. Just wait and see who we pick up this Season and next… LAKER NATION 4ever!!

  15. Lakerfan418 says:

    I’ve been a Lakers fan since I knew what a basketball was. Over 30 years now. And I admit to being a little apprehensive about next season. I believe in the Mamba, I really do. However, as pointed out, only 3 players are signed through next season. I think we should bring back the same team, with a new big man friendly coach, a decent free-agent, and a healthy team. D’antoni is a good coach, but not the kind I think the Lakers needed. Butted heads with Howard, and Gasol. Byron Scott would be a good choice. I’d rather have Jeff Van Gundy, but I’d also like to win the lottery. Scott played his last season when Kobe was playing his first. So I think he’s a very good candidate. As for what everybody’s talking about, I think Lebron stays in Miami, and helps construct an overhaul. I think Melo stays, as well. I think GS remains a postseason threat, with Steve Kerr calling the shots, and I think Fish goes over .500 his rookie season as a coach.

  16. dioguito17 says:

    let’s go KB24!!hope the next season will be a big surprise for thes haters and ignorants! the closer to MJ is the BLACK MAMBA and maybe better than MJ !! #lakersnation

  17. TILTON 21 says:

    kobe should leave already wasting time trying to get da 6 ring

  18. yogi says:

    Miami should get Eric bledsoe and use their draft picks wisely to get a young core team

  19. Mike says:

    Enough with the LbJ or Melo talk to LA. I’m from La and know for certain Melo going to Hou or Chi hands down, I’m a Rose fan so hoping he can get some help from Melo. Lb got a Better chance at going back to cle than he does La no way will he want to follow in loves footsteps, why u think he didn’t go to Chi in first place? Why bc he thought wade and bosh would have a better future than rose and Noah? Ha!

  20. DRAREG says:

    Let’s go Mamba! Primed and ready for next season!

  21. NBAFAN says:

    I read these comments from time to time and I read a lot of stupid comments, mainly from a lot of young kids who were not around to have seen the greats play, Magic, Bird, MJ, Kobe, etc. Luckily I was around to watch these player for the last years 35. and let me tell you Magic, Bird, MJ, Kobe, would not of given up after the first quarter and become spectators like Lebron and the Miami Heat did on the most important game of their careers, Lebron said ” follow my lead” Leonard spanked him. Lebron is great but has a long way to go to become and MJ or Kobe and time will tell.

    To all of you out there that are Laker haters Kobe haters do a little research first and stop blowing smoke out of your butts, 10 championships in 20 years Miami won 2 in a row WOW the NBA is littered with teams that did that, but how many teams threepeated ??? the lakers did it twice.

    As for Kobe you better wish a few more players like him and MJ with that intense never die never loose win no matter what it takes personality show up soon, because the over paid over coddled kids we have now that make a three pointer and flex their muscles or show their heart on camera are a bunch megalomaniacs with little talent. It will be a sad day when Kobe retires because one of the all time greats will be gone forever with no one to take his place, and all you kids out there will miss out on some of the greatest NBA plays you will ever see, MJ is gone and you guys will never know what you missed, so instead of hating admire his greatness even at 38 he will be one of the top 3 next season and will probably average 38 min per game and 28 point. But one thing I guarantee you he will never quit after the first quarter.

    • qqq says:

      What was the point of lebron finishing the game?

      THE GAME WAS OVER!!!!!!

      typical hater comment.

  22. kobe says:

    you cant beat father time

  23. imisswatchingthethunder says:

    I’m not a Faker fan by any means, but the Fakers could actually be looking up. Pick a great player in the lottery, Kobe’s coming back, they can sign back Swaggy P who is actually kinda good, and get lots of great free agents. Then let the team pick a coach. Wala! The Fakers are back in business!!

  24. Kobe-James-Melo-Love-Nash says:

    Here are the LHATERS again.. Just get Melo or James or Both.. Trade Gasol for Love.. That’s it..

  25. Educadron, you said somethings that I disagree with. You said that Kobe’s personality makes him a loser,
    oh how wrong you are, sometimes you got to have an edge to you, that what make Kobe interesting to me.
    His enthusiasm, personality, and his legend on the court. That’s why he’s my favorite player, Also others on here
    have said that when he first came to the Lakers, he wasn’t liked or didn’t talk to no one, Well guys that will
    happen sometimes, when you’re a rookie, you won’t say much to the veterans, it takes time. Takes time to
    get use to each other, and those same guys knew Kobe had game, and had skills that none of them had, and
    currently they are witnessing Kobe as the leader of the lakers, and a ruthless leader, if he has to be. He and the
    Lakers have a good future, they have cap this summer and more next summer, what way to have those in Kobe’s
    final 2 years of his deal, I as a fan of both, I couldn’t be happier, Kobe and Lakers will be fine.

  26. P Wood says:

    don’t see LBJ (the bandwagon commenet person) anywhere since the finals, he must have jumped onto a different bandwagon

  27. BrandonMichael E. says:

    No one cares. Hope you don’t think you’re gonna get your 6th championship. Your career and team are done Kobe. Face it.

    • Mars says:

      That’s what they said about Tim Duncan and the Spurs three years ago. Face it, Brandon, your Lebron and your Heat are the ones done. Unless they add even more superstars like Melo, Kevin Love to make Lebron even more great. Whatta joke that guy is.

  28. educadron, you and other Mamba dislikers need to respect greatness. Some on here have said that when he
    first came to the Lakers, he didn’t talk to anyone, and wasn’t like. Well sometimes that happens, but you get use to
    each other, and then respect arrives. But those guys at the time knew Kobe had game, and had a skill level,
    that none of them had, but they are now witnessing Kobe being the boss on the current Lakers, ruthless
    leader, but it’s worth it. EDu u also said that Kobe personality makes him a loser, well I can expect a hater like you
    to say that, sometimes you need an edge personality wise to get over, to go along with your legend on the court.
    So that’s why I love him as my favorite player.

  29. ldhl89 says:

    Tim Duncan > Kobe
    Kobe is going to be Lucky if the lakers make the playoffs the next season

    • Mars says:

      Lebron already got lucky becuase of the help of several superstars and even made it to 4 straight finals. I don’t see why Kobe can’t be lucky too.

      • Celentano says:

        Lebron is the alpha of his team, while Kobe riding the shaq wave..Lebron is the best player of his team since day one,while kobe is not, almost half of his career..

      • Mars says:

        Because Kobe waitied to be a champion, Lebron took the short cut. If Lebron is the alpha of hsi team, how come he had to ride the Wade and Bosh wave? Without them, he wouldn’t be able to win a ring. Oh wait, Lebron fans always say he didn’t have enough support in Cleveland. Too bad. But so did Jordan and Kobe. But they waited until the team had the necessary support to win a crown. But not Lebron, he was so intent of becoming Jordan already that he immiediately joined Wade’s team in order to win rings the easy way. That’s why, no matter what he’s achieved in his career, taking his talents to South Beach decision would always haunt him, and hamper his reputation as a great player. Becuase to sum it all up, he took the short cut ahd sought help from other superstars.

  30. Kobe is #2 says:

    Go ahead people. Doubt Kobe. Its hard for people to understand true greatness anyways. Let Kobe get Melo and see if the Lakers dont become favourites. To say Duncan is better than Kobe is a sin. Duncan had stability his whole career, and how much drastik Roster changes has Kobe gone through and still won 5 rings? How long has Duncan had Parker and Ginobli for? and he had David Robinson. But when you mention Kobe, its always………”He needed Shaq, or he needed Gasol”. It will never end.

  31. Eduardo Tob says:

    I´m a Celtic fan and I would love to se him back.

  32. Francisco says:


  33. manero says:

    Time to retire mamba

  34. northern touch says:

    i just think its dope that the only players locked on the roster are canadian other than kobe. GO CANADA!! when is vancouver getting a team our fans are crazy

  35. FrankL2010 says:

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t get it. Why read articles that doesn’t interest you just to give negative comments? Are we even 10% of what they can do on the court? These guys whoever they are, worked so hard to achieved what they have now. Can we not just respect as to who they are and praise them for what they had accomplished? We are somehow entertained by the way they played the game… and most of all, hating them will not make us a dollar richer. Just saying 🙂

  36. Ricky Elliott says:

    Melo and love should go to bulls, and LeBron should go to clips, send Blake to Miami, trade bosh to Dallas, fill in all the rest of the blanks for all these teams and the nba will be very competitive again. ..

  37. Danny Boi says:

    Lakers should get GORTAT at C!

  38. Henny says:

    Well knowing Kobe Bryant he is going to back next season with fire in his eyes. I feel as though we will recruit some players to help Kobe, and I also feel that the Lakers well end up with a great coach.

  39. Henny says:

    Well knowing Kobe Bryant he is going to back next season with fire in his eyes. I fell as though we will recruit some players to help Kobe, and I also feel that the Lakers well end up with a great coach. Mr.Kupchik will makesure of that.

    • educatedron says:


      No great coaches left that would coach that guy. Maybe Brown from Cleveland? Bill Cartwright? Mike Woodson?

      Kobe is going to come back not with fire in his eyes, but firing jump shots, shooting below 45% again and being a poor teamate. They will be a low seed in the playoffs then lose in first round if they make it that far.

      Top 5 is almost a 100% lock


      Next 2 are an 80% lock


      Lakers will be fighting it out with Memphis and Phoenix for the 8th spot if lucky, else its welcome back to the lottery

  40. CHRIS LANE says:

    i’m a kobe fan, i’m glad that he is back healthy.. but it’s a tough challenge for him to lead the LAKERS to win a title within the next 2 years.. especially IND, OKC, LAC, MIA and SA is @ their A game.. very well coached and well organized.. LAKERS ORGANIZATION MUST do a great job to pull up another title.. to do it as a TEAM.. i’m glad that THE BLACK MAMBA is BACK, The man is great and very competitive.. especially, he respects his opponents and it reflects on his WORK ETHIC.. BASKETBALL nowadays very different.. the BRAND that SA displayed was unbelievable..
    i hope LAKERS as a TEAM will roll within the next 2 years.. hopefully things will work fine for them.. WELCOME BACK KOBE!

  41. No 3peat heat says:

    Kobe will be stronger next year. Haters can hate all they want. Saying kobe is a loser is like heat fans saying their team was gonna 3 peat

    • R Henderson says:

      Well said

    • educatedron says:

      What makes Kobe a loser is his personality, refusal to speak with team mates who try to talk with him. Some moron’s were trying to equate that with Duncan, but Duncan would never say “hey, don’t talk to me” He is just quiet and untrusting. Kobe thinks he is better than other people. Physically Kobe doesn’t have a high amount of fast twitch muscles so as much as he tried and I mean tried his best. He couldn’t reach Jordan. He’s also the most selfish superstar in recent memory, more than World B free and George McGinnis. Who wants to play with that guy.

      • Carl says:

        Are you serious? Are you REALLY serious? A history lesson for you.

        Other than Derek Fisher and Tim Duncan, no active player has as many championships. Also, Kobe IS better than over HALF of the league and he knows it. Nothing wrong with that. Also, when he first came into the league, Kobe didn’t talk to ANYONE. Even then his teammates didn’t like him. Also, if being selfish means “expecting championship level ball out of everyone on the roster and dragging those that don’t want it bad enough”, I’ll take a team of players just like him. If being a five-time NBA champion makes him a loser, I’d love to be a loser.

  42. Dude says:

    Man have you ever heard Larry Bird speaking?

    • Mars says:

      Yes, he said: If I want to have fun, I’ll play with Lebron. If I want to win, I’ll play with Kobe.

  43. Noter says:

    Go Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not related to the topic but no one is noticing that Lakers has 5 championships in 10 years and spurs did that in 15 years.

    • hogger says:

      and those Lakers in that 10 year span actually MISSED the playoffs once (’04-05), like they missed it this year.

    • MR210 says:

      Who cares!?
      Bulls had 6 in 8 years…

      Doesn’t matter.

      Timmy has more hardware to show than Kobe and the fact that Spurs have been successful pretty much every year in Timmy’s career is a testament to his Spurs organization’s excellence.

      Besides, Kobe would not have made it to finals and won on his own if Pau Gasol/Kwame Brown trade doesn’t happen. Kobe got lucky that it was a dumb move on the part of Memphis.

      • jr says:

        Yea moron and Duncan doesn’t do it with out avery, the general and other role players the first time , Parker, manu, and other role players once again the rest of the time so stop hating

      • Yup says:

        Mr.210, the Celtics had 8 in 8 years…

  44. Jun says:

    100% LOSER!

  45. IDRussia says:

    I mean, has he really said that only two years are left? I mean, really???

  46. Macky Lao says:

    Go Kobe!! I hope you will come back stronger!! Let’s go Lakers!! Lakers 4 Life!

  47. LakersLose says:

    Fake. Kobe can’t even find Brazil on a map.

  48. El Stone says:

    Until his next injury, that is.