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> You’re Pat Riley. How do you convince the Big Three to stick around … and take a pay cut? Who – give me names – do you go after to give them some help? They need help, right?

Steve Aschburner, Pay cut? Did someone say pay cut? We’re all too hip and cynical to take that notion seriously. You’ve gotta get whatever you can get, as much as you can as fast as you can, because that’s what the other guy is doing, and besides, you’ll look like a chump if you don’t! Except then you notice that Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are playing for about $29 million combined, and you cannot deny the role that plays in the Spurs’ sustained excellence. The help Miami can put around them is directly related to the budget they leave on the table for others. Who should that be? I’d only want to see Carmelo Anthony go there for the gawkability of the Heat going all-in on the “star” system and to actually witness Anthony making such a huge financial sacrifice for the title he claims to covet. My hunch, though, is that Miami would be better off shoring up its weakest positions – point guard and center.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comThe pitch is that they’re all better together than apart. Wade and Bosh certainly benefit sticking very close to LeBron. And it’s hard to see James going to play in Kobe’s shadow with the Lakers or repeating his Cleveland experience. Riley will make his obligatory run at Carmelo Anthony and, after what he pulled off in the summer of 2010, I’m not counting him out. That’s the kind of addition that possibly have a longshot chance of convincing the Big Three to take a salary haircut. I might also be interested in Pau Gasol, who at this point in his career, might be willing to take less for a shot at another title or two in Miami.

Jeff Caplan, The Big Three know this: If all three opt in, there will be no room under the current rules to to bring in players that can make an impact. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have to agree to opt out and re-sign at considerable discounts. The James can opt out and re-sign. As for help, obviously Carmelo Anthony has been mentioned at the top of Miami’s wish list, but that will take some real financial sacrifice from the Big Three and Melo. Until the Big three opt out and re-sign to lesser deals, it’s hard to determine how much money will actually be available to go shopping. A run at Kyle Lowry or Greivis Vasquez, a cheaper option, to run the point would be great, or maybe Ramon Sessions. Kent Bazemore is a young, athletic two-guard with size, defensive chops and a potentially strong offensive game, who could backup Wade. How about Pau Gasol giving this team a real post presence and allowing Bosh to do his preferred thing on the perimeter?

Scott Howard-Cooper, I convince them that their real legacy is based on titles and that the chance to respond to setback is what will separate them from other champions, as the Spurs just proved. I’m Pat Riley. I’m good at the head games. “You are already crazy wealthy. Don’t you want the riches no one can buy?” The Carmelo Anthony conversation does make sense for this team in this time. That’s the longshot of getting a lot of people to take a pay cut, including the guy who forced a trade to the Knicks because he wanted to be in New York, but would be at the top of my list. It doesn’t get nearly the attention, but adding Kyle Lowry at point guard would equal a huge offseason as well.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comStaying together in Miami gives them the best opportunity to win more championships. Even though they had some defensive slippage this season, they still got to The Finals without much of a challenge in the Eastern Conference. They do need help, and guys like Shawn Marion (defense at the other forward spot), Carlos Boozer (rebounding, if amnestied by Chicago) and Steve Blake (ball-handling and shooting) might be willing to come for cheap in pursuit of a championship. But losing in The Finals to a team that good playing that well is not cause for major changes. If the Heat stay largely intact, they will give themselves a chance to win for the next few years. And that’s all you can ask for.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comI remind all three of them of the four straight trips to The Finals, the two championships and all of the opportunities they’ll have to remain atop the Eastern Conference by sticking together and continuing to make sacrifices from a financial standpoint. And yes, they need help in the form of a point guard like Kyle Lowry, who can serve as a breath of fresh air and a catalyst for this group for years to come. It’s obvious that the Heat lost faith in Mario Chalmers during The Finals. They recognize the need for a more dynamic floor leader and they also know that they need another energy source for this team with Dwyane Wade clearly on the other side of the mountain of his career. They’ll also need to replenish the reserve ranks with veterans willing to join the championship search party and my first call would be to Shawn Marion.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: If all three of the Big Three stick around under the current contracts, the Heat are effectively handcuffed. So if I’m Pat Riley, I talk to Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and somehow convince them that they should take less — I guess you talk to them about longer deals if these deals are opted out of. And to me, that’s the most important thing — you have to do something to create some flexibility. Then the other thing I’d do is go find a point guard who can penetrate and create. If the midlevel is your threshold, maybe someone like, uh-oh, Patty Mills, or even instant offense like Nate Robinson. Either way, I think you have to have a point guard who can handle the ball and create for his teammates and take some of that burden off of LeBron’s shoulders.


  1. I Know Ball says:

    1. Resign beasley, allen, oden and lewis. Beasley was undervalued even though his defensive mind is lacking, he offense is a big need as a four and those 25-30 games Wade will not play. Let Beasley learn on the court. Oden is one of two big men heat had that will roll and finish hard at basket. his blocking ability is gone’

    2. Mario has played big but did fail us. He is a bargain at 4-5 million. Lowry is a RFA and only option I could see to fill in for a couple years is Mo Williams (better mid range game). I would take shelvin mack over chalmers as well long term.

    3. Nice free agents with youth can impact for bargain. Jodie Meeks, Mike Scott, Jordan Hill, Patterson maybe CJ Miles (all they need is 2)

    the ideal situation would be replacing chalmers with trevor ariza and going big from pg-sf. Helps defense come playoffs and parker is not saved on defense again
    Wade, Ariza, James, Bosh, ? would be tough

  2. gloria says:

    First of all, Lebron hasn’t jumped from team to team. He was drafted played out his contract once his contract ended he didn’t owe anyone a thing but himself and his family. All I ever hear is MJ this MJ that he didn’t win until he had the right people around him what I mean by that is the entire team was on the same page as MJ they all came to play and played with the desire to win, The Spurs have 3 super stars who won championships in the past who went for years after before they won there 4th ring again together. The Spurs have the best power forward that every play in the NBA. My point is because you have a super star on your team one man doesn’t win this came alone it takes the entire team to play well every man to do his job, Lebron was the only player on that Heat team to play with effort in there loses to the Spurs. Everyone should be upset with the ownership and management for letting Mike Miller there first real 3 point shooter go and for letting there best rebounder and defensive player in the paint go Joel Anthony they where a big part of the 2 championships wins. The entire Heat team left Lebron out there on a limb all alone. If I was Lebron I wouldn’t be upset that I lost I would be upset at the way we lost. When Lebron makes his decision he should say are my team mates as committed to winning as I am. You want to play with men who are just as hungry as you are.

    • fanoLkers says:

      I’d hope Lebron stay with Heat and not venture West as some writers are suggesting. He is a (ghost) superstar as far as I”m concerned. He’s good and only Great in the Eastern Conference. As far as MJ; he stayed with ONE team throughtout all championships he acquired, So did Kobe, Magic, Worthy, Bird, and Duncan.

  3. Someone says:

    Miami is finished. Give it up already

    • cmunney says:

      Finished? If Bosh, James, and Wade came back and they rounded out the cast with nothing but D-league scrubs they would probably still make the finals coming out of the east. Seriuously, the east is TURRIBLE! The second best team, the Pacers, were one poorly officiated game and a missed three by Bosh from getting bounced in 5 games. If they stay together they are making the finals for the next 4-5 years in a row. Not saying that they will win them all but they will at least get there.

  4. Rico says:

    – Rashard Lewis (F) -> Josh McRoberts (C) – 2.6 M only, energy guy
    – Chris Andersen (F) -> Patrick Patterson (F) – 3.1 M only, energy guy
    – Shane Battier (F) -> James Ennis (F) – Energy guy – 2-4 M only
    – Chalmers (G) -> Shabazz Napier (G) or Kent Bazemore (G) – 1-2 M only

    First Five: Bosh (F), James (F), Wade (G), Cole (G), McRoberts (C)
    Active Reserves: Patterson (F), Carter or Ennis (F), Allen (G), Napier or Bazemore (G), Oden (C)
    Alternate Backups: Haslem (F), Beasley (F), Jones (G), Douglas (G), Hamilton (C)

    * Either McRoberts or Patterson can be part of the first 5. They can defend either Duncan or Splitter or Diaw. Although they will lose Lewis’ 3pt shot ability, both of them can definitely give more energy than Lewis.
    * James Ennis can defend Manu Ginobli. He can also be part of the first 5 if Heat want to go small. Ennis is a good upgrade of Battier in terms of athletic ability.
    * Napier is a scorer. He can be a good matchup against Patty Mills.

  5. Deutztony says:

    The Miami Heat should be a mixture of young, energetic players as well as veterans for the next season. The Big 3 should still be there, Ray Allen, Birdman, Greg Oden, and if possible bring back Mike Miller. But still the Heat needs big young and veteran men for the center and forward position, and young guards to back up Wade and Allen.

  6. I have no idea why Pat Riley thinks the Heat’s overrated “so-called” Big Three will stay together. If he really believes that, he will likely be disappointed. If they stay together, I will be extremely stunned.

  7. #30 says:

    They just miss Mike Miller 3pt shots..

  8. jack ryan says:

    Agree to go after Patty Mills or nate robinson to instant offense in penetrating. Greg Monroe is a better addition to have strong rebounder and offense in low post. Eric Bledsoe, Bazemore on guard will be a good addition. Birdman, Ray Allen should be good backup still… But taking Anthony is not a solution.. it adds up to the problem of ball distribution… Heat needs youth, height & more strength for speed & rebounding… Spurs won coz they have a better defense & offense… a better ball sharing.

  9. Carlo says:

    Every time I read posts concerning trades, acquisitions, etc. I find that a lot of so-called “fans” don’t even know about the existence of such things as “salary cap”, “contracts”, “trade balance”, etc.

    There are people saying “Buy all the 10 best players in the show, so that we’ll win”.
    Others say “Trade our 12th man with the Greatest Player Ever. That’s easy!”
    And “We have 3 superstars but we miss a point guard and a center. So, just hire a star point guard and a star center. How hard can it be?”

  10. Dwayne W. says:

    Dear Pat,

    you know how much I’d like to have a 4th ring but, honestly, do you really think I’m going to gracefully accept a wage cut to provide money for an egomaniac loser and compulsive shooter, who doesn’t even know that there’s a defensive end of the court?
    Also, I’m getting old and tired and I have a family to feed. I need cash for such much needed, stylish goods like gold-lined diapers, diamond earrings and 10lbs gold chains.
    That said, I think anybody lusting for a championship ring they never reached should PAY for the privilege of playing with LBJ, Chris and myself.

    P.S. I talked to LBJ and Chris and they quite agree with me. Take note.

  11. Moboto says:

    I find it hilarious that LBJ is going to leave again because he doesn’t have the talent to be pretty much given a title shot.

    Sure go to some already good team to make them better and push them over the top. Clearly that’s how greatness is measured.

    If he wants to leave because the Heat don’t have the dollars to give him a title shot, fine, but go to a western conference team and make it to the finals through that meat grinder rather then doing it in the pathetic eastern conference.

    I’m so tired of this LBJ nonsense. Pick a team and stick with them for better or worse.

    I hope the decent teams don’t make a push for him. i would hate to see LBJ on an already competitive team like Chicago, LAC, Houston, Portland, etc…

    • thespectator says:

      its about winning, cant blame him for wanting to leave if miami cant get the right pieces together, we all know hes not MJ, hes LJ…money isnt an issue for him, winning is…he can demand whatever he wants…what team wouldnt want lebron? lebron wants to keep winning, people can yap all day about how he had to hop teams to do it, but at the end of the day if he walks away from the game with 6,7,8 rings…dont matter if he was on 6 teams…hes definately a champ and one of the all time greats…

    • ibsode says:

      @Moboto, you are the most dumbest to ever comment in an article. Where did you have the information that Lebron want to leave. There is such a thing that we call a contract that has an expiration. Expiration does not mean that he will leave. He can resign, and that is where smart people negotiate.
      Where do you come from or where were you all these years. Your ignorance is beyond ……

  12. An ideal scenario but unlikely. Get all 3 to opt out and resign them cheaper.

    Get pau gasol first, adds more dynamic to the Miami offense. Forget trapping, the teams is probably too old to commit 48 minutes of great defense. Birdman and battier probably are done playing. Try to get allen to stay for at least one more year. See if beasley is really commited to playing basketball again.

    Forget the point guard, lebron has the ball too often so chalmers is enough. Chalmers would have a chip on his shoulder and want to prove that he can play after this finals, so he might get better.

    Gonna need to get a SG who can help spread the floor and is great at moving without the ball. I’d recommend Dwyane to come off the bench, though it will be hard but having him in the 2nd unit will boost the offense and get lebron more rest. Gotta managed the minutes of the starters better as well. James Jones would be a good player to try and keep.

  13. LeBoDwy says:

    In my opinion, if the heat younger players to develop, they can look at Ed Davis who’s an athletic big, and Jimmer Fredette who can give some 3 point shooting and Jodie Meeks. Also Jordan Hill would be a perfect fit for the heat. But for more defense and experience, some guys are Shawn Marion Shaun Livingston, Devin Harris and Emeka Okafor. And they can try Andrew Bynum. Michael Beasley was good for the heat, he just need to work on his defense

  14. CA2HIT says:


  15. CA2HIT says:

    For me, whatever anyone says, if they would like to team up again, they have to get someone else with the big three. It could be love or the people above, but the best key is carmelo anthony. they will surely win it all. Ofcourse this would be with the right centre and role players. If Lebron goes to cleavland again, it would just take more time for him to get another ring so i would count on that move.

  16. Markus71 says:

    Forget about a Point Guard, Lebron handles the ball to much to have a Point playing Point for significant minutes! Now another Shooting/Combo Guard, Yes! which M.Chalmers & N.Cole don’t seem to be. I agree they have to be Younger players as well, it may mean a 2 year wait (for the next Title), Guys like K.Bazemore, Jordan Crawford I like, just not for 3’s! , X.Henry etc. I think Jordan Hill could shore up the rebounding also? Those guys shouldn’t cost to much.. Can M.Beasley & G.Oden show something? Mmmm Yeah I think Pat Riley should be doing some tough talking (if He wants continued success with Lebron James at the Helm.) with Bosh & Wade!!

  17. ko0kiE says:

    it’s all depending on LeBron James, whether he wants to stay or not… And I can’t see Wade leaving miami.

    I would love to see Miami bringing in another young promising player with energy they can develop. somebody like dion waiters or harrison barnes.

    I hope they just don’t get a bunch of old guys chasing a ring like brooklyn and NY did..

  18. Karlo Garcia says:

    If I was Pat Riley I would look at an upgrade in PG because Dwayne Wade health is going downhill. Since Mario Chalmers is an UFA I would look at Patty Mills. I would bring back one of the big 3(just not sure which of them though).

    • ibsode says:

      What let you believe that the spurs will let Patty Mills walks away after a huge finals. Patty Mills improves his game a lot and in no way the spurs will give him away to a potential rival Miami

  19. taekayo says:

    Miami is still a great team — but give another year on Wade’s knee (and Oden’s), another underperforming Bosh, another year older for Allen, Rashard, Birdman, Haslem, a retiring Battier — then LBJ is like in Cleveland once again.

    The quick fix of having building a Big3 and the acquisition of aging vets as role players worked for Riley the past 4 years. But now, they have to focus on something else. That is to develop their young players, instead of replacing them. If you remember LBJs days in Cleveland, since being swept by the Spurs (hmmm), the management kept changing its roster around James. They’ve focused so much on quick fixes that they aren’t able to build a team around him. Now that Wade and Bosh aren’t the same players 4 years ago, it would really be interesting what would happen in 2015.

    Miami doesn’t need high-priced stars. First, they can focus on improving Chalmers, Cole and (gulp) Beasley. This would help since both Chalmers and Cole already know how to play with LBJ. They should scout for young below-the-radar players (eg. Danny Green before he became a Spur) so that they pay cheap for a talent that would fit their system. Miami got older this year, while San Antonio had fresh legs they can depend on… that’s why they got slaughtered in the finals.

  20. kekekek says:

    Formula for winning these days is roleplayers that can shoot 3’s and defend.

    If I were Pat i would bring in a real 7 footer that can be the best rebounder of the team and protect the rim. Gasol isnt exactly the best rim protector, but he would be a nice adition on a bargain price.

    The only roleplayers in their team that I would resign is allen and birdman.

    • ko0kiE says:

      well.. norris cole played well for them during the playoffs. and I would keep him too as backup PG.. also shane battier is a good lockerroom and glue guy.. he helps the them even if he’s not playing..

  21. tanibanana says:

    A realization that they need to take a pay-cut is the harder part,
    But once done, all Miami has to do is improve the Point Guard & Center positions.
    And they will be champions again.

  22. jawana????? says:

    If Riley brings melo in I hope Phil Jacksons goes after lebron. Ha ha ha

  23. FanFrSingapore says:

    Bring Pau Gasol to Miami, Birdman and Oden can leave…

  24. The Heats Bench is OLD. OLD. OLD. Why get more OLD players as people are suggesting? Didn’t SA prove that a combination of experienced players, and young players, is what is needed?

  25. vencedor says:

    i’m blown away by the comments. They don’t need more skilled players. Just play as a team will be enough.

    • Z for 3 says:

      the heat need a point guard that can run the floor and get into their sets and they need to move the basketball more. The ball tends to die in the hands of the big three- good ball movement could help them score and help the big 3 (as well as the rest of the roster) thrive

  26. Del says:

    Heat should try and pick up Love rebounds and shoots. Double double guy

  27. Kimmy says:

    Kyle Lowry, Nate Robinson and Pau Gasol are all great choices for the Heat. I also agree that Dwayne Wade needs to come off the bench.

  28. bballjunkie1 says:

    Pat Riley should have coached u or brought in a seasoned coach. Any coach with half a brain would not have u standing on sidelines 3X MVP Dallas was winable. It was easy to repeat as teams were retooling. Im sorry the west is set and growing dont drink the kool aide in Miami. Wade Bosh got their deals because of u, u owe nobody nothing. If Riley really wanted to win he would have coached the play offs himself after losing Eastern Conference to Indiana get real here if Spo is still there it doesnt matter who comes in so RUN RUN RUN RUN

    • flash says:

      you’re right , need to change new coach… he can’t handle the stars of miami… if riley will coach the miami i’m sure it will be equal to popo coach style … so please Mr. riley go down to get the coach position again.. see how the miami fans booooo the finals.. if you return the coach it will be the same scenario…

  29. William says:

    Miami’s Big 3 Stay The Same Trade Michael Beasly, Tony Douglas, Greg Oden for Carmelo Anthony and the big 3 train Carmelo Anthony this summer the Miami heat way.

  30. Almighty Domo says:

    How many super stars does this over rated clown lebron need to win? People keep saying it was the heat not lebron, really? Ask yourself who came in as the better team 1-12? Then you don’t have to question it anymore. 2-3 in the finals, his record speaks for itself, it’s not his first time choking in the finals.

    • ibsode says:

      @Almighty, you are dumb or ridiculous or lack of objectivity. Where do you come up with that 1-12? You talk about Lebron record, so far he is the only super star to take his team (Cleveland) to the final ( even though they get swept by the spurs in 2007).
      Your hatred to Lebron greatness confirm that you are and will remain a loser.
      Lebron is successful on what he loves and works for.
      You waste your time hating the wrong person instead of worrying why you are a loser.

      • Almighty Domo says:

        I see common sense isn’t common in the world we live in, 1-12 means player one to player 12 the spurs are better, 12 man rotation? Do you watch sports or just look at stats? And if I recall the east has been d league material for years, especially in 07. It’s a reason why he got swept once he went to the finals because it was real competition. He was one lost away from being swept this year with 3 hofs so I don’t really see your point in bringing up 07. I have no hate towards but I recognize overrated when I see it, I call a spade a spade, so when you can come up with a good excuse why he is 2-3 in the finals, and he’s being compared to mj get back at me.

  31. Lorenzo says:

    Everybody are talking about carmelo but he has no defense at all, from my perspective it would be great for the heat to make a run for KEVIN LOVE, yes gentleman he is a great player, a scorer and a rebounder a nice piece for the heat.

  32. yogi says:

    Miami should get Eric bledsoe

  33. Number 13 says:

    Why should I feel sorry for Miami? They have already been given 4 free rides to the Finals in the weak East. Now we are discussing ways for them to restructure contracts to bring in even more top talent, because apparently Lebron and a bunch of all stars, past and present, can’t make it to enough Finals appearances anymore…

    • I'm Right says:

      lol @ free rides… other teams have spent more money never made it half as far
      … and who said they can’t make it TO the finals anymore?…

      • Almighty Domo says:

        Who in the east matchups with the heat bro? That’s why they got free rides smdh

  34. KingJamesBallin says:

    Lebron doesn’t have to take a pay cut, but Wade and Bosh do. Disregarding the Heat’s poor bench, Wade and Bosh contributed very little in game 5. When your backs are against the wall and you’re one game away from the series being over, you’ve got to play a lot better. Lebron did his part in game 5 so he is certainly not to blame. He was the only one playing like it was the last game of the season and he led the team in all categories. Bosh and Wade need Lebron, not the other way around.

    Erik Spo also has to take some accountability. All POPS needed was one timeout and some adjustments to squash the Heat’s run in the 1st quarter. Spo was calling multiple timeouts but the Spurs didn’t care. The 4th quarter wasn’t even halfway done and the Heat had ONE TIMEOUT remaining. Spo didn’t just get outcoached, he got exposed. He couldn’t come up with anything to deal with the Spurs ball movement and WIDE OPEN threes.

    If Bosh and Wade don’t take a paycut and the Heat stays the same, Lebron needs to take his talents elsewhere. He cannot carry a team who at one point in the series was 2 pts vs the Spurs 35 bench points. $$$ is no object to Lebron because regardless of what any team pays him, he will make the rest in endorsements. Wade and Bosh are going to have to step up their game and take a cut so the Heat can be a better team.

  35. Mark Melius says:

    Even though they Heat would have won the finals, they would still have needed to make come serious adjustments to their team, to be able to compete at a high level, in a league that is getting better every year. The solution to this Miami Heat dilemma is very simple. Right now they don’t have a big 3 anymore, they only have a big 1, because Bosh and Wade are playing a pile of garbage especially in the finals and only Lebron really played great. Wade and Bosh are certainly not playing the level of basketball to what they are being paid. I would trade Chris Bosh immediately and have Wade take a pay cut, because these two are not worth the money they are being paid. Only Lebron is worth the money he is being paid and is probably worth even more than what he is being paid, because he is no doubt currently the best player in the league. By trading Bosh and giving Wade a pay cut, the Heat can now get a strong center and also a good point guard and strengthen their bench. Also here in lies the possibility for the Heat to acquire Carmelo Anthony, who will definitely add lots of scoring power, offense and defense for the team. I would trade Bosh and get Carmelo in a heartbeat. It will still be a big 3. BOSH HAS TO GO!!

  36. AK says:

    Here is what Pat Riley needs to do. Handover the roster to LBJ, ask him to make up his team. It is just like when Chuck Daly gave the responsibility to Jordon to form the first dream team.

    Wade should take a huge pay cut, go to under $8M, come off bench; Bosh should be traded to Houston/Minnesota and get Kevin Love. Get Kyle Lowry for starting PG position. Resign Ray Allan and Birdman. Ray, Norris, Birdman and Wade should all come off bench. LBJ, Love, Lowry + a SG and a Center should be in the starting lineup. This lineup will also allow Miami to strengthen the bench with more solid role players.

  37. I am a little taken back by all this wonder and concern regarding ‘where does Miami go from here?’. They had a pretty darn good year, not only made the playoffs, but made it to the NBA finals, again for the third year in a row. They ended up playing against another great team, which is the way it is suppose to be for the NBA final. Last year they won in a close series with the Spurs and this year they lost. Make up what you want, I think we all know many other teams that wish they were in Miami’s place for the last 3 years. When two great teams meet in the NBA finals, one of the teams will win and the other will lose. Although there may be changes both teams may want or need to make this summer, losing in the NBA finals should not indicate a team is dead and needs major rework. I think the media has tried to put some sensational spin on this loss, but in truth two great teams went head to head for a 2nd time in two years, and one team won last year and the other won this year.

    • 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

      Thank you for putting it into proper perspective maybe that can instill senses in the media

    • Basketball logic says:

      4 years in a row to the NBA Finals

    • Patrick says:

      Dude, you are kidding right? Miami did not just lose to the Spurs, they were dismantled. There are 3 or 4 teams in the Western Conference, that could have done the same to Miami. I am not saying that Miami’s accomplisments don’t mean anything but the Miami bench is substandard. All season long, the press talked about how old the Spurs were but in reality, the Heat actually have a higher overall age average. The reason why Miami is going downhill now is due to the lack of foresight of the coaching staff and management—The Heat have focused entirely too much on the “Big 3” and that’s fine and dandy if you have a deep bench, which they do not. The brilliance of the Spurs is in the management and coaching staff to go out and find players who can be developed and not just a collection of franchise Superstars. Miami and some other teams are doomed to failure because they are short-sighted and teams like the Spurs and Clippers are thinking 2 steps ahead of the competition…

  38. Donbus says:

    I really dont want to see ”Melo” in Miami i know we need a younger or just a more powerfull scorer but if the big three re-sign for less money we have really good options like Trevor Ariza, Lowry and Gortat and we still have a 26th pick in the draft plus there is some good talent out there like (Dejuan Blair, Andray Blatche, there high energy guys both with size and they can score..also Eric Bledsoe he is friends with Lebron and we know he can play,… Avery Bradley, Luol Deng good defense and both can shoot the corner three and if we want to go another rout Greg Monroe he is young and he is a double double machine he can help too.

  39. KaashMoneyy94 says:

    The only way LBJ should even consider staying is if Wade and Bosh take major paycuts. The way Wade sits out regular season games and disappears in the biggest games of the playoffs, he should only get paid $8mil tops. I really like Wade as a player but he’s done. And Bosh is still ok but it’s really sad to see how Spo has turned him into a guy that stands out on the perimeter and just shoots 3s. I wish Bosh played more like Kevin Love. K-love also shoots 3s but he also gets down low and bangs bodies to be one of the leaders in rebounding. So Bosh should get around $10-12 mil tops. Give LBJ $18-20 mil and get some better role players. If not, then return to the Cavs. And I mean that from a serious basketball perspective, not from a storyline perspective. Cavs should trade Waiters, Thompson, Bennett and 2015 1st round pick in a sign and trade kind of thing to give Miami something back because I know LBJ won’t leave Miami without giving them something in return. Just gotta work the contracts out there. Honestly I would take a team of Irving, LBJ, and Embiid over a team of older Wade, Bosh, and Melo.

  40. CA2HIT says:

    Why isn’t carmelo on the talks? i mean he’s a long shot, but why not? i mean i think it is not impossible, and it maybe a closer choice than we think it is, right? i think they should do everything to get carmelo, but also make some other moves

    • 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

      True but question is will Carmelo and Leon Rose agree to take less?I think Melo would be stupid not too, he is getting older and on track to join Charles Barkley club. We need scorer like him and defensive presence guy and a real point guard who can run the floor unlike Rio

  41. Matt says:

    Why would Wade do this? He is in his last big contract, and with his health situation, would probably like to retire sooner than later. he has three rings, one without the other Big Two, and should rightly feel completely accomplished. Four just won’t be enough. Also, is Bosh takes a cut to get Melo, then he becomes even more marginalized, forced into a big body role that never suited him.

    Frankly, I’m tired of players doing the team-building. Like Charles Barkley, I want to see the best players competing *against* each other. In the next CBA, I want to see more rules to prevent this, including the extension of the individual max to be the “max for any two players on one team,” “max for any three,” and so on. This isn’t a club league or a pickup game. Stars just arranging to play with their buddies weakens the league’s product.

  42. WayOfWade says:

    MARCIN GORTAT! He would give rebounds and space close to the rim for LBJ, CB and D-Wade…

    • misha says:

      gortat needs to be paired with point guard who can play pick&roll to be effective. I don’t think he ca be usefull in miami system

    • ?????? says:

      Thank you! I was just about to come and mention him. These people mentioning Pau Gasol i guess don’t realize what Miami’s defensive scheme looks like. Gasol is just not quick enough to recover back to the rim anymore.

      Also, I really like Lowry at point, but, if he’s too expensive, I think Blake would be a decent pickup (obviously not in the same league, but has playmaking and defensive abilities). And whoever mentioned Bazemore, I think that’s an interesting idea. Certainly cheap enough, with potential, but not proven (which is what Miami probably wants at this point).

    • NewYorker says:

      That’s a good point, but if the Wizards have any brains, they should offer him a nice deal. That’s a young team on the rise.

  43. esc says:

    Pat Riley- hope you are tuned-in. James, Wade, Bosh, hope you are tuned in as well. Sit down with Riley and call his bluff about keeping the team in tact. Ask Riley to take a significant pay-cut. This is the litmus text. No more sacrifcing for the Big Three. Put the ball in Riley’s court. I know this is radical thinking, but again this message if brought to you by an “Independent thinker” and just as importantly a “Qualified observer.”

    • Jake says:

      @ esc: an observer maybe, but not very qualified to make comments. The problem is the salary cap. If they don’t opt out and take less, they’ll be over the cap and have to pay a very punishing tax. To get any kind of decent help, they will need to do this. Pat Riley taking a paycut won’t solve this problem