A jab at Phil and Spurs uniqueness

By Jeff Caplan, NBA.com

VIDEO: Peter Holt talks with GameTime after Spurs win title

SAN ANTONIO — Spurs owner Peter Holt couldn’t help himself, or more accurately he simply didn’t want to. The opportunity to turn the sharp stick back on Phil Jackson, San Antonio’s longtime nemesis and Spurs dynasty denier, was much, much too delicious to pass up.

The smile that spread broadly across Holt’s face and the hearty chuckle that spilled from it revealed his satisfaction in doing so. Holt, basking in the immediate glow of his team’s fifth championship Sunday night, was asked if this title is the sweetest of them all. Holt said, yes it is, although the first in 1999 will always be special, and that’s when you could start to see Holt’s face light up and the smile begin to build…

“Even though it was a shortened, asterisked season,” Holt said, now sporting a full-on grin. “Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, we all played the same amount of playoff games, didn’t we, Phil?”

Holt was quickly reminded that Jackson was retired that season, his first out of the league following a second three-peat with Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

“Yeah, uh-huh.” Holt said. “Well, he bailed out.”

Take that, Zen Master.

Jackson never seems to miss an opening to tweak the Spurs franchise and their loyal fans about winning the title in a lockout season shortened to 50 regular-season games and failing to collect rings in consecutive seasons. Funny, here they stand yet again, with Tim Duncan and coach Gregg Popovich still commanding their posts, with another opportunity to snap up the final carrot out there.

How does Holt feel about their chances?

“Kawhi’s 22, Patty’s 25, Tony’s 32 and Tim and Manu are going to play until they die,” Holt said. “So I think we’re in pretty good shape.”

Sounds like Holt believes Duncan, 38, has no plans to ride his latest trophy into the sunset. Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard sits on the cusp of stardom and Patty Mills, a key role player, is a free agent but could be  back. Tony Parker has already announced that he won’t play for France in the FIBA World Cup later this month, which has to be music to Holt’s ears, and Manu Ginobili, who turns 37 in a month, played this postseason as if 27.

The credit for the Spurs’ sustained success cascades from Holt to general manager R.C. Buford to Popovich and his staff to the Big Three and the revolving role players over the years that surround them. Holt says his franchise is filled with “unique individuals.”

That uniqueness is found in the Big Three re-signing with the Spurs over the years for less than the market would bear elsewhere; in accepting Popovich’s adamancy to begin limiting their minutes seasons ago; to sacrificing roles and buying into wholesale changes in playing style and philosophy that ultimately has kept the Spurs a step ahead of the rest of the league.

“We’ve protected guys for many years minutes-wise,” Popovich said. “And I’ve said before I’ve often felt guilty because their lifetime stats are going to be worse than everybody else’s because of the way I’ve sat them over the years.”

Some players might balk, some might complain. Some might seek to find a way out. But that’s not the Spurs way.

But why?

“Because all three of us see the big picture; we want to win championships,” Parker said. “I think that’s the big key of our success here in San Antonio all those years is Timmy, Manu, myself, we never let our ego [get in the way], it was the team first and that’s the most important. I always trust Pop’s judgment. I trust the way he sees, you know, for our team the big picture to win at the end.

“So I don’t care about all that stuff, as long as we get the ring at the end, and so far he’s right.”


  1. Gillsy says:

    You have to commend both coaches. Pop cause he has taken players who have been looked over as average and made starts out of them Parker, Manu and even Leonard. He sticks with players and keeps punching out 50 win seasons and has 5 rings. Phil on the other hand, has walked into teams that were on the cusp of championships in big city’s with added pressure and was expected to mould a team together to get rings. That’s not easy he had big egos and big expectations.

  2. lacrampa says:

    pop is the g.o.a.t, he’s beginning to feel like a coach god coach god.

  3. MR210 says:

    Here’s a scenario:
    Take 10 random people off any random basketball court (street/pro/college) – doesn’t matter where.

    Now create a 5-on-5 matchup and put Pop on one team and Phil on the other.

    Pop’s team wins.

    Now switch the coaches – Pop’s Team wins!

    During Coach Pop’s tenure with the Spurs – he has undoubtedly done MORE with LESS…let that marinate in your brains.
    Pop didn’t already start coaching at a loaded team like Phil did back with the Bulls – Phil inherited the team from Doug Collins.
    Then, he stopped coaching…and again coached an already loaded Lakers Team (from Del Harris)…

    Pop started coaching an injury plagued team (with David Robinson out for the season). Then got lucky and won 1st pick…then drafted Tim Duncan.
    He and Tim Duncan have been the constant for the last 17 years. Thru those seasons, they have drafted players and developed them unlike any other franchise. Pop never left, and came back to already loaded teams…

    Sorry Phil, but you are OVERRATED!!!

  4. CMeezy says:

    It’s worth mentioning that Pop had easier personalities to work with in Duncan, Parker and Ginobili than Phil had in Kobe, Shaq, Rodman etc. It takes a great level of leadership and coaching abilities to get the egos that Phil had deal with to play in as cohesive unit.

  5. blakisaturn says:

    phil and pop are great coaches.. but I like pop’s style a lot better as it tends to develop players to their maximum potential.

    pops players that are hof or will be hof
    david robinson 1st pick (was not by pop)
    tim duncan first pick
    parker 28th overall pick
    ginobli 57th pick/round 2
    kawhi leonard 15th pick (??? on hof)

    phils players that are hof or will be hof
    pippen 5th pick(not by phil)
    jordan 3rd pick(GOAT)(not by phil)
    kobe 13th pick(not by phil)
    shaq 1st pick overall(not by phil)
    pau gasol 3rd pick(not by phil)

    with the exception of david robinson and tim duncan most of pops players are scouted and developed players by pop into hof.

    who could not win it all with mj/pippen or kobe/shaq as lead players? heck! even spo could win it 2 times in a row and 4 trips consecutive trips to finals with james/wade.

    when it comes to coaching, managing, scouting and developing pop wins it.. in terms of legacy phil wins it.. sadly.

  6. phil vs pop...11 vs 5 ? says:

    pop goes the….wesiel——> this is random

    anyway phil has 11 rings and pop has 5


    phil is great with superstars and pop is better with role players

    it means at high school or college level pop would dominate phil


    phil has dominated pop at pro


    if given bottom feeder team such as wolves or pistons…pop would do a better job

  7. Hold on one sec says:

    I would have to agree that PJ was one of the top three coaches but he couldn’t contain the Kobe Shaq feud. Diva players that were all about themselves. GP has and will always treat his players the same. So tell me who’s the better coach when it comes who has been actually “coaching” his team. SAS has kept the core together and focused on winning and PJ’s teams are just a “flash in the pan”. This is excluding MJ talent and drive.

  8. Lakers Fan For Life says:

    All of you Spurs fans saying Pop will coach circles around Phil Jackson are DELUSIONAL! One simple stat to counter your argument is head to head in the playoffs Phil Jackson is 18-8 vs Pop coached teams and is 4-1 in playoff series against Pop and the Spurs. So either Phil is a better coach or the Lakers are that much better than the Spurs. In regards to the argument that Phil only wins because of his players well the same goes for Popovich. 0 rings without Duncan. The season before Tim was a spur Pop coached the team to 17 wins. Kobe and MJ have 0 rings and 0 finals appearances when phis is not their coach. Don’t get me wrong I think Pop is a great coach. Phil is just the best coach in the history of the game.

    • And thank goodness former NBA Commish David Stern was NEVER partial to the Lakers. And that it was NEVER reflected by the referees in ANY Lakers playoff games (not just against the Spurs).

      Poor Phil, he often comes off as a narcissistic clown with his ‘asterisk’ and ‘dynasty’ remarks. Who the heck cares how he defines greatness? He is not the epitome of all wisdom (NBA or otherwise).

      Much respect to PJ. He did what he did. But let’s see if his “ghost coaching” the Knicks pays off in the same way. Is Derek Fisher going to fall on the sword for Phil if it doesn’t work out? We’ll see.

    • timmied says:

      Phil is better….. better at picking and choosing who he coaches and padding his stats just like his superstar players…… is it a wonder he declined to coach the new York knocks and instead go into the office… I think not

  9. Flabingo says:

    Unless Bosch and Wade play for much less next year Miami will not win. Who else is going to pay them $20,000,000 a year?
    And Arizona, who did not make the playoffs, would have tied for third place, if they were in the Eastern Conference.
    But if the Spurs did not close out the Thunder, in game six, Miami would have had a big advantage with rest.
    Everything changed for the Spurs when the team was sold to Holt, Pop was GM and fired the coach and took over the job as coach. But Riley, will do anything to try to win next year.

  10. Liams says:

    11 beats 5
    6 in 8 years beats 5 in 15 years
    13 beats 6 (number of times in the finals)
    Last I checked, Duncan and Robinson both Hall of Famers so first two in San Antonio 2 Hall of Famers, Parker and Ginobili both Hall Of Famers, last three, three Hall of Famers
    So stop with the ridiculous notion that Phil just one because of superstars but Pop didn’t
    Derek Fisher is not a Hall of Famer he was a key player in five titles, Steve Kerr is not a Hall of Famer, (I can go through the rest of the rosters for both the Bulls and Lakers but that would feel redundant)
    Sorry to Pop, but he’s only the third greatest coach (maybe fourth after Riley) after Phil and Auerbach
    PS Phil never coached the greatest player of all time, Auerbach did

    • inflated says:

      PJ rode coattails and prebuilt teams with mj and kobe, a zen master he is not. pop would coach circles around him if both had role players for teams. pj is overrated

    • historian says:

      we all know ph rode coattails unlike pop, he earned his rings

  11. flippaflip says:

    How can you fault Phil for relying on great players to win championships? Has Pop not done the same thing? TD is the greatest PF of all time, and Pop said himself that he’ll retire when Timmy stops playing. You can’t win multiple championships without having at least one great player to rely on.

  12. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Phil may have 11 but those Lakers ones have refs tainted the game.(vs Kings, Portland)

    So I give Phil credit for 6 on his bulls team.

    As for the spurs, how many championship that they got accused of cheating? None.

    They have low ratings, they face NBA poster manchild Lebronze. Yet, they still win!

    So those 5 are really hard earned.

    • you're a complete idiot says:

      If you think ref’s hand playoffs to teams. You’re an even bigger idiot for thinking *any* NBA Title is easily got. So bite me .. you’re a dog.

      • historian says:

        consider yourself bitten, you’re the idiot. Built not bought and preloaded says it all. any monkey could have done what Nil Jackson did, which was cheerlead from the sideline while taking false credit for those asterisked rings of his. Pop is 20x better than Nil Jackson PERIOD!

  13. Flexy says:

    We could focus on the past all we want, the fact is the Spurs are the now and future. Mind you this is comming from a die hard miami heat fan (before the big 3 era). The fact is Pop is the man, he is the best coach on the planet, the same that Lebron is the best player. How is pop the best coach on the planet, becasue he figured out a way to shut down the best player on the planet and win a championship. Phil with any of the teams he caoched in the past would not have been able to beat the big three Miami heat, period. None of his team were defensive at all, actually all of the teams in the West are offense first, how did the Spurs win? They litterally became two types of teams in one, they played Eastern style defense and Western style offense at the same time, thus a brilliant plan by Pop, and a true championship team. He used the old if you can’t beat em join em, and the Spurs played the perfect combined style of seamless basketball from end to end. Miami needs to enhance their defense back to where it was, get rid of Wade or Bosh and Chalmers, keep Birdman, and build a supporting cast around Lebron and wats left over from Wade vs. Bosh, get Melo, and re-vamp the entire bench, start Cole at point, play JJ as back up 2, get rid of Oden, start Haslem, keep Lewis as backup, keep beasley, get Mike Miller back, beg Allen to not retire and stay 2 more seasons. starting five Cole, Wade/Melo/RA, Bron, Haslem, Bosh/Beasley/birdman.

    • Cavs says:

      “Phil with any of the teams he coached in the past would not have been able to beat the big three Miami heat, period.”


      • Say what? says:

        Don’t Miami would wanna play the rules back those days. Them flop – a – lop -a – ding – dongs will probably cry their eyeballs out. lol. They wouldn’t be able to handle the physicality back then. lol

    • Rod says:

      You sound real dumb if you think the 2011-2014 Miami Heat could beat any of Phil Jacksons 3 peat teams. Especially the team that went 72-10. You sound like someone who only watches todays NBA.

      • must be awful difficult for him says:

        to watch games with his head so far up his own ***

      • Q says:

        Haha, that’s ridiculous. The Heat team that won championships was not one of the greatest ever by a long stretch. People are indeed crazy if they think Kobe’s Lakers or Jordan’s Bulls would’ve lost to the Heat. The Heat got lucky last year, and the Spurs proved that this year.

    • Ed says:

      Phil’s Lakers team in 2001 produced the greatest run in NBA playoff history, sweeping the entire western conference (including dominating wins in every game over the top-seeded Spurs that year). They imposed their will on all the teams they faced, and Shaq was completely unstoppable with 33 points and 15+ boards per game in the Finals even against Dikembe Mutombo, one of the best defensive centers in the game at the time.


      I always rooted against Phil & the Lakers after that point (Sixers fan), but I find it hard to believe that any of the Big 3 Miami Heat teams over the past several years would put up much of a fight against that 2001 Lakers team, especially with their lack of an interior presence. Remember that even Roy Hibbert has given Miami fits over the past 2 years. Imagine what Shaq would do against them.

  14. JDizzle says:

    I love this comment by Pop:

    “We’ve protected guys for many years minutes-wise,” Popovich said. “And I’ve said before I’ve often felt guilty because their lifetime stats are going to be worse than everybody else’s because of the way I’ve sat them over the years.”

    It’s something that I realized last year with the Spurs, that their stats must take a big hit with the way they play and how their minutes are managed. The fact that he feels guilty over that really goes to show what kind of man is behind the mask that is Pop.

  15. Jordan says:

    Ok so for all you Phil Haters, stat check time ready.. Number of Rings Jordan and Kobe had without Phil? Ready drum roll please lol ready ZERO! Jordan himself credits Phil with being able to manage the Egos! Secondly Remember they won 55 games with a roster of BJ Armstrong, Scotty Pippen, Tony Kukoc, Horace Grant, Pete Meyers, and BIll Carwright lol.. How many of you guys know those career averages for those guys? How many of them are in the Hall of Fame with the EXCEPTION of Pippen? They lost in the second round of the playoffs on a “VERY CONTERVERSIAL CALL” IN GAME 5 of that Knick Series. So don’t give me that Phil nonsense. It is very hard to win back to back rings in any sport. This man did it not once not twice not three times but 4 times. Bulls First 3 Peat, Second Bulls 3 peat, Laker 3 Peat, and the Kobe and Pau back to back wins! Sorry you don’t go back to back like that without some sort of Talent. All those guys had other Coaches who didn’t get a title out of them! Doug Collins never got to the Finals, Del Harris and that crew in LA underachieved. The only one of those Mega Stars that won one without Phil was Shaq and he won it on the coat tails of Wade and Riley in that Dallas series which he did NOTHING!! You diminish Phil cause who he coached, but many of you tout Tim Duncan as the GREATEST POWER FORWARD of All-Time or the Best Player of this Generation. 1999 you had legit Superstars in The Admiral and Timmy Duncan. Ginobli and Parker with be Hall of Famers as well. So Pop has coached just as much greatness. You diminish Phil’s skills as a Coach and a Motivator. You diminish the effect he had and the triangle. Those superstars were most success when they did what? They trusted their teammates and didn’t let the ball stick, they didn’t play “Hero Ball” and do what happened to the Heat Lebron running Iso’s like he is in a Cavs Jersey. Jordan and Kobe have all mentioned how Phil was influential in them “trusting the system, and trusting their teammates”. Ball don’t lie man has 11 rings a Coach has been to the Finals 13 times. Honestly those stars get more of the credit then he does.

    • Vaginal Penetrator says:

      What is “CONTERVERSIAL”?

    • LMAO says:

      If you wanna talk about *controversial calls explain how someone has time to take a dribble and shoot the ball in 0.4 seconds? Try it at home and don’t ever post on NBA.com again until you’re able to do it (which will be never)

  16. Billy Swan says:

    In my opinion, they are both great coaches who demand respect from both the players and mgmt. staff of their franchises. Some might say that Pop is better because he “built a dynasty” . That would indeed constitute as great. But dealing with the inflated egos, locker room beef, and Dennis Rodman should not be perceived as the proverbial cake walk. When you have all these elements working against you as a coach and can still get your guys to see the big picture and win consecutive titles, you can’t just call that “getting lucky”.

  17. Phil deserves an asterisk for the second Bulls three-peat. He was Jordan-less for two years and the Rockets took back to back titles. Jordan returns, and suddenly Phil has a dynasty again? Where was all his zen during that time? He IS a very good coach, but he’s a better blowhard. Phil could NEVER accomplish what Pop & Co. have done. SPURS ROCK!

  18. Carlo says:

    Jackson has been a great coach but as a man he doesn’t earn my respect.
    Those stupid remarks about the “asterisk” season are his typical way of downgrading others by words in order to make them weaker and/or to appear himself greater.
    He always was “great” at earning advanteages through “subtle” words, like when he “noticed” the different no. of free throws awarded to his team vs the opponents (obviously he forgot to do the same when the FT no. was in his favour), in order to let slip through the suspect that opponents were somewhat favoured by the refs.
    The same kind of “word-mining” made by Garnett.
    That’s not sport. That’s cheap shots.
    Everybody with a couple neurons in their brain understand that a shortened reg.season is NO LESS valid then a full one.

    As far as “dynasties” are concerned, my thinking is different.
    In a sport where players enjoy 10 to 15 years careers, being winners for 3 consecutive years only (let alone 2) is NOT a dynasty.
    And, anyway, who CARES about “dynasties”? Why is this concept so important?
    It’s just media hype and a tool to boost the galactic-sized ego of Jackson.
    Let’s think about how Popovich (and Buford, and Holt) was able to maintain a team a top winner for 15 years, changing most players and even being so wise and so humble to completely overturn their style of play to fit the skills of the available players.
    Can Jackson show this? How is it that his “dynasties” ended with the end of career or going away of a few dominant players?
    Why wasn’t Jackson able to extend Bulls’ or Lakers’ dominance for 15 years?
    Jackson’s main ability is about managing players’ minds. Why wasn’t he able to settle Kobe, Shaq & Co. in order to have a 15yrs long “dynasty”?
    Don’t show me 11 rings to say they are more than 5. I don’t care. 5 rings in 15 years the way Pop conquered them are MORE than 6 in almost cosecutive years the way Jordan… Oops, sorry, Jackson won.

    • knowyourfacts says:

      2000 Spurs lose to Suns 3-1 in first round

      2001 and 2002 Spurs get throttled by Lakers

      2004 Spurs lose to Laker 4-2 in WCSF

      2006 Spurs lose to Mavs 4-3 in the 2nd round

      2008 Spurs lose 4-1 to Lakers in WCF

      2009 Spurs lose to Mavs 4-1 in first round

      2010 Spurs lose 4-0 to Phoenix in WCSF

      2011 Spurs lose 4-2 to 8TH SEEDED Grizzlie in 1st Round

      2012 Spurs lose to Thunder 4-2 in WCF

      “a top winner for 15 years” WOW. LOL.

  19. Gary says:

    The whole debate on who is the greatest coach ever is a bit silly. Both Phil and Pop are great coaches; the former is in the Hall of Fame, the latter will go to the Hall of Fame. But both men coached different teams with different styles. Phil has the most rings, there’s no doubt about it, but he lived and died by the Triangle offense. Pop with his 5 rings has managed to mold and change the Spurs over the years to fit the types of role players he had and the age of the Big 3. Both men should be recognized for their achievements and let’s leave it at that. This debate is nothing more than media talking heads having nothing else better to do with their time. And far as dynasties are concerned, the Spurs are the 4th winningest franchise behind the Celtics (17), Lakers (16), and Bulls (6); so yes, I would consider them a dynasty.

    • Kel says:

      So true, it’s more like what’s your favorite flavor? You want development of players? Pop. As far as managing egos? I think Pop earns the respect of all his players, but Phil has the track record to go along with it. I think we can all agree, trying to manage players like Shaq, Kobe, Rodman and MJ is more difficult than doing the same for the ever humble Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Manu Ginobili and even Tony Parker. Both coaches are great. Pop is a model of consistency and being 50+ wins for more than a decade in a small market that isn’t attractive to free agents is impressive. I prefer Pop, but it’s crazy not to recognize all that Phil has accomplished and his role in the success of his teams. A lot of the anti-Phil sentiment might also stem from the fact that a lot of the time he can seem like a pretentious a-hole. Whereas Pop is sarcastic with the media, but we all know he isn’t really like that.

  20. ricz says:

    11 beats 5 but then again Phil has the best player in the history of NBA

    So I think it’s good to be proud w/ those 5 rings

  21. Dutella says:

    I once saw a billboard in San Antonio and it says, great teams are built not bought. That’s the difference between Phil and Pop. Phil was a great strategists, but the players under him were all egoistic superstars fighting among themselves. The players udner Pops were all old school. They respected and know that Pop is the Alpha. Look at how many players stays in one club and not move. If you look at some of the longest tenure, it’s not surprising that Tim, Manu, and Tony comes up. Kwahi could be the next to spend the entire career in SA. To me, this is what people often miss when discussing how great a coach is. Just like a company, a great coach creates not only a winning team, but a winning culture.

  22. Ema says:

    17 years in a row of being one of the best in the league is a dynasty.
    3 years is not dynasty.
    2 years is not dynasty.
    Thanks Spurs 🙂

    • Nika says:

      best comment ever!!!

    • Liams says:

      5 titles in 15 years
      6 titles in 8 years

      • pffft phil says:

        yeah right Buying superstar players for phils ego vice building from the ground up is the key difference from pop. take kobe and Jordan away from phil and his championships are irrelevant. Pop would coach circles around phil all day if each had only role players. pop knows how to coach, phil just knows how to cheerlead. nuff said

  23. Karlo Garcia says:

    Peter Holt & the Spurs have a special friendship together.

  24. Jo Alba says:

    We’ve been hearing ‘the spurs are old and boring’ since 2005. Tell us something new.

  25. FanFrSingapore says:

    Peter Holt seems to be a nice guy nice Billionaire. Might not be nice to work with, judging by Coach Pop’s faces.

  26. True Baller says:

    Phil has 13 rings not 11, 2 were as a player. In all honesty NY has no cash unless they plan on pulling a Nets number and just throwing into the luxury tax. They lack a point guard and a second scoring option. J R Smith is so up and down he can’t fill that role. They spectate when Melo gets the ball much like Miami was doing. The Spurs don’t deviate and are proven. Every year people say they are old and blah blah, yet every year they are on top or near the top of the Western Conference. Age means little if you’re in shape and have a strong supporting cast to share the load. Pop maintained his limited minutes with his big 3 even against the Heat. Don’t let what you see on Sports Center cloud your own common sense.

  27. Guap Got Em says:

    Phil has 13 rings 2 as a player with the Ny knicks

    • MR210 says:

      Phil Jackson as a coach = overrated!

      Think about it for a sec…
      He inherits an already built team in the Bulls from Doug Collins…and who has the Best Player ever in NBA (MJ).
      He wins titles…then doesn’t coach.

      Then, he inherits an already built Lakers team from Del Harris with Shaq in his prime, and a young Superstar in Kobe.

      After his Laker lose to the Pistons, and the team blows up – he decides to leave again?

      Please – the only real title’s he won was when he came back after a year or two after losing to the Pistons. He comes back and has Kobe in his Prime and Best Player on the planet at that time. Later, they have Pau Gasol gift wrapped for them from Memphis! Worse Trade ever!

      Pop and Spurs have done MORE with LESS! Period – there’s no arguing that.

      Pop is higher up than Phil due to that fact. Pop has Spurs being contenders for majority of Timmy’s career. He has changed the way Spurs play basketball, and still has won rings in three different decades – all with different styles of play.

  28. Kimmy says:

    I don’t see the Zen Master winning a title anytime soon either. Sorry Spike Lee.

  29. Devarajaswami says:

    Here’s a prediction:
    Phil Jackson will never get a ring with the Knicks. Unless he joins some other ballclub, his haul will stand at 11.
    But the Spurs will get more rings.

    • Tom says:

      AGREED……Phil will never get a ring with the Knicks. I am so sick of the news surrounded Melo. Sure he is a good player, but he will never win. Whether has Melo or not in the knicks, the knicks will never win because Melo is not winner and if he is the best player in the team….Good Luck with that. Melo does not have the killer instint like Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Bird & Lebron. He is soft and cry about everything. Phil…..Knicks will be the best fit for you to retire and enjoy the VIP AARP service

  30. Tom says:

    To the owner of Spurs…..the Zen Master has 11 rings…you only have 5…..not even half…..take that boy

    • Chris says:

      11 rings, two different teams. Not to take away from what Phil has done, but just throwing that out there. Phil was an incredible coach for sure. But you gotta give Pop his credit, he’s found success taking d-league talent and plugging it into a genius system. I’m not sure if Phil could’ve done the same, but who knows he might pull it off in New York.

      • allaroundballer says:

        His best rings are those first 3 with the bulls. He built his own draft players just like Pop. The other was about managed some great players. Still its not easy too and if you were bulls n lakers owner, you didn’t want no other but Phil. And he did win

      • Tonebeast says:

        Phil had his moment in the sun – paired Jordan with Pippin and built the supporting cast – then later in his career, he cherry picked a team (Lakers) because he had the opportunity and saw the players in place to succeed, taking full advantage of the free-agency conditions offered by the league — but NONE of that has anything to do with Pop. Jackson was/is a great coach. But, for some reason, people want to make it either / or — and I don’t know why. Pop took San Antonio and built a DYNASTY. And it IS a legitimate DYNASTY. JUST like the Celtics/Lakers/Bulls of yester-year — the SPURS have been a contender since they drafted Timmy and hired Pop — and THAT was ALLOWED to happen by The Admiral. The ORIGINAL / PROTOTYPE / MOLD for the accepted SPUR player. Humble, hard working, team before self. I’m worried, though — Leonard makes me nervous. Too much “me” and “I” in what he says — but if Pop and his elder-teammates can shape and mold his mind set. As fans of THIS team for it’s special appeal – we have to believe that those type of players can still be found/nurtured and taught to play this game the way WE expect ….

    • Marco29 says:

      11 definitely beats 5 but the situations are quite different: not the same personnel and not with the same team.Phil clearly has a skill to manage superstars egos (even thought it has its limits like in 2004) and bring a winning attitude to the team. Yet you have to give credit to Pop for the consistency of 17 straight postseasons and 15 seasons with 50 wins at least (even in the lock out season) and his developping skills and the way he managed to build the core of the Spurs and always add the right pieces to it.
      They would probably not have been as successful if the situations has been reversed.

    • Common Sense says:

      They are the perfect examples as Ying and Yang as far as I’m concerned. Pop takes pieces and makes it into a beautiful masterpiece. Phil takes huge egos and softens them enough to get them to a championship without bruising them. Two completely different art forms, both Pure Masters. Both measured differently too. To take pieces it takes time to do it right and measurements are taken over a long period, like 17 years, and the coach needs to stay put. To managed Egos, it needs to be done quickly, swiftly, and takes an amazing amount of expended energy to manage egos daily until the season is over, this is measured immediately, and the coach likely won’t stay for long because it becomes exhausting and he needs to move on to a new challenge…

      • Common Sense says:

        Pop is the best Boss you’ve ever put on payroll and Phil is the best paid consultant money can buy

    • MR210 says:

      Phil got lucky inheriting an already built team from Doug Collins with the Bulls.
      Then he got lucky and replaced Del Harris with the Lakers – which were already built!
      Phil Jackson as a coach is overrated.
      But lucky – he seems to always go after already built contenders that have the best players on the planet at that time.
      MJ with the Bulls (best ever player)
      Shaq and Kobe (best 1-2 punch ever)

      I give credit to Phil a little for the years after Shaq/Kobe era…when the team didn’t win again until Pau Gasol was gift-wrapped for them by Memphis.

      Pop has won in three different decades…with Tim Duncan. Spurs have built a contender from the ground up. Who else could have won a Title with a 2nd year Timmy, David and a bunch of spares?
      It’s not like Pop inherited an already loaded team in 2003-2007 span…or inherited a loaded team from 2012-2014.

      Pop is better coach – Pop has done MORE with LESS…Phil is like LBJ – ring chaser. If he knows his team isn’t going anywhere – he leaves.
      Only Auerbach is ahead of Pop in my opinion…

    • pffft phil says:

      zen of what? inheriting teams he never built. phil is vastly overrated, egotistical and will always be a wannabe coach thus his jealousy of the spurs and pop. he retired because he knew in his sad little heart he would be exposed for not having the sack to start from scratch and win. enjoy those false prepaid rings philly boy

  31. Bill says:

    I don’t blame Holt for having some lingering resentment for Phil’s asterisk comment. However, eleven beats five so he needs to be somewhat respectful.

    You have to respect what Spurs have accomplished over Tim Duncan’s career but I still see the lack of a back to back (much less a three peat) championship as a hole in their claim for a dynasty as to me a dynasty implies a period of complete dominance which the Spurs don’t really have a claim to at this point. The Shaq-Kobe Lakers were a dynasty that broke up prematurely do to well chronicled ego clashes (although Shaq was clearly in decline anyway).

    Miami can now claim something of an eastern conference dynasty (being the number one team 4 straight years) but their 2-2 record in the finals, while laudable, obviously isn’t league wide dominance (we’ll forgo giving them an asterisk for the lame competition in the eastern conference the past few years).

    My two cents.

    • Mini says:

      respect has to be earned ain’t it not and he should respect Holt and other teams too for that matter.. lucky for him to have coached such players , Michael Jordan and kobe not to mention scottie and shaq.. who is he to say that it is not a championship just because of the lock out..i would look up to Phil differently if he does not comment like that. be a gentleman like POP, goaded already by the media to comment on James and the Heat after loosing , what did he say, ” I am not here to judge other teams” and he does not wish for anybody to feel or experience their 2013.

      My three cents.

    • Chris says:

      You forget 2003 David Robinson retired, despite losing their franchise center the spurs bounced back to win another title two years later. Then another one two years after that. Every other year is still dominant.

      • Magnus says:

        Lol. David Robinson is useless, the most overrated center of all time.

      • Marco29 says:

        @Magnus: how can you talk like that of the man that laid the foundations of the Spurs? MVP, scoring title, rebounding title, shot-blocking title, DPOY, quatruple double, etc…Unique skills of quickness and strenght with the intelligence to hand over the team to TD to claim 2 titles. What more do you need?
        Only The Dream could hold him down.

      • historian says:

        @ Magnus, say that to DR’s face… thought so.

    • Marco29 says:

      I have a great respect for Miami but building a dynasty in the Eastern conference is not much of an achivement taking into the account he weakness of the conference. Also, they set the expectations higher themselves (remember the “Not one, not two, not….”).
      Why didn’t we hear Phil about the asterisk to the Heat’s first title after the lock-out season in 2012? Does he really have a grudge against the Spurs dating back to their battles beginning of the century?
      He probably is the greatest coach in NBA history but I don’t think he is gaining anything with those comments.

    • Pop fan says:

      Consecutive years into playoffs competing and gold medals in Olympics and you think Pop doesn’t fare to Jackson legendary likeness. Sounds like you don’t know much of his success.