Analytics Art: NBA Finals MVPs

mvp-tout-580x316By Andrew Bergmann @dubly, for

After a stellar performance in the 2014 NBA playoffs, Kawhi Leonard joins the elite group of Finals MVPs. Here’s a look back at all of the other winners since the award was first given in 1969.

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  1. Lebanese man says:

    I’m not happy to see Kawhi Leonard got MVP. he did not deserve it

  2. Carlo says:

    If Leonard keeps working and studying as he did until now, this MVP award will be just the first of a long list of future rewards.

  3. imisswatchingthethunder says:

    Kawhi Leonard didn’t even expect to win MVP. I’m glad I was able to view that moment when it was announced and the emotion he displayed that was so telling. Best wishes to this young man who outshined King Lebron James. Gotta love Kawhi Leonard.