The Finals Stat: Game 5

VIDEO: Spurs’ Third-Quarter Clinic

Game 5 basics
Pace 92.0 92.0
OffRtg 92.7 115.4
EFG% 44.7% 55.1%
OREB% 12.8% 14.3%
TO Ratio 12.8 8.9
FTA rate 0.360 0.295

SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Spurs are NBA champions for the fifth time, having defeated the Miami Heat four games to one in The Finals. One stat stood out from the rest as the Spurs closed it out with a dominant 104-87 victory on Sunday.

The stat

70 – Total point differential of The Finals.

The context

That’s the largest point differential in Finals history, surpassing the Boston Celtics’ plus-63 in the 1965 Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Heat won Game 2 by two points, while the Spurs won Games 1, 3, 4 and 5 by an average of 18.0.

The was a complete destruction of the two-time defending champions. The Spurs’ offense was an efficient machine, scoring 118.5 points per 100 possessions over the five games. They assisted on 66 percent of their field goals and averaged just 11.5 turnovers after committing twice that many (23) in Game 1. They got contributions from everyone in their rotation.

And if you got caught up in the precision ball movement and ridiculous perimeter shooting, you might not have noticed how good their defense was. You don’t beat a team by 70 points over five games with great play on just one end of the floor.

The Heat had the best offense through the first three rounds, scoring 113.7 points per 100 possessions in 15 games, including 114.3 in the conference finals against the No. 1 defense of the regular season. But in The Finals, they scored just 101.3. LeBron James averaged 28.2 points per game in the series, but only 4.0 assists. He didn’t get much help.

It was really on the Heat’s end of the floor where Game 5 changed. Miami had scored 29 points on its first 23 possessions, leading by 16 points midway through the first quarter. But they were then held to just 11 points over their next 26 possessions, as the Spurs took over the game and eventually built a 22-point lead.

For the Heat, it was death by execution.

Pace = Possessions per 48 minutes
OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
EFG% = (FGM + (0.5 * 3PM)) / FGA
OREB% = Percentage of available offensive rebounds obtained
TO Ratio = Turnovers per 100 possessions
FTA Rate = FTA / FGA


  1. Miami good sports team..

  2. sara jane says:

    Team spurs is very very good shuter…

  3. sara jane says:

    Nice shut…congrats

  4. conrad says:

    Good plyer cannot win against good team work in championship game.thats the reason why the spurs has the 5th trophies . they’ll trust every one.and thats was basketball is all about team work.

  5. christophter says:

    Heat never scored 100pts. Spurs defense. When faced with greatness, good is not enough.

  6. Brink21 says:

    Lebums finals record is 2-3, simply not the GOAT.

  7. DallasM says:

    I am a Mavs fan,and I can proudly say that Dallas was the second best team in this playoffs,only they were able to force a game 7 vs Spurs :)

  8. SM says:

    Well deserve win for Spurs. Labron is the greatest. POP is the best coach in NBA. SPO is an average coach in NBA.
    Spurs have 12 excellent players. Heat has one excellent(LBJ) the rest average and point guards both worst in NBA.

  9. Raphael Fuentez says:

    Why is no one talking about the real story of game 5 Lebron quit sat on the bench the last half of the 4th quarter gave up just like he did his last game in cleveland

    • Marvin says:

      He didn’t quit, he got beat down. He did what he was supposed to do but one man can’t EVER beat a team. When you’re the only one on a 12 or 13 man roster who is effective against an offensive machine like the Spurs, a beating is inevitable.

  10. Rohan says:

    LBJ still in his prime for sure. Wade and bosh are fading.. spurs exposed Heat weakness so next season other teams will take advantage of that. so it is safe to say Big 3 era is over?
    I would hate it if another superstar joins their ranks and heat starts dominating the weak east again. East teams please make trades and make your teams stronger, heat strolling into finals every year in the WEAK east is not justification enough for they being tagged as a great team

  11. jacknohara says:

    This finals are the most evident proof that LBJ is WAY behind MJ (Who never got beaten like that in 3 straight finals games). LBJ is good, he´s a HOF, but he´s nowhere near the GOAT, and he´s definitely not in the all time starting 5, like some others said . I mean, who would dump Larry Bird for him ?

    • Kazario says:

      Not a realistic measurement comparing two players of different styles in different eras with completely different teammates and team structure. I would take Lebron over Bird but it’s only a personal preference – both give you major production/efficiency. Their teammates have to perform at some point. “Definitely not in the starting 5”? This is an argument that could go on for a long time.

    • James miles says:

      Plz boy u don’t know anything about basketball lebron did not have help wade didn’t do anything and so didn’t bosh pippen also got 30+ points just like Micheal that means he had great help and he had rodman also when micheal won his 1st 3 champs there was no competition until like 96-97

  12. Johnny McD says:

    early in the 4th Lebron started to give up….plays where normally he would be hustling back to help make a defensive play he was walking…. he may have some better stats than MJ but I never seen MJ lose that fire of competing

    • chris says:

      let me ask One quetion did the Bul,ls ever play a team that Had a 4 time Champion On it in their Prime ? losing to the Sputrs is not lebrons worst loss ..Losing to teh mAvs was ……Off all the teams the Bulls Beat NONE owere teh calibur of the Spurs and I am a HUGE Bulls fans But teh Sonis, the jazz, the Blazers teh suns and Magic on his his way to retirement were not teh equal of teh Spurs . 17 yrs with 50 wins …First team to win in 3 differnct ddecades . Funny people forget Shaqa dn Kobe lsoing in 5 to teh pistons and Kobe gettring Locked down and then Kobe getting humiliated by the Celtics Losing game 5 by 35 pts in 2010 playoffs . I been watching basketball fr a Lng time . ggetting beat by the Sputrs is like MAgic and Larry beating One another No shame in that . No wonder the Spurs are maily NON americans . No ME first Players ,,, No guys saying Look ma I am on Sports center . Dr Naiismith would be proud . No otehr team in basketball can do what trhey do and that is Ply the right way all the time

      • august says:

        Lebron had 3 great insane quarters in this nba finals and one of them was basically garbage time they were down 23 when quarter started and down 21 at emd of quarter which lebron scored 20 in that quarter. If u watch the other 17 quarters of the nba finals he looked mediocre at best especially on defense with kawhi abusing him in 2 of the games coach spo had to put lebron on tony parker game 5 cause lebron was getting abused by leonard

  13. kris says:

    wow the hate some people have against the heat is just amazing:)

    • Moe says:

      It was a great run for the “Heat”. This is coming from a “Spurs” fan. LeBron did all he can just that we had guys who can lite it up. Our bench is what carry us through out the season and in the post season. Finally see that mental toughness in our guys in this year playoff run. Hats off to Kawhi and may he blossom into a Superstar or Allstar. GSG!!

      • Jorge says:

        BTW, LBJ is a great player, one of the best I have seen. And I am happy about that, because winning to his team makes the Spurs greater. There’s no value in winning to a bad team, and the Heat is one of the best – though not as good as last year. At least IMHO.

  14. mico says:

    im a spurs fan and the only team that can beat the spurs is the okc. length, size and athleticism if combine is the only weakness of the spurs and okc has it. we are lucky that ibaka did not play the first 2 games. its hard to dig from 0-2. it happen for a reason so we can redeem and avenge what happen last year. go spurs.

  15. Defdun says:

    Only team to beat Spurs 3 times in the playoffs were Rick Carlisle’s Mavs! And that’s because he’s the second best coach around and at the end of the day it’s all about the coaching… Guys like Red, Phil and Pop could make any team be successful. (Give credit to Spoelstra too)

    • epiloni says:

      Pop. Having the record point differential on the finals will not give you 3 lost rings. If you wanna lose another ring, join the flopping King in Miami, we will trade future HoF Spoelstra. Long live the flopping King LBJ.

  16. Scott C says:

    can’t fault Lebron, he played with heart and without any help against one of the best teams to ever step on the court…..Our San Antonio SPURS !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Gojny says:

    The most boring FINALS Iˇve ever seen (my 21st Finals)

  18. mikmaks says:

    Spurs was shooting lights out, with or without contest. i don’t think any team would beat them in this finals.

  19. mikmaks says:

    Please.. they were shooting the lights out. Any team would lose to the spurs in this finals. If a team is shooting 60% with contest, there’s no way their gonna lose. They look good coz their making their shots outside. No way to defend that.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      Yes, they are shooting the lights out but that is due to ball and player movement. They get the highest percentage shots because they play team ball instead of going one on one then kicking it off. Easier to recover on the latter since they are mostly just standing around.

  20. Ball Don't Lie says:

    First I want to say congratulations to the Spurs on winning another title!! Looking at this series it was complete domination on behalf of the Spurs. The Heat often times looked befuddled, had no offensive identity, intermittent defense, and sub-par offense in spurts from Wade and Bosh… never anything consistent. The Heats biggest mistake was basing their identity solely around THE BIG 3. Yea they have an okay bench, and an average coach, but from the beginning it was a short term formula doomed for failure once the secret was let out that any ball club playing team-ball can beat 3 people. There were minor contributions from the rest of the Heat squad but the pressure was always on Bosh, Wade, and James to run all the plays and score all the points. Other players like Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, and Mario Chalmers would get garbage points off of broken plays or desperate bearings… other players would score by default. All in all there was no team ball being played in Miami and San Antonio exposed the Heat’s greatest weakness. I can’t sit up here and tell you how this Heat formula worked for as long as it did giving Miami 4 straight conference titles and 2 championships but I can say that the Spurs were clicking on all cylinders and were absolutely superb. The Miami Heat are constantly changing their roster and starting line-up every year in a desperate attempt to build a super-team in hopes of being unstoppable hence the Carmelo Anthony rumors that he might land in Miami next season, but all they’re doing is constantly disrupting the team’s chemistry. Since James and Bosh joined the team 4 years ago management has added and removed people every single year perhaps searching for a core group that can compete for years to come yet instead all I see is a string of quick fixes with no real solution.

  21. Ryanmj23 says:


    NOW, JUNE 15, 2014, Father day, the spurs has shown the HEAT HOW TO WIN GAMES WITH TEAM EFFORTS NOT LUCKY…BY A 1 PLAYER OR 2.



  22. Refined says:

    Perhaps one glaring reason why the Heat had the best offense record in the 1st 3 rounds is that they played against much weaker East teams. Even before the finals, my friends and I were of the opinion that the Spurs will have a harder time beating its West opponents to clinch the West conf title than to beat the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat was not the dreaded opponent, it was OKC.

  23. OldCelt says:

    Congratulations to the Spurs and their fans! Well deserved victory by a truly best NBA organization of the last 15 years.

  24. Spursss says:

    i still remember the “big three saying”…we gonna win..not one, not two, not three, not four….got lucky last year…so much for three peat. These fools couldnt put there money where they put there mouth.

  25. Jn183 says:

    Look at MJ. He scored half the Bulls point and they won. MJ willed the game in his favor. That is how the best player do it. They take over a game not just by “stats.” They take over the game and know when to push and stop other team run.

    Look at MJ scoring light out during his last year with Bulls. Pippen had back issue for two straight season. Pippen was playing just like Wade. At time, Pippen couldn’t even play. MJ took over and win it. For people keep mentioning Lebron’s stats. Please look at MJ scoring 50%++ of his team point. nothing against Lebron but when you try to said yo are better than MJ. You better not hide behind stats and point fingers. MJ “stats” is through the roof during playoff and especially NBA final. Lebron stats is just normal.

    MJ knows when to take over. I thought Lebron finally showing the killer instinct that Kobe/MJ had with that 1st quarter performance but nope. Lebron disappear for the last 3 quarter. He actually quit on his team near the end of 3rd quarter. Completely quit on his team with 10min left in 4th. Not a competitor.

    Anyone ever heard of Miller time? Reggie Miller scored 12point+ in 30sec or less to win it. He never give up. Yet he kept losing to MJ. B/c MJ got even more fire to win. Today NBA players are bunch of diva that give up.

    Kobe and SPurs are the last of a true “man” game NBA.

  26. gieorg says:

    Stellar performance by Kawni and all the rest of Spurs. This is the meaning of a team instead of charismatic individuals. Well won and well deserved. It is true that they need to change the conferences. The East is far too weak in comparison to the West

  27. 4gators says:

    I would hate to say this if it wasn’t a real possibility. The Spurs showed just what the Heat are.. 3 and done.. 3 stars and then what. and not just three stars.. Wade.. hes done. no denying that… hes done.. bosh.. a shell of his former self.. i loved Bosh in Toronto.. driving.. dunking.. not settling for 3s… James.. his best option.. opt out.. go back to Cleveland.. with Kyre.. and omg.. a first round draft pick.. and what else.. a young core to have you mold.. go back to Cleveland.. Bosh.. find your own game.. your not a 3 point star.. leave that for the shooting guards.. wade.. Retire..

    Spurs.. omg.. that is exactly how basketball is played.. its not about egos.. its about the game.. who cares who scores.. everyone gets to play and touch the ball.. I coach kids ball. i have been preaching Pops dont let it stick philosophy an i really hope it catches on, but even kids all want to be lebron.. that is not how the game is supposed to be played.. its a true team game .. and it showed tonight..

    Hats off Spurs.. well done

  28. BOTODSKI says:

    not just humbled, but crushed!!! and records were made, congratulations SPURS.
    the other team just don’t have to be the champions again, even smashed by bench players. practice..ahahahahaha!!!!

  29. #30 says:

    Dallas and OKC were the worthy opponents of Spurs

  30. Johnny Tsoi says:

    The latest Decision for Lebron: Join the Spurs next season.

  31. Baho says:

    i was wondering the Game 2 was just a lucky win to the heat. They never win the series though.

  32. yeah right says:

    please. lebron is the best still anyways. on any other team he would have beaten the spurs. the spurs only have sorry tony parker and uneducated ginobili. plus SLOW, BORING, UNTALENTED, LOOSER tim dumbcan

  33. Argentine says:

    I don’t now what Manu was talking about, I was drunk as hell and if was still watching the Spurs kick some butt all the way down in Argentina

  34. Mike says:

    The Heat weren’t defeated. They were dissected.

  35. ELdiabLo says:

    if BIG 3 can’t make it…MAKE IT BIG 4 ( James, Bosh, Wade + Anthony).. BUILT vs BOUGHT as earlier mentioned..

  36. Lt.Dan says:

    High 5 Miami!!!

  37. Mini says:

    Why not us?


    Congratulations SPURS TEAM! That is what its all about. GO SPURS GO! and we your fans don’t go to the exits when your down,,,,

  38. big3 says:

    big 3 just got beaten by big 8…spurs bench is so deep, coach Pop has a field day.

  39. gg says:

    the pros of playing in the weaker eastern conference is that they got through fairly easily. The cons are obviously the fact that they can’t stand up to the Spurs who had to go through tough teams all the way through. Even Portland who went down 4 – 1 was a lot tougher than the teams in the east.

  40. allaroundballer says:

    Shame on eastern conference teams. The way Heat played, they wont survive in the west

  41. True Baller says:

    Heart broken. That’s what Lebron and the rest of the Heat are right now. I mean they didn’t just lose. They had finals records etched forever in time set on them. Got destroyed on their home floor. It was like watching a prize fighter unleash a flurry of combo’s on an amateur fighter and he being so stunned he couldn’t do anything to stop the pain but take it until the bitter end. This decisive Finals win should make everyone stop talking about the Spurs age and The “Big Three of Miami” should they exist after this free agent summer, That three only means something in the weaker east at least for now.

  42. TheKush says:

    Congrats to the spurs beating the Miami Cavaliers!

    • Eaham says:

      Congrats to the Spurs for beating and exposing the Real Miami Heat : ) all you fake fans can stop pretending like Spurs got lucky or Heat played bad. Heat played good, spurs just outdid them. Accept it 🙂

    • amitpal says:

      All right guys every time lebron loses in the finals lets blame the supporting cast.

      • daredevil says:

        Because that is true. Take a look at the stats. You cannot win basketball game by yourself.
        It’s a team game. Spurs cannot win games if not for their supporting cast. That’s why
        Leonard is the finals MVP, not the Spurs big 3…
        Congratulations Spurs…

    • bugsy says:

      so much for LBJ’s championship DNA…

      • Burning Beast says:

        The Heat got flat out beat across the board. The Spurs out played them. Plain and simple. The Heat didn’t lose the series. The Spurs BEAT the Heat. The Spurs played better basketball. Plain and simple. “Oh the Heat only lost cause Lebron was the only one who could do anything.” Correction, the Spurs beat the Heat cause they took every single other player on the Heat’s roster to the wood shed. The Spurs beat the Heat, by taking everyone around Lebron James and making them look like monkey’s. Lebron James can’t do it alone, and the Spurs exploited that. That doesn’t mean Lebron James is great and it’s the rest of the Heat’s players fault, no, at the end of the day the fact remains, the Spurs out played the Heat.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      exactly what i was thinking, its 2007 all over again. everything is being done by lebron to will his team back but eventually he got tired and the fire he had during the start got extinguished by the spurs