GameDay Live: Heat-Spurs Game 5

VIDEO: Kawhi Leonard did it all to pull the Spurs through against the Heat in The Finals

SAN ANTONIO — Fifteen years later, it still has to taste as sweet as the first time for San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan and his coach Gregg Popovich.

Feels like the first time, indeed, even though this makes three titles in three difference decades and five total.

Larry O’Brien never looked so good.

The mighty San Antonio Spurs are your 2014 NBA champions, defeating the Miami Heat in five games and three straight breathtaking performances to dethrone the two-time NBA champs.

They did it on Father’s Day, too, a sweet day for their oldest player and proud father Duncan, the backbone of the franchise, and a bittersweet day for its young star, Kawhi Leonard (the youngest MVP of The Finals since Duncan 15 years ago), whose father was shot and killed at the family car wash in Compton, Calif., back in 2008, just as he was becoming a basketball star.

We can talk about LeBron James and the Miami Heat later, but tonight, it’s all about the “Spurs Way,” the blend of the old (Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili) and new (Kawhi … Patty Mills Boris Diaw and the rest) and one of the league’s true dynasties and the fact that team triumphed over talent when it mattered most.

And yes, they avenged that loss to the Heat in The Finals last year in the best way possible (outscoring the champs by 70 points in the five games and winning every game by 15 or more points), better known as …


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The @officialspurs are the 2014 NBA Champions!!!

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The “Beautiful Brand” wins out

There will be more converts to come, trust me. There will be more!

All respect due …

They do indeed. And they’ll get it around here.

Leonard’s time to shine is now!

You pick up a pen, write Kawhi Leonard’s name and then hand it to someone. Pretty simple.


All team, all the time!

A timeless tradition … 

Old Man River Walk

VIDEO: Manu with the nasty lefty throwdown over Chris Bosh

Not the “Framily Plan” 

Low blow alert!


There is no choice but to give this quiet warrior his due!

Numbers Never Lie!

We are keeping track of these things … oh, they never lie when they are right. LeBron’s 2-for-5 in a few minutes.

Patty Is The Law

The Sheriff from Down Under!

Pull up a chair and watch …

The Patty Mills Show!

Adios Miami

Good night Miami and good luck!

VIDEO: The Spurs go crazy in the third quarter from deep to blow the gme open

For 3 … For 3 … For 3 …

This place has gotten totally out of control #GoSpursGo


You might as well turn that scoreboard thing off now. It’s a wrap.

Kawhi = ballin’

They better not steal this Finals MVP from Kawhi. Spurs up 50-40 with 8:14 to play in the third.

Because Bones said so! 

Breaking the Heat at the break 

Spurs take complete control at the end of the second behind Kawhi, Manu and Timmy. If Parker ever shows up (0 points) this thing gets ugly. Spurs 47-40 at the break but it feels worse.

Bosh guaranteed to make the poster 

Manu battling Kawhi for the winner of the first half highlight reel award. Spurs up 45-37 with 1:54 to play before halftime.

To da moon!

Kawhi’s officially taken over this game, the same way he did this series in Game 3, with brute force and anything else that’s needed.


Sure feels like it. Heat doing everything they can to fight them off.

Still the (2)1

Timmy’s still got it, after all these years. Old Man River Walk brings the Spurs to within three, 35-32, with 6:01 to play before halftime. Heat have no answer for him if he can get it going.

Calling all cars

Somebody put out an APB for TP and Dancin’ Danny, they are nowhere to be found right now.

Fave Five

LeBron’s Why Not Us? Should have been a Why Not Me?

Heat played their best and still …

only lead 29-22. That doesn’t feel like enough, not after watching them come apart the way they did in Games 3 and 4 in Miami.

LeBron’s kind of night …

Gonna be one of those nights for Bron Bron! #WatchOut

Let Kawhi lead them 

It’s his show for the Spurs. Pop has to turn him loose.

Lead with your best stuff 

Heat throwing everything they’ve got (sans Beasley) at the Spurs and winning 22-12 with 4:27 to play in the first. But if this is their best shot …

Lay off the stripes! 


Rollin’ early 

Heat with the early 19-5 lead. LeBron in lock down mode … where these guys been?

You will be judged by the company you keep for Game 5

No words needed!

Where’s @SpursJesus?

Someone call 9-1-1 … wait a minute, who is @SpursJesus?

Grown up business!

Star Search for Kids (to sing the anthem) is apparently over.


It’s win-or-go-home time son. #ByAnyMeansNecessary

Hypnotize …

Man jeans and impeccable taste in hip hop. Timmy and the Spurs aren’t nearly as boring as you think!

Blame it on Rio!

Where there’s a will there’s a Ray!


Beasley to the rescue for the Heat tonight. It sounds so desperate because that’s exactly what is needed.

The yin and the yang of …

The crush …

… before the silence!

Game 5 is serious business for all involved.

Pass it along …

There’s no secret to the game plan the Spurs have used to dominate the Heat in this series, to this point. By sharing the ball on offense (and getting great and not just good shots), they’ve routinely burned the Heat’s vaunted defense.

My main man John Schuhmann of breaks it down here. The Heat might have fared better if Schuh was breaking down the numbers for them in this series … #justsayin

Immediate Impact

This is a fancy way of saying that the dude with the corn rows is the frontrunner for Finals MVP!

LBJ in the building

Talk is cheap Chris if you can’t back it up.


Game Time Crew breaking it down

NBA TV’s Game Time crew breaks down what went on in Game 4 of The Finals …

VIDEO: Game gave us an epic showing from the Spurs. Is Game 4 the Heat’s time to return serve?


  1. Monchlucy says:

    Heat was supposed to play until game 7 but they stick on a weak starting five. Why insist on a lineup with r.lewis, m.chalmers when you can use a line up with oden as center not bosh, instead bosh for big forward alternate haslem or Beasley , Andersen to alternate with oden, then lebron, wade alternate with Allen or chalmers. The Heat have many offensive and defensive players, they did not exploit neither utilized it that’s why all the burden is with Lebron.

  2. Ray Marshall says:

    It must be about time for ESPN to reconsider its contractual obligations to their basketball commentator Mr. Smith. Listening to his pompous guarantees after the initial games of the series that Miami would take San Antonio without any problems proves once again why he is a talking head with no real responsibilities such as a player or coach. His lack of understanding of the game is almost as gigantic as his ego.

  3. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Congrats Spurs on revenge game! Obviously Lebronze and Kome are not on Jordan’s level. Whenever Jordan’s at the finals, did anyone think the bulls will lose? He had to beat CB34, Payton/Kemp, Mailman/Stockton, Clyde, Magic and Co in the finals and never lost. So fan boys, please stop comparing Kome/Lebronze to MJ.

    Spurs beating the superfriends is as sweet as Piston destroyed the Fantastic four Lakers. Now let the crazy summer begins!

    • Ben says:

      Duncan has been pretty much unbeatable in the finals too – the meltdown in game 6 last year was with him off court, so its a shame he isn’t 6/6 just like Jordan.

  4. Game Time says:

    Miami threw that series. I don’t believe for a minute a team comes out strong two games then gets blown out three games. Don’t care what anyone calls me, it’s was a thrown game. People have been complaining about Miami for years, and they are tired of LeBron’s name being mentioned. Well they get what they want and the NBA retains fans plus gets more now, minus one.

    • Common Sense says:

      Aside from the game the Spurs threw in Game 2, no other game got thrown. Three people can’t beat a team, period. Sorry the NBA lost a fan, but it Heat weren’t good enough to throw the game.

    • en. says:

      Lol . .weak fan…but if your heat would have won it would be different words out yo mouth I bet. …lequeennn rider

  5. well says:

    yes, lebron.. why not you losing this time… miami bandwagoners live in the history of miami’s triumph last year… well, spurs MADE their own history by rewriting the script of a miami repeat.. so yes, lebron

  6. Queirós says:

    Hey, Sekou, maybe you should tell 3D that LeBron lost the 2007 finals with the Cavs against the Spurs. That will make him two for five in the Finals after tonight….

    • Bryant,Duncan,Jordan,Magic says:

      Yes Lebron is 2/5 in Finals appearences for winning championships. He makes his teammates better until when it matters most. Bryant is 5/7, Magic is 5/9, Jordan is 6/6 and Duncan is 5 out of something… Better than Lebron though!

      • Bryant,Duncan,Jordan,Magic says:

        Duncan went 5/6…not too shabby. With the weight of finals team performances, everyone has to quit this Lebron GOAT talk right now. Don’t even mention the idea of him being the GOAT until he has at least 5 titles… which at his rate he will need to go to the finals another 10 times to get there haha.

      • Common Sense says:

        The one thing that all GOATS have in common is that they compete with themselves to get better. Lebron competes with the other teams and his teammates, and he’s plateaued. Jordan was the GOAT in a very very short career, even though he’s got a long career left, he’s already past up Jordan…

      • Common Sense says:

        Clarification – “Past up Jordan” meaning played longer than him, obviously skill, work ethic, competitive spirit, and results, no chance

  7. imisswatchingthethunder says:

    24 more minutes and the basketball season is officially over! That went quick! What a season!

  8. nbafan says:

    stop whining of the refs…… ofc they all went for miami, santa did come early to lebron and company

  9. cp10 says:

    It’s on. I hope Beasley brings it.