Bosh’s firm Game 5 ‘guarantee’

VIDEO: Heat center Chris Bosh is guaranteeing a Game 6 in Miami Tuesday night

SAN ANTONIO — Give Chris Bosh credit for confidence in the face of the greatest odds. The Miami Heat center wasn’t the least bit shy about what he expects to happen tonight in Game 5 of The Finals against the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center.

“We’re not going down,” he said. “So we’re going to win this game tonight … plain and simple we’re going to win this game.”

It’s not the classic guarantee you might be used to, but in this series filled with some of the most polite animosity displayed between two teams, Bosh’s Game 5 edict with the Heat on the brink of elimination at 3-1 ranks right up there with Tim Duncan‘s “we’re going to do it this time,” comment that came in the lead up to Game 1.

“I don’t care about any guarantees we’re just going to win this game,” Bosh said. “Take it how you want it.”

The Heat are facing historic odds. No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in The Finals.

But the Heat are trying to rally themselves emotionally by embracing the challenge of making history.

LeBron James talked about it Saturday, suggesting “why not us?”Β in regards to the Heat’s chances of pushing this series to a Game 6 Tuesday night at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.

Bosh pushed it a step further this morning, even if wasn’t trying to.


  1. RL33 says:

    LeBron James needs to be paired up to Anthony. Get rid of Bosh, he is not a very consistent player and bring in Dirk Nowitzki and maybe Garnett if he wants to come to Miami, D.Wade need to take a huge pay cut as he is not as good as he was with his injury. Wade he can come out as a sixth man. They might be able to use Kaman as their Centre and Justin Hamilton as back up. James Ennis can back up James and Anthony

  2. ananymous says:

    you guys need to think about this really hard, after having a good season for the heat why stop at the finals, this game was fixed why would lebron sit out when their was still time to catch up, the spurs won because someone in their team is getting ready to retire. What happen to the real NBA where it became neck to neck on winning. If you do your research Texas is the 24 state that is poorest with this win they get more money and publicity. If you guys are real NBA fans games are fixed, same things as the Superbowl. Just to make money. I’m neither a heats fan or spurs fan. Looks Back Into the NBA with Lakers and the Celtics Went To The Finals 16 and won 16 times. their is no other team like the Lakers, on youtube look up what it take to be a Lakers that’s what real inspiration is and how real and true nba used to be now like now

  3. Look says:

    Andrew Wiggins is the next Kawhi

  4. Look says:

    Bosh cannot rebound for his life. Wade is too old to defend. Why Should LeBron stay??? Why not go back to the cavs and return with the old jersey # 23. Bring in Kevin Love and Carmelo, get rid of varejao and his contract. this would be hell of a team.

  5. Ryanmj23 says:

    Bosh in Toronto days, got DUNK by BOSTON CELTICS 4ever PAUL PIERCES, and CRIED. LOL…..
    Bosh has a lot a and a lot of LUCKY 3 pointers shot TO HELP MIAMI IN THE GAME with the CELTICS and ect…but for SAN ANTONIO, BOSH cannot even make 3 threes, so…DOES ANYONE NOTICE THIS???

    please bosh, DO NOT ATTEMPT A 3, again…ever.. LOL…
    bye bye heat.

  6. Ryanmj23 says:

    Bosh is not as good as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan to predict a guarantee win. if KOBE BRYANT OR MICHAEL JORDAN SAY IT, I WOULD BET MY LIFE AND MONEY, BUT BOSH should not predict a guarantee win, he should predict a LOST BECAUSE TODAY, JUNE 15th, San A…has DEFEATED THE HEAT BADLY.

    I felt bad for Bosh, he is still learning. Thanks everyone.

  7. Johndoe says:

    Lebron quit on his team when there was still plenty of time left in the game. No heart. What a joke.

    • RIP Miami Heat says:

      no support from teammates…. from Big 3, it became Big 1

      expect him to opt out soon! #thedecisiontwo

      R.I.P. Miami Heat

  8. George says:

    I used to be a big Spurs fan and with the time I have changed. For the sake of the game, the team playing conservative, boring game shouldn’t be a champ anymore. Then Heat came along. An artificial conglomerate of money and brainless physical performance. If you add coach inheriting the position through his father connections, not a real talent and charisma, it is enough to fell in love with Spurs again. Popovich is a real basketball genius to me. It is not only about getting the game to the next level (everybody touches the ball) but about running the business so smartly for decades. More, it is about teaching players respect, modesty, and responsibility to provide what is expected from them. Congratulations Spurs!!! Long live king Pop. Don’t blame James for losing. He is still the best player in NBA at the time. Just get rid of not performing retirees, planted executives, and understand that with Bosh you just degraded to 2 and a quarter or probably one eight.

    • Anonymous says:

      George, good post. You also have to keep in mind that for years, the Spurs were known as a defensive team. This is why for most of their rivalry with the Nash-D’Antoni Suns, the Spurs had the upper hand. Poppovich still preaches defense but has changed his stance on offense in recent years, as the Spurs have become a faster paced team as the years gone by. Despite the change, they have kept that team mentality. As for the blame for James, in fairness, you are right. It isn’t his fault. He in fact did the most of the Heat to try and keep them in it. No one else consistently performed. But all I and other critics of Lebron can remember is him prophesizing that this Heat team can win “not two, not three, not four, not five…”. They won two, give them credit for that and been to four straight finals, but he has yet to win a third championship. Thus, the blame falls on him. Fair or unfair, he is the leader of the team. It’s starts with him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the 2014 NBA Chammpion Spurs on winning their fifth title in franchise history.

    Before I forget I like to make a recommendation on how to stop flopping in the NBA: issue a technical foul for a flop. Call for an instant replay on a questionable foul call to review it like they do for flagrant fouls. If it is indeed a flop, call it a technical and give the opposing team a one-shot free throw. Since you can only have two techs before you’re ejected from a game and get so many technicals before a one-game suspension, it would deter players more than simply fining them. If no foul is called during the game, but a flop is still determined after reviewing the game, give the player a tech and fine them, since the one-shot free throw can only happen during a game.

    Technicals, like flops, are subjective in the heat of the moment. Still technicals can be reviewed, given and removed after a game. Why not flops? What do you all think?

  10. RIP Miami Heat says:

    Bosh was right… Guaranteed to win… was talking about SPURS though

    Now let’s see upcoming LeChoke’s The Decision II

    R.I.P. Miami Heat

  11. Great fan says:

    Ya ya ya bosh….. Keep dreaming

    • Great fan says:

      I neaver liked the heat from the first place,they think they’re all that… It’s time to feel what the spurs felt like last year.

  12. well says:

    eh.. miami in 4, 5, 6? and you wonder why other fans hate the heat fans.. just like their idols.. all talk. like others have said before.. just play miami. shut up and watch bandagoners

  13. bigmanriverwalk says:

    Bosh, you just did! you just shot do! lolwn

  14. bigmanriverwalk says:

    Bosh, you just did! lol

  15. DLR34 says:

    Tis over

  16. williamm mejia says:

    Really? who cares about san Antonio spurs? on the other hand Miami Heat beat the spurs last year been there done that we feel sorry for Duncan crying last year at the finals its about time san Antonio cheated to win by turning off the ac I give them no credit Miami Heat Are the real champions!

    • MiamiBeat says:

      Lost every game by almost 20 points. If it weren’t for soft flopping Wade this would be a sweep.

    • gospursgo says:


    • Anonymous says:

      And the AC was off in Miami too, right? That’s how the Spurs were able to beat Miami by 19 and 21 on their home floor. You don’t cheat your way through best of 7 series winning 4-1. Clearly the better team won. Just ask OKC, after their Finals series against the Heat in 2012.

    • en. says:

      Lol….this boi here lol keep on riding dat lequeen D…. bet u won’t be there when he leaves

  17. Mogwaipr says:

    Would you ink it? Ok Bosh. Shut up.

  18. Omario says:

    You hoo, Lebron jerseys on clearance for $9.99 yeah?

  19. ade dayo says:

    I feel good that miami are getting wiped.where are the band wagoners? serena? Caroline? Anybody?

  20. BillR says:

    After Thursdays BLOWOUT, someone under the name Lebron(The King) James said the Heat will come back in this series..
    Well Loser (King) James, I have marked your words and you could not be more wrong.. The Heat is getting blown out, Come back” are you kidding, you didn’t even make it a game worth watching, oh wait it was worth watching because I was rooting on the Spurs… You cannot and never will match the 3 peat by Michael Jordan who did it twice… The Spurs took the Heat apart in this series like a Wolverine on a Christmas ham….
    Mark my words… hahahahahaha… ROTFLMAO…

  21. ade dayo says:

    I feel good that miami are getting wiped.where are the band wagoners? serena? Caroline?

  22. ade dayo says:

    Zhe Bosh is not a soothsayer

  23. Lebron i need help ever since i came to the nba says:

    i need help i have dwayne wade ,chris bosh ray allen, still i can’t win a championship 2012 was fluke because it was a shortened season last year just got lucky because of ray alleys three i need chris paul,blake griffin and melo in my team

    • Mawar Medina says:

      Ur an idiot, and a hater, i love haters, i think that u need to look at who WON last year’s championship and the year before that. The heat got outsmarted this year, and thats fine, look at the legacy, the heat are writing history. There hasn’t been a team that has gone to the finals 4 times in a row in YEARS, and we’ll be the first team to do it 5 times with Melo, lol! While at the same time u and many others keep hating. Lol

  24. Danny Andika says:

    Na na na na na na na na Hey Hey GOODBYE,,,,, Na na na NA na na na na Hey Hey GOODBYE,,,,,

    Bye heat better luck next season

  25. imisswatchingthethunder says:

    Miami Heat have played through the Leastern Conference playoffs with no problem. No they are getting wiped up like a mop by the San Antonio Slurs. It looks good to see somebody beat them, and beat them good. Is Kevin Durant playing ball this summer? I’m tired of his Friends and Framily commericals. I want these Finals to be finished already. Ready for the next phase (draft day, free agent extravaganza). Hurry up and win!

  26. Luis says:

    I’m sorry, but the only guy who can guarantee a game and still loose it without facing consequences is Rashid Wallace.

  27. cp10 says:

    it’s 40 47 Spurs at halftime, lol. At least it’s better than the last two games. Oh man, it’s looking like a lost cause for the heat at the moment.

  28. John says:

    How can Bosh make such a guarantee? Is he a superstar? Is he John Wayne?

  29. pradeep says:

    I am sure NBA would help out to keep promise made by Bosh. Referees please help out too.

  30. John says:

    Beat the dead heat. You might win tonight but you will be stalling the inevitable….the Spurs are so much better. NBA, let us make a show of it. If the Heat would win, then we all know it is FIXED.

  31. Ro says:

    Sadly Rusty is right here comes the Ref’s I think the league is about ratings and the Ref’s will do everything in their powers to give the game to the Heat. 4-2 is better than 4-1 but the Spurs will win it all in the END.

  32. DLR34 says:

    The refs are gonna take over the game tonight.

  33. JM says:

    Go Miami….. Do what is needed to win Game 5….

  34. Michael Keller says:

    I don’t know what’s more painful to read: Bosch’s guarantee or the horrific grammar in these comments.

  35. MJ says:

    The heat with James, wade, bosh should win game 5 and heads back to Miami for game 6. They have not play with full potential in the 3 losses. If any team can make history, the Heat is that team.

  36. Sorry Chris “soft” Bosh, the Finals end tonight.

  37. TheKush says:

    Bosh has the most to lose if the heat lose this series! He’s the only one out of the big three that’s isn’t guaranteed to make it into the hall of fame! He better deliver the last game had me sleeping

  38. David says:

    The Spurs have proven that team basketball will out do any superstar or talent you might have on another team. Notice how Lebron always refers to himself in the post game match comments as “I need to…”. The Spurs players always reference themselves as “we need to…”. Just shows that when it comes down to the bottom of it, Lebron is all about himself.

  39. jdblanco says:

    Heat are going to play desperation defense tonight so it will be interesting to see if the Spurs have the presence of mind to weather a few steals and breakaways, or if they get flustered and the ball starts sticking. The only thing Spurs can do is try to match the aggressiveness with a combination of patience and energy… On to game 5!

  40. rusty says:

    Oh boy…. here comes the referee… will save the day for Miami…. watch out…

  41. mikmaks says:

    What the do want Bosh to say? We’re gonna lose tonight? LOl. #Heatalltheway!

  42. Omario Elashio says:

    Good night Miami MEAT…dead meat!

  43. Daniel says:

    If miami comes back to win this, then the nba is really rigged.

  44. Jaob says:

    Heat … just bend over already.

  45. No Regrets says:

    Confidence is good, as long as you back it up . .

  46. BluesGypsy says:

    If anyone can win 3 straight to win the trophy- it certainly would be the 2 time champion BUT
    ‘da Spurs will win this series as they have the motivation of revenge- the most sincere motivation humans ever experience !!!

  47. john w says:

    this series was over after lebron said “it’s just basketball” lol. great mentality… oh you mean what you have been doing your entire life? what feeds and shelters your family. your life…. meh it’s just basketball… idiot. that comment is the new iverson “practice?? we talkin bout practice!!”

    • cp10 says:

      lol. I know what he means, it’s shortcut for “I won’t let it degrade my mental and emotional state just because we’re on the brink of losing the season and the odds are stacked against a team coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals and everyone and their grandmother are out to make it a point to bring it up each and every time, that it’s not the end of the world losing a finals.” I don’t think he was being nonchalant about it, it’s just how someone of his stature has to deal with the immense pressure of being the best player in the nba. By the way Iverson on Steven A Smith’s show and Gary Payton on another show explained the context of the practice rant, it’s not what we think, see youtube; then again people point out Iverson doesn’t have any rings, though his jersey was retired.

  48. See how great miami is . In this game 5 . You know spurs fans . Miami will win this series okay?? . Nothing will be impossible because of hardwork and determination . . I know this is the time that the true breaking history happens . #LET’s GO HEAT!

  49. patrick K says:

    West is “fake basketball”? Did you just begin watching basketball this month or what? The Spurs are the most fundamental, most pure basketball team there has ever been. They are the most winning professional sports franchise the last 10 + years for a reason! You are just making a fool out of yourself by either commenting on topics you know nothing about, or you really are that dumb! The Spurs are the greatest team of this era in basketball, and its done by team concept and, hate to burst your clouded bubble, by REAL basketball! #getaclue

  50. J Valero says:

    I still think the spurs will win tonight but I do believe that it will be a mirror image of game six of the western conference finals against okc very much going to be a nailbitter but I do believe the spurs have to many weapons to be stopped…not to mention it’s here is SA . Downtown SA will be insane this night

  51. Danny Andika says:


  52. Danny Andika says:

    Just faced it,,,, 0-31 Aint no way that your gonna make it 1-31

    You cant even win at home how can you win an away game. YOU ONLY WON GAME 2 BY 2 POINTS & ITS PURELY LUCK.

    Spurs all the way,,,,, Heat better luck next time dont be so naif. ITS OVER EVEN IF YOU EXTEND THE SERIES

    Most likely you’ll lose 4-2,,, HEAT ARE DONE,,,,

  53. johnthewizardwooden says:

    “i’ll huff and puff and blow your house down!”

    -big bad wolf to the 3 little pigs

  54. lalala says:

    ya’ll need to wake up..obviously the heat are winning tnight. doesn’t mean they’re gonna win the series tho

  55. Jay says:

    Go haet. Goo

  56. Kenneth Irizarry says:

    I don’t like the heat at all, I’m a heat hater being dead honest, but for some reason, I feel like they are going to win this game. I can see the Spurs winning the championship, that’s no doubt, but heat are taking game 5 and 6.

    • cp10 says:

      I hear you, I feel the same way, though I don’t really hate any of these teams; besides they’re all the millionares, not us

  57. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Hmm, will Lebonze and RuBosh win Game 5? Their desire to win is pretty low at the moment but I like to see the series go longer. An epic 7 games like last year will be great!

    Anyone see knee-wade around these days?

  58. JD says:

    if he is 100% sure that they will win he should have donate his 1day salary to charity if ever they loose. (if that so) that means he will flop(including the master flopper DWade) the whole game. LBJ did the best he can to carry the Heat team this season, but the other (two) so called part of “big three” only concern is their stats. so i won’t blame LBJ if he go somewhere else next season.

  59. bodjee says:

    Bosh will be cutting all the slacks.

  60. Steve W. says:

    Everyday is all about meeting challenges placed at our feet. Anyone who does not look his foe right in the eye with conviction and move forward through the obstacle stand up right now!! Nephew, I know in this game your effort and your teammates effort will move you victory!!

  61. Lawrence-of-Abu Dhabi says:

    If in case the heat really win the title, they should not celebrate with the fans in Miami. Fans out there are not loyal. They simply walk out every time the heat is having a bad game. What is worst than being abandoned by your home crowd. Let alone boed. In the lowest situation, your team needs a lift not a further push down. Lebron and the rest of the heat should snub their fans if they win.

    • lalalalla says:

      yeah, I remember back then other teams wearing “We Believe” shirts despite being down in a series. Heat fans don’t give a damn about their team when the going gets tough

  62. David Person says:

    I love this prediction from Chris. As a Miami Heat fan, this is what you want to here but they have a tall order tonight.

  63. Brian says:

    Good job Miami but tonight is the night The King James will be a honor to hand a trophy to Spurs.

  64. Dan says:

    Look at the his body language. It says it all. Miami is done.

    • Gazzuso says:

      Fear and confusion! eg “we… we… we.. we have to be… perfect…. tonight! We have to be perfect!” lol

      Want somebody to make a recharging speech at start of a game? Anybody but Bullysh lol

  65. Raven says:

    I can believe on what these Miami players said if the spurs did not win in blow out but by 15, 19 and 21 points what the hell are on their heads? Anyway they need to motivate themselves even though they have accepted how great the spurs and how they have out played them.

  66. Dan says:

    Miami is finished. Plan you vacation there is no way there winning this series.

  67. Bogart says:

    You’re crazy bosh! LOL.. No way, you will down Miami, that’s for sure! You don’t even have the guts to shoot the ball, no confident with yourself, how can you win game? Camon’, kid, your nothing!

  68. Rafiq Dawood says:

    This is great that Bosh is showing confidence for today’s game 5. They can still definitely win this series but it will all start with teamwork and execution on defense and offence.

  69. Tom says:

    What’s so unbelievable about the Heat winning tonight. That’s not what you call against greatest odds. Now winning 3 in a row those are greatest odds. But tonight I’d say the Heat have a 48% chance of winning. It looks like 48%. I’ve never known the Heat to lose 3 straight in the playoffs, not these Heat

  70. Anselmo Sanchez says:

    The spurs are an inspiration to all who work hard to reach a goal. Too much talk about the big 3 in Miami . I like lebron but sometimes he thinks he is the king and therefor unbeatable. He speaks of his talents and how he takes his talents to other teams. Well, the spurs are about to crush lebron, the king, and his talents along the rest of the heat team. Go spurs go… You deserve this championship and it will have a special victory flavor for crushing a basketball king.

  71. vince gomez says:

    Heat to win game 5 at spurs homecourt? That is a very bold prediction. But you have to give something in return for me to believe you cb8. What if you dont win? You will hi bus and go straight to the airport? You have to give the spurs fans something to hold on to just in case you loe. Like what? Shave you head, or the whole team next seasin. Or give part of your paycheck to charity. A guarantee without something in return is just plain bull……. or maybe just hotair out if you ears. The heat must bring out the juice tonight or else they go home fishing. SPURS IN 5.

  72. Daniel says:

    If you can’t win game 2 and 3 at home, you surely cannot come back from a 3-1 deficit, keep dreaming Bosh

  73. Pedro mejias says:

    Maybe the Wes t conference is most difficult to win but the East has more tradition and there is the real basketaball. West side is a fake basketball.

    • Brainundrum says:

      lol… who let this fool in here

    • jr says:

      Really guy your talking about the garbage eastern conference That every year has teams below 500 in the playoffs how dare u even compare to the west you’re a chump and no nothing about basketball the east ha what a joke

    • lalalalla says:

      dude are you drinkin’ some cyanide? or watching WWE?

  74. NotSoAnon says:

    It’s been confirmed that tonight’s ref’s are receiving a “bonus” by way of Miami’s win tonight over San Antonio.

  75. Noah says:

    Fake tough guy as per KD.

  76. vonhulland says:

    Your going down tonight Heat!!! You are playing the best basketball team in the NBA. It’s time you understand you are not the best. When you have a foul your team and the coach go right to the referee complaining. like you don’t make fouls. Flopping, your great! Go San Antonio

  77. vonhulland says:

    Your going down Heat!!!!! You are playing the best NBA team in basketball and it is about time all the ego that you think you are the best is ended because you are not,,,,,

  78. okcDoke2014 says:

    Heat will play hard and fight to the end. Spurs will keep it closes. could go either way and should be great game………….

  79. Pedro mejias says:

    Amigos; As I said in the last article….the chances of the Heat win this series is 1 in a million.