LeBron asks ‘Why not us?’


VIDEO: Media Day: LeBron James

SAN ANTONIO — LeBron James arrived back in San Antonio for a short media session Saturday afternoon in a pleasant mood, low-key and cordial. The Miami Heat’s far-and-away best player in their so-far disappointing NBA Finals didn’t attempt to airbrush the reality of his team’s dire predicament. But neither was he here to concede that their bid for a first three-peat in the NBA since 2002 was DOA.

“You either don’t make the playoffs or you win a championship,” James said. “There’s no in between.  I don’t want no first-round victory, no second-round victory, no Eastern Conference finals. Either I don’t make the playoffs or I would rather get my two months off, get my body rested or win the Finals. I don’t want no in between.”

The odds are heavily stacked against him. No team in league history has recovered from a 3-1 hole in The Finals to win the championship. The Spurs, after they arguably played as near to perfection during Games 3 and 4 in Miami as any team ever, have never lost a 3-1 lead in a playoff series with Gregg Popovich as coach. The Heat, so used to this script being flipped, have never faced such a deficit in the Big Three era.

So when the Heat take the floor at the AT&T Center for Game 5 on Sunday night (8 p.m. ET, ABC), James said his speech to his teammates will urge them to make the impossible possible.

“Why not us? Why not us?” James said. “History is made to be broken, and why not me be a part of it? That would be great. That would be a great story line, right?”

To do actually do it is another story altogether. The Heat will have to figure a way to slow down the Spurs’ hyper-efficient offense and reboot their own offense that has yet to crack 100 points in a single game this series and dropped off a cliff on their home floor.

James, though, is hardly to blame although he shoulders so much of the criticism. His offensive numbers in the series are eye-popping: 27.5 ppg on 60 percent shooting overall and 61 percent from beyond the arc. He’s put up two monster quarters in the last two games, yet neither even fazed the Spurs, who had blown Games 3 and 4 wide open before halftime.

“I’ve been telling myself I need to do more,” James said. “Is it too much to ask myself? I don’t know, I don’t know. I need to do more because what I’m doing isn’t enough. You know, it’s just what I put on myself. If you told me I was averaging 28 [points], shooting 60 percent from the floor and 61 [percent] from the 3-point line and we’d be down 3-1 … ”

“But that’s what the team is all about. It’s team basketball. But I put a lot more [on myself]. Maybe I need to get to 32, and 65 and 65 from the field and 3. It’s just the pressure I put on myself.”

James could go for 60 points Sunday and it might not matter if he doesn’t get more help. Heat point guard Mario Chalmers has had a nightmarish series. The other two members of the Big Three have to re-emerge. Chris Bosh had 21 points in Game 3 and 4 after scoring 18 in each of the first two games. Dwyane Wade, who said Saturday that physically he is fine, was 3-for-13 from the floor in Game 4 and has been burned defensively throughout the series.

To clear his mind, Wade said he headed to the gym by himself Friday night.

“It was just to touch, feel the ball, and wonder why I missed so many floaters. I’m high percentage around the basket, so I don’t like missing those shots,” Wade said. “Just to go in there a little bit and have your moments to yourself. I do it often, especially when I’m ‑‑ offensively when I don’t make the shots I want to make or do the things I want to do.”

James rattled off all the deficits in playoff series past that at one time or another no team had ever conquered — 3-0, 3-1, 2-0, whatever. He recalled the Boston Red Sox becoming the first team to overcome a 3-0 deficit in the American League Championship Series when they beat the New York Yankees.

“So history is made to be broken,” James said.

Maybe he even believes it. He certainly conveyed on Saturday that mentally — now 29 years old, a father and husband off the court and a veteran of today’s relentless, hyper-scrutiny on it — he’s as equipped as ever to overcome what never has before.

“I’m in a good place in my life — it’s basketball,” James said. “I understand it’s the media and the sport is the greatest sport in the world, I love it. It’s done so many great things for me, but it’s just basketball. It’s just basketball. So I let it all go. I give everything to this game. But right after Game 4, I was in the ice tub in the locker room and my two boys come running in there talking about let’s play some more basketball. I was like, ‘If y’all don’t get away from me, it’s the last thing I want to do right now.'”

“But it puts things in perspective, and I’m able to have a clear head about it.”

We’ll see if it’s enough to begin the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history.


  1. lynk says:

    Why not us ?? kawhi not !!

  2. okcDoke2014 says:

    Game, Set and Match.

  3. TJ Nitzuga says:

    One game at a time, focus on this one first. Easier to say than do, but Heat has to be more eager to win the championship. They weren’t confident enough on their last 2 games. A true champion will leave his/her heart on the floor no matter what happens, and that’s what Heat should be doing tonight. No excuses, give their all. It’s not gonna be easy, but there’s no other way than to play the game with a champion’s motivation. Trust each other as a team, put down all the ego and play as one. Boost each other’s confidence, and most of all, BELIEVE!

  4. CrazyFans says:

    It’s sad that instead of embracing a guy like Lebron, the United States roots for him to fail. Such a great talent, humble for his age, and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I’ve never seen any champ take defeat so much in stride ever before. He’s been taken from granted by the country. I wish he were born in some other country where he would receive the respect he deserves.

    The guy is about 30, a good father, seems to be a good husband, gives back to the community, hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Loves his teammates, his family, his organization. Good luck and God bless him. People forget that players hated to play with Jordan and Kobe, both of them have a stronger competitive spirit, but are not team players the way Lebron is, IMHO. Kobe woulda had 2 rings if not for Shaq. Go see stats where Shaq played so much better in the playoffs and Kobe the opposite. Shaq carried them those 3 years. Jordan was a great perimeter defender, but Lebron affects more facets of the game. Jordan is my all time fav, but I will concede that. Jordan is the best scorer ever, and brought a different intensity to playoffs, but was also a homicidal winner, he’d do anything to win. That way I have to respect Lebron, the guy is the real zen master. Loser or win, he is ready to take it, not being pressured by media and fans and haters.

    Spurs is the better team in this series, no doubt. My fav coach Pop’s always done a hell of a job and I’m glad to see him and Timmy win another championship. I still think MVP should be Lebron. He’s just an amazing talent who’s been taken for granted unfortunately.

  5. alberto says:

    I’m from Houston and my favorite team is houston rockets but in these finals I’m going for miami cus I’m a big fan of them
    Most of the people who are going for spurs is because their team has lost in the playoffs or didn’t make it and just doesn’t want the heat to win
    Yall sum haters
    People wanna talk mess bout lebron but yet he’s playin as a legend 28 points and 60% from the field that’s legendary
    3-1 is a big deficit but I believe he can still bring them back
    If spurs win then I’ll respect them because they were a better team this year
    But yall need to stop talking mess about miami and stop ban wagging spurs just because they in the finals

  6. aces says:

    What’s funny is LeBron might still win finals mvp even after losing because he has been the best n most consistent player in this series. This happened before when Wilt lost finals with the Sixers n was still mvp of the finals. So congrats to LeBron n the Spurs

    • SharpieOne says:

      LMAO. Look at you making stuff up. When Wilt played for the Sixers there was no such thing as the Finals MVP. The Logo is the only player in NBA history to win the MVP on a losing team. I think you really need to research a topic before you speak about something. It’s also worth noting that the 1969 Finals also went to 7 games. Jerry West didn’t get blown out in 5 games. The real MVP slowed down the greatest basketball player on the planet and held him below 30 points in 3 of the 5 games and the only two games Lebron scored over 30 were the two games that Kawhi fouled out of (and game 2 he got at least 3 phantom calls on him.) Kawhi drove his team to victory while Lebron was sitting stunned on the bench. Once you factor in the defense, the scoring, the rebounding, the steals, the blocks, etc. Kawhi definitely out played Lebron and was the key difference maker in the game. He clearly deserved MVP.

  7. Maalik says:

    It’s so sad to see every other fan of each team hate on the heat. Grow up guys, so what miami is a good team or that the east is weak. Does it really matter who is a true fan or not? As long as YOU are a true fan of whatever team then thats what matters. Its sad to see all the lakers and ect. team fans bandwagon for the spurs to hate ONE team. I dont really care what other people say… I love Toronto.

  8. Unkle Daddy says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, have been since the days of Rodman and Robinson. I’m not goona bash the Heat. I’m rooting for my guys and think they’ll finish the series tonight. LBJ has done everything he can to push his team, but it is them who have not pushed back. Besides Ray Allen’s “amazing three”which supposedly won them the series last year, the guy who put that team over (if you believe that) is not there anymore.

  9. agrant says:

    why not us? hey lebron, stop stealing other people’s speeches. russell wilson talked about that when the seahawks beat down the broncos.i dont see you guys as the seahawks in this matchup…

  10. Rafiq Dawood says:

    The game of basketball is simple and easy if every player on the team helps each other out with communication, encouragement, motivation and love & support! For example, in this situation with LBJ’s Heat and their current struggles in these NBA Playoff finals has been due to a lack of take-charge and initiative by the Heats teammates. Honestly, this reason alone has effected the series outcome because down 3-1 to the great Spurs team, it’s shown the Heats inability to play together united as one team. If they want to comeback in this series, which I truly believe they still can and have a chance because they have made it into the NBA Finals 4 years straight in a row, Miami Heat must and will need to play as a team with everyone taking initiative to get involved as much as possible in the game both offensively and defensively not only Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Allen, but the rest of the players! In all, it will take a total full team effort to just help out in every area of the game whether it be doing small little things that could make the difference in determining the games final results!!! Also, Heat will be able to comeback in the series trailing 3-1 if they execute their plays and strategy to perfection against the Spurs great defense!

  11. Barry MaCaukiner says:

    It’s very easy to feign humility when trailing 3-1 after being demolished in back-to-back blowouts on your home court.

    Very easy, indeed.

  12. okcDoke2014 says:

    East is weaker than West and Spurs cam wrap it up today. Spurs are a legit top ten team in history !

  13. DJ says:

    love how all the heat fans are giving up. Not a true fan at all. Smh its not over until its over. Stop saying congrats to the spurs when your team has a shot still. Fake band wagon fans. / end rant

  14. PT says:

    Why not aspire to greatness? Records are made to be broken. Lebron’s right- it would be a great story! Congrats to the Spurs for their outstanding play so far! That’s the basketball attitude that I enjoy!

  15. Takumi Kitazaki says:

    Look at all the teams that Spurs have beaten on the West during this play off run.. Any of those teams on the West could have beaten the HEAT too.

  16. vince gomez says:

    Let me remind Lebron, you got hammered in your own gym not once but twice. The prospects of winning in san anton is very much a climb up a very steep and slippery wall. And besides, the spurs is not just any other team, they are top seed in the nba and the best winning in all top sports in the u s of a. Come on, lebron. 3 strajght wins over the spurs? R u joking? Get a grip. The heat will be cold turkey tonight coz the spurs will turn off your gas completely shut, u know what I mean, dude.

    • Quadree says:

      It’s basketball you never know what could happen the Spurs could lose players or just go cold from shooting never it’s not over til it’s over know what I mean dude

  17. I'm Right says:

    the trolls have finally come out from hiding… must have been a rough couple of years watching lebron collect rings… 4 straight finals and y’all still hating?!

  18. good vs evil says:

    you know spurs are the good guys and heat is the evil team here…simply made up of best of the best free agents who planned to join back in 2008 which was against the rules. LeBron promised cavs the championship and he should go back to cavs or else he will be known as the greatest bad guy. superstars don’t go to other superstars teams.

    GO SPURS!!! “The Good Guys”

  19. Kobe-James-Melo-Love-Nash says:

    Go and get Melo and let Melo play on Game 5 and 6 and 7.. Maybe you’ll win.. But if you don’t get him.. LA will and James will be in LA.. Sorry Miami.. This is your last finals apperance.. Go Spurs..
    Spurs is the team with different nationalities but being the most cooperative team in NBA.. Why is that???

  20. Come On People Get Real says:

    Although I respect the Heat for being a winning team and champion over the past few years, they’ve been out played, out scored and out manned as a team. They are no where close to being deeper than the Spurs bench who has been playing amazing thanks to the Spurs coaching staff. LeBron is a great player but has to realize he cannot defeat the Spurs by himself. It’s a team game that takes team effort to win.

  21. Mike says:

    “Why not us?” Because better teams have tried, and better teams have failed.

  22. Refs that don’t make the right calls are BAD for the game!!! They should be hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat by me. I’m Benching 350, who wants to go first?

  23. lino says:

    paragraph eight sums up the heat quite nicely, the paragraph where james references himself 11 times. best wishes, miami. see you next season.

  24. NB-lame says:

    Lebron almost seems like a decent human being . It takes a real man to be humble after winning

  25. rocco says:

    Now stick that in your legacy…exposed for what your are, BUMBS

  26. JBeezy says:

    Got a weird feeling the Heat will get MAJOR ref (NBA) help to push this at least to 7 games, and help the Heat-the team with seemingly the NBA’s only propped up star.

  27. sam says:


    Congrats to the 2014 Spurs. This is coming from a Heat fan.

    I respect the GAME and its pinnacle of what its all about; TEAM PLAY…

  28. ROMULO CATOR says:

    The angels of Lebron will lead him to victory!!!

  29. ruben says:

    this no about lbj number because he has the best number in this final he need help from his team

  30. Willy Spurd says:

    Hey he’s at a good place in his life, multi gazillionaire, young family, living the good life in SouthBeach, won two rings already and thinking about his move this summer, where will he go? Maybe thinking about Melo already together taking turns ball hoggin! Sorry didn’t mean to bash him so bad. But could you imagine anyone of the Spurs speaking in that manner being 3 to 1 down? They wouldn’t have even been asked to the press table. It would have been Lebrain babbling again. Sorry didn’t mean to bash him again. Can’t wait to see the game! Go SPURS!

  31. BJL says:

    LBJ really the king… king of quitters(for Cavs) … king of cramps …king of excuses… seriously why does media keeps talking about he is best player on earth. Best player but is team is down 3-1 ? This league is full of BS some times

  32. Big Al says:

    To have any real hope of at least extending the series, Miami should find their defensive groove again. Everyone also needs to step up. The Spurs’ style of play is pretty much the same as last year’s, the only difference being Kawhi playing better and Gary Neal replaced by Marco Belinelli. The Heat can start by locking down the three-point opportunities. They’ve done it in 2013 and there’s no doubt they can do it again. Let Udonis guard Duncan; he’s a pound-for-pound defender. San Antonio were pretty much swept in 2012 after leading 2-0, so a comeback for Miami, albeit very difficult, isn’t impossible.

  33. Ryan says:

    Lebron is the best player now, but I don’t think the Heat can come back & win this series. I just don’t… Spurs will be champs tomorrow…

  34. Nana says:

    Let’s go spurs ..Aller spurs

  35. Bob says:

    Basketball is a team sport. The Spurs play team ball and are the better team. All of their players are important. All you hear about for Miami are the big 3- especially Lebron James. Many players for the Spurs have stepped up. The spurs are a great example of not depending on only one, two or three players. The bench and role players have made strong contributions and Greg Popovich has been brilliant. He knows his players and made adjustments when needed.

  36. lbj whereAreYou says:

    Where is the lbj that comments here all the time. hahahaha

    is he still posting or hes been crying to mama because his heat is down 3-1

    and they really wont get a ring this time hahaha

  37. kphil says:

    jdub its cb1 not cb4. you are referring to sir charles barkley…

  38. pacersbandwagon says:

    lebron james will have the greatest finals comeback in nba history

  39. boston says:

    im prety sure spurs already won this but if heat can win game 5 and get bak in miami. the pressure will be on the spurs to close it out. so i think spurs really need to get it over with in game 5 cuz if they go bak to miami im prety positive heat will win game 6 and then game 7 anything can happen

  40. AforAnAbsurd says:

    Im sorry LeBron, but you’re not beating the Spurs 3 straight… Wade might be better this game, because the loop between games was 2 days not 1… so his shot knees had more time to get some energy, not like it matters anyway.


  41. Big Mic says:

    Yada. Yada. Blah. Blah. Blah!
    The simple truth is… this series isn’t over. And if any team can overcome this kind of deficit… it is Miami HEAT. ~ One game at a time, baby!!

  42. Never ever underestimate the heart of a Champion. Heat will come back strong as ever and will prevail.


    don’t know what I am watching anymore, I mean, where is this team’s philosophy? the “living in the moment”, keeping up the poise, balance. that’s not the defense they did with KD, Harden and Westbrook on finals ’12 and they did with pacers on eastern finals. they play tight defense then turn it into offense, that’s how they roll. where is miami heat basketball? did the spurs make it disappear and just POP it like a bubble? smh

  44. Jason says:

    Why not you? Because.

  45. LCM says:

    Miami will win. They have a great players.

  46. prahumac says:

    its over the spurs will be taking the game 5 at any cost even lebron scores double double or not!!!!!!!!!! its over guys!!!!!! it NBA people

  47. Alan Hollway says:

    Dear Roy,

    the spurs and our fans are not haters, we have gone through more heart breaking losses than any other NBA team – 2004 the fisher shot, 2006 the Nowitzi penalty, 2012 being beaten by Thunder after giving up a 2-0 lead, 2013 the loss to the Heat with 26 seconds remaining, 2011 losing as the number 1 seed to the griz even in the first round of the play offs against the Mavs – enduring the Vince Carter miracle shot. The point is this, most of the other NBA teams would have abandoned their efforts and turned it over, aka Lakers after losing in 2004 to the Pistons. The Spurs have endured more heartbreak than anyone but we continue keeping on, continue with what we do best and that is persist and build team work & spirt. The team is more than the player. We don’t hate the heat or mavs or lakers or thunder or grizz we admire them and respect them. 2014 is not about revenge, 2013 will never come back its just another opportunity lost but it will be easier to forget with winning it this year but it still won’t come back just as fishers shot will not fall out and Manu will not continue to recall his penalty against Nowitzki. The truth is this, the Heat have done great and deserve recongition they have the best player in the world but its our time to overcome adversity its not about hate or revenge its redemption but the true test of a great team is not in winning but in losing. Lets see how great the heat are when they lose and if they carry themselves as high as the Spurs have when they lost.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alan, that was a very good piece that you wrote there. Never thought of it in those ways. You’re right. The Spurs have had their fair share of heartbreak. I guess I’ve matured over the years while reading and writing on Hangtime in the fact that I may not like a player, team or organization, but I can respect what they have done. Truthfully I disliked the Spurs for their rivalry with the Nash-D’Antoni Suns, as I was a big fan of that team during their time. Still, watching how the Spurs conducted themselves last year and learning more and more of the makeup of this team, I have learned to respect them. No I’m not a bandwagoner nor have I become a die hard Spurs fan. Still I’m rooting for them because they are a good team and I’ve been a consistent critic of Lebron and the Heat. The Spurs still have to win one more game against the current reigning defending two champion Heat. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    • Juan says:

      You are THE MAN. Yes, spurs are a family. It’s not about egos. LeBron is talking about how much more he needs to do… C’mon, he’s been great. He needs not to do more. He just fails to understand that it is the team that wins championships.

      He’s the best player in the league, nobody can stop him. But the team can be stopped. And that is happening this year.
      The heat fans and whole organization just don’t get that. And that’s the reason they’ll lose

      • kd's abeast says:

        Didnt patty mills stop him at a point in game 4? And kawhi leonard hold him yo 30% shooting last year? Just wondering because I have been hearing this on br

    • jerson says:

      buddy I love how you write your state.. I’m a heat fan and not a hater of the Spurs.. the Spurs exposed the Heat’s weakness and SAS deserves to win this year.. Congratz in advance and I hope this will become a great lesson for my team..and they will overcome it for the better..

  48. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Miami has a legitimate chance of winning game 5. If they can take it back to Miami, they will win game 6… I’m not saying they will win the series,, but I think they have a pretty good chance at making this a 3-3 series. Once it gets to a game 7 anything can happen, and the Spurs don’t play that well at home.

    Like LBJ (aka the GOAT) said: History is made everyday, and records are meant to be broken.. we’ll see what happens.

    • Anonymous says:

      How exactly will the Heat win 3 games in a row (let alone 3) against a Spurs team they have lost to in 4 of the last 6 games (2014 regular season and postseason)? Technically it can happen and records are meant to be broken, but realistically how can a team who lost back to back playoff games (home games at that) for the first time in 48 consecutive playoff games all of the sudden win two, three straight?

      Come think of it, I can’t criticize your or Lebron’s belief in coming back. What else is Lebron supposed to say, “it’s all over”? Still though the Heat needs to play tomorrow before they can even entertain the notion of the greatest comeback ever.

    • en. says:

      Lol…like the heat play well at home

    • Thompson says:

      Why do you say that the Spurs don’t play that well at home?

    • Mike says:

      GOAT? Get On Another Team?

  49. Mk26 says:

    Stop bashing Lebron. Two teams are giving respect to each other why not fans do the same. The Spurs most probably will be crowned game 5 but I will still give credit to Lebron. Heat won’t be here if there is no Lebron. Go spurs go!

    • lalalalla says:

      yeah right, it’s ironic to talk about respect when homecourt fans at AAA walked out before finishing Game 4… homecourt fans, really?

    • Mike says:

      We don’t need to give respect because we’re fans. We don’t suffer the obligations of sportsmanship or role modelling. I don’t want the Spurs to defeat the Heat. I want them to hammer LeBron and his gang of misfits into the hardwood.

    • kd's abeast says:

      They did win before lbj came to miami and they are playing in the eastern conference so I wouldn’t go as far as to say they wudnt be there without him.

  50. jbl says:

    asking yourself “WHY NOT US?” won’t give you another ring..you should join the spurs or the bobcats next season because they will possibly let your earn another ring and vow to the real king (Michael Jordan). tleave your big 3 group because it’s not big either, old DWade and a THREE-POINTER CBosh? and you, a KING? C’mon lbj, wake up! do what you got to do, after all, you were just been MEDIA HYPE…you were just like any other player out there.. join another stronger team and left miama, same with what you did to Cavs just to earn a ring, you cannot help it by yourself a team just like KOBE and MJ..did’nt go to other teams, they help their team!

  51. rusty says:

    Blah…blah..blah…. now trying to be humble when the situation is getting deeper for them to win the Finals….

  52. jdub455 says:

    The HEAT can do it… it’s just that.. I can’t see `em doing it after being blown out at home… I still believe though… go HEAT!! Bosh must step up! it is his time to show that he is the 2nd best player in the team… The monster game of Flash is gone… Its time for CB4 to step up!

    • cp10 says:

      They can do it (they’ve won 27 in a row last season) but it means everyone, including Coach Spo, has to match the Spurs’ play and coaching. May the best team win.

  53. saeed says:

    This series maybe over tomorrow but it does not mean he has not done great. This even shows how “mentally tough” he is now (contrary to past in his career) that he still retains his basketball characteristics even when his team is down by 20 in two consecutive game. In the past, he used to let it go when the game was heavily slipping away. In games 3 and 4 of the Finals (and 3rd quarter of game 2 of ECF this year) he has not shown any mental weakness that we used to see him have.
    How great a player LeBron is.

  54. Moses says:

    Turn Off the AC!!!! WOOO

  55. Mike says:

    It’s easy to be pleasant, low-key and cordial when you’re a multi-millionaire.

  56. R U Kidding Me says:

    Why not Us?!! Because you aren’t playing the Bobcats. Because your own arrogance won’t let you realize the Spurs are dwarfing your team in overall ability. Because you are at the AT&T Center and they won’t let that happen. Because there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity Lebron. Guess which side of it you’re on.

  57. TG says:

    “To do actually do it is another story altogether.” what….

  58. Roy says:

    Everyone who cracks on lebron and the heat can get bent. Who won the past two ships? Give you a hint ( WASNT THE SPURS). Show some respect. 4 years in a row they’ve made to the show and atm they have won 2/3 ships. No other team has done that in the past 4 yrs. THINK ABOUT IT HATERS!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Miami Big 3 weren’t formed to win two championships. Remember, “not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8…”? You’re right in the Heat has done something no one else has done since 87, been to four straight finals. And they have won two of them. When you celebrate multiple championships after signing a contract before training camp in 2010, you will be looked at to come through with your predictions. When it looks like you will be short of that goal, you will be reminded of it, not once, not twice, not three times…

      So I will give Lebron and the Heat credit where it is due. Good on making the Finals four straight years and still being the reigning, defending, two-time NBA champs. But all of this criticism and the rooting of people against them is of their doing. We’ll see if the Heat can extend this series to a Game 6 tomorrow.

      • ndizi says:

        Like being the best team in the East was so hard. The truth is the Heat didnt have much competition on the way to the finals. Even a 6th Western team would do this when playing in the East.

    • Champions says:

      Lollll yeah no team has, no team has three superstars and to get blown out like that with thise players at home in the finals shows u that Heat has bo heart. Its empty and dark, they just want to cry n cry more n go for melo cuz three superstars isnt enough

    • Lovinthenba says:

      Kobe’s lakers won 2 out of 3… Just ask ray allen

    • Jack Bauer says:

      Fluke finish to both games last year. To put it in perspective, LBJ is a couple of fluke plays away from being 1-4 in his finals appearances.

      Not so GOAT-ish now is it?

  59. Advin says:

    Anything can happen, so respect to those whose willing to try

  60. Ian says:

    What a great guy!


    I wish I could be as happy and have so much peace of mind as he does. Maybe some day…

    Keep being great Lebron.

  61. Veeta says:

    I believe in the Heat. They can do it as a team. Greatest comeback ever!

  62. GoMavs says:

    If LeBron James is the best player ever, he should be able to beat the Spurs in the Finals. Oh, but wait… He isn’t the best player ever!

    • Luís Gustavo says:

      Oh, but wait. He already did that.

      And even so he is not the best ever.

      What are you talking about?

  63. 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

    Heatles WATCHOUT for ratel snakes in your locker room. If they could do that to a young Portland team the champs wont be immuned to their dirty tricks.

  64. Sri says:

    Aspiration is one thing.Showing result is another thing. If not many wish to elevate their level of play (except LBJ) in a team sport, as in games 3 and 4, thw aspiration will remain an unfulfilled distant dream.

  65. BasketRole says:

    Reblogged this on BasketRole and commented:
    It feels like anything can happen at this point.

  66. TC says:

    this series is far from over. steal game 5 on the road and force it at home. a magical game 7 that can go either way.

  67. Jumppong says:

    yeah now you’re talking in a humble way. last year you said not one not two not three not four not five not six not seven. yes you’re the best but not great. now you humble your self

    • mee(a)t says:

      I find it funny that people took that statement seriously. Read the mood during that whole big 3 EVENT…i stress the word EVENT highly.

  68. DLR34 says:

    Why not y’all? Cuz y’all don’t deserve it !!

    • r says:

      you are wrong, they do deserve it. after everything they went through, they do deserve it.

      they will win this series and win the championship and make history as they have always done before. this team IS history in the making. and it will continue to be making history for years to come.

      the miami heat will indeed with this game 5. then they’ll come back home and absolutely deny the spurs to take all 3 of their home games from them. then game 7 will be a beautiful match of young versus old, with miami pulling through to victory.

      • Spurs Fan Forever says:

        And then you woke up!! GO SPURS GO!

      • will says:

        What kind of booze have u been drinking? The Heat were beaten in every facet of the game of basketball in games 3 and 4, with no way to answer the Spurs as a whole. In the aftergame comments I agree with what was said, the individualistic Heat were completely beaten by the team play of the Spurs. The Heat hv NO ‘team’, so how can they beat the Spurs? There is no way. Not even LeBron has the answer because he has never played team basketball before.

      • Ray says:

        How about showing the San Antonio Spurs some much needed respect. Let’s see if Pride doesn’t keep him for. Shaking the hands of a better basketball team. No King No MVP No hype, just good basketball. Let’s go Spurs!

      • Spurs baby! says:

        you think they deserve a three-peat? have you seen the way the players of the Heat other than LeBron play ON THEIR OWN HOME COURT? they look like they’re not interested. that’s why the Spurs deserve it more.

      • kd's abeast says:

        The only one seem to be making history right now is the spurs.

      • Barry MaCaukiner says:

        “after everything they went through” … ? What? What exactly did the Heat “go through”? This is basketball. A kid’s game being played by prima donna multi-millionaires — except in San Antonio, where T-E-A-M, humility, selflessness reign supreme and ego, pride, and arrogance can’t be found.

    • Jakari Paige says:

      Why not us? You’re really asking yourself that LeBron?

  69. Shiv says:

    well, watch my words. The NBA sure would like to see at least a game 6. With this being a big story line and Lebron would be a hero of the league. That would mean revenues for the league. So the spurs have to double up and not make any mistakes tomorrow. They can do it, if they focus like they did with game 3 and 4. they should just focus on winning the game instead of any thnking about the championship etc. championship will come when they win the game. But their focus needs to be little things in the game and provide very little opportunity for the officials to call when Lebron runs to the paint.

    5th championship for the spurs is in sight, if they can focus only on it.

    Good luck to them!

  70. Pjr says:

    Maybe the GOAT can pull this off

  71. rusty says:

    Humble on the outside.. but boastful in the inside… Don’t tell me you are hinting the MAFIA for you to be part of the history of winning a 3-1 deficit?? Come on.. just play….

    • 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

      I hope spurs camp wont try to sabotage Miami again through tampering with the AC! Or planting rattle snacks in the Heat Locker room as they did Portland. cheaters moves.

      • MIA says:

        Yes, and they wanted to cheat in Miami, but they couldn’t find any team to cheat on because the Miami heat were Missing In Action!

  72. H-town says:

    Wow, a very humble human.

  73. RmyS says:

    Of course not you , you are being trucked by the Spurs for 3 games