Heat pushed to unfamiliar place

VIDEO: San Antonio puts Miami on the brink of elimination

MIAMI — In their most important game of the season, a game that Chris Bosh had referred to hours earlier as a “must-win” game, the Miami Heat lost, at home, to the San Antonio Spurs by 21 points, 107-86. This just two days after losing, at home, to the Spurs by 19 points, 111-92.

To be fair, calling these two games “losses” by the Heat may be selling the Spurs a bit short. In Games 3 and 4, the Spurs have systematically dismantled the Heat, exposing almost every flaw of the two-time defending champs while on the game’s biggest stage.

“I mean, they smashed us,” said LeBron James. “Two straight home games, got off to awful starts. They came in and were much better than us in these two games. It’s just that simple.”

“Well, I think they’re getting to their game a lot better than we are,” said Dwyane Wade. “They’re doing what they want to do better than we are. So right now they’re playing better than us, no question about it. We’ll see at the end of the series. Whoever wins is the better team. But the Spurs are playing better than us. They whipped our butt here at home, and you’ve got to give them credit for coming out, getting to their game plan, their game for 48 minutes, and we haven’t been able to do that. So if we want to get back into the series, we have to be better than them on Sunday. If not, then it will be over.”

For a team built around three superstars, during Games 3 and 4, the Heat have looked suspiciously like a team with one star who has been getting precious little support. While James finished Game 4 with 28 points, eight boards and eight assists, Bosh and Wade combined for just 22 points, six rebounds and four assists. The only other Heat player to score more than eight points was James Jones, who scored 11 once the game was out of reach.

As this series has played out, the Heat have looked like a tired team, a squad that has played every one of the 86 playoff games they’ve logged over the last four years. While the Heat players dismissed talk of exhaustion, the eye test has seemed to show a Heat team relying on making plays that haven’t always been there when needed.

Which isn’t to say this series has been all about the Heat’s failures. The Spurs have shown on possession after possession, on both sides of the ball, that simple things like ball movement, spacing, help defense and teamwork still hold ultimate value. According to James, the Spurs present a singular set of challenges, almost a perfect basketball storm.

“Man, they move the ball extremely well,” said James. “They put you in positions that no other team in this league does, and it’s tough because you have to cover the ball first, but also those guys on the weak side can do multiple things. They can shoot the ball from outside, they can also penetrate. So our defense is geared towards running guys off the three-point line, but at the same time those guys are getting full steam ahead and getting to the rim, too. The challenge is as well, with them, implementing [Boris] Diaw into the lineup has given them another point guard on the floor. So Manu [Ginobili], Tony [Parker], and Diaw and Patty Mills on the floor at once, they’ve got four point guards basically on the floor at once. So all of them are live and they all can make plays. So it’s a challenge for us all.”

This Heat core was assembled to win numerous titles, as James famously said at their introductory press conference: “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven.” They’ve got two, but number three had looked more and more elusive as the 2014 Finals has played out. Yet for a Heat team that has put together four consecutive runs to the NBA Finals, perhaps their biggest test yet still awaits beginning with Sunday’s Game 5 in San Antonio, as the odds are stacked against Miami — no team in NBA history has come back from a 3-1 Finals deficit to win an NBA championship.

“I don’t care about odds,” noted Bosh. “Odds are for people that can’t do it.”

“Obviously, I do know the numbers,” said James. “It’s never been done before, but we’re still a confident bunch, even though our heads are lowered down right now. Of course, being down 3-1, and losing two straight games at home, that’s just human nature. But we’ve still got to go out and play on Sunday.”


  1. Brady says:

    The Heat got beat by the best team in the NBA. Congrats to San Antonio. I still think Miami Heat is a great team and I look forward to next year

  2. Takumi Kitazaki says:

    First of all… I’m not Heat hater or Lebron James heater. It’s only my point of view. I think that the Heat just cruised all the way to FINALS so easy… Look at all the teams that Spurs has beaten. I think that not only Spurs but any of these teams of the West that were beaten by the Spurs could’ve beaten the Heat.

  3. ROMULO CATOR says:

    San Antonio Spurs got lucky twice in a row to win games 3 & 4. Most of the time you do not get lucky the third time. So where does
    luck go? Luck goes to the Miami Heat. So they will also win twice in a row to win games 5 & 6. But nobody gets lucky the third time.
    So who wins game 7? This is when the game determines who the better team is. And who do you think is the better team to win
    game 7?

  4. StupidKnicksFan says:

    I love how the LeBroyalists always show up in full support of their Separatist idol(s) AND the denial that ensues. Meanwhile the Realists just sit back and enjoy the Therapists’ show, which is sure to unfold in the midst of the mists of madness that seem to enshroud ALL LeBron fans. Last year, seemingly everyone predicted the Heat in 5. Then it turned into 6, and ultimately turned into an unfortunate series of events that seemed more fixed than this year’s finals by a long shot. I personally blame Ginóbili but even at my best game, he would have made me look silly. This finals is a different, albeit more seasoned, Ginóbili. He’s making a strong point for the retraction of all of my derisive statements from last season.

    Many people and publications have already stated that this isn’t revenge as much as it is redemption, so I won’t make that claim. This is, and just FEELS, right. 17 yrs in the league and 17 years in the playoffs is one hell of an achievement for any player in any sport.

    And yet while there will always be arguments for individual achievements, those will never be enough to detract from team achievements. If you don’t believe me, just ask Tiger Woods and he’ll likely have the same response when asked about team events such as The President’s Cup, The Ryder Cup, and soon The Olympic Gold Medal. Yeah baby!!! Golf in the Olympics. He wants them ALL!!! The ALL being the latter, which are all team events, and not mere stroke events.

  5. DOUCH says:

    It’s very crazy that people judge the team that their favorite teams goes against with. Why not just enjoy watching basketball and stop being a fool saying foul words against other people? haha Ridiculous. NBA is business, remember that FOLKS!

  6. LoiiSwanity says:

    If you think that the HEAT would win from a 3-1 lead, think again. Of course they will play harder and smarter. But the SPURS will do the same. I’m sorry but this is the end of the so-called “HEAT DYNASTY”. OLDIES RULE!

  7. john Anderson says:

    The heat went all season without working beasley in the starting lineup.now it has cost them possibly a championship. You dont cut your head off to prove a point. The man is ridiculously talented.you work talent like his in your. Starting rotation. The fans see what’s going on !

  8. ROMULO CATOR says:

    Miami Heat beat the Spurs in San Antonio in game 2. The Heat can do it again because they are very good on the road. So Miami
    will win game 5. Then it will be 3-2 . Then back to Miami for game 6. Miami lost 2 games in their own home. One more defeat will
    not happen. Game 6 belongs to Miami. Then game 7. Again on the road for the Heat. Guess who wins game 7.

  9. darsh8q says:

    I am not a basketball fan, but I have witnessed that NBA fans are certainly band-wagoners…since the heat are one game away from losing, everyone is now cheering for the spurs, which makes no sense at all, i mean stick to your team! LeBron may have had a bad day, but that does not mean he can’t play ball anymore! Stop it guys, Miami needs fan support, and so do the Spurs, stick to your favourite team, don’t stick with Miami because LeBron is playing for it, and don’t stick with San Antonio because they are one game away, just cheer for the team you want to support. Basketball is certainly an amazing sport, just enjoy it, and never let your team down, Miami Heat still has a chance to make history…

  10. Will says:

    I’ve been a Heat fan long before LeBron signed with them, but as much as I would love for them to win the series, I doubt it’s gonna happen. I have a ton of respect for the Spurs, and they’ve clearly been the better team this series. I’m still gonna support my team, but at the same time, I’m not losing any sleep over SA winning. Also, I don’t want Melo to sign with Miami. They need a better bench, not another superstar. Heck, I wouldn’t mind him going to the Bulls, as long as the East gets more competition.

  11. Marvin says:

    The thing I love the most about this is that, FINALLY, the whole world is getting to see just how good the Spurs really are. Sure they won 4 titles. Sure they’re the only franchise to be ranked in ESPN’s top ten in all of the last 11 years. Sure Pop is only the third NBA coach to ever win Coach of the Year three times. We won’t even mention Tim Duncan’s achievements in Game 4, setting personal records for playoff minutes played and playoff double-doubles. All that is true and great and good but none of it would have been possible if not for the team mentality of the Spurs franchise. The true greats of the game had great teams supporting them and helping them achieve their goals. This Spurs team is just plain great. Don’t get me wrong, I think Lebron James is a good player, maybe one of the best ever, but I don’t believe he will ever achieve true greatness until he has a great team. The Heat are a good team, but they are not a great team.

    Last year, the Heat didn’t so much win, as the Spurs lost. They lost a golden opportunity to go up 3-1 when they lost game 4. We won’t even discuss game 6; missed free-throws accounted for that debacle; despite the heroic efforts of the Heat in mounting a comeback, two more made free-throws and Ray Allen’s last second 3 counts for beans.

    This year, the Spurs are leaving NO DOUBT about which TEAM is the best in the NBA. The clinic the Spurs have put on in the last two games has been a thing of beauty. It’s Spurs basketball at its finest and all of us die-hard Spurs fans have seen this movie countless times over the last 17 years. The Spurs are on a mission this year. Everyone in the Media has said the Spurs are out for ‘revenge,’ but it’s not revenge, it’s redemption. This team is focused and when the Spurs are focused, they are very nearly unstoppable.

    When Dallas took us to 7, I told all my friends that if the Spurs made it past Dallas, they would win it all. On Sunday, I will watch a hard fought game and, when it’s over, I will celebrate “one for the thumb,” because the Drive for Five will be done.

  12. Dr Dave says:

    Sorry Heat fans, but looks like it’s time for another ‘decision’.

    LBJ may be a freak talent, but he’s gonna need some more all-star/hall-of-fame teammates to stay in the hunt for championships. Apparently three are not enough….

  13. laguneromx says:

    Once the spurs finish the heat on sunday two things will be clear: Lebron will never be considered the best ever and the heat wont be considered a dynasty, Back to back titles isnt bad though heat fans. Media wanted James to be the next MJ, he even got that KING nickname. Ahead of James there are so many legends like Bird, Magic, Kobe, Jordan, I just dont see how people say he is the best ever. Good thing for LJ that he can find a new alliance once he becomes a free agent, may team up with 3 all stars so he can try chasing more rings.

  14. DLR34 says:

    Micheal made other players great. Lebron joined other great players. Stop the comparison !!!

  15. BlogSoHard2014 says:

    Heat may have one more “encore” for their fans on Sunday

  16. Fat says:

    The bottom line is we’re not playing heat basketball, we need to play how we know how to play , because anything is possible,

  17. tj says:

    this year, is a record breaking year…..get ready to witness something no one has ever seen it done by a team since the beginning of nba…a come back from a 3-1 loss to win a championship…..oh yeah its very possible…..

  18. sports fan says:

    Eric Spoelstra shouldn’t be blasted by anyone, he’s actually a very good coach because history shows us that championships are not guaranteed with a ton of talent. Spo did coach the Heat to four straight finals and that hasn’t been done in a very long time. Give him a lot of credit and he did win 2 championships in a row which is the one thing that Popp has yet to do. The real blame needs to be put on the whole team other than LeBron because they should’ve won at least one home game. And if they’re going to lose both home games then don’t get blown out in both. The Spurs are the better team this year. Better coaching, better adjustments, and better team play. Popp and the players all want it more.

  19. guest13 says:

    guys…when we say not2 not 3 not 4, it doesn’t mean every year they will be the champion. Did the SPURS GET CONSECUTIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS as a team together? Remember, if the series ends, this is the only time again that they will win championships. Where are your SPURS during JORDAN’s era? are they in the FINALS that year? Think first before you judge. YOU PEOPLE!!!

  20. John says:

    I’m happy to see hte Spurs where they’re at. What stands out to me is they’re a stellar team well deserving of their position right now. I see them in these last stages of the race and I am cheering em on.

    I think Miami didn’t know what hit them.

    • Mrs Williams says:

      Miami will win this series they will make history for the nba watch how the universe work when u believe

  21. L.A. ALL DAY says:

    Not 1, Not 2, Not………ok maybe 2. News flash Miami and their fantasyland fans, welcome back to reality. Mark my words, you saw your teams last title last year. You will not win another one for a long time…making 4 NBA finals appearances and winning half of them doesn’t even constitute as a dynasty in NBA life. There’s only 4 of those teams and Miami isn’t one of them. (Lakers, Celtics, Spurs and Bulls). You will actually just go down as the best TEAM to only win 2 titles. Remember the Rockets (1994 and 1995) or the Pistons (1989 and 1990)?? Exactly! You probably don’t as they aren’t mentioned in the same breath as the 4 elite teams. But it appears your team is just like those teams of Houston and Detroit. Your team choked when it mattered most. Too much pressure for a team to overcome to be considered one of the best teams of all time. That’s why only a few teams can do it and have done it. Poor poor Miami. I have to admit, if it weren’t for my L.A. Kings on the brink of yet another Stanley cup title, watching the Spurs run over and around the Heat this entire series is the best form of television entertainment I have seen in a long time. So pathetic. I am a die-hard avid Laker fan (yea let it ring…) but I have always respected the Spurs. And if it wasn’t for Ray Allen’s 3 pointer in Game 6 last year, time would have expired and Miami would only have Not 1, Not…..ok maybe 1 ring, but you got lucky last year. We all have to deal with it. Spurs are showing you now why they have been the best team in basketball for the last 3 or 4 years and why when Tim Duncan says something like “We will do it this time”, you better darn well respect him and bow down. One more thing little heat girls…don’t disrespect the best rock band of all time by calling your team the Heatles. The Beatles were the greatest. The Heat are far from. Lebron quote: “Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, Not 5, Not 6, Not 7, but 8 times my mother has slept with one of my basketball mates” Enjoy Game 5 heat fans. Congrats to Spurs fans. (Remember .4, lol) Sorry I had to throw that in. Peace.

    • Tony C says:

      It’s Saturday, the morning of June 21, 2014 – the day after game 7. And, you’re crying like a little baby in LA LA land. The Headlines read… LEBRON UNSTOPPABLE – HEAT WIN! With A Dramatic 7th Game knockout – At the Buzzer!!! At the Buzzer!!!


    What ?????

    Their fans keep saying that MIAMI will win Game 5 in San Antonio with their defense??

    REALLY? How about their OFFENSE ?

    How are they going to outscore the SPURS ?
    The SPURS will play even better defense and stop the remaining firepower you have left.

    2014 Champs = San Antonio SPURS !!!

  23. CM says:


  24. Scott C says:

    so now it’s adding Melo to make a great team???… just another over paid underachiever like Bosh….why not add DHoward as well, with 3 underacheivers, you should be the best team to ever step on the court, right???…. Spurs can suit up 3 homeless guys before the game and still take the Heat to the wood shed because it’s all about team, not egos and $$$s…. feel blessed that you are watching one of the best teams to ever play the game, it’s just that they are wearing silver and black jerseys…. GO SPURS GO!!!!!!

  25. SA for life says:

    Doesnt matter what anyone says you put jordan in lebrons place on this same team the spurs would still win and thats jordan this team right now is the Miami Cavaliers.

  26. NoIinTeam says:

    I thought going into the playoffs that the Eastern Conference was a lot weaker then the Western. It kind of reminded me of this past NFL season where the NFC was a lot better then the AFC.

    I think just about every Western Conference Playoff team could have given Miami trouble. I am surprised that some of you guys still think Miami has a chance to win this Series. What is going to change all of a sudden? LeBron has played great every game and Wade has been solid every game except Game 4. There is no Mike Miller to rain down 3’s thiis year.

    The Spurs have adjusted well since the first 2 games with the insertion of Diaw in the starting lineup and Kawii stepping up big time. Team basketball is such a beauty to watch and it is a pleasure watching the Spurs.

    Let’s hope the Big 3 all come back next year!

  27. Sonny says:

    If i go out ima go out shootin… I don’t mean when i die I mean when i go to the club stupid!

  28. Drago says:

    The Spurs are the best team in the NBA for years they have new killer offense this year and their system is efficient and disciplined there is not much you can do against that.

  29. Linda Truth says:

    Dreams come true, but…if the heat win either:

    1) A witch was involved

    2) The Illuminati (secret society is involved)

    Good luck Heat. 🙂

  30. Stacey Bell says:

    I’m a Heat fan and i’m kind of glad we’re losing to get rid of all the bandwagon fans. Also I think you are completely clueless if you think Lebron James isn’t the best player in the NBA, Pretty sure most people who commmented on this has never played basketball a day in their life and don’t know anything about the game. I salute all the real spurs fans though because they are simply playing like the better team and we all know basketball is a “TEAM” sport.

  31. Muraddin says:

    Spo is a horrible coach… on a question “It is because of fatigue?” He answer “No! The both team play same minutes in the season…” … LOL ???? Same minutes??? So he rest his players like Pop did? ehm….You are so so wrong Spo … he has much to learn … Non of Spurs players play more than 30min/game a season …

  32. Big says:

    Where the heat fans excuses now? Those cramps arent stopping LBJ from having good numbers. Refs dont effect 20 point blow outs, they can only alter 5-10 point games. Are you finally realizing that your team is … gasp… not that great of a team and just Cleveland 2.0? Take your excuses with you when you leave early your next home game, that is if you even get another one this season.

    • Stradio says:

      What are you talking about? People either say they are too stacked and that because of this their rings don’t count, or that they are a 1 man team and have no chance against good squads. Can you haters make up your minds please?

  33. Drav says:

    Lebron is actually playing well. The other guys (bosh and wade) need to earn that 20 mil salary. This iteration of the Heat is looking like the 2007 Cavaliers. Lebron is the best player in this series based on the box score but he is not going to win 3 games in row by himself unless he goes Jordanesque and drops 50 each game and will still need help. Got to hand it to the Spurs they are the epitome of team basketball. Unless the Spurs go cold offensively and breakdown defensively (very doubtful) this series is over either Sunday or Tuesday.

  34. Weedmoker says:

    MIami need Melo +Aldridge and Lillard instead of Wade, Bosh and would be good…

    • DMG says:

      That’s Heat fan’s solution.. Buy the best players available. Your team has a ton of talent, there is no doubt, but how could you take pride in a team that bought their rings. How much fun can it be to watch a team with the biggest purse strings win? The Spurs have done it consistently for years through hard work and discipline, they don’t run their mouths, they aren’t concerned with who is in the spotlight, they are focused on one thing and they are just a game away from it. Can’t wait to see Tim and Manu retire with one last ring. GO SPURS GO!!!!

  35. NBAfan51 says:

    Why are all these 12 year olds bringing up Jordan? I think this Spurs Team are FAR better than the Lakers, Blazers, Suns, Sonics or Jazz teams MJ played against. I also think the Heat just simply haven’t lived up to the level of play they’ve shown in the last 2 years. an Emergence of a Superstar in Leonard, and the Disappearance of Wade and Bosh. The Defense has something to do with it, but any Team coached by Phil had an advantage, and any team coached by Erik Spoelstra needs 3 All-Star Superstars to have a chance. Spoelstra should have been fired in 2011, but luckily the players came together and the Heat signed pieces to get Spoelstra through the last 2 years. Spoe isn’t a coach, he’s a “friend” to these guys. He doesn’t know how to orchestrate any type of offense outside of Pick & Roll and ISO. Any Motivation/Preparation starts with Coaching, and if the Heat Signed Phil or if Pat Riley stepped down back to coaching ranks and actually USE the talent in front of them, then we’d be talking Not 2, not 3, not 4 etc….

  36. suv says:

    It is not over even it is 3-1 or it is not 100% if it stop at 99.99% which was exactly where the Spur at one year ago. They need to win 1 more, else they lose everything

  37. Moby says:

    If the ref didn’t call a foul on Dwade’s flop when Manu took a swipe at the ball, then those 2 free throws wouldn’t have been made by Dwade and the spurs would’ve won game 2. Dwayfloppin wade its all your fault! Lechoke, Diva-wade

  38. Moby says:

    If the ref didn’t call a foul on Dwade’s flop when Manu took a swipe at the ball, then those 2 free throws wouldn’t have been made by Dwade and the spurs would’ve won game 2. Dwayfloppin wade its all your fault!

  39. GOS says:

    Heat dont need Melo, they need a legitimate center like tyson chandler or de andre Jordan

    • Moby says:

      If the ref didn’t call a foul on Dwade’s flop when Manu took a swipe at the ball, then those 2 free throws wouldn’t have been made by Dwade and the spurs would’ve won game 2. Dwayfloppin wade its all your fault!

  40. Nick says:

    I think people root against LeBron because of all the extra help he needs, not because of the decision. Miami is bringing in all stars that have already been developed into all stars on other teams. The big three are superstars, they didn’t develop together as a team. That is still not enough, now they need help from more veteran all stars like Carmelo Anthony and Darko. People that understand basketball and sports history don’t appreciate LeBron’s empire building tactics. Make players around you better, don’t draft in better players.

    • NoIinTeam says:

      I have nothing against LeBron and my only knock against him was all the drama and hype from the decsion. I don’t care for the Heat much as I don’t like teams that try to buy titles.

      The Heat don’t need Anthony as they already have Lebron at small forward. They need to draft a capable center (like OKC did with Adams) and find a legit point guard.

  41. KaashMoneyy94 says:

    Not from a storyline perspective but from a serious basketball perspective, LeBron should go to the Cavs. They have some good pieces and LBJ can put them over the top. Trade Waiters, Thompson and Bennett for LBJ in sign-and-trade. Irving, LBJ, and Embiid would be better in my opinion than old Wade, Bosh, and Melo.

  42. frankgara says:

    Lebron’s injured since Game 1,adn he can’t perform well.

  43. Nyce says:

    The Heat only won those 2 championships because they played in the weakest eastern conference the leage has ever seen, riddled with injuries on every good team. They walk to the finals while the West battles some brutal games and get banged up to face a fresh Heat team.

    The 1st year they ran into a young OKC team (in my opinion OKC was robbed) a no call on KD in game 2 that would have put them up 2-0, Russell Westbrook going for 43 on layups and only shoots 2 freethrows???? C’mon

    Then there is last year when the luck of the Irish from Ray Allens old celtics jersey emerged… simply said.. the Heat ain’t that good!

    • Cartola says:

      Too true. If they threepeated it would have been a disgrace to all 3 peats that came before it, and nobody in the media would have acknowledged that.

    • 37yrfan says:

      …..They/he is lucky to have what he has…..maybe he should just go to hollywood/lalaland so he can act out with Kobe……..

    • Judge Holden says:

      So ridiculously stupid. Is that why they won 4 in a row against OKC? Is that why the Spurs choked away game 7 last season? Does anyone think before they say anything or do they just let the stupid flow?

  44. frankgara says:

    James injury in game one is lingering, Thats why he can’t perform well. See yiou next Season. Congrats S.A.

    • mn says:

      They said it last nite the announcers said James may be “Winded” after game 1.Had a race horse Winded couldn’t run the distance any longer could do 100yds then cramped up.Huh wonde,r time will tell it allways does

    • NoIinTeam says:

      LeBron has had a great series and has done his part. I marvel at some of these 3’s he has made during the Series. The Heat haven’t gotten great contribuitons from the other guys besides the Big 3 is the main problem.

      Also give the Spurs credit so far. They have played a great sereis so far except for that little stretch after Parker was elbowed by Chalmers.

  45. crunch says:

    Why you all hating on heat or lebron like thats the only thing lebron done has left cleavland and you all hating on the dude you never hear him on the news fro drunk driving for crime nothing that he left and won 2 rings best of 5 so what it payed off he got 2 rings to look at when he go home and championships if some older players had think so maybe just the would have win a ring also spurs are the better team but respect lebron he is a good baskeball player spurs damn good team its the NBA

    • KDH says:

      Crunch, dude, you speak (type) English even worse than the Heat play team basketball, and that is bad, man. I don’t know what was more painful, reading your post or watching the game.

  46. tapk8 says:

    D wade and Bosh are not doing good games + Heat never got a real Center or Power Forward .

    Well played Spurs , finally the Spurs get their more than deserved 5th title !

  47. let's hear it from lbj says:

    From LeBron himself:
    “I tried to will us back into the game, but they continued to execute. I continued to make shots. I had a huge third quarter, but it meant nothing.”

    Translation: “Don’t blame me!”

  48. Not lbj says:

    Lebron needs to leave and stop being the king in Miami! He will not get a ring this year and should just join the Spurs next year if he wants more rings!

    O and wheres that lbj guy hes so quiet now huh

  49. Mitchell says:

    Obviously the Spurs are up 3-1, but out of any 3-1 series I feel like this has the best chance to end up the other way. The Spurs have shot a ridiculous, historic, percentage. It’s partially b/c of the quality looks they’re getting b/c of their ball movement, but if Miami just defends better then they’ll be right there. These game’s have gotten close at points even though the Heat offense has been stagnant. LeBron has been the only upside for the Heat this series, but if they can defend better and start knocking down some shots, it’s definitely gonna be a series again. And even if the Heat do lose this series, there isn’t a team I’d rather lose to than these Spurs, they’re playing great ball and up to this point have clearly deserved it.

  50. SA Forever says:

    To all HEAT Fans, if you understand basketball you know what to do. Accept this defeat and SHUT UP to your excuses. Miami cHEAT is no match to SA. There’s no way they can come back here and even miracle cannot do that. Even game 5 will be play on their court, still they will not win. I think LBJ was wrong on his promise ” Not one but only two and not three,four or five”. Also please stop comparing him to MJ or KB, these two greats are far away from him. I wont be surprised if next season he will be team up again with another team just to win. Poor LBJ, you wont be great, so stop dreaming boy!

  51. PPage says:

    The Heat has no chance this year against the Spurs at all. It is a done deal. Lebron James is a great player who has yet to play for a great coach, which to me is why Lebron James will never reach the level of Michael Jordan and other greats. Eric Spolstra has been fortunate enough to have the support of Pat Riley and have had a fairly good crew in the big 3 to have won 2 championship so far. Last year, they barely won and it was clearly luck on their side. This year The Spurs is a like a trailer with no break. A good team (clearly not this year’s Heat) might be able to slow the Spurs down, but no one can stop them from winning it all this year. Even if Heat had Carmelo Anthony too this year, Spurs would still win it all. Going forward to have another chance of a championship, the Heat needs to be re-constructed completely around Lebron James. Get rid of the bench with the exception of Rachard, and Haslem, bench Bosh, Ray Allen and get rid of the bench especially Greg Oden. Bring a good 3 point shooter who can defend as well to play with Lebron and a young energetic player. Also, bring Tyson Chandler in from New York to play defense with or alternate with Chris Anderson

  52. Spur Fan says:

    Hey Tony C. , are you an eight year old boy believing in your hero Lebron or a sad little man? The Spurs had turned the corner when Lebron cramped in game one and missed free prevented this from being a sweep.

  53. mikmaks says:

    Just a year or two more, the spurs team will all be just under the standins after duncan, ginobili and pop retires.

    • NoIinTeam says:

      I am not sure what you are trying to say here but I think you are trying to say the Spurs will be just average after those 3 guys retire. The Western Conference ia a great Conference (OKC, Clippers, Golden St, etc) so it will be hard task for the Spurs.

      If you take out the Big 3, you have a starting lineup of Mills, Green, Leonard and Splitter. Joseph and Baynes off the bench are nice options. This is a decent 6 guys to have. The hardest guy to replace will be Duncan as awesome players like him don’t come around that often. But just think if you add a player like Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, etc to replace him how good the Spurs would be.

  54. jb says:

    to yiogi the format is 2-2-1-1-1

  55. Joe says:

    LeBron should use his old solution of winning: add more Olympic team members.

    • Judge Holden says:

      Lot of good that’s done over the years. Look at the stats and understand them before commenting so you don’t sound like a buffoon.

  56. PistonsFan93 says:

    Yep the Heat are done. Like I said before, it just isn’t there. Lebron is at least trying. D Wade fell off bro. In that Pacers series he actually stepped it up. But him and Bosh combined for just 22 points in last nights game. That is not gonna get it done. And yes Mario Chalmers is a scrub. The guy is not a point guard. Trade him. Release him. Yeah you have LBJ and D Wade, but if Chalmers made any effort to at least play some defense, the rout would’ve been less hurtful. When have 3 stars on one team and only one is playing, you are not going to win. Plain and simple.

  57. Eloy Ruvalcaba says:

    The Heat have no answers. Definitely they don’t have any answers to KL (Offensively and defensible). They are beaten, defeated and DONE. Yes they look tired: because they are. when you are finished you are tired.Lebron should pay close attention, as well as the rest of all super stars in the NBA. and finally, all NBA coaches pay close attention. Pop and the Great Spurs brought us back REAL BASKETBALL! GO SPURS!!!!!!!!

  58. WhoaWhoa says:

    Wait?? HUH? Where did all those bandwagon Heat fans disappear to??!

  59. Brian says:

    Love the Heat but now Heat have to face to realistic. No one in the team standing up beside LBJ playing great…..No championship for just ONE MAN work.

    • Larry says:

      Commendable to say such an intelligent view on your team. Spurs were there over the past few years prior to 2012 when we infused youth, more shooters, and overall ‘basketball intelligent’ players. Kudos for sticking up for your team!

  60. Jr says:

    Comes to prove the East Conference are for wimps, players seeking to play for easy money.

    • mikmaks says:

      Heat are back to back champions the last I checked. Where’s your team?

      • DMG says:

        Your team has a ton of talent, there is no doubt, but how could you take pride in a team that bought their rings. How much fun can it be to watch a team with the biggest purse strings win?

      • Judge Holden says:

        Biggest purse strings… Brooklyn? New York? L.A.? Where are they all right now?

  61. KING??? UH, NO! says:

    Finals appearances

    Jordan 6-0
    Kobe 4-2
    Lebronk 2-3 (soon)

    Any questions?

    Never was, never will be the king.

  62. Matinho says:

    Who do you guys think should win Finals MVP if let’s say the Spurs close it out 4-1 with Kawhi, Manu, TP and Duncan having all 15 and 10 Games….
    Was there such a hard pick any other time?

    i personally think Manu coming off the bench and not scoring a lot the last 2 games lost the chance, but i couldn’t decide if kawhi (Games 3 and 4) oder Tony Parker and Duncan who were consistent without having 30/10 Games….

    • Spurs(Fans)Not(HeatHater) says:

      maybe they will have MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS.. spurs are all MVPS imo.

    • Cartola says:

      Kawhi is the front runner if you ask me, with Boris Diaw and Danny Green tied for second. It’s amazing, but honestly true, that neither Ginobli Parker or Duncan deserve the award over those three guys.

      All depends on who gets hot in game 5 though when the Spurs close out.

    • Jack says:

      Diaw should win the MVP. He changed the flow of the offense.

  63. Tony C says:

    It’s Saturday, the morning of June 21, 2014. The Headlines read… LEBRON UNSTOPPABLE – HEAT WIN! A Dramatic 7th Game knockout – At the Buzzer!!! At the Buzzer!!!

    • 37yrfan says:

      ….wake up, wake up !! …..you were just dreaming ….

    • Larry says:

      Wake up, boo! Those images are cute … in your mind.

    • timmy says:

      in your dreams lol

    • Adam says:

      Lebron can’t do it by himself, moron

      • Tony C says:

        Miami Heat’s Chant.

        They took something from us…
        We gotta go get it back tonight…
        From the beginning…
        Nothing’s difficult.
        Everything’s a challenge.
        Through adversity, to the stars.
        To the last minute,
        To the last second,
        To the last man,
        We fight
        We fight
        We fight
        We fight
        We fight
        We fight
        Let’s Go!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Tony C, is that what the Heat were saying when they emptied their bench in Games 3 and Game 4? How about all the Heat fans as they walked out of the arena in those games with over 3 minutes?

  64. Djuro says:

    Ok SA is a better team but…
    If James was not injured in game 1 quess what?Miami go home with 2-0 and this Series would be over.So it is hard and almost impossible for Miami to win 3 streight and two of them in SA but History needs to be rewritten from time to time.
    So go Heat.
    Heat must have rebounding balance in game 5.Take Haslem on the floor and play Wade as PG because Chalmers is no show this year.What ever you do Heat cant play worse than these two games.

    • Spurs(Fans)Not(HeatHater) says:


    • 37yrfan says:

      ….NOPE !! There is NO guarantee that is what happens IF, IF he doesn’t cramp up…..but IF, IF it makes it hurt a little less …..sure whatever “fantasy” you wish to think……….

    • Quiet says:

      If the spurs didn’t miss their free throws in game 2 guess what? The spurs would have ended the series yesterday with a sweep.

    • Moby says:

      If the ref didn’t call a foul on Dwade’s flop when Manu took a swipe at the ball, then those 2 free throws wouldn’t have been made by Dwade and the spurs would’ve won game 2. Dwayfloppin wade its all your fault!

    • sports fan says:

      Injuries are part of the game. But IF the Heat won the first game then for all we know the Spurs would’ve played harder to win game 2. Either way the Heat got blown out both games on their home court. So the series would still be 3-1 for the Spurs.

    • SpursFan says:

      If your team can’t win when one guy goes down, you’re not the best team. The Spurs won all season with Tony out for a good long time, Manu was hurt, Tiago was down and Kwai had a broken hand. The best bench ever picked up the pieces. Every player on this team is involved. Every player is important.

  65. fakebron/flopbron says:

    game 3 and four the heat team dint show up
    big DADDY DUNCAN and the purs actually played without the other team XDXDXD

  66. Anon says:

    Unfamiliar place? Last time I checked the Heat got whooped by the Mavericks in the 2011 Finals.

  67. Chuckles McChrist says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t a “Cavs Fans Against ThreePeats” movement

  68. HardhatLunchpail says:

    Respect to Lebron. He was the only player putting in any effort yesterday. If the rest of the team doesn’t come to play it doesn’t matter if Lebron scores 90.

  69. Tony C says:

    Miami will win the next game in San Antonio with exellent defense.

    • 37yrfan says:

      ….where will they get it??? They will Really, Really play better this time ….Right ??? ps:better have ‘excellent’ Offense as well because Kawhi is coming after you ……AGAIN !!!

    • Big says:

      I’ve heard this before, right after that game 3 beat down. If they didnt bring it on their own court in game 4 after being destroyed, theres a very slim chance it shows up on the road after being beat down 3 of the 4 games.

    • sports fan says:

      If by some miracle the Heat win game 5 then the Spurs will win by a blowout again in Miami for game 6.

    • timmied says:

      I may have to agree bc the refs will b instructed to coax LeBron and the heats ego. … that’s it…. miami gets by on that… I love seeing LeBron yelling at the refs after every play…. plus I think he pushes off with his off arm more then ne body! But hardy gets called on it

  70. Benching says:

    I think it’s time for Pat Riley to find a replacement for Spo, he got owned by Coach Pop.
    Spurs in 5 (-_-)

    • Spurs(Fans)Not(HeatHater) says:

      Pop is the better coach obviously but i think spo does a good job in the other end. its just that spurs teamwork is too much for the heat.

    • 37yrfan says:

      ….. I think it is time for Riley to fade off into retirement and get more tanned……..

  71. Jim Jack Saati says:

    Miami needs to play solid MAN to MAN basketball … NONE of this double team every player junk

    Then they need to fight through the Pick and rolls better

    Full court ball pressure every time when Spurs bring the ball up ( they have the personal and enough people off the bench to do this)

    Lebron should be posting every single time . Force the double team and kick out for a open shot or take the ball to the net. PERIOD

    They do these things and Miami wins this series

    • Spurs(Fans)Not(HeatHater) says:

      easy to say….

    • 37yrfan says:

      …..you are sooooo wrong….. They have NO bench…… and they can’t play man-to-man because they are ……get this : The heat are OLD and TIRED !!! How does that sound??

    • Dmacalypse says:

      Miami doesn’t have a “snowball’s chance in hell of winning this series. It’s over. Wake up!

    • NewYorker says:

      Well, you are right BUT… it’s too late for that. Even if it works for 1 game Pop will make the adjustment.

      Last year I wanted the Heat to win, this year I changed it to the Spurs, just because they came so close last year and they deserve it, but not like this. I would prefer a 4-3 Spurs win. It’s gonna be 4-1 tho.

      Not sure about the MVP, Kwai or Diaw… we’ll see who does more the next game. Oh, and Heat should start Haslem instead of Lewis, they don’t need more offense, they need D, and Haslem is like the only Heat player the fought for rebounds in game 4.

    • timmied says:

      U think miami has enough people off the bench against the best bench in the nba….good luck on that one….. u just as good a coach as spo..ur starters aren’t even producing!lol… u talking bout bench… Where’s oden? Though u spent the money on him for a reason…….bad management. …. bad coaching….. miami was like number 5 overall….. it shows!

  72. CILLL says:

    i”m a miami heat fan…lebron is doin his job but he need help bosh n wade didnt own up to their stardom charmers is not right at this point….lewis and allen are tryin but how much could they do…charmers wade bosh even norris cole have to step it up…play the game….we need defence…DEFENCE…DEFENCE…i’m a heat fan but i have the its over thought in my head….it would be nice to make that comeback champions…we could only hope for the best.

  73. Gray to the Ham says:

    If a washed up Rashard Lewis and almost 40 allen with an always injured D-wade. you can’t win anything.
    Other than LBJ the starters went 11 / 34.. WTF? I could do that for free.

  74. michael J says:


  75. proglock says:

    The HEAT needs Chris Paul and Kevin Love to beat the Spurs….

    • 37yrfan says:

      …………..and every other hot dog scorer and ringchaser they can find/buy…….good luck with that !!

  76. NBA fan says:

    Most of u so called “heat fans” wasnt with the heat untill lebron aka lebum showed up LETS GO SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Michael says:

    This is the proof that LeBron will never be at Michael’s level. Never. Michael would never allowed something like this to happen. So please everybody stop the comparisions, it’s not even a disscusion. LeBron is not as a player( attributes/fundamentals/all-around play) near Michael, not to mention the other factors(clutch/leadership/competitve drive).He doesn’t have a stabile jumpshot, fundamentals, skills, all that he does is putting a head of steam, forcing a lay-up or a dunk inside, always based on his atleticism.He ain’t no danger in the perimeter jumpshots or 3point line, everybody knows that. Until we don’t somebody that will elevate the game and create a bigger stage than Michael did, Michael will always be the best.

    • 37yrfan says:

      ….MJ is just one player of 5…… he couldn’t have stopped the offensive barrage you have just witnessed….. so leave him out of it…..

    • Jason says:

      So lemme just say I hate lebron, but to say he’s not a threat from behind the arc or a bad shooter is ridiculous. You do know his stats are better than jordans right?

    • Judge Holden says:

      You are a disgrace to the history of the game, and Michael Jordan himself would laugh at your asinine comments.

  78. silver says:

    bosh gonna cry again come sunday.. Jordan is The only en true GOAT LBJ is just another wanna be….

  79. bballjunkie1 says:

    Lebron may have a good game but it is over. Every weakness on both sides of the ball have been exposed. The difference is Spurs have Pop who went backed re=tooles and this is the results. Spo is in over his head does not have the ability to see big picture or is full of himself either way it doesnt matter. Dwade is not 20, cant finish anymore, Chalmers should be buried on the bench. Always felt a new coach should have went in with Lebron. Their 3 peat was last year cause all they had to do is put the ball in Lebrons hand the first year, a 2X MVP against Dallas. Pop certainly would have, Lebron got some rhinking to do he gave them 4 stabs at it, anymore and it will start looking like Cleveland.

  80. luck run out says:

    They were lucky last year, so it is not surprise they can win one in luck

  81. JFK says:

    At the end of the day, great fundamentals always wins the game. Heat needs to go back to training camp and raise their playing standards to that of the West teams. But to be fair, if it was the Pacers who fought the Spurs, it would probably be over by now.

  82. The heat will comeback to this series . Mark my word!

    • Daniele says:


    • VM says:

      I really like the Heat but sorry, there’s no way they’re winning this series. Even OKC was a better opponent that the Heat are. It’s great to support the team you love but you have to be a little realistic too – it helps save face in the end when your team loses. Spurs are taking it this year as they should have in 2013. They are, by far, the best team in the NBA.

    • Tony C says:

      The Spurs need a good a$$ kicking!!!! And Lebron is just the guy to give it to them.

    • Josh says:

      Get real! LBJ is a great player…. probably the best today. But the Heat are a sorry team. They have played garbage defense all year. And it worked for them thus far, but the Spurs are exploiting that weak defense. It also doesn’t help that it’s Cleveland all over again for LBJ. No support. DWade is washed up. Bosh has always been overhyped and inconsistant. And there is no real bench support to speak of. Allen is about the only bench player who can score and even then, that’s maybe 10 points. The Heat’s run is over.

  83. Yo says:

    I cant believe how far the nba has come to avoid other teams rather than Lakers, Bulls or Celtics make history, this is a clearly fixed game, Is not coincidence that Miami almost were 2-0 on the series, and as magic SA shoots 90% of the field when it was clear that Miami was in confidence. The refs that supose to favor heat, turn against them , almost 8 of 10 fouls when the heat went to the paint were not called. But its just a show, simply Spurs put more money on the table than the Arison family.

    • William says:

      lol – excuses.

      The Heat paid the refs better last year. Spurs won 2013.

      How much money did Wade take to shoot 3 for 13? Are you defending your team when you seriously think they are taking money to lose? Do you seriously think that a ref can make 76% of the Spurs shots to fall?

      When you turn 13 you’ll have more appreciation for how thoroughally the Spurs LEGITIMATELY spanked the nobody Heat.

    • max says:

      Are you on drugs?

    • Larry says:

      Call whomever you need to “pay” the refs, which I agree is an issue overall in the NBA, and allow your unintelligent comments and excuse-laden mindset be what comforts you… (feeling sad for ya, chief)

    • 37yrfan says:

      “supposed to favor heat”……..see, that’s what kind of thinking that star treatment by the refs gets in peoples minds…… it is “SUPPOSED” to be that stinkin’ way………and when the baby stars DON”T get bailed out over and over again……… lame fans cry ….. where are OUR refs ????

    • Big says:

      What time did you leave in the 4th quarter of game 3 and 4? Youre whats wrong with the NBA. Im glad this series is going to get rid of ‘fans’ like you.

  84. DaCoach says:

    Derek Rose doesn’t blow his knee in 2012
    Manu G and Greg Popp better execute the WTF happenings at the end of Gm 6 last year

    = we’re talking today about how Lebron is still “ringless” and his departure and the breakup of the big 3 is a foregone conclusion. Spolestra probably fired after failing last year.

    I hope they get Carmelo who’s gonna play defense other than LJ? Newsflash south beach it takes a team to win a championship

  85. El Stone says:

    When LeBron said “Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8” is it possible he was talking about Finals losses?

    Cause this’ll be 3 for him so far (in 5 attempts).

  86. SWEFCG says:

    Oden shouldv’e went to San Antonio if we wanted some rings

    • 37yrfan says:

      ………oh yeah……where is the blogger “lbj” ?? …….. who always ‘say’ ….” u better come ‘play’ with da king if u want da ring”…… haven’t heard much out of Him lately !! lol….. Maybe it should be more like…..”Hey, very rich guy even without your “basketball” contract…..Why don’t you go play in SA for twenty bucks a year and get those 7,(did he say 7?) NBA Finals Titles…….. what about THAT ! very rich outside of basketball(investments/endorsements) guy ???

    • Adam says:

      San Antonio would know how to utilize his talents better than the Heat have…

  87. William says:

    Dear Heat fans,

    Welcome to reality. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, and you will know FOREVER that you got OWNED by the Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps – way to walk out on your team with 5 minutes left in the gamee.

    • U sound stupid says:

      Yeah… .that doesn’t show any level of loyalty doing that. That’s bandwagoning for you.

    • Billy bob says:

      I was thinking the same.
      What a fair weather fans in Miami. Walking out 2 games in a row. Booing their team in the finals.,,,,Never tell me again that the Heat are truly loved by their fans. Those fans are shalllow and full of themselves….like the “superstars” on that team.
      It was great to see great fundamental basketball beating arrogance and fair weather “fans” of the game.

  88. thespectator says:

    im just shocked. i really thought miami would tie it up, but they got beat twice, on their home floor, each game by 15+ points! spurs are just more deeper….miami may win game 5, lebron might go mean mug face mode and drop 45, 15, and 5 like he did against the celtics..but to win 2 more straight times, against this spurs team? impossible…dwade doent look fresh and bosh has been completely taken out of his game..big 3 has now become big 1…this miami heat team dont look anymore different than the cavs team that got swept by the spurs a few years back. lbj’s legacy has been damaged for good, 5 finals visits and won 2 of the 3…talk about devastating.

    • Billy bob says:

      I like the demeanor of the Spurs players. They are humble and all business. THey are focussed and they love their coach. I hope all these things will beat the sheer arrogance and shallowness of the Heat.

  89. M1978 says:

    It’s ain’t over yet. But the Spurs looked pretty well. Haven’t seen such a balanced, team work oriented team since 06 Boston Celtics.
    Hope they’ll win, they deserve it.

  90. Johny says:

    “I don’t care about odds,” noted Bosh. “Odds are for people that can’t do it.”

    -Chris Bosh will officially be a person that can’t do it by the end of Sunday night…

  91. prahumac says:

    so finally we have done it we have crushed them in their home too so time to finish them off in style by crushin them in our home !!!!!!!!!! go spurs go!!!!!! 2014 nba champs

  92. I think only miami heat can the series comeback to 3-3 . I’m feel a bit of confidence

  93. Yusa says:

    Spurs are just dominant and at their best just wow. However the Heat are just awful, help from the role players are close to non-existent. Look at last year, Mike Miller caught fire, Cole also is and Shane Battier. You can’t win against Spurs with just superstars you need to beat them as a team and the Heat showed it last year, But it looks like a different Heat team we’ve seen this Finals. However if the Spurs can’t close at Game 5. then Heat might still get that 3peat yet Pop and the Spurs are great they knew what went wrong before if they fell again in this series it is just pure disappointment.

  94. Frisnel Oxine says:

    Well Lebron is sp much self fsh that sometimes he forget the others in forcing bad moves. Other thing he doesn’t really looks like a basketball player, with no style.

  95. mss627 says:

    The spurs look like those old Knicks teams of the late 60s and early 70s. Somewhere Red Holtzman has got a big smile on his face.

  96. Thomas Rinaldi says:

    Pretty soon they won’t need LeBron.

  97. Thomas Rinaldi says:

    “The Heat need Carmelo” I just realized how stupid that sounds!

  98. McD says:

    I dont usually troll but there was one heat fan on here after game 2 saying things like…spurs home court poof gone, spurs chance of winning poof gone and then proceeded to say heat in 5. Im not saying its over but I really dont see the heat coming back

  99. Bill says:

    The one area that the heat was weak is rebounding and the spurs exposed that the last two games. Wade should seriously think about retirement, and James has to learn that he can no longer win by himself. The SPURS have shone that basketball is a team sport, and there is no I in team. go CELTICS

  100. ohyea says:

    Lance Stephenson will be ready to board his plane to SA this weekend when Spurs will turn off their AC so Lebron will cramp up and beat the heat.

  101. mark says:

    seriously? still blaming Lebron? he was 19 pts. out of 21 of the Heat’s 3rd Q. smh such hate

    • 37yrfan says:

      ……..and ZERO as in NONE in the …oh yeah, FOURTH quarter…..When bronbron was let back in the game at the 8:32 mark of the 4th quarter he tried and MISSED 2 24-25 foot shots and had ONE rebound in his LITTLE stint in the fourth quarter…….leaving the game for good with 3:38 remaining on the clock……..SO ….. he is a superstar ……..WHY??

      • Judge Holden says:

        They were getting blown out… you ignoramus. Why run the starters ragged in a blowout when the Spurs were emptying their bench? You’re just another hater in a long long line of haters, and you have no dignity in defeat or victory.

  102. jumppong says:

    Dethrone the King. is he the greatest player today?

  103. jumppong says:

    WOW all the haet fan’s are Silent hahahahaha what now????

  104. Scott C says:

    who, what, when, where, kaWHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!! ….. Lebron is great but the Spurs are one of the best teams ever to step on the court….it’s a beautiful game they play

  105. davE says:

    Sadly, there are way more people rooting against the Heat, than those who truly cheer for the Spurs. Nobody is noticing their excellent play, but Miami’s bad one. I’m a Heat fan, and I’m aware that they’ve been outplayed these two games but still I think there is a small chance for 3peat. Whatever happens, next year you’ll have us in the Finals again. GO HEAT!

    • Billy bob says:

      actually whoever I talk to loves the team ball of the spurs, they are just not on this website. Most of these people are hardworking people and have no time to go on line. ( I am a basketball junky though and I always find time to check all this out)
      Go Spurs. Go Team ball.

    • 37yrfan says:


  106. Big Fan says:

    Heat Fans are the worst basketball fans in the world..nuff said

  107. ism says:

    Miami may lose this series, with the Spurs deservedly winning their fifth, but since a) the Heat are more exciting than the Spurs and b) this series as a whole was bound to be more exciting, I want to see at least a 6 game series. These two teams are so great (if you leave out Miami’s constitution in the last two), a 5 game series doesn’t do them justice and to us, as fans, at least one bonus game would be so great to see. Unless, of course, you are rooting for the Spurs with a feeling of vengeance.

    • 37yrfan says:

      …….you ARE funny that early in the AM…….so the heat are more exciting than the Spurs ….WHY??? because they get BLOWN OUT twice in a row …AT home???? verry funny………………OR if you are a true heat fan you must be a glutton for punishment…..

  108. sepjo says:

    Finally! spurs will prove that Heat is not a real dominant team compare to that of Jordan’s bulls or even (consideration) shaqs lakers.. first they fell against mavs which obviously were less talented line up except for Dirk.. then against OKC, credit to them but obviously OKC that time was really inexperience.. But last year, againi they were clearly the team with great roster and yet they almost lost it last year, credit to them last year… they forced it, they didn’t give up and they gained great result…What im saying is Heat is not that great team they thought and their fans thought they are…
    theyre just lucky coz Lebron is a real gifted player.. and then they got ray allen and some really good bench palyers. But brilliance as a team, not really.. and im not really amaze with Bosh and wade…

  109. johnntabz says:


  110. SAS puts B back in NBA says:

    SAS makes me smile every time I watch them as it reminds me how beautiful this game is. This is how I imagine ex-Yugoslavia NT would of play basketball if we didnt have civil war.

  111. Oto says:

    I think even as Heat fans we have to admit that the Spurs are the better team. I hope LeBron stays in Miami since that would be a true sign of character. Yes, they need to change the team a little but still it’s better than to go elsewhere just to hunt for more rings…

  112. real heat fan says:

    i just hate all haters.you can’t reach a goal so you down those who try.bitter ppl hate on the heat. Get game 5 , win 6 T HOME AND TRY TO TAKE 7. LET’S GO HEAT. PROUD OF GREG ODEN.AT LEAST HE CAME BACK AND THAT COUNTS FOR EVERYTHING. HATERS GONNA HATE!


    • Billy bob says:

      hey “real heat fan”, why don’t you take your rants to all those felllow “fans” who walked out of 2 finals games and booed their own team……..

    • Billy bob says:

      hmmm….I bet that a lot of people here finished college or worked for a living…….not sure LeBron can say the same.

    • 37yrfan says:

      …..I like how you say that …..”Get” game 5…….yup that is all you have to say….BUT the heaters have to DO IT …..and that is proving more difficult that they thought it was gonna be because they had another EASY road to the finals……But I will say this…..The spurs don’t have a LOCK on game 5…..They WILL have to earn it and it might be real hard to accomplish……If any team can do it, this Spurs team can……

  113. gnik911 says:

    it’s funny how confident bosh is saying he can beat the odds….but then he never really showed any worth…or maybe he was referring to his captain lechoke??

  114. Fr0Gi says:

    The Heat last 2 champoinships ware just luck. Two seasons where all teams had trouble whit injures but miami stayed helthy. There road to finals in playoffs ware also easy, where SAS beat strong teams champs pretenders. And the fact that miami is aiming for Melo shows this team is not build whit any concept its just based on allstars.

  115. Bingo45 says:

    To Miami Heat…ONE GAME AT A TIME! Forget Games 3 & 4! Give Your Best Shot on Game 5..I do bet on the Spurs since the beginning but I Wanted to See this Series go down the Wire>>> SUDDEN DEATH! GAME 7! LET’S GO HEAT! For Now! 🙂

  116. Brando says:

    This series look to be done. James got two out of it… not a bad feat!

  117. Marco29 says:

    Heat really seem worn out. Their 4 long seasons are comming back to bite them.
    Also, they have no answers to the depth of the Spurs. Spurs are 12 man team and well coached while Miami can only turn to LBJ who they have to over utilize which leads to lower impact at the end of games (except game 2).
    LBJ scored 19 of the Heat’s 21 3rd quarter point!! Amazing!!! Miami lost the quarter 21 to 25 with so litlle contribution from Wade, Chalmers, Bosh or from anyone. Who can LBJ turn to to have some support? Apart Allen and Lewis at times he does not get help.They could play more around Bosh but he does not get the ball. Wade, Chalmers and Cole are no-shows.
    Spo will probably try some changes for Game 5 and maybe reactivate Battier, Haslem and Jones but it is probably too late.
    I don’t see how the Heat could win 3 games in a row against this Spurs team if Spurs sticks to the game plan shown in games 3 &4.

  118. JM says:

    Gentleman’s sweep.

  119. Masa says:

    The game is not over! LeBron and the Heat could come back! No one did in the past? … well there must a first time for everything, now we have the chance to create the first time ever in a NBAFinals, come back from 1-3 to 4-3.
    The game is not over, I’m a believer! Always keep the faith in James!

    • 37yrfan says:

      You are right about that…..it could happen……but probably not…..

    • DMG says:

      Actually 8 teams have done it in the past http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=ycn-8378573. Somehow Heat fans seem to believe they are the greatest ever, under the reign of King James, but not even Lebron James could do this by himself. For them to become the 9th team to come back from a 3-1 deficit is going to be a miracle. The one game the Heat won they did so by 2 points. The Spurs have won by a combined 55! And when the Heat were lucky enough to squeak out that 2 point victory, Heat fans shouted to every end of the interwebs how their team was destined for another Championship. These are the same fair-weather fans that booed their team last game. Your team has a ton of talent, there is no doubt, but how could you take pride in a team that bought their rings. How much fun can it be to watch a team with the biggest purse strings win? The Spurs have done it consistently for years through hard work and discipline, they don’t run their mouths, they aren’t concerned with who is in the spotlight, they are focused on one thing and they are just a game away from it. Can’t wait to see Tim and Manu retire with one last ring. GO SPURS GO!!!!

  120. AC says:

    Revenge for last year – when they STOLE their win – remember that no-call foul on Manu ???

  121. mrsgn says:

    Michael Beasley will not have a ring ever. Cursed.

    • 37yrfan says:

      ….yeah ….is he hurt ?….. and I mean physically………or just de-activated…..Another GREAT off season pick up by that so-called genius of a gm…….

  122. G says:

    Teamball pays off!

  123. KL2 says:

    “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven.” …. Right. Just in 5 Spurs.

  124. LAFAN says:

    The Heat fans knew it was over… that’s why they all started chanting ‘Lets Go Eat! Lets Go Eat!’ :p

  125. wenggers says:

    no ring for you GREG ODEN

  126. swingman says:

    oh well!!! time for lebron to go back to his true team….the cavs

    didn’t really like him with the heat….i believe to be considered great, you have to make your team around you just as great…lebron ain’t doing that. lesson learned i guess.

  127. BJL says:

    Spurs. Best. Teamwork. Champions. Thanks.

  128. prandy wong says:

    poor defense leads to easy point…Bosh can shoot but cant guard….

  129. Saeed says:

    This thing NOT OVER YET. They need one road win (where they are more comfortable) and put themselves in a position to come home again having a chance to force a game 7. I worry more about home games than road games. LeBron has always been great on road. I think the first half of game 5 should be LeBron’s most selfish half in many years. He can rely on his teammates for the second half. but again, THIS THING NOT OVER YET.

    • timpson says:

      Dude he can’t beat the spurs by himself sorry.

    • Yiogi says:

      You do realize that the Spurs have homecourt advantage and both games 6 and 7 will be in San Antonio right? You do realize that the finals format has been 2-3-2 since 1985 right? So if the heat win their LAST home game and 1 on the road that still leaves them 1 win short. If you really thing this heat team that managed to win 1 close game and suffered 3 blow outs from these Spurs will actually win the next 3 games with 2 being on the road, my personal opinion would be that you are day dreaming.

    • 9 says:

      1 road win????
      they need to win 3 straight… 1 home + 2 roads…

    • Starsleeper says:

      Lebron alraidy did everything. The teammates produced nothing, so he will have to do it an entire game on his own, folowing your logic, you know, like with the Cavs, like why he left the Cavs. It would be very sad if they have to rely on LeBron only. Yeah, bring in Melo next season, instead of playing better bal with the 3 superstars you alraidy have (plus Ray), would be the weekest and saddest move ever.
      They’re just lucky they’re in the East, in the West they would be 4th best or something right now.
      Spurs eliminate them in Game 5, and get Tim D and Pop their 5th.

    • VM says:

      You’re right, it’s not over yet but it may as well be. The Spurs have played phenomenal ball and have proved yet again why they are champions. I like the Heat and think they are a talented club with respectable and likeable guys but really, the Spurs rule and with the way they’ve always been overlooked as a second-rate, boring club, they deserve the glory they’ve worked so hard to earn. Spurs are an incredible, solid and fun team to watch and while last year should have been theirs, they’ll make 2014 one to remember. GO SPURS GO!

    • 37yrfan says:

      …..”where they are More comfortable”??? WTF…….. so that 8 game home winning streak didn’t register , huh……

  130. Td21 says:

    Heat were lucky. This should’ve have been a sweep.

    Spurs in 5