Game 4: The Wrap

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Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat for a second-straight game to win 107-86 on Thursday night. The Spurs now lead The Finals 3-1 as they head back to San Antonio for a potential closeout game on Sunday. Here’s a quick recap of’s complete Game 4 coverage:

Game 4 Coverage: Spurs 107, Heat 86NBA Finals


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  1. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Spurs beating Heat will be as sweet as the 2004 Piston beating the fantastic 4 Lakers.

    Team game all the way!


    Word for today: “OFFENSE CRAMPING”

    That’s what happens when you don’t have fluidity in your offense.
    The HEAT point guards went stagnant and killed proper ball circulation.
    The scoreboard become dehydrated resulting in fatigue and dizziness.


  3. bballjunkie1 says:

    Miller isnt the answer, u can’t beat father of time (dwade),u can’t beat not having a true point that sees the whole floor, why waste that position when u can have a strong (forward/guard) who can create his own shot to draw a Spurs defense out of the paint. Not to mention the insertion of Diaw now u have a match up problem too small for these guys. Small ball. big ball Spurs have it. The biggest challenge for Miami is they have a coah in over his head, he can’t coach on the fly thats why they didnt 3 peat last year. Who else would not have given the ball to the 3x MVP in his 1st year that series was winable. Pop would have plain and simple. Lebron may have a good game moving forward but its starting to look like Cleveland again he gave them 4 stabs they have been paid in full.

  4. MR210 says:

    Simple fact – Pop is better coach, and has more weapons at his disposal.
    Maybe Pat Riley should take some “heat” for not giving LBJ any help.

    Maybe this is what LBJ needs to add fuel to the fire and leave Miami for NY…or wherever else he wants to take his talents.

    Loved seeing Spurs led by the Kawhi-et Riot again!
    Early fave for MVP?
    Game 5 will determine who it will be: Parker/Kawhi/Duncan…

  5. Big Al says:

    It’s really painful to see a championship team get dismantled in two straight home games. Last year’s triumph was very narrow and had a great deal of luck, but the Heat didn’t do anything to strengthen themselves more. Letting go of Miller was a mistake. And I don’t see the risk involved in putting Beasley in the rotation. He could have given LeBron much needed rest in some games. The world’s best player is also by far the hardest working, and he can get tired or hurt like everyone else. Why is Oden not being used as well? Right now, size matters and he is size. The Spurs have been out-rebounding them with their height advantage. Spo seems to be too cautious in taking chances on his other players and is paying for it. Pop digs really deep in his bench, and the results speak for themselves.

    • boots says:

      Oden has medical issues. Pretty sure it was reported that his knees were getting better, but then he had some other issue

  6. lalalalla says:

    now where have all the Heat fans-gone-Nostradamus-predicting-4-2 gone now? ha!

  7. bballjunkie1 says:

    The blue print is public now for beating Miami. Pop has exposed all of Miami weaknesses on both sides of the ball. A championship minded coach went back re-tooled and here he is masterful. I’ve said all along a new coach should have went in with Lebron, they’ve wasted two championship appearances the first one was winable u just needed to include 2 time MVP in game plan duh ! I am not going to waste print on Spo, Chalmers, Dwade is not 20 cant finish around rim anymore should be willing to come off rhe bench embrace 6th man et c etc etc etc. Good baskerball Pop