GameDay Live: Heat-Spurs Game 4

VIDEO: Old man River Walk (Tim Duncan) and the Spurs looked just as good away from home in The Finals

MIAMI — Didn’t see it coming.

None of us did.

Not like this.

Not from the San Antonio Spurs or the Miami Heat.

Not like this.

In the span of eight quarters the Spurs took the Finals and flipped it upside down and inside out, pushing their lead to 3-1 after Thursday night’s 107-86 thrashing of the Heat at AmericanAirlines Arena. The best road team in the NBA this season showed themselves to be every bit of the juggernaut away from home that their record indicates they should be.

All that’s left is the close out. It could come as early as Sunday night in San Antonio, provided the Spurs keep this up. No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in The Finals (0-31). No team has won consecutive road games by 15 or more points in The Finals … until now.

History will be made in this series, one way or another.

But I promise, no one saw this coming.

No one!

The Spurs didn’t.

And the Heat certainly didn’t see it coming!

Revenge of the Spurs

Tony Parker said he likes the term “rematch” better. Call it what you want. But two straight beatdowns on the road gives the Spurs the right to call it whatever they want.

No impact

Not No. 1 (pick) , not No. 2 (pick), not No. 3 …

Never come back

Dig out of this mess, if you can …

Carrying the load

Shades of Cleveland?

History … repeating itself

I’m going with 2004!

Measuring up to MJ

Like Mike … nah!

All about Bobby

Fundamentals + Magic = History

This would have been one unbelievable two-man game for the world to deal with …

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NBA history for Tim Duncan of the @officialspurs!

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Fade County

From Wade County to Fade County!


The almost dunk of The Finals, Kawhi flying in from the wing on Birdman. Lawd! Spurs rolling 81-57 at the end of the third.

VIDEO: Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs smashed the Heat for a second straight game

Let the blame game begin

With no easy answers for a second straight collapse at home, no one will escape the wrath for this one. Clear your throat Bobby Ramos.

Not gonna happen!

Not here Metta, not tonight. #SpursWay

So much for that home court advantage

The Big 3 era wasn’t supposed to end like this …

Age ain’t nuthin but a number

The older the berry the sweeter the juice!

East Coast vs West Coast

The Heat are getting worked in a game played at their preferred pace. #nofuture

Time for some action …

Heat need it all the time if they are going to save themselves tonight.

Kawh-eezy Does It!

It’s always the punch you don’t see coming

None of us saw it coming like this DA

Deep in the heart of Texas …

Shades of Dallas in 2011? Perhaps. The Spurs are just beating the brakes off of the the Heat 55-26 at halftime. Heat looked completely stunned and utterly helpless in the midst of this undressing by the mighty Spurs. Next time Timmy says he wants a piece of you, you better be ready.

No coming back from this!

No one man can overcome this onslaught. Not even LBJ!

History might have to wait …

Talking about it is much easier than doing it.

Ol’ school player with new school tools

Ray makes it looks so pretty.

The Big Croissant = ballin’

Nothing worse than a basketball man crush!

Better Basketball …

Keeping it simple works.

Send out the search party for D.Wade 

Something’s terribly off with Wade and clearly off with the Heat. They appear to be out of starch right now. Blowing rotations on defense and passing up shots, open shots, on offense. #WhereisDWade?


Spurs are still in control of this series … until further notice.

Careful … be very careful

This is one could slip away if the Heat are not careful.

Code Red?

Miami just went crazy with LeBron running back to the locker room. What’s the deal? #NoCramps

Still hot!

Another Finals record is not completely out of the question, not yet.

Melo out

That didn’t take long …

A truly global game

Batum ballin’ all around the world.


For all of you superstitious types out there, keep an eye on this.

There’s wrong and then there is this …

Julia Dale did her thing as always on the anthem. I want to see her ID, no way she’s only 13.

Ready or not …

You know LBJ is ready. The Heat have played 48 consecutive playoff games (since the conference finals against Boston in 2012) without losing consecutive games.


Danny Green is super clean, but Timmy takes the #NBAStyle cake with these throwback jeans.

All eyes on Kawhi

I wonder if young Kawhi Leonard is ready for an encore performance from Game 3?

Big Boys in the building

We’ve got the TNT Big Boys in the house tonight, too. Careful Shaq, you might leave a mark on that dome! #ChuckB!

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Shaq messes with Chuck!

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Hang Time Pigcast!

Win or lose, we did Miami right for Games 3 and 4. #HangTimePodcastCrew Shout out to our gracious host @GeniRodriguez

Priorities people, priorities …

So let me get this straight, the Heat haven’t even found their way out of this series and they are already contemplating their next move (Melo joining the Big 3 to make a Big 4)? That’s either the epitome of Heat arrogance or an extremely wise decision by a forward thinking front office crew.

It’s going down … Finals … Game 4!

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#NBAFinals Game 4!

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Game 3 flashback

It’s in the books, of course. But if you’re a fan of basketball and of high drama, nothing tops Game 3 of these Finals …

VIDEO: Game gave us an epic showing from the Spurs. Is Game 4 the Heat’s time to return serve?


  1. De Muis says:

    You certainly didn’t see it coming, cus i remember your arrogant writing when spurs were losing you predicted the Heat were the team to beat. Maybe next time, like so many other media personalities, you should get off lebron’s d… and be objective. I can understand fanboys adoring him so much but that professional journalists would be so enamored?

  2. 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

    You don’t love Lebron but you talk more about him than your favorite players. You don’t the Heat but you cant go one post without referring to them. Who are you kidding. Win or not this Miami team will going down as one if not the greatest team ever. 4 straight appearances in the finals only two more teams had done that.4 consecutive Eastern conference titles. The heat is the last team to record an impressive 27 games winning streak.everything Miami under the big 3 is historical. So don’t tell me this team is like your regular team.Main stream media didn’t see this coming because they have no interest in boring teams playing in boring cities. Stop crying!!!

  3. Robert Holcomb says:

    You and all you guys who live on the East and West coasts may not have seen it coming but those of us who watched all 90+ Spurs games this year are not surprised one single bit. We knew the Heat were overrated and the Spurs underrated so the series developing like it has is not something beyond our expectations. Charles Barkley kept saying, ‘They ain’t goin’ nowhere. They Spurs, they ain’t goin’ nowhere.’ In response, we all thought, ‘You just keep thinking that, Charles. Yea…you just keep think’ that.’ And, one more thing, you pundits need to quit asking, ‘What’s wrong with the Heat?’ The very simple question is that they are simply being manhandled by a deeper, superior team. It’s as easy as that.

  4. Sevi says:

    With the last two heat championship years, a lot of the teams have decided that they need a big 3 to compete. Although San Antonio have a version of the big 3, they’ve demonstrated that team basketball is key to winning. I’m glad for the Spurs. Amazing effort after last years’ Game 6.

  5. Wyn says:

    As expected from lebron.. Quit

  6. notlbj says:

    maybe your “King” LeBron should join the Spurs, maybe they will trade future hall of famer Austin Daye for LBJ.

  7. Brothers you can´t deny that all this Heat era will be remember forever. Love you guys from the coach til players. No matter if we lose. The important is the legacy that YOU guys did. No one else deserves credits only you heat guys.

    Bye bye dear Heat. Always in my mind. 🙂

    • Sonic says:

      They’ve been really good, but I don’t think one of the top 5 teams in NBA history. Maybe not even top 10. The league is more watered down than it was in the 80s or 90s. The Heat has played in a terrible Eastern Conference. San Antonio lost the finals last year because of mistakes and probably should have won that series. No question, they are a great team, but I think in terms of NBA History, people are being prisoners of the moment and overrate the Heat just a little bit.



  10. Hey! What is up!? We are still thinking we can win. Just watch videos and Lebron scores 1004- That is t.


  11. AnthonyP says:

    My god, how many star players does Lebron need in order to win a championship. He couldn’t do it with 2 other star players, so they added Ray Allen (who I like), and of course they deserved the ring that year. But now, he can’t do it with 3 other star players, and now they’re talking about Carmelo going to Miami to be the 4th star player. Miami has great players but it’s so ridiculous down there.

    • 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

      It means your team or city or state isnt appealing enough so players with character refuse to play anywhere near your town.

  12. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Kawhi Leonard playing like a boss now. I hope Timmy ain’t going to retire after this.

    • Sonic says:

      Why should he retire? He’s still playing great. He’ll be 50 and still be a double-double machine, haha. Seriously though, I don’t see why he couldn’t go for a few more years, maybe with a more limited role.

  13. KDAJ says:

    I’M LOVING LEONARD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ben says:

    I thought this was coming. I was pretty convinced that Miami was done against either of the West finalists. I saw either San Antonio or OKC beating them in 5 or 6. And given the way San Antonio took to dispatching Oklahoma in the first half of games, I didn’t see any way Miami would stop them from doing the same – they are even less suited to stopping them than Oklahoma are.

    Admittedly, the part I didn’t see was that they would do it twice in a row IN Miami. I thought it more likely that they slammed them in San Antonio and that the Miami games were closer.

    But realistically, Miami are very lucky this wasn’t a 4-0 sweep. There is just no way they are on the same level as the West. The only reason they got out of the East this year was Indiana’s monumental collapse.

    Miami need a refresh. They cannot win another championship while Wade is their second option. He is still a game winner, but he needs to be their third option, tops. They need a much bigger player to fill the rotating Battier/Lewis/Haslem spot in the starting lineup. They need more people on the bench not named Anderson that do more than shoot threes and do some good d. I’m not saying Miami are done by any means, but I never saw them winning this year.

    (Yes I know, its easy for me to say this on here now).

    • Sonic says:

      I totally agree with you. Indiana’s collapse was mind boggling and disappointing. But I had the Spurs winning the Finals since they let it get away from them last year.

  15. Taj says:

    Where is Mike Miller?

    The Mike Miller effect…

  16. coolc says:

    LeBron james will never be better them Michael Jordan he dont have the drive like Michael did I cant look at the game no more Miami Heat getting beat down and Tim Duncan say this time they going to win the championship look that way. So y’all who say james better then Jordan I cant tell Michael will never let this happen to the Chicago Bulls

    • Sonic says:

      No, Michael was 6 for 6 in the Finals. That conversation and comparison should have died a long time ago. MJ didn’t go join Magic or Isiah, etc. James is a great player, but I feel the people who say he’s better are probably teens who never watched Jordan play.

  17. Pat says:

    The Heat are who we thought they were. Go Spurs!