GameDay Live: Heat-Spurs Game 3

VIDEO: The Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard set the tone from the start in a dominant Game 3 win that helped the Spurs take a 2-1 lead

MIAMI — Home court advantage, and some would say order, has been restored in The Finals on the heels of the San Antonio Spurs’ absolute domination of the Miami Heat. The 111-92 by a Spurs team that couldn’t miss early on was as beautiful to watch as it was startling to see.

The Heat’s home court invincibility, they were 8-0 in this postseason prior to Tuesday night, has been punctured. And now the plot thickens.

The Spurs didn’t just come here to take back home court. They came here to assert themselves as the rightful holders of the title that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra claims is up for grabs. He’s never operated with the incumbent attitude you might expect from the coach of the two-time defending champs.

He has accorded the Spurs the proper respect from the very start.

Now we know why.

School was in session at AmericanAirlines Arena Tuesday night, and the home team better had taken some notes!

Corn Rows Nation stand up!

Salute Kawhi for handling his business tonight. He was presented with the challenge and showed up in a major way.

Formatting issues, not this time!

The 2-2-1-1-1 is going to look really good to the Spurs in about two minutes.

So there’s the Big 3 … and those other two

Not bad for a couple of youngsters, huh?

Super Nintendo Sega-Genesis!

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from a true Heat fan!

Ray from the corner … again!

Watch and learn Miami!

Rise and shine young Kawhi!

Playing the role of LeBron James for the team in black is No. 2 Kawhi Leonard.

Ray from the corner … again!

Almost as inexplicable as the Heat leaving shooters open tonight is the Spurs ever leaving Ray Allen alone in the corner.

Persistence pas off!

The Spurs just keep on doing what they do …

Spurs holding on for home court

The Spurs cling to their 86-75 lead after three. The AC didn’t go out, but somebody turned the Heat up. They stormed to within seven at 81-74 but the Spurs used the jab to hold them off. Fourth quarter is going to be wild!


That’s the only thing that will slow the Heat down right now!

#SpursWay travels …

In 29 other cities it’s called teamwork. In San Antonio it’s simply the #SpursWay

Mami Vice

The Heat finally have the game at their pace (and the Spurs’ shooting stroke has cooled considerably). But once you’ve expended the energy to come back, where does the burst to go all the way come from?

Don’t go home early

It’s not as crazy as it sounds …

What’s my motivation?

Acting school is in session, has been for years down here in South Beach.

A great debate for another day

Pondering the futures of young stars while the stars of the past and present do battle. Interesting question, though.

Bold predictions …

Langstradamous at work. We shall see …

VIDEO: The Spurs need “more nasty” from Kawhi Leonard as he tries to slow down LeBron James

Ain’t no stoppin’ these Spurs tonight

A commanding 71-50 Spurs lead at the half. Bonkers first half of basketball. Spurs shoot a staggering 75.8 percent from the field and shock the house!

Foxx: “Hey champ, you got any idea how to stop these boys?”

Floyd: “Nope. Not even my defense is that good.”

Kawhi Leonard leads all with 18 at the half on ABC. #phantomcam #nbafinals

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It’s not over just yet …

All this work and the Heat are still in this thing, so to speak. Down 64-48 with just udner dos minudos to play before halftime.

Check the shot chart, Son!

Range anywhere in the gym, from South Beach to South Broward …

Something to think about …

If anyone knows how to administer a tail-whippin’ on the defending two-time champs it’s the Spurs.

Now that’s a fire!!!!

Still hot!

A little get-back

Kawhi’s got the power!

No explanation needed (or possible)

Good luck explaining this one …

It’s just so pretty

Patty Mills gets in on the action with a 3 on the run to make it 48-28 with 9:52 to play in the second quarter. The Spurs are a machine when they get it going like this. Not sure anyone can stop them on a night like this.

#SpursWay = AMAZING!

The Spurs’ first quarter display was as stunning as it was swift. Heat never could recover from the early blows. Ball movement was otherworldly. Kawhi came back to life and Manu finishes off the barrage at the buzzer. Unbelievable response from the Spurs. Unbelievable!

Basketball wisdom with Nick The Quick

Patience is a virtue none of us have this time of the year Nick!

Whose house? LeBron’s house …

He’s still in Game 2 mode folks!

Save some for later …

Heat fans in shock here early. But early leads don’t usually last. Spurs are locked in, though. They better save some for later.

Back to ballin’ for Kawhi?

Kawhi had to crank it up for the Spurs to have a chance tonight. No way around it.

Sterling Update

I’ll spare you the details and allow you to enjoy the game. But NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sat down with Rachel Nichols to talk about the latest in the Donald Sterling affair … ugh!

VIDEO: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talks Donald Sterling with Rachel Nichols


Julia Dale hasn’t lost a game yet this season when she sings the anthem … the Heat haven’t lost a game when she sings the anthem!


The Boris Effect … in “Full Effect!”

Game Time!

It’s good to be home

Somebody looks mighty comfortable being back on his home turf.

The real champs in the house!!!

No offense to the Heat and Spurs, but the true champs were on the floor early. They even beat Ray Allen out there. #HeatDancers

The @miamiheat dancers are ready for Game 3 of the #NBAFinals!

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Fisher snags first win as Knicks coach

I don’t know where the Knicks are headed under Phil Jackson and new coach Derek Fisher, but they sure know how to do first impressions!

VIDEO: Derek Fisher makes a good first impression after being introduced as the Knicks’ new coach


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