Right & Wrong: Where’s Kawhi?

By Jeff Caplan, NBA.com

VIDEO: GameTime breaks down LeBron James’ big Game 2

SAN ANTONIO — While the game’s greatest player returned with a vengeance in Game 2 for the Heat, the Spurs’ most vital player is off to see the doctor.

So much went right for LeBron James in Miami’s 98-96 road win to even an NBA Finals series that now shifts to the Heat’s home court for a pair of quick turnaround games on Tuesday and Thursday. James showed why he’s the king of the league with an exhilarating performance of 35 points on 14-for-22 shooting, including a dominant 6-for-7 and 14 points in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, San Antonio point guard Tony Parker still seemed to be in some discomfort as he took the podium in the aftermath of Game 2, and the Spurs are left to hope there’s nothing more serious than a pretty decent bruise left behind from Mario Chalmers’ blatant swing of his elbow: “I”ll talk with the doctor, you know?” Parker said. “Right now, I’m just frustrated.”

Here’s a look at what went right and what went wrong in Game 2:

Wrong: Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard, so often billed as the future of the franchise, is taking a pretty good beating so far trying to do anything on either side of the floor against James. He fouled out in Game 2, was mostly helpless trying to defend James and finished with only nine points, same as his Game 1 total, on 3-for-9 shooting. And for the second consecutive game, Leonard was limited to just two rebounds.

Right: Check out the resurrected Rashard Lewis. The veteran had virtually no role in last year’s championship run and his role in this one has vastly increased seemingly only because Chris “Birdman” Andersen got injured during the Eastern Conference finals. It thrust Lewis into the starting lineup and coach Erik Spoelstra has kept him there despite the Spurs’ big starting frontcourt. Lewis came through in Game 2 with 14 points on 5-for-9 shooting and drilled three more 3-pointers.

Wrong: The Spurs are so disciplined and so fundamental, yet there are times when the most simplistic aspect of the game eludes them — free throws. The Spurs went 12-for-20 in Game 2 and missed four consecutive free throws midway through the fourth quarter when they could have expanded a two-point lead to six. But Parker missed two after Chalmers’ flagrant foul and on the ensuing possession, Tim Duncan missed two more. James canned a 3-pointer at the other end for a rare seven-point swing that put the Heat ahead 88-87. The Spurs finished fourth in the league during the regular season in free throw percentage (78.5 percent), but 60 percent in a playoff game won’t often get the job done.

Right: Heat forward Chris Bosh just keeps doing his job. He takes the ridicule when he doesn’t score much or has a low rebound game, or whatever, but he just keeps coming back and delivering. He hit another key corner 3-pointer off a James drive and finished with 18 points in 36 minutes. There’s little mention of him only grabbing three boards because he’s been so solid (he did have nine rebounds in Game 1). The mild-mannered Bosh has scored 18 points in both games and is a combined 4-for-6 from beyond the arc.

Wrong: The Spurs’ bench, No. 1 in the league during the regular season, is so critical to the team’s success, but it provided little reinforcement in Game 2 outside of Manu Ginobili scoring 19 points. Marco Belinelli, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills combined to score 18 points on 6-for-21 shooting. Those three also had 18 points in Game 1, but on a much more efficient 6-for-13 shooting.

Right: The Heat defense turned up the heat on the Spurs and made it much more difficult for San Antonio to score inside. Duncan started Game 2 4-for-5 from the floor, picking up where he left off in Game 1 with easy buckets under the rim. But he was just 3-for-9 the rest of the way, and Tiago Splitter was limited to 1-for-3 shooting and no free throws. The Spurs scored 48 points on 24-for-35 shooting in the paint in Game 1, but were limited to just 34 points on 17-for-33 shooting on Sunday.


  1. Kimmylovesthethunder says:

    Did someone mention OKC?


    ” While the game’s greatest player returned with a vengeance….” Not sure I agree to call Lebrom James “the games greatest player”. He is a great player, but the game’s greatest? Not yet.

    As for the Spurs, they won’t roll over because they lost one game. The next two will be crutial and exciting.

  3. Heatcryfoulallthetime says:

    Well if the ref’s quit calling fouls on the spurs maybe he would be their playing. Wait that ain’t going to happen and the sad part about it is we still yet to have Joey LBJ crawford ref a game, because that will automatic win for the heat.

  4. CLIFF C says:

    Heat on 6 🙂 Lets go heat

  5. TMac says:

    People are saying the Heat’s foul count should be higher…. well the same can be said with the Spurs, right……because the Spurs had a bunch of no calls as well. Do people honestly believe the Spurs hardly foul and that they don’t get away with fouls??? Yeah, whatever.

  6. thomas says:

    If Kawhi keeps on doing the excellent job he’s doing on Lebron (when the refs aren’t fouling him out for some unknown reasons), the co-MVP will get unconsistant with his jumpshot at some point and then the spurs will be able to take 3 games (if they start making their free throws …) Go spurs ! Go Kawhi better prospect of this league !!!

    • TMac says:

      Okay so this is same logic as last year….stay on Lebron and make him shoot and hope his shoots are inconsistent. Thing is though, Lebron beat them by jump shooting last year…WHEN KAWHI WAS GUARDING HIM no less. The same thing has happened the last two games as well….James is scoring on them by jump shooting, which is getting more consistent…..and he is scoring in the paint.

  7. So you’re saying that LeBron and the rest of the guys at the Finals are pre-Madonna era pop stars? And that you should not get recognition for being one of the best at a craft that 400 million people practise?

  8. kekekek says:

    Hilarious reading all the hater comments here towards the heat, and all the heat on Lebron, The guy does not deserve all this trash coming from the social media, what wrong has he ever done besides leaving a horrible cleveland organisation?

    Give the man some credit he is making history right now, and all the people calling him soft because of the cramps in game 1.

    If any of you have ever experienced cramps its very painful. and when your body shuts down like that is pretty much impossible to stay on the floor.

    Not a heat fan or anything but I can atleast apriciate what lebron does for this league, and what a special talent he brings to the court every game.

  9. Hit4Dwin says:

    spurs by 2 chalmers drive and hit a game winning elbow to parker and was sent to the bench for nearly 2 minutes heat take the lead and won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go heat!!!! spurs you know the rule defend yourself at alltime!!!!!

  10. The Truth says:

    Hey Jeff. Where’s Kawhi? He’s on the bench! The refs put him there! 🙂

  11. Luis says:

    The only thing that went wrong for the Spurs in game 2 was the 4 consecutive free throws missed (Parker 2, Duncan 2). That was it.

  12. Raffy says:

    Is there any spur fans out there who would like to talk about what could have happen if Tim Duncan and Tony Parker made those four free-throws on the crucial minutes? Is there? I dont think so.. because they dont want to blame their best player for loosing the game without anybody guarding them.. The heat didn’t win the game by two points, it was the spurs who lost the game because of two players missing on free-throws. Flopping and no-call is part of the game, it is just a matter of how you are going to do it and when are you going to do it. Remember the so call “His Airness”? Did you forgot how he push bryon russell away so he can take a clean jumpshot (sneaky little devil moves)? And dont forget the bulls won the series by a point because of that shot. but the point is, all of that meant nothing if MJ didn’t made the shot. it all comes down to making the shot, and nobody will ever decide for any shot to fall other than the shooter. Dont blame the game or the refs, blame the shooter. hahaha

  13. Gabriel says:

    Yes the refs made bad calls, but they went both ways. The spurs stayed in the game but they couldn’t pull it off.. One thing you learn at a young age from playing ball is that if it’s a close game you don’t let the refs decide the game.mAs a spurs fan we always remember game 6 and say that we should’ve won but honestly if you look back at it, game 6 was just like game 2. The spurs couldn’t make those freethrows from kawhi and Manu and just one of those at least would’ve iced the game and they would be champs, but they aren’t and that’s cause they couldn’t hit freethrows. Game 2 the spurs up by 1 Parker and Duncan both missed their freethrows James hits a three and it’s 88-87 Miami. That’s a huge point as well as a momentum swing. Losing is a team effort, most of the time, but it’s not just free throws. If you wanna blame it cause the refs or the freethows you can but it’s also because kawhi and Parker they both had a mediocre game and they are both stars. Kawhi has been a none factor and Parker is acting like a puss cause he got the wind knocked out of him. Get back up and play ball stop being a little girl and continue. Drink some water sit out a min or two and go back in, I think that is where coach pop went wrong. Like game 6, coach pop took out one of his star players at a crucial time of the game. Duncan was out when the whole Ray Allen 3 happened. Who’s to say it might have changed or stay the same but Tim Duncan the best power forward to play the game on the bench during crunch time isn’t so good. And to the whole flopping, that shouldn’t have been called but it was. Manu flops as we’ll yes but has been fined yet for flopping I don’t think so so that means he is good at selling it. I still believe the spurs can still pull this off but they must get a game in Miami and Miami is undefeated at home this playoffs but the spurs were 0-8 in Oklahoma who was our kryptonite but we beat them at their home to close out the series without Parker the whole second half. If we did that we can do it again but it will be much harder. That’s the NBA playoffs for you, unpredictable and amazing. Ray Allen’s 3 or other spectacular moments in NBA history like Reggie miller scoring 9pts in 9 secs. Honestly, everyone should just watch a great series and enjoy cause this as like last years finals, will be great so just sit back and watch basketball being played.

  14. Advin says:

    Hey people this final is looking more like the eastern final, heat in game 6

  15. it really is a joke to see the refs take to the heats side in the playoffs.It is very sad to see in basketball or any sport.and as far as lebron james. he is a puss, a sissy.oh he gets to hot and the media blames it on the air, well grow up ,you guys get paid millions of dollars to bounce a stupid ball around and then cry when you get uncomfortable.what a bunch of premadonnas.it really is sickening to see or listen to.

    • The Truth says:

      Please stop with the Lebron is a wuss stuff. He’s not…and he is a great player. As to your second point, I completely agree. From a totally unbiased standpoint (i.e. I’m not from San Antonio or Miami), the refs do not call these games right. This is why I don’t watch them. It started against OKC (though OKC did get the benefit of the whistle in their prior series against the Spurs). The Heat absolutely, without a doubt, are allowed to play more aggressively than their opponents and get the benefit of the whistle. Case in point: Game 2. The Heat were hacking away the whole game and wind up with the same amount of free throw attempts as the Spurs. Oh, and who gets into foul trouble? Kawhi Leonard! It is truly sickening. The referees don’t totally decide the game, they just help one team along. Boycott this stupid league until they’re ready to admit they are the sports’ version of reality television: kind of real… but not really.

      • The Truth says:

        CORRECTION: I mostly don’t watch the games, though occasionally I do… trying to remember a slightly less corrupt era in basketball… the 80s!

      • Marco29 says:

        You are a bit extreme but there is some truth that the Heat have been hacking (Lewis, James, Andersen, etc…)and were not whitsled at. On the other hand, Wade obivously flops and makes contact to Green to get the foul and he gets the 2 calls.
        Nevertheless, it was a close game but Spurs chocked on the line. What is the point of getting the calls if you don’t make your free throws?

  16. Average Joe says:

    @All the guys on this thread. I don’t know why you keep on watching the NBA if you’re b!tchng on so many things about the league. If you don’t like what you see, there are European league’s you can watch. There’s also bowling and pool.

    • The Truth says:

      Or non-sports events… Though by your screen name, I can see why you’d think sports is the only thing you can watch.

      • Respond says:

        Going by your screename, all should just leave their preferences aside and follow your advice?

        Leave personal attacks on the side mate!

  17. realist says:

    Whinge Whinge Whinge!! think every team in the league is guilty of flopping at times, some more than others sure, they need a system in place (during games) that helps the refs correct the calls.
    Like a video ref that quickly reviews it and radios into court side it was a clear flop, corrects the call. Then give out penalty free throws to the opposition or even a tech foul to the player flopping, 2x flops and they’re ejected.. that will surely get them to clean up their acts!!

  18. ricz says:

    This is BS

    No matter how you look at it spurs is a better team than heat so if spurs lose this one then it’s all according to the script NBA gave to the two team

    • James says:

      When Miami wins… The refs did it.. When the Spurs win, it’s all about Hardwork and Teamwork.. “Yehey, we’re the better team, the only way Heat wins is if the Refs help them!!” – HUH?!?!?!??!?!?!

      Hahahhahaha! Yet they forgot, ever since last year, it was the Spur’s MISSED FREE TROWS that lost them Game 6. (Manu and Kawhi). It was the Spur’s Free Throws that lost them Game 2 of this series.

      Guess the refs also distracted Tony and Timmy when they missed those 4 free throws in a row.

      And the refs helped Ray Allen hit that clutch 3 last year… and also helped Lebron hit those ridiculous threes and jumpers in the 3rd and 4th quarter,

      And they were so busy helping Lebron, that they forgot to call fouls when he was dunking the ball and Timmy has hanging on his elbow. 🙂

      Spur’s Fans are nothing but Whiners!!!!!

      MAKING UP EXCUSES even before their team loses…. We got this 3 PEAT in the Bag. 🙂

      • The Truth says:

        Um, you’re not playing dude… It’s not yours to have. What you have is perhaps a big screen TV and some popcorn! 🙂

    • Mleh says:

      You’re 100% correct Ricz

  19. Kobe-Carmelo-Love says:

    Spurs will be back on Game 3..

  20. Nick says:

    Kawhi mostly helpless guarding Lebron? You couldn’t have watched the game. Lebron wouldn’t say that. He went wild whenever Kawhi was on the bench. Aside from the fact that the refs protected James, putting Kawhi in foul trouble, did a great job. Unfortunately there is no one else on the Spurs that can pressure James, and we’ve got to keep the ratings up, so Kawhi is going to be the refs whipping boy – even when he’s on offense – like the play when Lewis smacked him across the arms as he drove in and a charging foul was called on Wade’s flop!
    You’re the man, Kawhi – keep up the pressure, refs or no refs. Someday you’ll get the respect you deserve from the refs and from writers like Jeff!

    • James says:

      When Miami wins… The refs did it.. When the Spurs win, it’s all about Hardwork and Teamwork.. “Yehey, we’re the better team, the only way Heat wins is if the Refs help them!!” – HUH?!?!?!??!?!?!

      Hahahhahaha! Yet they forgot, ever since last year, it was the Spur’s MISSED FREE TROWS that lost them Game 6. (Manu and Kawhi). It was the Spur’s Free Throws that lost them Game 2 of this series.

      Guess the refs also distracted Tony and Timmy when they missed those 4 free throws in a row.

      And the refs helped Ray Allen hit that clutch 3 last year… and also helped Lebron hit those ridiculous threes and jumpers in the 3rd and 4th quarter,

      And they were so busy helping Lebron, that they forgot to call fouls when he was dunking the ball and Timmy has hanging on his elbow. 🙂

      Spur’s Fans are nothing but Whiners!!!!!

      MAKING UP EXCUSES even before their team loses…. We got this 3 PEAT in the Bag. 🙂

      • Marco29 says:

        Spurs lost the game because of their free throws shotting and because James was unguardable in the 3rd and 4th quarters making big contested shots at the end of posessions.
        Yet, you cannot deny that there have been several calls and no calls that went Heat’s way and got Spurs into foul trouble.
        I would have loved to see your comments if it had been Ginobili who got 3 bad calls and Heat had lost….

        In the end it’s a 2 point game. Don’t act as if the series was over. Spurs are totally capable of winning one in Miami. Like last year, momentum will shift from one side to the other during the series.
        In the first 2 games it’s been about who plays better in the 4th quarter and it will probably continue for the next games.

  21. TheTrueKing says:

    D-Wade just copied Manu style.. Don’t you know that Ginobili is the originator of flopping coming all the way from his european flopping style??? that’s why the ref is very mindful of all his moves.

    • donnie says:

      Seriously? Wade invented the flop. Look how terrible that flop was and he still got away with it. If it hadn’t been for the announcers, he wouldn’t have even been fined. Face it, wade is going to have to work on his flopping. Seems to me it’s the only thing he has left. If it wasn’t for LeCramp, the heat wouldn’t have even made the playoffs. Wade’s done. He needs a superstar to carry him. He better hope James doesn’t head to cleveland.

    • european says:

      Ginobili European? He’s from across the world, get your facts right

  22. No excuses for the Spurs but one thing I noticed that the refs don’t call the foul while the heat keeps fouling the Spurs. But when Spurs touches the heat players Boom the ref blows the whistle right away.

    Spurs in 7

    • TMac says:

      You just said you weren’t making excuses “BUT”…..than you proceed to make an excuse. Bottom line is that Spurs were in position to win. They were up in the final minutes and could have taken a bigger lead….BUT…. missed their free throws. It amazes me that people are jumping on the refs so much, but nobody is really talking about how the Spurs blew a potential 4 – 6 point swing plus the point difference they were leading the Heat with. The refs didn’t make them miss those free throws. People would rather blame the refs than blame the Spurs losing at the free throw line. Do people not see the no calls the Spurs get, too?? People do a Stevie Wonder when it comes to that.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      You must have selective vision then. LeBron was hit on the arm at least 5 times by my count while going for a layup or dunk with no call. It happens both ways so, it’s not that big of a deal to me but don’t act like the refs only do it to one side.

      • Marco29 says:

        There have been missed calls on both sides but there is a difference between not getting a call like LBJ and being fouled + called for a charge and ultimately fouled out like Kawhi has been.

    • Austin says:

      Game 1, heat was called 21 times, spurs 14, game 2, 20 each. The stats contradict what you are saying.

      • DingDing says:

        Austin, I think what he’s saying is Heat’s foul number should’ve been much higher.

      • The Truth says:

        Not when the Heat are fouling at a much higher rate than that. But we should be used to it by now. It happens every year.

  23. FredjeK says:

    You read this in basically every forum after a playoff game ; the loosing teams fans get upset about some wrong calls. At the end of the day it all evens out , and you dont win a playoff series by help from the refs. Oh , and the last thing spurs fans should be crying about is flopping , as Ginobili basically invented it.

  24. KC says:

    If you read this article, it makes it sound like everything went right for Miami and everything went Wrong for the Spurs. Well, keep in mind that the Spurs lost the game by TWO POINTS, with a one point lead in favor of the Spurs going into the fourth quarter. What that tells me is that everything has to go right for Miami in order for them to win, and even then the game is competitive. So what happens when shots start falling for the Spurs? Like in Game 1?

    I think it is very possible for the Spurs to split games down in Miami and come back with their home-court advantage again.

    • TMac says:

      Shots will not fall every game for the Spurs….and the shoots will not fall every game for the Heat, which has been proven through out the playoffs for both teams. So when the shots don’t fall they have to find other ways to win. Spurs can’t keep relaying on “shoots to fall” because Miami plays TEAM basketball….and playing TEAM basketball is the only way to beat the Spurs.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      It’s not impossible but the Spurs are 1-8 over their last nine games in Miami. That’s why it was so important for them to hold serve at home. They just don’t play well in Miami.

      • The Truth says:

        Those stats don’t mean anything. We’ll see how these games are called. If they let the Spurs play as aggressively as the Heat have in games 1 and 2, the Spurs can absolutely get the split they need. If, however, all of a sudden, Duncan, Kawhi again, etc. get into foul trouble, then yes, this series is over. But then the league wanted that anyway, so what can you do? Oh, yeah. Stop watching.

      • Marco29 says:

        And they had lost 9 or 10 straight in OKC and look what happened in WCF.

    • Marco29 says:

      Agreed. The article is a little bit too one-side for a game that has been so close. Heat executed better in the final minutes just as Spurs did in Game 1.
      This series is far from being over.

  25. dee35 says:

    It’s funny everytime a team loses fans are out there making up reason why their team lost the ball game. specialy those spurs fan still crying over last season game 6 smh!!!! give credit where tis due….the HEAT is not OKC talking about the east is weak, why aint the SPURS running away with this series,….they could have been down 2-0 now if it wasn’t for the AC problem. stop blaming the REFS when you lose, bad call is not new in the league and it wont go away its part of being human. REFS blow calls in all sports…..i dont hate the SPURS but because of all those they gave away a tittle last year they shooting themselves in the foot kinda comments cant wait for them to lose to the HEAT two times in a roll to see what the new discredit to HEAT disnaty is going to be…

    • Moe says:

      I ain’t blaming the referee’s we lost the game because our miss free throw. We were 12/20; 60% from the line. If we shot a better percentage or hit those four critical 4 free throws. We’ll be up by six and be able to put pressure on Miami. It’s just one game as long as we split in Miami we should be fine. This is two of the best team trying to win four games. It ain’t easy but the Spurs can still win the series. Our foreign of legion needs to step up. Until the fat lady sings it ain’t over.

  26. Blog-So-Hard-NBA says:

    Westbrook isn’t LeBron

  27. Blog-So-Hard-NBA says:

    >> San Antonio lookin’ like the Pacers down the stretch (Parker = Rondo?)

  28. rv says:

    You could make a bunch of excuses at the end of the day the heat deserved it. they were more involved as a unit helping out on the defensive side and being agressive. spurs flat out do not have the killer instinct that champions are supposed to have. fight fire with fire cause if not you will get put out. Im a spurs fan but their poison is their lack of agression. We saw that in game 5 and 6 against the thunder. Luckily we came out with a victory in game one but the agressiveness was not there for both games the whole 48 minutes.

  29. Unkle Daddy says:

    If Manu would have drove to the bucket on three of the Spurs last possessions instead of attempting a three, this game would have had a different outcome. Drive Manu, drive!

  30. KingLBjBoy says:

    All the Hate Live Life Men

  31. Jacquio says:

    Wade needs to be fined for the blatant flop. I would love to see all players get treated the same by the refs but I guess that is too much to ask.

  32. Mitra says:

    In hindsight, Heat would have to improve on the following:

    1. Perimeter shooting and free throws (sometimes it is so poor and ridiculous)

    2. Reduction of LBJ dependence

    3. More active role from bench players in making scores.

    LBJ couldn’t make 35 every night. That’s an unrealistic expectation.

  33. mikmaks says:

    All this excuses.. both teams got their best and worst part of the calls,. I’ve been watching basketball since 87 and it’s been like that eversince. Players decide the game. Heat won as they were better last night.. Deal with it.

    • donnie says:

      Players don’t decide games fool. Everyone knows the refs do. If a couple of calls had gone the other way, the end result would have been different. For instance, the Wade flop. He was granted 2 free throws and made them both. How much did the Heat win by? Re-watch the game. There were some ticky tack fouls on one end and no calls on the other end. Players play on emotion. It must be frustrating to deal with some of the bogus calls. I know it is from a fans perspective.

      • TMac says:

        So I guess those missed free throws had nothing to do with the Spurs losing, right. Spurs didn’t lose the game at the free throw line? Tony Parker had 2 agree throws plus the ball for the Spurs and Duncan had two free throws in the final minutes that would have been a potential 4 – 6 point swing that most likely would have been the game for the Spurs. Then they left Bosh open for a corner three that they know he can hit….he has done it to them before. Than, Duncan came out of the paint to contest Bosh????????? I get it….either take the chance of Bosh burning them again or have somebody contest him……but I mean even I knew what was going to happen when Duncan came up. Just admit that Spurs lost because they got outplayed the final minutes.

      • TMac says:

        *Tony Parker had two free throws plus the ball for the Spurs*

  34. Spurs Fan says:

    Yeah that Wade flop was ridiculous. The Spurs let that game slip away. But that Wade flop, come on man, hope he gets fined.

    • Marco29 says:

      Hope too and what about Chalmers? After intentionnaly hitting Parker, he should be suspended for game 3. Why did the league not comment on this so far?

  35. Frank in midtown says:

    hahahahaha the heat don’t cheat, hahahahahaha. That’s too funny. Imho it is dang hard to rebound with LBJ’s elbow hooking you in the face.

  36. alex davis says:

    In Miami, we don’t blame the REF’s! As kids, our moms put their foots, in our Azz for “Whining”! You wake up and its HOT, outside? You go outside and play. Broken arm, you play! The REF’s don’t shoot, don’t guard anyone and take no break from the game. Yet, they get more credit than THE HEAT? The HEAT BEAT Dat AZZ! Let the REF’s have some piece. But, not the “Piece” that goes to the PLAYERS! Please…

    • donnie says:

      They certainly whined about the “heat” Why would they whine? Miami gets all the calls. Let’s face it, the league needs Lebron and Miami to win.

  37. El Stone says:


    Floppy Wade gets away with a game-changing flop and as of yet hasn’t even been fined.

    Later he jumps into a Spurs defender drawing a foul.

    LeBron is a flopper and exaggerator, but Wade takes it to a whole new level.

    I don’t know why refs give either of those two any credibility any more.

    • Troy says:

      Game Changing? Did you really watch the game. Game changing move was giving flagrant to Chalmers(2 FT+Ball) Then +2 FT to TIM which was not afoul= +6 points in last minutes but they could not make it.

      • Mike says:

        That alex davis is the perfect example of a spoiled fan you dont complain against calls because Miami and Okc gets all of them.
        Im tired of being robbed I want my team to lose because the other team was better not because refs help the other team to win.
        Whats the point of having paper champs NBA? you already robbed Spurs last year dont you get enough?

      • Vikash Movva says:

        That was game changing, Where was Manu Ginobili during the better part of the third quarter? He was languishing on the bench because of foul trouble due to the flop. Wade also got two free throws that he drained. How much did the Spurs lose by? OH WAIT, that was also 2 points.

      • donnie says:

        A well deserved flagrant foul on chalmers. He intentionally loaded up and elbowed Parker. Another dirty play by Miami.

    • Han says:

      True, it’s a flop that the ref missed, but at one point, Duncan airball without anyone touched him and he got the foul call (instead of travel call). Is it a game changer as well, that somehow you refused to see or say anything? Ref made mistakes on both side, but yet you only highlighted 1 moment that you said cost the lost. Just stop watching the game

    • Average Joe says:

      @All the guys on this thread. I don’t know why you keep on watching the NBA if you’re b!tchng on so many things about the league. If you don’t like what you see, there are European league’s you can watch. There’s also bowling and pool.

  38. Leb**ch james says:

    all they had to do was turn up the heat

  39. james dean says:

    hes guarded by lebron james. what do you expect?

  40. kobrick says:

    kobrick career 40% shooter in the finals….1 mvp….1 fraudulent finals mvp that pau gasol deserved

  41. let's be honest says:

    Want to talk about what’s wrong…?? How about the refs officiating?

    TRUE: the foul differential and free throw differential wasn’t that different between the teams.

    BUT: look at WHEN they were called and WHO they were called against. Leonard’s, Ginobli’s and Green’s minutes were limited at critical times because of ticky tack fouls (or bad calls, see Dwayne Wade’s epic and notorious FLOP). Even Duncan got an unfair call and when he asked the ref about it, he got hit with a technical…(sure heat fans will say Lebron got a tech too)

    BUT: Wade and James have to all but stab someone on the court to get a call. But “its ok” because the refs will make it up by calling touch fouls on other Heat players…NOT the same. The spurs were in the bonus with 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter, and seldom got to the free throw line…really…?? Let me guess, its because they weren’t “aggressive enough” (likely excuse).

    Not to sound like a stereotypical fan crying after a loss and blaming the refs, because the spurs shot themselves in the foot at the free throw line going 12-20 and missed plenty of other opportunities to widen the gap, but seriously tho…you can’t OBJECTIVELY watch that game and say it was called fair. And kudos to Lewis and Bosh who both played spectacularly.

    I’ve never claimed to be a spurs fan, I’m a fan of basketball played (and officiated) properly. Similar to the OKC-MEM series, the LAC-GSW series, OKC-LAC series and game 5 of the MIA-IND series (where the refs kept Lebron out of the game), someone has got to tighten these refs up. it’s absurd how they control the games.

    • Javier says:

      Lmfao @ this idiot

    • JB says:

      I totally agree, but as a Spurs fan I can’t be objective. James can do a lot of things in defense that other players are not allowed to. Spurs got fouls early so they couldn’t foul when they needed later. The refs are not that bad, but as the teams, they need to adjust themselves. I guess Wade won’t fool them next game.
      Lots of adjustments coming for both teams. SA might try more Diaw on James, TP has to be healthy so he will attack the paint more, and they need to keep the Heat under water when they lead (a shame they went to halftime without a 10-point lead). Miami has to fing a way not to trail each 1st half because even Lebron can have a not-heroe night (see game 1).
      Let’s be honest, both teams could be up 2-0 so I guess a split is fair for now. I hope to see them coming back in SA at 2-2. Let’s enjoy great BBall !

    • thespectator says:

      spurs were given 4 points and they didnt get them, regardless of calls or not you stil have to make them, other wise whats the point? its called free throws for a reason, teams still have to play and scorfe more than their opponent to win..the refs dont minus points or add more points…your logic has no weight to it

      • let's be honest says:

        You’re right, refs don’t take away or add points, and you’re right the spurs had opportunities they could’ve capitalized on. But I still don’t feel like it’s a fair fight when one team isn’t allowed to put their best players on the floor (similar to Lebron in Game 5 against the Pacers) (NOT similar to Game 1 when he left because of cramps, which I hated)

      • donnie says:

        Seriously? You must be new to the game. Go back to watching tennis!

    • Han says:

      Watched the replay. There were times when LBJ drove to dunk and slapped by Leonard without any call. So, Leonard actually got away once or twice already, if you still whine about his foul trouble. There were time when Duncan airball and got the foul for no reason (even the commentator said so). Yes, ref made mistakes, but it happened both ways, you Spurs fan logically only saw (and talked) about the ones you disadvantaged. Man up please.

      • Paski says:

        Just want to point out that…EVERY spurs fan I know…actually do NOT play bball…They just follow the game…. So they really dont know what goes on there… Really insight….

      • let's be honest says:

        and apparently heat fans can’t read…I’m not even a spurs fan. I’ve said time and time again that I’m a fan of basketball. AND YES, I have played and accomplished much on the court thank you.

        yes refs miss and make calls on both ends, but the heat were heavily favored in my opinion. what happened to agreeing to disagree without taking shots at the person? you telling me to man up and you know nothing about me…ok

        you’re entitled to your opinion same way as I am mine


        Bottom line is, if the officials called all the fouls and infractions (such as a carry, walk, etc.) in basketball today, games would take 8 to 10 hours to play because all the game stoppage and lack of scoring. As a team, you cannot worry about what the ref does or does not call… your goal is to score more points than the other team. Players and teams have bad games/quarters. It is the team with the least bad ones that will prevail. Sorry to be so obvious here… but that is the truth. One call does not decide the outcome of the game… executing your plan and outscoring the opponent is what you do.

    • Gosheven says:

      I completely agree with you. I have this same argument with folks every season, all season long. It is not always about the foul differential. Basketball, more than most other team sports, is a game of momentum. It’s a game of runs. The shot clock makes it so that the ball has to change possession every 24 seconds. Calling a foul on a key player at a very critical juncture can swing an entire game. Now, if the foul is warranted, so be it. However, when you have a foul called on Manu Ginobili after one of the most glaringly egregious flops by Dwyane Wade, you have just shifted the momentum of the game. Why? Because Manu Ginobili, who has been superb throughout the entire playoffs and the first two games of the Finals, has to sit because he just picked up a foul for nothing. Tim Duncan gets a foul because called on him because the offensive player basically knees him in the groin and isn’t called for the obvious offensive foul. Tim goes to complain about it/plead his case and he gets issued with a technical foul. Now, you’ve just completely changed the way not only Duncan has to play the game, but really the entire team. A similar thing happened to Lebron, but the Tim call was more blatant.

      Even commentators voiced opinions about the odd officiating in Game 2. The league really needs to get this under control. The “they’re only human” argument is not sufficient. Kenny Smith was asked his opinion on getting rid of flopping. His response was that he never agreed with fining the players (which is change in the couch for millionaires) because he didn’t feel that players should be fined for something that the refs should be able to differentiate. There are 3 guys on the floor that can catch everything else, but you can’t tell a flop when you see one? Especially when it’s so blatantly obvious as the one Wade committed? Ironically, after Game 2 I posited that the league should start fining the refs when it is determined that a player/team has benefited from flopping. LOL, I’d bet that we would see the end f flopping in the league as we know it.

      At any rate, the Spurs didn’t do themselves any favors. Lebron was superhuman and the Spurs have no excuse for missed free throws down the stretch.

      Just have to get them tonight in Game 3.