Report: Fisher will be next coach of Knicks staff reports

VIDEO: According to reports, Knicks bring on Fisher for five years, $25 million

The New York Knicks addressed their coaching vacancy, bringing on Derek Fisher to be their next head coach, according to reports. Fisher just wrapped up his 18th NBA season — his third with the Oklahoma City Thunder — with a six-game defeat to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals. He rejoins Knicks president Phil Jackson, whom he teamed up with to grab five NBA titles as a point guard with the Lakers. The reported contract is for five years, $25 million.

Fisher’s arrival in New York means an end to his playing career. He averaged 8.3 ppg and shot 37 percent from the 3-point line for five teams — Lakers, Warriors, Thunder, Jazz and Mavericks. Though his numbers weren’t gaudy, he hit a few memorable shots, including his 0.4 second snipe in San Antonio to win Game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference semifinals. He was a key contributor on the Lakers’ three-peat squads (2000-2003) and for their back-to-back runs in ’09 and ’10.


  1. Kimmylovesthethunder says:

    What the heck is the “triangle ” anyway? Everyone keeps talking about it. It sounds stupid and I think even if he implements the so called “triangle”, who’s stepping up to the plate for the Knicks? Oh, Lamar Odom is in “training”, JR Smith is making threats to be starter, Shumpert is ducking a trade, Melo is speed dating w/ other teams, and oh yeah, Spike Lee is saying: “Do the Right Thing Phil!” That’s the triangle?

  2. Bilal says:

    Derrick Fisher might be a solid rookie head coach for the knicks.

  3. thespectator says:

    yea melo is definitely gone.

  4. ademdemirdag says:

    Leave NY before it’s too late Melo. I can’t see any future with Fisher. Success may be there may not be there, noone can guarantee that it’ll be better than Woodson era. Melo – NY Knicks is a hand and glove fit but he has to leave NY if he aims to have success later in his career and a possible ring

  5. Yaron says:

    This is the indicating step, KD is coming to New York !!! Melo is out ( and was never in Phil Jackson plans anyhow)

  6. VJ says:

    This leaves Patrick Ewing out. Missed opportunity for NY fans.

  7. KratosRage26 says:

    It’s about time man!!! but you should coach the LAKERS instead

  8. Calvin says:

    This must be the cue for Melo’s departure. Has Fisher ever proven to be a great basketball mind on the sidelines? Why on earth would Melo want to play for Fisher?!!!

    Phil’s experimenting with something that seems at best will bring success (however u define it) way beyond Melo’s prime. New York might not be as forgiving if this does not translate to a better situation by the end of next season.
    Too often players accept rubbish from under-performing front offices when they (the players) actually hold more of the bargaining chips.

    Melo needs to look at the current landscape and pick who he wants to play with for the remainder of his career and sell that to a franchise that’s willing to listen. The right talent will make any club a serious contender. Teaming up with Love for example, somewhere outside of Minnesota with a 3rd serious option say the likes of an Al Jefferson (Melo, Love, Jefferson . . .), or even in a city like Cleveland with some of the talent that’s there plus a #1 draft pick (Melo, Love, Kyrie, Embiid/Wiggins/Parker . . .) can yield quick returns.

    Whether the Melo/Love/X-Factor trio can work is left to be seen. But the concept of highly motivated players “hijacking” a franchise for instantaneous impact worked out for Miami. Whoever is gunning for Melo had better take a page from that playbook because the NY/Phil/Fisher formula seems an experiment at best.

  9. Nick says:

    Wow, $5MM right out of the gate?

  10. Jose says:

    So my prediction was perfect… Phil wants to run the Triangle

  11. Game Time says:

    Fisher is just the figurehead. All Phil’s principals and plays are going to be used. Phil just can’t handle the travel. I think this will work, and it’s the east so they really could have hired just about anyone if Phil’s system is in place.

  12. Titus says:

    Why is everyone so high on Kerr? What has he done?…smarter really? Its the triangle offense, its a system! Derek Fisher will do fine. By the way Kerr will never get Golden State out of the western conference let alone a championship

  13. maleman says:

    kerr was the smarter one over fisher. not giving kerr this 5 year, 25 million was a mistake.

  14. NBA Fan says:

    As with any system, the right mix of players will always be important to a team’s success. Even with Kobe on the 04-07 Lakers, the triangle didn’t do really well did it.

  15. Michał says:

    wow.. that’s the great news. I hope that Fish will be the correct person at the correct place. Looking forward to see Knicks in the PO.

  16. YungMussuBlack says:

    Mannnn! This contention with the Knicks just won’t stop. That was a really dirty scheme to take back their ranking as the premiere NBA franchise in N.Y.. If they keep this up, we’ll reclaim our status as the CITY of Brooklyn. #BACKOFF

  17. bballjunkie1 says:

    Happy 4 fish, happy 4 Phil. This is a opportunity of a lifetime for both, Now lets get that triangle back working, because like Pops system, Lebrons small ball, this triangle with the right mix of players will win hands down. The key is right players.

    • YungMussuBlack says:

      This year 2nd round PO for BK; Next year 3rd round PO for BK. #IHOPECARMELOLEAVES