GameDay Live: Heat-Spurs Game 2

VIDEO: LeBron James took over Game 2 and this series with his work in the third quarter Sunday night

SAN ANTONIO — The easiest target in sports is also the best teammate Chris Bosh has ever played with, and the most competitive and physical monster in a league filled with the most amazing athletes walking the earth today.

Don’t believe it?

Just watch go back and re-watch Game 2 of The Finals, when LeBron James (he finished with 35 and 10) took over the game, and perhaps this series, in a way only he can.

The man who couldn’t get back on the floor to help the Heat finish Game 1 was the catalyst for the Heat as they did exactly that in the fourth quarter of Game 2 here Sunday night, evening this series up at 1-1 as we head to Miami for Game 3 Tuesday night at American Airlines Arena.

His third quarter takeover changed everything.

“I do the same thing you all do when he gets going like that, Dwyane Wade said of LeBron’s wicked run after halftime, when he had 14 points on 6-for-7 shooting, 2-for-2 from beyond the 3-point line. “You sit back and watch the show. I know y’all do it, too. You’re not supposed to. But under your breath, I know you are.”

You don’t have to root for James or the Heat to be impressed with their resilience. This crew has still yet to dig itself a 2-0 hole in a series since the Big 3 joined forces. Six times they’ve lost Game 1 of a playoff series. They’ve never lost Game 2.

They showed up here on a business trip, to get one of these first two games on the Spurs’ home floor.

That business was handled Sunday night in what was a fantastic Game 2 of The Finals …

“We did our job,” Wade said.


Bosh doing his best LeBron (drive and kick) impersonation … 

Bosh with the drive and dish to Wade for the clincher!

VIDEO: Chris Bosh with The Play(s) of The Day for the Heat

Oy, Manu! 

Manu with the turnover, too hard for Timmy, critical mistake.

Cramp … you mean champs, right? 

Spurs up 94-92, LeBron drives and kicks to Bosh for the corner 3 with 1:18 to play and the lead for good. And people question whether or not having him in there at the end of Game 1 would’ve made a difference. Foolishness!

Nothing free about ’em 

Six free throws in 18 seconds, make the first two and then four straight (crucial) misses — the first two from TP and the second two from Timmy — at the line. Can’t happen at home if you’re trying to go up 2-0!

Bron Bron putting on a show tonight! 

This is LeBron at his competitive best and his critics at their most silent!

Down goes Parker … 

The Dean of Discipline with swift justice!

@chrisbosh slams it home in Game 2 of the #NBAFinals on ABC. #phantomcam

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Like a Bash! 

For a guy who swears he’s not interested in banging inside anymore, Mr. Bash looks awful good in the paint tonight.


This is the way Naismith meant for this game to be played!

We’re not worthy Patty …

Wicked third quarter from both sides. Patty Mills shows up, though, to spark the Spurs off the bench. LeBron was a demon!

Flashback …

He’s hunting now. LeBron’s just flat-out hunting the rim on every possession, be it from a distance or point-blank range.

Cramp this …

Knock this man all you want, but no one competes at his level on both ends. NO ONE!


Hometown love … or not?

This is supposed to be Johnny Football‘s hometown. Guess blood ain’t thicker than #GoSpursGo

Give the whistles a rest …

This is the one thing Heat and Spurs fans can agree on … no one wants the officiating to become a bigger factor than any of the playmaking going on between two great teams. #letemplay

Welcome to the neighborhood …

That’s good company for Timmy!

Call it even at halftime …

A fitting end to the first half, locked up at 43-43. Couldn’t ask for more from the Spurs or Heat. Could ask for better, but not more …

VIDEO: Chris Bosh goes hard in the paint

Chris Bosh the Poster Child!

Trust me when I tell you, this doesn’t end well for several of these people not named Bosh!

Timmy with the bomb to TP …

Maybe’s he’s a point guard after all?

LeBron heating up …

When the L-Train starts rolling, watch out.

Faces of Pop …

This is Pop’s reaction to just about everything … good, bad or whatever!

What Nique said …

When a Hall of Famer speaks, you should probably listen …

When is Pop passing out pictures of Ray Allen?

The one player in black you don’t leave open at the 3-point line is …

You’re either up or down …



Numbers Never Lie!

Better get bigger!


Passing up good for great …

That extra pass makes all the difference in the world for the Spurs’ offense.

Boris Diaw Heat Killer!

Boris probes and finds TP in the corner for 3!

Timmy’s still got bounce …

There is no expiration date on greatness. Timmy still tip dunking at 38 …

I believe the children are our future …

You know Miami will have a kid of their own ready for the anthem in Games 3 and 4!

Bench power …

From the desk of the Admiral!

Silver and Sterling …

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke to the assembled media a short while ago. As you might imagine, effective shooting percentages did not come up. The major topics of discussion revolved, of course, around Donald Sterling and the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers and that pesky AC malfunction from Game 1.

VIDEO: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addresses the assembled media in San Antonio

Cool breeze?

It’s freezing in here.

No joke.

It is absolutely frozen in this building tonight. A complete turnaround from Game 1. So no excuses for anyone about the weather inside the arena tonight. In fact, these guys might want to find their sleeves and long stockings …

Ray Allen & the @miamiheat look to even up the #NBAFinals 1-1, 8pm/et on ABC.

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Times are changing in Charlotte!

The Charlotte Hornets (yes, they are the Hornets again) with the classy move to celebrate their All-NBA center Big Al Jefferson!

Reunited and it feels so good!

All we need now is Jalen, Jimmy and Ray … #FabFiveReunited

DA sits down with Timmay!

Don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Just listen to the Big Fundamental!

VIDEO: David Aldridge sits down with Spurs living legend Tim Duncan


  1. Kimmylovesthethunder says:

    I can’t wait to see the Spurs win the title from the Heat. Not?

  2. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    @sharpie one I was just pointing out the facts. No need to go essay on me. Truth hurts.4

    Besides I am not a heat fan nor spurs fan but I do like Timmy and Shuttleworth.

  3. Scott C says:

    Look for Baynes to make an appearance in Game 3, and let the elbows and forearms fly !!!!

  4. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Cheated? Okay, how about this? You got an arena that has bats?(manu), Rattlesnake(portland) in the locker room? and AC down during the playoffs.

    • SharpieOne says:

      First off it wasn’t a rattlesnake. Second air conditioners go out all the time in the summer. The fact is Miami is just as hot and humid as San Antonio. Lebron lives in Miami and has to put up with the exact same weather at home. Third the Spurs and their star players are a lot older, meaning the AC going out would affect them a lot more than a 29 year old would. How old is Tim Duncan, 38? LMAO and you think they had an advantage? The Spurs had twice as many turnovers as they did in game 1 so don’t act like the heat didn’t SEVERELY affect their game. Also it’s funny how you Heat/Lebron fans and the media aren’t bringing up “Elbow-Gate.” Parker gets intentionally hurt in the 4th quarter by Chalmers, while being up 2 points (just like the Heat when Lebron went out) and ended up having to sit down for a good 3 to 4 minutes.

  5. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    I never like Lebronze but haters came posting too soon? Great series.

  6. King says:

    Who is the BOSS?! 🙂

  7. JB says:

    all you spurs fan stop saying SPURS got robbed every time they don’t win the game. Get some internal fortitude and get the series play out. When the Heat lost they said we lost the game now the Heat won and the SPURS got robbed. Let the series develop. at the end the best team will win.

    • SharpieOne says:

      I don’t think that’s what the Heat, their fans or the media said. If I’m not mistaken all 3 of them mentioned the AC and the Spurs rigging game 1 in order to win. There were definitely some questionable fouls but I saw multiple on both teams. (Now I wouldn’t even bring this up if it wasn’t for the Heat, their fans and the media) I find it odd the media isn’t bring up what I call “Elbow-Gate” (in response to their AC-Gate.) Parker gets intentionally hurt by Chalmers while being up 2. Parker then has to leave the game because of horrible chest pains. He ends up missing about the same amount of time in the 4th as Lebron had to and even when he was able to come back into the game, about 3-4 minutes later, he had to play injured and at a disadvantage. Also it’s worth noting that San Antonio and Miami have very similar weather and almost the exact same humidity. San Antonio is also an older team who wouldn’t benefit from playing young, athletic kids with high amounts of energy and great stamina in a 90 degree gym. I think the fact that the Spurs had twice as many turnovers in game 1 as they did in game 2 shows that.

  8. Karma says:

    All is fair. Spurs got robbed in game 2, Heat got robbed in game 1. Even series so far with lots of back and forth competitive play. Personally feeling the Heat have the edge, though.

  9. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    HEAT IN 6

  10. Mike says:

    Spurs were robbed, NBA should clean the game.

  11. Mleh says:

    Shame on this league
    Spurs got robbed

  12. Del says:

    All you LeBron lovers out there, I am tired of hearing how is it dominating when he was 1-5 to begin the game and he said he was not feeling great. He is a man just like everyone else and the commentators of the game need to get off his jock strap. I am not really a fan of basketball but, i like watching the finals and would love to watch one game where there is no bias, towards LeBron. And Wade should be fined for the flop in the 2nd quarter like they do during regular season, And Legron by saying you feel better but not great, is that going to be your excuse when you lose this game also.

    • ?????? says:

      maybe next time watch the whole game before commenting. though i agree wade should be fined (and might be; they continue the practice during the playoffs).

    • Tony C says:

      Before one makes a comment regarding winning or losing a game, one should wait until said game is over (LOL).