‘Magic’ Duncan aims to get the point

VIDEO: Gregg Popovich explains how he denied Tim Duncan’s request to play point

SAN ANTONIO — For 17 seasons, you’d think Tim Duncan has been able to achieve pretty much everything he wanted in the NBA.

Four championships, two MVP awards, 14 trips to the All-Star Game.

But it seems there is still one area where Spurs coach Gregg Popovich won’t let him spread his big man’s wings and fly.

“All Timmy has ever demanded is he wants to play the point and he thinks I’ve held him back,” Popovich said Saturday. “True story. He thinks he’s a point guard.

“There is nothing else to it. That’s the story. You see him bring it up once in a while. He brings it up with three more dribbles than he needs to. He should throw it ahead to anybody in the same color uniform. But he’ll get three more dribbles in, just to practice in case I do it, which I’m really going to do.”

Magic Duncan and the Showtime Spurs.

It’s been regular comedy routine in the Spurs locker room and on the practice court, as familiar and funny to Duncan’s teammates as Abbott & Costello doing Who’s On First.

Are we still talking about that?” Tony Parker asked to a roomful of laughter. “I can’t believe they brought it up in the NBA Finals. It’s been a joke that Timmy thinks he’s a great quarterback, that he can be a good passer. I disagree with that. I want to keep my spot.

“Obviously Timmy is a great passer, so every time Timmy takes the ball and he brings it up, I have to leave him alone. At least once every ten games he can bring it up.”

A sheepish Duncan admits he did not help his cause with his ball-handling performance in Game 1.

“After my five turnovers the other night, I think I took a step back from that. I don’t think that I’m going to be able to step up and fill that role for a little while.

“But I enjoy getting in the middle of the floor and making decisions and getting the ball to the right place, and that’s what a point guard’s got to do.”

Magic Duncan. Maybe in the next 17 years.


  1. Tom says:

    maybe if the spurs go up 3-0 in the series they should give parker ginobli and the rest of the starters the night off and let duncan run point and start some bench players. It would really make a great finals

  2. Spurs2014 says:

    Isn’t Joakim Noah already doing exactly this, running the offense while performing his big man duties?

  3. ALI says:



  4. Andrew Maltbie says:

    Sorry, But if this series is even close the Spurs have lost!. By trying to cheat into the record books they are just plain losers. They clearly have shown a losers mentality by cheating their way through the game (in game 1 mind you). I looked forward to seeing the best team win and they have shown that they know that they aren’t even close to being the better team.
    They have only shown how afraid they are by cheating into a “win” that is and always will be a loss. They never won game 1 and I wish they would play an honest game to actually prove they deserve to win. I can not support them at all anymore. Their best is clearly not good enough, so they are just losers. I wish they were actually good enough to win.
    Anyone involved with the Spurs organization should feel ashamed.
    – LOSERS!

    • over it says:

      i don’t get these kinds of posts. how was there cheating exactly? both teams played under the same circumstances. as some have pointed out, it could’ve been the spurs’ own players who went down under the circumstance. no disrespect to lebron, but he has had a history of cramping. “best” conditions or not, it could happen to him. the spurs probably took advantage of him sitting down. i’m sure if any of the spurs’ bigs went down, miami would have a heyday in the paint. besides, they still had wade and bosh, with wade playing extremely well.. not picking any team but fact is fact. and while i value opinion, it’s tiring to see such comments over and over again.. well, i guess you’re such an expert that’s why you’re in front of a computer babbling about instead of being an athlete good enough to play in a PROFESSIONAL league finals.. time to move on

    • yep me says:

      Wow another expert who I can tell has never even picked up a basketball. And if you have what was the last time you played, 3rd grade?
      Or better yet you’re an expert because you have taken the heat to the finals every year since Nba 2k11? Am I getting close? It could have been anybody to go down in game 1, but guess what if you are alreadying susceptible to cramps I belive you will cramp. And miami themselves even said they shold have been able to hold out. View all of Wades interviews, for clarification my good man. But hey its okay, I love your enthusiasm anyway!

  5. KingdomMan says:

    If Spurs win, Tim moves past Magic/Bird echelon and into MJ/Russell territory. I wonder how KG is feeling now, his arch nemesis still tearing it up whilst he’s just washed up!!! What goes around…

  6. William says:

    Duncan shot 90% from the floor in game 1. Has that ever happened in an NBA finals?