These are foul times for Mario Chalmers

Chalmers played just 17 minutes in Game 1.

Chalmers played just 17 minutes in Game 1.

SAN ANTONIO — Lost in the shadow of LeBron James’ limp to the Heat bench with cramps late in the fourth quarter was the sight of Mario Chalmers virtually chaining himself to the bench for most Game 1 due to foul trouble.

Miami’s starting point guard had three fouls by halftime and picked up his fifth on a charging call just 35 seconds into the final period. As a result, Chalmers played just 17 minutes on the night and was hardly a factor at all, finishing with only three points and five turnovers to just one assist.

“That hurt last night, 17 minutes,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said on Friday. We were managing the minutes the best that we could and getting guys in and out, played nine guys and nobody played deep minutes, but those extra 15 or 16 minutes from Rio probably would have helped.”

There was a time in the second half when teammate Chris Bosh could be seen clamping a headlock on Chalmers and pulling him close and several other teammates were offering, well, loud words of advice.

“Yeah, he was trying to keep me in the game,” Chalmers said. “I was frustrated with it being the first (game). He could see I was trying to get a little frustrated with it being the first game, Game 1 of the Finals and being in foul trouble and not be able to help my team. I was getting a little frustrated. He was just trying to keep me in the game.

“They weren’t yelling at me, they was just trying to encourage me. Everybody knew I was frustrated with the foul trouble I got into early, and when I got back into the game, I was trying to press as much as I could. And I was trying to get back the minutes I wasn’t playing and I was just trying to make something happen.”

Chalmers has been picking up fouls at a faster rate than normal over the past month of the playoffs. He’s had at least four fouls in three of his last nine games and it has had an effect on his play.

“Just gotta be careful with my touch fouls,” Chalmers said. “I get a lot of touch fouls and I got to figure out a way to adjust.”

“He needs to be more attentive to technique and earlier in his thought process,” Spoelstra said. “Things are happening very quickly obviously at this level of competition and your preparation before the play happens is paramount.

“Now, Rio is very important to our success. He understands that and I believe he will be better with the next game.”


  1. en. says:

    He suks

  2. kobeballhog says:

    Chalmers is a bonehead player. How many games he costs the heat thru the years with his bonehead plays. Hes been in the league for several years he should be playing more composed.

  3. Max says:

    Heat’s Chalmers & foul trouble. Got to look at who he has had to guard, and the experience difference. Chalmers’s is very into the Game, and additional years will improve his ability to think quicker, and yes, vision how to play better “lock down defense” without picking up fouls. However, to be fair? There are others on the Heat’s team that picks up fouls, or create turnovers and those same players then are very quick to Coach Chalmers. Right? So keep in fair! #6,#3 & #1, turnovers? Maybe Chalmers’s needs to return the favor and give the “Big Three” a little advice about unnecessary turnovers and YES missed Free Throws. To a player that more is given, more is expected, so, More is given to the “Big Three” therefore more is expected from these higher paid Players. I support the Heat (now in the Finals) and have each of the last 3 seasons. But “harping” against a younger player? Well, that is “one-sided” So, Chalmers do not hesitate to offer up to Bosh, LeBron & Wade about rushing shots, turning over the ball and missing one out of two Free Throws. To be fair, I see more sideline Coaching from #6 & # 1. So, if LeBron & Bosh spends more time telling Chalmers what he is doing wrong? Then they are NOT seeing what they themselves need to do better. So, Knock it off, and take care of your own mistakes. OK? Go Heat!

  4. bballjunkie1 says:

    Chalmers has always been a defensive liability, after Lebron took over its obvious his constant drippling eating up clock, looking for his own shot as opposed to Cole relentless driving and kicking out to open man always seems to get the heat flow going. Sorry but he should be coming off of the bench have felt that way for last 3 years. Their even better when Lebron plays point and they can use that extra body going big with both Bosh/Birdman, or small with Wade/Allen or Cole.