Game 1: The Wrap

From staff reports

The Spurs, led by Tim Duncan‘s 21 points and 10 rebounds, outlasted the Miami Heat in a sweltering arena during Game 1 of the NBA FinalsLeBron James suffered cramps and only played five minutes in the fourth quarter. Here’s a quick recap of’s complete Game 1 coverage:

Game 1 Coverage: Spurs 110, Heat 95NBA Finals


Video Highlights

Postgame News Conferences



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  2. Max says:

    What will happen in game 2 on Sunday? It will be something, Pop will use anything to win, so Heat better come in prepared to receive NO calls from Officials going their way. Officials want to be one of the 12 selected to call the Finals, because it pays big bucks. So, Ask Joey Crawford (who is an outstanding Official) how quick one can be skipped in the “Holy Selection”. Eject Tim Duncan in the time before the finals. Wow, think Officials are going to go up against that from the Spurs? The Heat only slip by last year in the last 5 sec. when Ray Allen dropped a 3 pntr. from the side. Too late for the Officials to find anything wrong with that perfect shot. Wow, Pop probably needed a complete new wardrobe that night. Ya, POP let that one slip away, see there is a God and yes, he has more power than POP. Goodness, I feel for the Heat (who without a doubt is the better team) BUT, trying to win one more ring with the Spurs older Players. All stops out on this Finals of 2014. Think POP might get Heat cramps in Heat land? Now, that would really create a stir!!!!~~~~

  3. js10 says:

    game 2 will be different Miami had SA on the road

  4. js10 says:

    not when LeBron was in they were quiet

  5. cp10 says:

    Even TP and KL joining the tr3y party.. lethal