Cramps cut down The King

VIDEO: Tim Duncan and the Spurs beat the Heat — and heat — in Game 1

SAN ANTONIO – LeBron James probably has had 140 or so “podium games” in his NBA playoff career (he’s played 154). And then, finally, in Game 1 of The 2014 Finals at the AT&T Center Thursday he had …

A sodium game.

Dehydration from an overheated arena with a broken-down air conditioning system led to severe cramping for the Miami Heat superstar, and the cramping sent James to the bench at pivotal moments in the fourth quarter, a quarter won by the San Antonio Spurs 36-17 as they grabbed a 1-0 lead in the best-of-seven championship round.

Grabbed it and were lucky not to have it squirt from their hands, from the perspiration.

“As the game started, I was like, ‘Wow, it feels nice and warm in here. I’m feeling good,’ ” said Miami guard Ray Allen, the leanest and probably best-conditioned player on the floor. “Then when we called the first timeout, [Dwyane] Wade was drenched. And LeBron said, ‘He looks like he played the whole game already.’ ”

Playing the whole game was a problem, particularly for James. Temperatures in the building, high at tipoff, only rose with a sold-out crowd of 18,581, the bright lights of network TV coverage and the intensity on the court.

James said he downed a bunch of fluids at halftime and even changed his uniform “to get the sweat up off of you.” Both the Miami and San Antonio trainers gave their players ice bags and cold towels on their respective benches. It was managed as well as it could be, until the mercury rose further and adrenaline mattered less than electrolytes.

“I got all the fluids I need to get,” James said after getting more delivered intravenously in the postgame locker room. “I do my normal routine I’ve done and it was inevitable for me. … I lost all the fluids that I was putting in in the last couple of days out there on the floor.”

The Spurs’ Tim Duncan had noticed James subbing out a couple of times in the second half and assumed he was tired, same as the rest of them. Only it was worse than that. The Heat star had battled cramps before – he had famously returned from a bout with them in Game 4 the 2012 Finals against Oklahoma City to hit a crucial shot – and he was seizing up Thursday night like never before.

The worst of it came deep into the final quarter after James subbed back in with 4:33 left. He drove hard to the rim for a layup and kept going into the baseline area, pulling up, testing his leg and finally just stopping. Was it an ankle injury? Nope, more like his left hamstring and calf muscles caught in a vise grip. He was, in that instant as the Spurs pushed the ball toward the other end, helpless. He had to be hurriedly half-carried to the bench, lest the Heat get charged with a timeout.

“The best option for me to do was not to move,” he told a pool reporter late Thursday. “I tried and any little step or nudge, it would get worse. It would lock up worse and my muscles spasmed 10 out of 10.”

It was not just James’ left leg but, he said, “damn near the whole left side.” Down 94-92 when the cramps stopped James, Miami got outscored 16-3 from over the final four minutes.

To their credit, the Heat didn’t dwell on James’ condition as an excuse for their unraveling. “I was worried about him,” Allen said. “But at that moment, I wasn’t thinking about it as much as what we needed to do. We did let go of the rope a little bit. We gave up stuff defensively and offensively, we didn’t get to our stuff. We had some empty, open possessions we didn’t convert and they did.”

Allowing the other team to shoot 58 percent and turning over the ball 18 times can undercut grumbles about a thermostat.

Still, it was bizarre seeing a Finals opener being decided with James sitting out right in camera range, planted on the bench not by foul trouble but by the body that has been so good to him in this instance betraying him.

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra made the decision to shut him down for the night. “Look, at one point he was getting up with 3½ minutes to go,” Spoelstra said, “and I looked at him and said, ‘Don’t even think about it. You can’t even move at this point.’ ” Instead, James was dispatched to the locker room and, minutes later, the Heat were simply dispatched.

Afterward, a few especially creative conspiracy theorists tried to float the notion that the Spurs somehow arranged for the AC breakdown, calculating James’ propensity for cramps. But Rod Thorn, NBA president of basketball operations, considered the circumstances little more than another hot game, like a bunch of other hot playoff games through the years.

“What you are looking for is to make sure that the conditions on the court are fine, and in this case there was no one slipping,” Thorn said. “Once the game starts, it’s in the hands of the referees. Had the referees felt at any time – or I had felt at any time, I was sitting the second row midcourt – that the game should not be continued, then they would have come over and said something to me. Never did.”

Both coaches used nine players, but ran them in and out more like hockey shifts.

“Players were pretty dead,” San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich said. “So we tried to get guys in and out a little bit more than we usually do. Kind of screws up the rhythm but it was mighty hot out there.”

Said Spoelstra: “We’re used to having the hotter arena at this time of year.”

Unpleasant as the temperature in the building was, most of the players had experience performing in similar conditions. Heat forward Shane Battier likened it to his time at Duke, playing in that campus’ famous Cameron Indoor Stadium in its pre-air conditioned days. “It was a huge, huge, homecourt advantage. Ten thousand people on you, no AC – it brought me back,” Battier said.

Allen and James flashed back to their high school gym. San Antonio point guard Tony Parker said: “We never have AC in Europe, so it didn’t bother me at all.”

Thorn said the NBA believes “very strongly” that the air conditioning issue will be fixed by Game 2. Both the AT&T Center and James have until Sunday evening to get right.

“I need it, I need it,” the Heat star said, adding that he and the training staff would start replenishing his fluids Thursday night.

Allen, a fitness maven, offered a more detailed recovery plan for his teammate. “Obviously it starts the day before, coming into the game, just refueling and resting,” the veteran guard said. “But when you’re out there, you’ve got to get that salt back into your body. You’re dispensing so much of it. For him, we’ve got to find a way to keep getting Gatorade into him while he’s on the bench, just to make sure he stays hydrated.”

Technically, James’ endorsement deal is with Powerade. But it wasn’t a night to remember for the sports drink folks, either.

VIDEO: The GameTime crew discusses the impact of LeBron’s cramps on Game 1


  1. Max says:

    Do NOT just depend on a Sports drink. Bring out the old “Salt Tablets” Ya! Still the Question is: WHY DID THE OFFICIAL NOT STOP THE GAME? Well just cannot be done in SAT. Too much weight at the top of management in SAT. Bottom line, hard to get a call going against the spurs in SAT. That is the Just the plain and simple truth. Look back over years in the past, and one can see, all stops are out in SAT. That Organization???There have always been many Questions why, Spurs just almost never lose at home, even against teams that have proven to be much better??? 2014 Find the Official that on Game 2 will allow a Spur’s player foul out????NOT!!!!~~~~

  2. Stradio says:

    I feel like the most important issue is being ignored here. Anyone that doesn’t feel like they were robbed of a potentially fantastic 4th quarter finish is fooling themselves. People are so focused on LeBron’s leg cramps and the AC malfunction that no one is mentioning how this was an absolutely amazing game until LeBron had to come out. In the end, San Antonio took care of business like they were supposed to do and Miami was exposed in their over-reliance on James. I mean seriously though, a team with 3 future HoFers looked like a bunch of school kids for the last 8th of the game. 3 points in the last 4 min, giving up 16? What a tease, what an anti-climactic ending, I felt like i had been cheated out of the actual ending. I’m sure that the Spurs, while being happy with the result, are competitive enough to be disappointed with the means.

  3. bballjunkie1 says:

    You are right it was the cramps, because he was just about to get the party started, Two consecutive drives to hoop with a head of steam. He had let the game come to him and Spurs had shot their best shot and they still had the lead when he left. He came back in for one play and u guessed drove straight to hoop for a lay up. Game two will be a good one. Obviously these two franchises have done better in recent years than the rest. Eat your heart out haters Spurs/Heat again.

  4. Articus says:

    It’s obviously a conspiracy. Did anyone notice that it was hotter around the Heat bench then it was around the San Antonio bench? They knew what they were doing. Miami isn’t a place known for it’s warm temps and so they planned this way ahead of time.


    The SPURS is better…

    than the BOBCATS, NETS & PACERS combined.

    The HEAT will dissipate in 6 games.

    2014 NBS Champs = The SPURS !!!

  6. okcDoke2014 says:

    Michael Jordan is the only King

  7. jimbo says:

    An athlete as talented and highly paid as James must find a way to stay in the game and contribute. If he misses the end of any more games the Heat are done. As a ticket paying fan I want to see the players I am paying for, even if they are hobbled. Somehow I don’t think this guy would have made it playing in the 60’s or 70’s.

    • Stradio says:

      Once the cramps happened, it was over. If you have ever had a major leg cramp as a professional athlete with giant leg muscles, you’d know this and not even give it a second thought. There’s a reason they have to carry dehydrated NFL players off the field on stretchers: they literally can not walk. How is someone supposed to just “stay in the game and contribute” if he can’t walk? Should he have had a seat at center court and taken some overhand shots? Maybe do a handstand and run around on his arms? How are people this ignorant?

    • Pack It Up says:

      Any player from the 60’s, 70’s, or whatever era you think was better would have left the game with leg cramps too. They wouldn’t have had a choice. be realistic

    • Eli says:

      How do u expect him to play through cramps n how wouldn’t he be able to play n da finals

  8. arsenioereso says:

    if you lost a game its simply means that your opponent play better than you did.
    if you lost its simply you lost that’s all, no alibi just accept the fact that you lost and

    all you have to do is to prepare for the next game and do everything you could to win the game.

  9. Lebron. Change to Argo Green tea ginger twist and Coconut juice no sugar no metabisulfite. Endorse them so u can publicly use them or pour them in your powerade bottle. Cut out creatine use now too.

  10. Brian says:

    Get some get LB take game 2 win and go on…..GO HEAT

  11. LemW says:

    Heat win next 3 games…watch

  12. EMurph413 says:

    You would think that Pat Riley would have prepared his boys to go to war in the heat after his Lakers got crushed by the Celts in ’84 at the garden. Wow, it’s amazing how the “King” wilted and pouted after the game. The “too slow” “unathletic” Larry Bird and his crew dominated at 97 degrees. Lebron postgame begging for AC “I need it , I need it.” Larry Bird postgame: ” It’s hotter than that back in French Lick”

    • Pack It Up says:

      Larry Bird has suffered leg cramps too, along with a host of other injuries, and in the end it shortened his career to an almost tragic degree. It just didn’t happen during the Finals. It’s hilarious that you point out that Bird is “unathletic ” compared to LeBron because in this instance having larger muscles would be bad since the cramps would be more severe. I knew before I even looked online that people would easily find a way to turn this into an anti-LeBron thing, like somehow his mental fortitude had something to do with him cramping.

  13. brusier brody says:

    Great news, Midol is LeBrons new sponsor!!!!

  14. Bishop in the King's Court says:

    Lebron James will score 50 points on Sunday. Spoelstra over-revved the engine in game 1.

  15. Gp says:

    Not the first time in the playoffs against the magic he got cramps bad. It’s tough when u try to live up to everyone expectations. Dude is human, granted a very rich human, but human nonetheless. I’m not a crazy LBJ fan but I am a fan and I play ball. It happens. It’s funny how the people behind the keyboard who’s only excersise in life is to lift a cheeseburger can call someone weak who gets cramps playing a sport that requires you to run. Some of you probably would’ve thought u tore a acl if u caught cramps on the court like that. You know that “Charlie Horse” u catch in the pool yeah it’s like that only u don’t have water support some of your weight

  16. lakers says:

    the King took his talents to the bench…this guy has more excuses then any superstar I have ever watched play sports..he could not last in the 80s when temp got to 100 degrees..WITH 20 PLUS TURNOVERS Spurs lucky to win….where was dwade in the 4th ..oh well still going to b great series ..everyone says well he got cramps and if u get cramps u cant play…true but no one else got cramps..not even the older Spurs..TD MANU PARKER…

  17. Con says:

    Damn, you people are relentless. Why would he want to sit when they could have stole game 1 on the road of the finals.

  18. Erlo says:

    I love all the haters. Lebron cramped up … so what, it happens. Someone will undoubtedly get hurt on the Spurs at some point too. It’s only one game. This is going the distance so just enjoy the games because rarely two teams are so evenly matched up.

    • ThisGuy says:

      Thank you. No one seems to understand that’s just the way the game goes. Get over it.

  19. Mleh says:

    Why nobody talks about the punch given by Lebron to Splitter
    Z-Bo ejected for the same thing no?

    • Choko says:

      Terrible comparison; Z-Bo’s punch was to the other player’s face area. Besides, nothing against Splitter, he’s a great guy, but he flopped a little. O he did!

  20. ThisGuy says:

    I’m not a huge fan of either team, but the Heat were outscored 31-9 in the last 9 min., 16-3 after James left the game. San Antonio was already on a run when James was done and it was fueled by 3s, which San Antonio was knocking down while he was still in the game. All teams deal with injuries, and championship caliber teams know you can’t blame a loss on losing one player in the last 5 min., even if it is your best. San Antonio came together when it counted and won, fair and square. All that said, it was a fun game to watch.

  21. JK67 says:

    The Heat lost for one reason – considering Spurs without Parker vs. Heat without James – there’s no question which team’s better. But in the first 36 minutes I experienced one of the greatest basketball games I’ve seen, proving that with all players on the rosters these are two totally equal competitors, playing the best basketball in the world right now. And both of these teams deserve this championship win.

    I just wish to all the haters the ability open their eyes at least for the finals and actually enjoy the privilege of living in the era of Spurs vs Heat competition. Because game 1 showed that there’s no other team this year that belongs to the Finals. Stop hating and enjoy the possibility of watching b-ball at it’s finest.

    PS: Literally everyone in the league unfortunately flops sometimes, some guys just more visibly than the other. So feel free to fulfill your urge to mention you’ve seen LBJ flop in the past, I’ll enjoy the history being made right now…

    • Mark says:

      Miami would not be in final if they had to play, Dallas, Portland and OKC.

      • JK67 says:

        I agree that east is much weaker, but at the end of the day the SAS defeated twice the whole west. And if you listen to the postgame’s, no matter if it’s Pop, Tim, Tony, Manu, D.Green – you know who they consider the biggest challenge to beat. And yes, getting to the finals is tougher in the west, but these guys play 82 games + postseason each year, both had 5 days before the finals, therefore fresh start. Let the better one win…am eager to learn who it will be this year.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Heat engine got overheat..

  22. caloh says:

    I’m not a Lebron fan, but I wouldn’t question his heart or toughness. He is human after all.

  23. js10 says:

    All of you guys are terds to say the better team won! Really, all around MIami is the better team they beat them last year in 7 games and proved it yesterday going into the 4th quarter on the road winning the game. Miami looked much more poised and that’s how they finish games! If you watch throughout the season that’s what they do on the road, they keep it close and take over at the end of the game ask Indiana! And come on’ how idiotic is it to say that the better team won playing through the heat. That’s not normal, and take Jordan or Shaq out of the 4th quarter of when they were playing for multiple championships or three peats and see if there teams would have won! They wouldn’t have a chance just like Miami didn’t last night! The good thing is San Antonio is dumb they know this, not having the best player in the world on the opposing team for most of the 4th quarter is a huge relief and then all of sudden they can make shots now.. you guys never look at the facts, just hate on the great.. And just so you know the last two nba finals Miami has won they lost game 1 both times. So don’t for a second think this series isn’t over..

    • ThisGuy says:

      Bottom line? Money. More games equal more ticket sales. Less games means they”ll be charging more per ticket to a price tag that already isn’t the easiest to swallow, especially if you want to go to multiple games a season. Higher ticket prices are likely to begin alienating some of the fan base.

  24. JimD54 says:

    The bottom line……LeBron got hurt, but the two time world champions were in a close game against a team who committed over 20 turnovers, somebody else should have stepped up, that’s what team sports are all about, one man can’t do it all. Miami can’t play without LeBron that’s obvious, I hope he doesn’t cramp up again or Miami is done…..

  25. kdaio says:

    Now I understand, that it is a long season and conditions were bad, but, why play so many games during a season ? Why milk every series ? NBA should really think about things like that, why play a gazillion games during season, when athletes make their peak performances only a couple of games during a season, same with play offs. My suggestion, less games = more awesome stuff, because when there are fewer games to play, you have to be at your best every game to be succesful.

  26. Luke says:

    I play. I’ve had cramps. I kept playing…

  27. kobefanjay says:

    Lance Stephenson blew a voodoo curse onto Lebron and now its taking effect

  28. Bob Nicoletti says:

    Boo Hoo, everyone else played in the same heat. What a little baby

  29. VoiceOfReason says:

    Well I guess next time the Spurs need to do better in making the conditions perfect for Lebron to win. The King cannot function under adverse conditions. the NBA should fine them for making their golden boy look weak and without heart.

  30. celentano says:

    nobody in the nba ever has the strenght or determination like “mamba .24”. guesss what? he’s coming back next season! !

  31. celentano says:

    kiss heat chances goodby! cramps coming up again in one of the next games ,if lebon bon d’ont rest at least 1 game on the bench.once you have cramps sooner or later it comes up again for sure!

  32. Erik says:

    Maybe I don’t know enough about this, but how much to the players actually drink throughout the course of the game? Heat shouldn’t be a problem if you hydrate enough.

  33. Espurs says:

    Have never heard of a “King” acting like a Princess…

    Regular season loss against the Spurs LBJ was like.. ” I’ve never been a fan of the sleeved Jersey”

    Finals Game 1 Loss LBJ was like “they trying to smoke us out of this place”

    LBJ’s performance is conditional, relies heavily on everything being perfect to perform at the highest level. if it’s not, he doesn’t!

    The San Antonio Spurs is a “well oiled machine” “1.Something that operates capably through the effective coordination of many parts”

    That Miami team should change their name to the Miami Cramped

  34. MikeH says:

    Reminded me of some of the old ABA arenas. It was a shame to have this game broadcast to nearly 30 countries, only to present the NBA as a second rate product. The NBA’s position was…’s the same for both sides! If the lights had blown out, would they have played in the dark? The game should have been postponed, but the NBA wanted the revenue. We were very fortunate no players were injured in the lakes of sweat on the floor.

  35. BOSS says:

    The Spurs organization is really questionable about that AC issue…seriously, I can’t believe one NBA team denied or failed to fix his court AC….unbelievable!!!

  36. alambebo says:

    how on earth is it possible to let them play on 90 degrees. can we know why the power goes down?why they did not fix it in the half time? They have have nearly 3 hour to work on it.Somebody has to be held accountable

  37. BreezyJ says:

    The Heat needed to do a better job of managing Lebron’s minutes. If you check the box score he played more or just as many minutes as the entire Heat team and just about all of the Spurs with only Parker totaling more. And that’s just 3 more minutes. And that’s with Lebron missing the final 7 minutes of the game, had he played he would of had a 40 minutes game. That’s fine under normal conditions but to try that in those conditions? The Heat staff were asking for him to cramp up. If minutes were managed right the 7 minutes he missed would of come in the first 3 quarters and not at the end of the game when it mattered.

    • lacktick as id accumulation causes cramps. Should have rubbed the leg. And the black leg covering stops circulation worsening the situation. Had he removed it and had his leg worked on every break, he’d have been fine.
      Trainers should have stepped up.

  38. Jay says:

    The HEAT couldn’t take the HEAT! Bwahahahaaa!

  39. Yusa says:

    This is the series that most of us asked for, and they delivered a great Game 1. But the AC issue is just a disappointment. It would have gone better if Lebron didn’t cramped. However the Spurs response with a solid 4th Quarter and both team are really trying to perform their best, despite the temperature it is a good basketball compare to the OKC-SPURS series wherein fouls are freaking everywhere and stopping the rhythm of the game. Either way congratz Spurs!

  40. ko0kiE says:

    it was disappointing to see, an exciting game ending like this… I want those last 5mins of the game to be thrilling and exciting. all of u haters aren’t real basketball fans.. u just want to see somebody, u want to be but clearly are not, to fail just to feel less miserable about your miserables lifes. so poor.

    • BJL says:

      I thought it was quite exciting … it showed the toughness needed for the game and clearly , somebody is not tough enough for it 😀

  41. saynt614 says:

    I blame Tyrion Lannister! He was the reason for the cramps!

  42. saynt614 says:

    I blame Tyrion Lannister… he obviously had a hand in The King’s cramping!!!

  43. Paul says:

    In Europe, the game should have been stopped.
    it is not fair to change game rules in the middle of the play.
    And AC is part of it. Players, especially those who have intense activities need it.
    This is not fair, and sounds like Spurs strategy to win the game.
    I am questioning; sounds strange to me

    • William says:

      Are you seriously saying that a team named the “HEAT” needed the game cancelled because of heat?

      Both teams played in it. The better team won. The rest is excuses.

      • SF says:

        To be fair, saying the heat is no excuse because their team name is the Heat is fundamentally the same thing as faulting the Grizzlies for not wanting to finish a game if there were bears loose on the court.

      • Paul says:

        Do not be blinded by your hatred of Lebron. I am just a NBA fan from Europe.
        And I am surprised that in your country with high technology these situations happened, and could not be fixed.
        I am just questioning. Believe me, nothing more, nothing less.
        The game should have been stopped (for couple of minutes) until AC is fixed. Is that really big deal to act like that ?
        That’s the way it goes here in Europe. And if by misfortune, the problem is not fixed,
        the team that is hosting the game is sanctioned. Which also normal decision.
        Otherwise, as you know in Europe people could really fool all situations 🙂
        But maybe not in USA; all people are honest ?

  44. Mr Dethrone says:

    Why would you call this douche, king? C’mon NBA!

  45. Jura says:

    obviously Heats staff knows this but Ray Allen probably doesnt. When battleing dehidration one should never ever drink gatorade or powerade. Those drinks have high sugar content – they are in a way energy drinks. We do produce energy from carbs (sugar), but our bodies need additional water to produce it. So if one drinks gatorade during a match he is speeding up the dehidration process in body. During high intensity activities you need to drink isotonic fluids with high electrolites (salt) levers. Gatorade is a post workout drink, that helps your body to recover its energy reserves.

    Its sad that this happend to James during finals, but it just shows us how much his body works. I respect LeBron cause he really is the most complete player that ever played the game (i’m not saying he is the best player ever – cause that debate is hillarious)

    greets from Croatia

  46. rusty says:

    trolling.. crying babies…..

  47. Miami says:

    The Spurs team played good, but the AC is what really cost the game for the Heat down the stretch. I’m just saying that because Miami was in control and winning when Lebron James came out of the game at 7:37. Being from Miami, where it is usually warm all year, most of us don’t like the weather when it gets really hot to play sports in, unless we play a sport or work and have to. Only thing in that weather most of us might do is go to the beach or pool! I find it really odd that the Spurs organization makes nearly a billion dollars a year but can’t get the AC fix.

    • Mike says:

      Really, you’re from Miami? I would never have guessed.

    • Jnazzty says:

      Aaaaand this is why noone will ever truly respect Miami, or James.

    • Chris says:

      That’s not the reason the heat lost… They got blown out without James and you blame the AC? You forget both teams were playing in the heat. Spurs were just too deep, Miami wasn’t deep enough. When Lebron went out, it turned into a blowout. The game was tight up until then. Losing James is not an excuse to not compete, nor is the lack of AC. Parker was out there, Ginoboli was out there, and old man Tim Duncan was out there. Don’t name yourself after something you apparently can’t handle Miami.

      • 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

        These are all international or foreigners who are used to playing in hell like climate. Most the spurs are foreigners . So pls rethink your logic

      • Heat BB Fan says:

        The lack of A/C in the Arena was a factor without a doubt. Ginoboli was the ONLY Spur who played close to the minutes LeBron played.

      • Chris says:

        Why should I rethink my logic? Is Italy for example really that much hotter? Last I checked Miami can be hot and humid too. Danny Green is American, I highly doubt France is as hot and humid as Texas. Miami just didn’t show up. Parker wasn’t even at 100% btw. Spurs won because they stopped turning the ball over. Miami is an excellent team at making you pay for your mistakes, but San Antonio is very efficient when their ball movement is on point. That’s why they won.

        And if Miami wins game 2, it’ll be because Miami outplayed San Antonio, even if the ac breaks again. Spare me the excuse and take your one loss out of a possible 7 games with some dignity.

    • TLO says:

      O boy this post sounds full of excuses. Spurs won in the same condition. Lebron cramped, o well, it happens, the Heat couldn’t win without one of their stars. Spurs did in Game 7 of the last series with out Parker, one of their best players as well. Get over it heat fans, play better in the 4th and you will win our 3rd ring, don’t discredit the Spurs for playing good basketball when it counted. (and tourching the Heat from behind the line)

  48. Cash says:

    The king is too spoil this is not a castle. Babybron should had man up like everyone else did.

  49. Cash says:

    Babybron just fake injury cause he can’t manful.this is a big boy game

  50. Robbie K says:

    Guess the king couldn’t take the “heat”?

    -drops mic-

  51. William says:

    Ironically, James couldn’t take the Heat.

    • cp10 says:

      lol, & probably just too much game play, he’s not superman. Hmmm.. maybe that’s his kryptonite, broken AC, lol.

  52. sally says:

    You can believe Lebron will be back with a force !!! not a doubt in my mind.

  53. jbl says:

    acting like experiencing a severe cramps will not give this king????(of what??) another ring..he should join the spurs next season and be the future hall of famers like timmy, manu and tony. stop cting and flopping, play hard but still won’t be enough though..

  54. Hunter says:

    I think the Spurs played better than them last night with ball movement and interior scoring but the turnovers could have been very costly for the Spurs if and I hate to say this weren’t for Lebron going down in the fourth.

  55. Hunter says:

    Great win Spurs! Game two is gonna be one heck of a challenge for you guys. Heat will turn up the heat, but you guys are the only team that can weather them.

  56. Alexander says:

    Get well soon LBJ. Despite I deslike you, I never wish enyone any kind of injuries. You are a key factor for the HEAT comeback

  57. Muhammad Ans says:

    Miami wins every final when they lose the first game
    But this time the chances are slim
    Because the KING needs to get hydrated
    Before game 2

  58. celentano says:

    lebron’s real age is 35y. in fact, cramps are coming up,he’s getting old!! it’s a scam ! lol.

  59. Joppy says:

    MJ Flu game = Championship
    LBJ Cramp game = ?????

    • SF says:

      Playing with the flu cannot be compared to trying to play through intense leg cramps.

      When you have the flu, your entire body is weak, but you can still battle through it. When your legs lock up, there’s nothing you can do, regardless of who you are. If MJ had gotten cramps in his legs, he’d have sat out too. So would Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and whoever else you want to try to claim would have toughed it out.

      Ever watch an NFL game? When players get dehydrated and start cramping up severely, they can’t even make it off the field. The training staff comes to them, stretches them out, gives them fluids, and helps them off the field.

      Anyone saying that LeBron should have somehow played through his cramps is utterly naive.

      • U sound stupid says:

        Maybe he should hydrate… No one else complained. Even old Tim Duncan and Old Ray Allen… The reason this whole thing is being blow outta preportion is because every knows with LeBron Chances of the Heat winning are slim to none.

        The Heat lost and will lose this series… End of discussion. All you Miami fans hate the fact you will be wrong so you only side with the Heat because they’re a sure fire pick to beat everyone. When they lose… then what? SMH… Groupies

  60. spurs keep cheating says:

    holy cramps

    • what? says:

      yeah.. so i suppose all the other teams should just do as the heat — push off, travel and flop to win. perhaps making internet videos could help

  61. BJL says:

    Time for Powerade to change their endorsement deal to another guy……

  62. LeBron James probably has had 140 or so “podium games” in his NBA playoff career (he’s played 154). And then, finally, in Game 1 of The 2014 Finals at the AT&T Center Thursday he had …
    A sodium game. excellent stuff

  63. “Lebron James has had probably played 140 “podium” games, last night he had his first “sodium” game”, excellent stuff.

  64. Ed says:

    Sometimes it better to be lucky than good. The Pacers should have thought of this strategy!!!!!

  65. Kobe-Carmelo-Love says:

    Hoping James will play the whole game 2 so as there’s no excuse when Spurs beats them again..

  66. xian says:

    well i come here to read the comments but i ended up reading the whole topic 🙂

  67. SPURS HOTNESS says:

    The SPURS must play even faster to begin Game 2. Push the ball quickly and get it to Duncan or Splitter. Miami has no defense to stop those guys. Go SPURS Go !!!

    • 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

      Lol Miami has no defense! Stay delusional my friend. It’s entertaining.

      • Chris says:

        Miami’s defense relies on a lot of pressure and some really well timed double teams. The reason San Antonio is better equipped against Miami than any other team in the league is because their play style counters miami’s defensive style. Miami won’t beat the spurs if they don’t push them above their average of 14TO Every game. Last night was an anomaly on both teams parts. Spurs turned the ball over 23 times, Miami failed to take advantage of it.

        Much of those turnovers weren’t even forced. Kinda hard to give Miami defense credit when it didn’t capitalize on mistakes well enough. But you could say spurs defense was pretty awful too until the fourth quarter.

        Ps – spurs run was starting before Lebron got hurt. All his absense did was make it so that the rest of the team couldn’t compete.

  68. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    such a disappointing loss.. this loss will come back to haunt Miami.

  69. Patrick says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….King James? Perhaps more like Queen Anne…LOL

    • Chris says:

      I’m a spurs fan and I find the calling Lebron queen or LeFlop to be redundant.

      Lebron is a great player, have you ever had a cramp so bad you couldn’t move?

      All lebrons injury proved was one thing.. He’s human…

      It’s people like his ridiculous fans that make him into a God.

      So sorry to burst the bubble of all you haters and fans a like.. But Lebron James is not the son of Zeus, the brother of Odin or the second coming of Christ. He’s just a mortal. Get over it. Next game please.