The Finals: Legacies On The Line (Video)

SAN ANTONIO — One of them will exit The Finals with the tag of a NBA immortal, an all-time great whose credentials can never be disputed.

San Antonio Spurs living legend Tim Duncan or Miami Heat megastar LeBron James, men with more hardware on their shelves than Home Depot, will add to their collection when the champion is crowned in the coming days and weeks.

The framework is set. The world will be watching (The Finals is going global, mobile and social and can be seen in 215 countries territories and in 47 languages). Game 1 is here tonight … with everything, and most importantly, Legacies On The Line:

VIDEO: Tim Duncan and LeBron James have their legacies on the line in The 2014 Finals


  1. Cuban -Miami Connection says:

    Time for LBJ to get closer to MJ…HEAT time…But most of it depends on Bosh’s stamina.
    Wade ,Allen ,Lewis and Cole ….ready for the fight.

  2. Chris says:

    Lebron has at least 10 years left in him. Tim Duncan has more to lose tonight, as his window for gaining ring number five is slowly closing.

    I wanna see Tim get that 5th ring, and Manu and Tony their 4th. After they Lebron can 10peat for all I care.

  3. Dennis says:

    I think the Spurs already are a legacy either way, I mean they have been so consistent throughout these last two decades. It’s up to Miami now to make this statement true, don’t get me wrong, I’ll be rooting for the Heat to 3-peat, but this statement is such an insult to the Spurs in my own humble opinion. Either way, I’m excited to see these Finals again, last year was a great series with two ultra competitive spirited teams, hopefully this year will be an even better series. All and all, we all are just basketbal fans aren’t we?
    My guess is that this will go to a game 7 again, and there’ll be overtime games (not just one) and it’s going to be close, very close!

  4. atlantico says:

    The best forward of all time, Tim Duncan, will prevail. !!!GO SPURS GO!!!

    • overthugn says:

      Number 5 will be a well deserved compliment to the big fundamental a true champion.