GameDay Live: Heat-Spurs Game 1

VIDEO: The AC went out and so did LeBron James late in Game 1 of The Finals won by the San Antonip Spurs

SAN ANTONIO — What do you do when your best player, the best player in the world by most people’s standard, cannot handle the heat in the AT&T Center?

If you’re the Miami Heat, you watch LeBron James head to the locker room early with cramps and fall victim to a San Antonio Spurs team that beat the Heat twice Thursday night in Game 1 of The Finals.

The air conditioning in the building went out early (officially, “An electrical failure for the power that runs the AC system” went out). LeBron went out late. And Danny Green helped the Spurs turned the lights out on both the heat and the Heat in the final four minutes of the game.

The Spurs handled their business, winning a fantastic game with a late push (their 14-for-16 shooting effort was the best in Finals history) to hold on to home court advantage.

Bigger questions linger for Game 2 Sunday … will LeBron recover in time and will the AC be fixed?


This is how you #BeatDaHeat …

Spurs doing what you’d expect from a championship outfit … finishing in style! Game 1 in the books.

Believe the hype (and the numbers) …

Numbers never lie, right?

Down goes James! Down goes James!

LeBron comes back in and makes a layup to stop the bleeding but cannot make it back up the floor. Ball game for the Spurs. Seriously, if he sits the rest of the way it’s over.

The AC issues in here are legit, btw. But LeBron’s going to get hammered for this by his haters. No way around it.

Money Green …

Danny Gr$$n!

Cramps catching up to LeBron …

And just like that, the Spurs are right back in it. Two flat-footed jumpers from LeBron and the Spurs answer. LeBron on the bench making ugly faces. #cramps #cannotbeatdaheat

Real Spurs need to stand up!

Spurs look totally out of character here. They are not playing like the machine we saw earlier in the playoffs. Too early for a #CodeRed, but we’re heading in that direction if they don’t clean up the mess.

Like a Bosh …

Chris Bosh is playing his tail off, working inside and out and matching Duncan’s impact on both ends of the floor through the early fourth quarter. #likeabosh … his 4-point play gives the Heat the 86-79 lead inside the 10-minute mark.

Sloppy Spurs show up in the 3rd!

LeBron heating up (sorry) is not a good thing for the Spurs, who picked a horrible time to get sloppy with the ball.

VIDEO: Ray Allen coast-to-coast

Jesus Coast-2-Coast!

You were in diapers son!

praise the lord

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All even … again!

The Spurs need to put the ball in Manu’s hands if they want to win this thing. Can’t see any other way they finish it off right.

All even … again!

Forget the conditions and remember why we are here. #GreatGame

Cool Breeze Stephenson …

Where’s Lance when you need him?

Heat check …

DWade is a Chicago native but he’s adapted to the climate down south. He’s having no trouble getting what he wants against the Spurs. And he’s keeping the Heat close. His 3-pointer cuts the Spurs’ lead to 58-57.

Gimme a break …

Wild first half. Spurs up 54-49. Manu and the bench are on. AT&T air conditioning is off. Get ready for another 24 minutes of crazy!

Got Manu?

In 49 other states it’s just a statistic. In Texas it’s called “The Manu Effect” …

It’s getting hot in here!

Like Nelly said …

#SpursWay …

This is truly a team game in these parts. #SpursWay

Love of the game …

Games like this remind us all why we fell in love with ball in the first place.

Redemption Bowl 2014!

It’s good to see these two future Hall of Famers in the form they’re accustomed to playing in during this time of year.

I Didn’t touch him Mr. Ref …

True statement. Ask any one of them and they’ll tell you as much!

Can’t give Shuttlesworth the corner 3 …

Ray Ray with the corner 3 …[entire building does the Larry Bird face in hands move]

Beep Beep!

No way they keep this pace up. No way!

Steamy conditions …

Dude just walked by my seat sweating like he’d just run here from Austin. Is it that hot outside? I know it’s smoking hot inside the building, which could make things interesting later on …

Three the hard way?

The King joins Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in yet another elite club …


Manu wants his payback and starts it right, with the triple from up top … and another from the wing!

Dream Shake, too …

Then he went Dream on Timmy! Sick …

Man Down!

We’ve got our first man down of The Finals. Wade jab steps Splitter and the Spurs big man went flying backwards like someone hit him with a tree branch.

Pregame Predictions? 

Get your predictions in before tip off! The NBA TV crew already weighed in …

The Resurrection of Rashard continues …

I have to admit, I love Rashard Lewis being thawed out from his deep freeze for the conference finals and The Finals. I don’t care if he scores a bucket or not. Just love seeing another “old head” inserted into the mix this time of year. It’s a tradition that dates back decades. We’ll see he has a tangible impact on this series.

Shuttlesworth Shoe Game!

Ray Allen comes strong in this department every time out. You knew the 2014 Finals would be no different.

Check out Ray Allen's #FinalsKicks!

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Tony Parker is good to go!

I had no doubts that he’d be ready to go, but Mr. Parker is a go for tonight.

Heat are red hot from the feet up …

Gotta give it to LeBron and DWade, showing up for Game 1 with the right stuff on. From the floor up. #shoegame #tight

Spurs Fever running rampant …

Walking through downtown San Antonio in the early morning I stopped at a corner to wait for the light. Cat in a Spurs t-shirt slides up next to me, takes his ear phones off, smiles and says, “Spurs in four.” Stick his ear phones back on and walks off confident that this series won’t last beyond next week this time in Miami.

As you might expect, folks in this town have Spurs Fever something terrible. Everywhere you go it’s “Go Spurs Go!” Can you blame ’em? They’ve waited a year for this chance for redemption.

But there are lines I would not cross. And since my hair is fading a bit on the top and in the back, the Tim Duncan cut is simply not an option …

Let’s get it started!

You wait a year for payback and you’re tired of being the nice guy. So going with the white or silver t-shirts wasn’t happening. The black t-shirts on every seat were a given … #BlackOut

The Rematch … The Remix … Heat-spurs Il #TheFinals2014

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  1. William says:

    Someone grab the cranberry juice.

    Lebron has cramps.

  2. SPURS HOTNESS says:

    Tell the San Antonio A/C repair guy to take a 3-week vacation.

    Go SPURS Go !!

  3. standard says:

    lebran couldnt handle the heat in san anton

  4. Will says:

    Is not A/C is the Miami HEAT!!!!!

  5. darkvajda says:

    Heat 96
    Spurs 93

  6. NBA Fan says:

    Heat 88
    Spurs 92

  7. Heat 97
    Spurs 90