Can the Heat resist temptation?

VIDEO: Heat Shootaround: Chris Bosh

SAN ANTONIO — Unless the San Antonio Spurs have dramatically changed their game plan from a year ago, a game plan that worked pretty well, they’re going to sag off the Miami Heat’s three stars on the perimeter, trying to entice them to be jump shooters.

In last year’s Finals, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh took 44 percent of their shots from mid-range, the most inefficient area of the floor. That was a major uptick from 34 percent over the first three rounds of the playoffs.

“They bait you into taking quick shots and we know that,” Bosh said after Heat shootaround on Thursday. “Sometimes, you’re going to feel disrespected. You’re going to feel that you can make that shot, and you can. But statistically, early long twos in the beginning of the shot clock isn’t a very [efficient] situation and, especially here at home, they’ll get out.”

So, in Game 1 of The Finals (9 ET, ABC), a key for the Heat will be to resist temptation, and move the ball to find a better shot.

“They have a system committed to protect the paint,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, “and we have to figure it out. We have to try to get some easy ones, try to work your offense.”

“Not only do we have to trust on defense,” Bosh added, “but we have to trust what we’ve built on offense as well, and really keep working, keep working. We can get that shot any time, so we’ll look for a better one.”


  1. Kimmy says:

    I agree. Fish Bosh is way overrated. Nice guy though.

    • Han says:

      Mabye, but I’d rather have him on my team than play against him though. Go Heat 🙂

  2. billybob says:

    Bosh is a mediocre ball player.