Blogtable: Making a Finals call

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VIDEO: Shaq, Kenny and Chuck make their NBA Finals picks

> Pick a winner, Heat or Spurs. How will they do it? And how many games will it take them?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comWay back in October, I picked Miami to three-peat, so I’m not switching now – that would be a weasel move. Better to just suck it up and accept being wrong, if it happens. But I don’t think it will. The Spurs are terrific and, yes, I expected them to be more traumatized by last year’s Finals — and as always, more decrepit by now than they’ve proven to be. It would make total sense if the machine they’ve been for much of this season and postseason tore through the Heat with breathtaking efficiency. To me, they’re deeper and they get more out of their many parts, consistently. But Miami has the best part in all of basketball and I think LeBron James is poised for a massive Finals. Something in the 32-36 ppg range, pulling casual fans into this NBA rematch. The rest of Miami’s roster knows how to play around him well enough by now. Dwyane Wade is healthier this year and Chris Bosh is at peace in his floor-spacing, opportunist role. Miami in 6.

Fran Blinebury, Get out the DVD of the 2013 Finals and hit the “stop” button right at 28 seconds left in Game 6.  The Spurs at their best will keep the ball moving crisply ahead of the Heat’s contesting, gambling defense.  They’ll knock down open 3s, use Parker’s penetration to get the ball to Tim Duncan and count on Manu Ginobili to simply make things happen.  Defensively, it will be up to Leonard to keep James out of the paint, force the Heat to shoot a ton of 3s and hope that Chris Bosh’s improved game behind the arc isn’t the answer to that strategy.  They’ll rely on improved depth in the lineup.  The pick is the same one that was a winner last year, that is until those last 28 seconds: Spurs in 6.

O'Brien trophyJeff Caplan, NBA.comSpurs in 5. Oh, you think I’m crazy? If Tony Parker is healthy, this is my pick. If we come to find that he’s hobbling around out there and maybe even a detriment, well, then that changes everything. Assuming he’s healthy, the Spurs will methodically bludgeon the Heat with precision, depth and Tim Duncan. The only area I see that can kill San Antonio is if it starts getting loose with the basketball like the one game in the first round against Dallas when they had 24 turnovers. That, as everybody knows, is a recipe for disaster against the Heat. And I will say this, if LeBron James pulls this off, it will lift him to even a higher stratosphere in the pecking order of all-time superstardom because I think we can agree that, despite LeBron being the greatest individual talent in the series, top to bottom the Spurs are the superior team.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Spurs in 7. They will do it the same way they always do it: efficient offense, playing smart, hitting shots from everywhere, defending and getting production from the bench. They will do it by remembering last year and the pain of that June. It’s stopping the clock and pushing forward at the same time.

John Schuhmann, Both teams have been rather unstoppable (combined 17-1 and scoring at a ridiculous rate) at home in the playoffs. San Antonio has exactly the kind of offense that can take advantage of the Heat’s defensive scheme, especially if Miami’s effort and energy isn’t there consistently. And it hasn’t been there consistently all season. I was six seconds away from my “Spurs in 6” prediction coming right last year and I’ve been foreshadowing the Heat’s demise with most of what I’ve written over the last month. Spurs in 6.

Sekou Smith, Everything I’ve learned over the years about The Finals tells me that my pick should be the Spurs in 7. When Tim Duncan lays down a Finals guarantee, or what passes for one in his classy way, it’s hard to pick against the Spurs … (wait for it) … But everything I’ve learned about LeBron James and the Miami Heat over the past few years tells me that there is no way he allows anyone, not even Tim Duncan and the mighty Spurs, to interrupt the title march he’s on at this stage of his career. The Heat, with yeoman’s work from LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, overwhelm the Spurs’ older and slightly wounded Big 3 and find a way to secure their coveted three-peat. And they do it in 6, finishing things off a game earlier than they did last time. Revenge, redemption or whatever you want to call it, is a powerful emotion. Just not powerful enough to defeat an all-time great in his championship prime.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Of course, loyal Hang Time Podcast listeners will recall how I picked Miami way back in October. I’ve been riding with the Heat all season, and I really haven’t seen anything in their postseason performances to make me doubt them. HOWEVA, while watching the Spurs systematically dismantle the Thunder, I realized I was thinking with my heart, not my head. These two teams match up so well, and both play such smart basketball, and no fear of one another. I think the Spurs summon the ghosts for one more run. As much as I’d love my months-old prediction to be right, I think San Antonio will win in 7 games.

Marc-Oliver Robbers, NBA Deutschland: The Spurs will do it. They’ll get their revenge! Why? The pain of last year still sits very deep. Tim Duncan dreams of a perfect end of this career. He is still very focused and motivated. In addition, the Spurs have the options to slow LeBron James down. Leonard, Diaw and Duncan can guard him over stretches. And one last point: San Antonio has the deeper roster. They have more options, more tactical weapons. The Spurs will do it in six games.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: A tough one. LeBron’s 3-peat would be a great story in his way to the GOAT pantheon. The same goes with the ring for the Popovich-Duncan era. Aaaaaah… I really don’t know what to choose. My heart hasn’t decided yet. My mind says Spurs in 7.

Rubens Borges, NBA Brasil: San Antonio Spurs. Gregg Popovich learned a lot from last years Finals, the Big Trio is hungry and ready to dethrone Miami. Expect their defense to collapse on LeBron and their offense to through Timmy in the post. We deserve 7 games, we need 7 games. Can we have 7 games, please?

Akshay Manwani, NBA India: The Spurs in six. They are too deep, will have Boris Diaw playing extended minutes (perhaps even start) at the four-spot and have home-court this season. Think about it, in a Finals that went seven games last year, perhaps it was home-court that made the difference. This season, the Spurs have it all – they are a little better, Miami a little weaker, the Spurs play four at the AT&T Center and have Diaw, Patty Mills and Manu Ginobili all playing better than last year. The Spurs it will be.


  1. Mario says:

    Spurs all the way!!!

  2. LemW says:

    The NBA Finals key player is Spur Danny Greene. If he scores 3 pointers that spreads the floor, especially for Tony Parker who is a one-on-one master. If Greene not hot Miami Heat will clog the paint and thus sending Tony Parker to the bench. Magic Johnson said role players play good at home but away all star players carry to load. Can Danny Greene carry the weight?

  3. Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

    If the Spurs win it will not shock me becuase they have a great team but, I see the Heat winning in 6. This is mainly to do with what everybody else sees as a strength but I see as San Antonio’s biggest weakness as far as it comes to the Finals, their role players. They rely on them too much and that is why Miami eventually won the series last year. It wasn’t heroics from Allen. It wasn’t LBJ coming alive in game 7. It was that the role players that put San Antonio in the position to win disappeared. Role players are role players and not starters for a reason. They are inconsistant and disappear in big moments. It’s not that they can’t show up for a game or a big moment. They jsut don’t show up on a game to game basis when the stakes are huge. Look no further than Danny Green last year. As soon as the pressure was on he acted like he had never played basketball in his life. Without the role players Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli are no longer enough to carry a team. Even though Wade is older than his years due to his knee, with LBJ and Bosh on the court the Heat have the better big three and that is why they will ultimately win.

  4. fakebron/flopbron says:


  5. Gregory Adanchira says:

    Miami is gonna win . The Heat should payore attention to Diaw and Ginobli these two guys are going to be a thorn in the flesh

  6. ME says:

    spurs fans are going to be disappointed…..again.

  7. JOSE OBES says:


  8. gdub says:

    Does anyone forget that the heat did not win it all in game 6? They crushed them in game 7 for a reason. Spurs got blown out twice by Scott Brooks 2dimensional offense…and were getting schooled by the Mavs….over rated much?

  9. Christian says:

    4-2 for miami heat for this year

  10. nick k says:

    its funny how u think they should of won last year if it wasnt for that last 28 seconds. except the fact they still had to play a game 7 and still lost. the spurs got outplayed when it mattered most and thats why they lost not because of some supposed fluke of a shot that the greatest 3 point shooter to ever play the game made an incredible shot

  11. John Boy says:

    That trophy stays in Miami, Heat will continue to make history. Their run is not over, even when it looks like it might be. Lets not forget those 28 seconds, thats what champs do. Lets go Heat.

  12. Brazil2014 says:

    Spurs have to get this thing over with by next weekend, so that we can start watching Soccer World Cup unfold. (That includes Manu, Tony, Boris, Marco and of course Tiago) Therefore: Spurs in 5.

  13. Jroc118 says:

    Let’s be honest. Both teams are amazing. We have evidence that what has taken place in the regular season can be taken very lightly in the playoffs. The Spurs best player is Greg Popovich. Miami’s best player is Lebron James. Which ever team comes with the most energy will win in 6 games. My pick is Miami. You have to beat Lebron 4 Times. Last year he made the switch mentally to win at all costs. Yes, the ball bounced the right way for them to win the championship last year but now they know to come against the Spurs FOCUSED. When Miami is Focused Its hard to beat them 4 Times.

  14. Het in 4 says:

    Heat in 4 …that’s right…sweep!!

    • MR210 says:

      You are totally clueless.
      But at least you are optimistic…too bad it’s more like wishful thinking – a fantasy.

      Not sure why your name says “Het in 4″…was “Heat in 4” taken?

  15. Ricky Elliott says:

    I think the spurs are just a little bit better than Miami is but at the same time it will be a great match for the spurs and I will say the spurs get It done this time for sure 6 games like it should have been last year.

  16. Rance says:

    HEAT win in 8!!!

  17. WUspursfan says:

    feel the hunger of the spurs to beat Miami and get the trophy. they’ve been waiting this for 8 months and are getting better with Kawhi and the deep bench players. believe in the Spurs big 3 just like the old times—spurs in 6

  18. Chap 52 says:

    I remember last year. There was one game in which Mike Miller came in won a game for the Heat. He’s not there this year.And of course the Spurs must find a way to keep Ray Allen off balance. Don’t let Ray Allen get into a groove. The Spurs bench is better this year than last. And I think that Manu wants to have a monster series. It was his turnover that pretty much sealed it for the Heat in thee last seconds.Boris, Tiago, and Danny have been consistent. The only question mark is Marco Bellillini. He has to have a breakout game. Can’t wait.

  19. Mleh says:

    Go Spurs Go

  20. KBBC says:

    Let’s make a deal: Spurs win (in 5) and LeBron gets the Finals MVP Trophy. Seeing that Spurs will score evenly and share the rock while Miami will rely predominantly on LeBron this looks like a fair deal!

  21. Erlo says:

    Heat will win in 5. 2 blow outs, one being game 1 and the other game 5. Lebron will win 5 peat. Once more with the Heat next yer to make it 4 and then once more when he joins OKC with Durant in 15-16 season.

  22. lebronjames6 says:

    just watch and don’t predict who’s gonna win this series. the writers of this nba . are all idiots so they picked the spurs because their theams are beaten by the heat . so stop hati’n lebron and the heat . c’mon men . heat in 5 or 6

    • MR210 says:

      Wasn’t Heat favored last year due to home court?
      Now they don’t have it, and people are still picking them?

      Makes no sense – you T-Shirt Heat Fans don’t know a thing about basketball.
      All you care about is the highlight reel…shame really…basketball is more than the glitz and glamour of LBJ and his Heat…

  23. Virgil Romuga says:

    Miami in 4 or 5 games. Three peat is up for grabs.

  24. Lena Wicks says:

    I’m confident the Miami Heat will get there 3peat in game 7!!!

  25. Heat fan 12 says:

    The heat in six.. Because they have the king, the flash and the velociraptor. Go heat go!

  26. Blank says:

    Give love for the heat!!

    Heat will win in 7.. In SAS court… mark my word!!!

    • MR210 says:

      Only 3 teams have been able to win the Finals on the road…odds are not on the Heat’s side to win on the road in Game 7.
      Plus, I don’t see any possible outcome that Heat win Finals this year. They needed Home Court last year (and a little luck) to win.
      This year, they don’t have home court…and their luck has run out!

  27. dzigga82 says:

    Spurs in 6 hahahaha, Lebron will destroy your old dudes … keep on dreaming…thats legal..

  28. Jason says:

    Heat in 6 games. Heat will split the first two games. If Heat are on target, maybe we don’t see a return to San Antonio again.

    • nbafaninsc says:

      Yeah, you obviously don’t pay attention, the format is 2 2 111. If Heat split the first two, they still have to come to SA fairweather fan.

  29. Chipaz says:

    Man so many people really doubting the heat this year. As I always do…. I’ll sit back and watch Miami achieve greatness. Half of these same people were riding the heat last season. I wonder what has really changed. Wade is playing much healthier, Oden was acquired, and Lewis playing great…. Yet still Miami is doubted. Their defense was better last year but this year no team brought them to game 7 yet. So are those teams getting worst?

  30. Benedict says:

    San Antonio Spurs in 7

    The Spurs are too good of a team. People keep forgetting that Tim Duncan, as old as he is, is a former league MVP. At 38 he can still go out there and go berserk against any team in any night he wants to. I have never seen Timmy this motivated in his career. All of his past championships are great but I never saw him want this as much as right now.

    Lebron is a basketball god and I won’t take it away from him. The Heat have Wade and Bosh who can wreak havoc on the Spurs but the Spurs as we saw them against Dallas and OKC can defeat any team if they wanted to. People should remember that the Spurs defeated an OKC team with two of the best players in the world. They have the league MVP for crying out loud. Yes, Lebron James is a basketball god but Tim Duncan is not human. He is a robot and he’s out there for a quest to win the NBA Championship for a 5th time in his career. This is the Spurs year and they will win it!

  31. NILEMONS says:

    as the series goes long, the miami heat has the advantage…young superstars vs old stars…

  32. Rohan Christian says:

    the spurs in 6, they are hungry and rejuvenated. also they have the best bench which can fire on all cylinders which can trouble miami at times when james is not around on the floor.

  33. cry says:

    why are so many people making bandwagoners a big deal,if they are lebron fan,the would you expect them to be cavs fan until now?that was just for the cleveland natives to stick as cavs fan even when lebron left….

  34. Kobe says:

    forget the heat fans its all about lebron fans, people from cleveland ohio even cheer more for the heat now as to cavaliers because of Lebron Raymone James! Lat year finals was to close to tell who is the real winners between this 2 great teams! Now is the time for the heat and lebron to prove convincingly on who really is the wiinner! I say Heat in 6 games! booked it! Its like Juan Marquez Knocking Out Manny Pacquiao to show who wins clearly in peoples eye!

  35. fanofthegame says:

    As much as we like to see superstars achieve greatness and make their mark in the annals of basketball history, the spurs just flat out play basketball the way its supposed to be played. For that reason, for the effort the spurs take as a team to make it look so effortless, for the superstars to shed their egos for the greater good of the team, and for winning 62 games with their big three averaging under 30 minutes a game, the spurs should win this one. for basketball.

    • LeBoobJames says:

      Amen. NBA basketball became a circus with a lot of overrated clowns. Spurs should be an example of how the game of basketball needs to be played. I don’t want to watch clowns acting like they did something unique after every basket they made. Acting like gorrilla after every dunk. Making empty promisess all the time just to make the hype and make a lot of money out of people who know nothing about basketball. People who understand basketball wan’t Spurs. I wan’t Spurs. And i don’t care that will not post my comment. You can only say good things about LeBuissness write ???

      • nbafaninsc says:

        Here here, let’s hear it from the basketball purist!! For the love of the game man, for the love of the game! And for that standpoint nobody does it better than THE SPURS!! GO SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. che ginobili says:

    i was born and raised in Miami, FL; moved when i was 18, needless to say there was no such thing as a true heat fan. people there were either Marlin or Dolphin fans but i never met a Miami heat fan the 18 years i was there.people on here want to say that Spurs fans are just jumping on the bandwagon, yet Heat fans came about once Miami won their first NBA final and then when Lebron was added to the heat’s roster. i have always been a Spurs fan even when i was living in Miami because they are such a great team. not only with their skill on the court but also because of their demeanor.

    One won’t see a spur’s player beat on their chest and yell, allowing their giant ego take over (Lebron) they let their skill on the court do the talking for them and they remain humble.

    OKC has to be one of the best defensive teams in the league, especially with Ibaka which had a total 200+ blocks this season. Miami would need two players to put up the amount of blocks Surge put up this season. The spurs are going to get into the paint easily due to this fact. anyone who has watched the spurs this season knows that when they are in the paint they are dangerous!

    No three-pete for Miami. Its time for the spurs to get #5!

    • ibsode says:

      You never live in Miami and you are bias. I’d It not the same spurs that Miami defeated last season and split 1-1 during the regular season.
      Please don’t compare OKC and Miami, that is where you fooled yourself.
      Do you ever imagine what Miami record would be if Wade did not miss 28 games during the regular season?
      Watch and see what is going to happen to the spurs.

  37. zamiLo says:

    Wow! San Antonio 10 out of 11! Fair enough to say Miami shall three peat before the start of the season. But also fair enough to say that San Antonio seems to vanquished the ghosts of last year’s finals and are only reminded of vengeance and redemption. Hope this shall be another epic battle until Game 7. And every game is breathtaking that even just watching feels like you’re more nervous than the ones playing. I’m rooting for Allen, James and the Heat but whichever team wins, it is well-deserved. Here we GO!

  38. My pick is none other than MIAMI HEAT, SAS Can’t beat them because they don’t have “POWER” all they got is only GAME PLAN. Poor SAS 😦 GO HEAT!!!!!

  39. daredevil says:

    28 secs. is still 28 secs.. no one has the right to declare a winner in this game until it hits the final buzzer.

  40. Val Hall says:

    Spurs is gonna take it home 👍👍👍

  41. Jeremy castillo says:

    99.99 percent of ya are fake heat fans . That’s for a fact . When lebron was in Cleveland where were all you people.? Oh yeah ya were going for a another team. Tired of ya bandwagons

    • Laurence says:

      You have no proof of that… I’m not even in the US but I’ve been a Heat fan since the pre Lebron era when Miami had one of, if not the worst record in the league because I liked watching D Wade in his prime. It’s so easy to call a group of fans band wagon fans, but the reality is Miami is a strong team, the have a big fan base and haters are just bitter because their team is average at best

    • ibsode says:

      Where did you get your stats? You are definitely ridiculous to make subjective statement without any reasonable evidence. I bet you barely know anything about the game

    • Level Headed says:

      When Lebron was in Clevland where was I. I was a Clevland fan, that’s where I was. I was raised in Whyoming, and
      Montana, so I never had a sports team that I had any ties to. I follow players, I thnk it makes more sense that way, it’s funny how people follow a team they trade all the players they like, switch coaches, change schemes, get a new owner, and people are like I’ma true fan I stick with em… What? All your doing is rooting for a jersey, I find players I like as athletes and people… LEBRON, who’s as good as a role model as they come, and I follow them, If that makes me a band wagon jumper, than so be it, but at least I’m not following a team in ignorance…

  42. RP says:

    Spurs vs Lebron
    Spurs in 6
    (Lebron’s going to tire out by then.) Really, Miami should get him some other players so they would have a TEAM. They could call them the Heat. Great concept…..maybe next year.

  43. Yo Yo Yikes says:

    Lebron will win 3 in a row and start his case for the second best player of all time.

    • MR210 says:

      LBJ will finish his career with more Finals Losses than Wins.
      C-Heat-ers won’t win this year.

      Even with 3 in a row – you barely crack the top 10 all time – if he’s lucky.
      Plenty of other true CHAMPIONS/WINNERS ahead of him. He’s still got a long way to go…


      • Jody says:

        Another hater I can see by the way you come off

      • ibsode says:

        You are pathetic! You reasoning lacks logic. Hate will not change the outcome of this playoffs. If Miami will win there is nothing you can do to change it.

        So just be quiet and pray that your team wins

      • Level Headed says:

        I hope you’re not trying to make the argument that Lebron is not a top ten player all time, because that would make you look stupid, wait stupider… Respect Greatness, Quit Hating…

      • Tben says:

        Yeah…your stupid opinion…IDIOT!!!

  44. Miami4life says:

    Underdog ?? 4 consecutive trips to the finals 2 championships that’s what you guys call underdogs beat a young and talented team as Indiana
    Only handful of team in nba history has a 4 consecutive trips to final and 2+ straight championships and I don’t think the spurs are on the list but the “underdogs” are
    Spurs are a great team but miami is a very talented team is no just lebron but is wade,bosh,chalmer,cole,the great all time list 3 pointer Ray Allen ,battier,udonis ,Lewis,and so on and a great coaching staff
    Heat are and will be a great organization

    • dg says:

      Then maybe it’s time for them to leave the D-league and join the NBA.

      WCF – The REAL Finals.

    • Tim says:

      Do you know the definition of the word “underdog”? Spurs have the better record, home court advantage, and advanced metrics pointing to a Spurs victory. The Heat are underdogs. It doesn’t matter what their track record is for past seasons.

      • 37yrfan says:

        ….SO NOW !!!!!!………………… want to acknowledge that the SPURS are better team…………well its about time……..!!!! ….. lol ….

  45. Lovinthenba says:

    Just wanna say miami fans don’t deserve LBJ. I remember seeing empty seats in the arena in playoff games before James got there. What kind of fans don’t support their team in playoff basketball? Found out it was miami fans, n that’s why I hated the idea of LBJ going to miami. On the other hand, this is anybody’s finals. But leaning towards spurs

  46. The #1 Spurs' Fan in the Philippines says:

    They picked mostly the SPURS cause aside from they are getting Physically ready, they are Mentally ready and focus for what happened to them last year. Spurs now has learned from their mistakes just like what the Thunder did when they are down 2-0 & swept the next four games in 2012. Spurs has proven this year by finishing them in 6 games. Another payback motivation will Drive the San Antonio Spurs to number 5 this year!!! SPURS in any series.. 🙂

    • Yo Yo Yikes says:


    • Level Headed says:

      How does getting beat last year make them more ready to win this year. I keep hearing people say that and it just sounds stupid. When I beat someone once, I have even more confidence that I can do it again, and when someone beats me once, I am less confident going in again. Heat have two championships in a row, and one coming over the Spurs, so they know they can do it, and they are going to play like it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Heat in 5, but it’ll probably go 6.

  47. fabrice says:

    BEAT THE HEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Vivek Balivada says:

    Spurs we love you…go for the championship..go spurs go😊☺️

  49. Unkle Daddy says:

    We all know the Spurs won last year. If the refs can keep an eye on Wade who is as dirty a player as there is, and stop giving him star calls all the time that he doesn’t deserve because he isn’t a star anymore, somewhat contain Lebron and this will be a victory for San Antonio.

    • Ismael says:

      Actually you’re the only one in the world that thinks the spurs won last year!! The only one.

    • Laurence says:

      Wade hasn’t been given special treatment in about 3 years, granted he used to. Look at his free throw attempts. Haters grasping at straws once again! Lets go Heat!

    • ibsode says:

      You Are Delusional ! I guess when the spurs loses this season you will find another excuse like all the losers do.
      Trust me it is not easy to beat the Heat in a series of 7 games.
      You will understand it after theses playoffs

    • Lovins says:

      Actually last year Miami set an all-time Finals record for least fouls called for them (i.e. on the Spurs) and least free throws attempted. Nice try.

      • 37yrfan says:

        …..losers are those that get swept in the playoffs proving that they Never should have been there in the first place………..or even better yet– teams that never make the playoffs at all……like the Clips used to be……now that is being a loser…..

  50. lolatHEAThaters says:

    Well, seems like all the heat/lbj hater are now officially spur fans

  51. According to Vegas, Miami is the underdog! SA -115, Miami -105

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I wish it’s Miami in 6, but deep inside I know we are the underdogs this year.
      Honestly I can’t call this one, I’m gonna have to settle for watching with anxious nail biting xD

  52. Heat fan says:

    HEAT IN 6 GO HEAT GO!!!!!!

    • 37yrfan says:

      WHO is this ‘everybody’ of yours…….. Last year it was ALL about bronbron getting his back to back last year and you know it…….where did you read that “everybody” picked the Spurs last year…….THAT is hogwash………………OR just a really, really poor(selective) memory ……. did you think that the writers are taking into consideration that is REAL HARD to win a title….or a back-to-back title…..OR let alone a 3-peat…….. just a thought…

  53. Kris(# 1 dwade fan) says:

    I think this series is going seven games. It all depends on Tony Parker’s health because Miami has a big problem defending his penetration, also, Tim Duncan is a big problem for them also in the post. But ultimately i think Miami will take it in 6 because they have the player in the world, the dramatic increase of Dwayne Wade’s play, and lets not forget the best 3pt shooter of all time in Ray Allen. All of this in addition of the health of Tony Parker, the Miami Heat will join some elite company in winning a three-peat in 7 games

  54. Muraddin says:

    It’s BUY vs BUILD team … hope there is a basketball god and some kind of justice in this world. Spurs are one of the best organization in all sport, they should be respected, admired, they should be a role model for childer.. hope they win it all…

    • Laurence says:

      You say that, but the star players took a pay cut and they gel together well and play as a team. Yes Spurs are certainly build, but to demean Miami and their success is plain stupid

    • ibsode says:

      You are delusional! The spurs did not draft Danny Green, Marco Bellineli, Patty Mills, Boris Diaw, Austin Daye, Damion James, Jeff Pendagraff, Matt Borner. So what are you talking about? Where is the building thing?

  55. Brent says:

    Give the “28 seconds away” garbage a rest. Seriously. You don’t play 47:32 in a basketball game. We don’t alter records and history through hyperbole and “if this, then that” speculation. The Heat won game 6. The Spurs had a chance in something called game 7 and they lost. The Heat are the two time defending champs, the Heat are in the Finals for a fourth consecutive year, the Heat have the best player on the planet, possibly of all time, and there is no way ANYBODY should bet against the Heat winning three in a row!!

    • Miles Fan says:

      totally agree hate it when writers employ a big “what-if” to validate their point

    • I'm Right says:

      a big what if to a GAME 6 not even a game 7 lolllll

    • 37yrfan says:

      …there is “NO WAY” anyone should bet against the Heat???? what?? So what happened in the past will dictate what happens in the next week or so……….interesting………… Well if the heaters were THAT much of a lock , how come they were the like the 6th best team this year (record wise) and 2nd in their Conference….You think they didn’t care about winninghome court ?? …….. LAST YEAR is PROOF that the heaters NEED home court(made ALL the difference in the world……… So this year it is different….2-2-1-1-1 AND they will have to defend home court and win one at least on the road…..that is NOT happening. Spurs win both at home and then one in Miami………and finish off the TWO-TIME defending champs in SA for the fans………….. of course this is just coming from someone who has watched them (the Spurs) reach the playoffs since 77-78 and missing only four or five times…… (not bad for a ABA team that Auerbach didn’t want in the League)… I am just a fan like you that ‘feels’ that this team is Destined for a title(another title)….

      • Marco29 says:

        Glad you mention the change in game format.
        I believe the 2-3-2 format killed the Spurs last year coz it is very diffcult to win 3 in a row. So you don’t have home court advantage and less chances to win the games played on your court.
        After winning game 1 in Miami, SA would have had better chances to win the Series in a 2-2-1-1-1 format.
        Winning the first 2 games at home will be key for SA who are the best team on the road and showed it again against OKC.

      • ibsode says:

        I guess you’re watching a different league my friend. Do you really believe if the Heat wanted the best record they couldn’t get it. How many teams can decide to sit a starter who average 20 ppg for 28 games during the regular season?

      • 37yrfan says:

        couldn’t get if they tried……and don’t kid yourself kid…..they wanted/needed it…

      • 37yrfan says:

        Hey ‘my friend’ , isbode Spurs rested Starters all season long and had the best record with a 19 game streak as well …so to answer your question as to how many teams could rest starters and still get the best record…..just ONE ! in the ‘league I’m watching’ ……..

  56. youngshabazz says:

    I honestly can’t believe some writers are picking the Spurs to win it all because they were 28 seconds away from winning it last year in GAME 6. The Spurs had all the time in the world to win in game 7 but they didn’t because the Heat were the better team. Heat in 6

    • 37yrfan says:

      they are picking the Spurs because they are a deeper more cohesive TEAM………who cares what happened last year or the year before that ….or the year before that….or……………………..

    • 37yrfan says:

      been in the playoffs forever….just another year………..last year does NOT matter…….. said by a TRUE spurs fan…..for a couple of years now!!

  57. Vijay says:

    Kevin is funny and clearly a Heat fan with his heart. The rationale with what happened in OKC does not hold water. I saw the games, only game 4 was a wash. Game three ended up with a 20 point margin but the Spurs were in it the entire way. Needless to say OKC was at 250% and couldn’t pull away as they would have liked early in that game as well as they were playing.

    I agree with the 9/11 writers in terms of judging basketball with your head and not blind emotions. Spurs in 6 last season was the correct call…so many things had to happen for Miami to escape…I repeat “escape” with that victory. I mean do you guys not remember that in Miami with 26 seconds left, against the Spurs…the crew in Miami started to bring out the rope. Even the home crew knew.

    I’m a realist and history will forever record Miami as 2012-2013 champions. I congratulate them too. However I know full well that Lebron would not want to have to win titles in that fashion, cause he knows he will lose far more than he wins.

    @mikmaks….dude seriously “underdog”. On what continent will Miami ever be considered an underdog. It is sad though that only one team, other than maybe Memphis can beat Miami over 7 games. It’s sad. Even the Lakers and Bulls had more competition.

    • Kevin says:

      They escaped Game 6 just like SAS escaped Game 1, remember?

      SAS were 30 seconds away from a ring, however, they got another 48 minutes to get it right, AND THEY STILL COULD NOT

  58. 37yrfan says:

    both are Great teams….will be a great series….I hope/predict Spurs in 5

  59. Peter says:

    how can anyone call Heat underdog…

  60. Umorlas says:

    Steve Aschburner seem to me like a commentator for the Fan Page of Miami Heat.

  61. Joe says:

    I can’t deny that I don’t like LBJ and how he’s changed basketball to be a “just join your great player buddies in order win” mentality and how that contrasts with the Spurs methods of winning rings. But I also can’t deny that the Heat will win this series as the better team.

    • 37yrfan says:

      and they are better …WHY??? because you think so……..they don’t lead statistically ……. didn’t win 60 games……played in the weakest Conference……. don’t have the MVP, DPOY ….6th man of the year…….coach of the year….. couldn’t even get a better record than the team they are playing………….SO, they are BETTER because….they won last year and the year before that???? C’mon Man !!! They are BETTER ……WHY ?????/

      • James says:

        Because of LBJ/Wade/Bosh/Lewis/Birdman/Allen/Cole/Beasley/Battier/Haslem and ODEN will play their best ever basketball.

        After this series, you will understand what a Deep Bench and a REAL BIG THREE Means.

        Miami in 6. I swear…. I’ll come backt o this thread and bash all of you bandwagoning Spurs Fans come June 17.

      • Rationale says:

        This is exactly why most heat fans are thought of as bandwagoners. Even when all the statistics and facts are laid out in front of them, they still go on rambling nonsense.

        The Heat are NOT a better team than they were last year. Their bench has regressed so much(no Miller, older Battier) that they resorted to giving Lewis more minutes. It’s been like this for the WHOLE YEAR, and you still think the bench would just spontaneously show up? c’mon.They gambled on Oden and Beasley and lost, simple as that. On the other hand, the Spurs bench has been consistent all year, that’s something you can count on.

      • 37yrfan says:

        now….NOW …..NNOOWW …they will play their best basketball…………….well they better if they don’t want to be SWEPT !!

  62. nasus says:

    Why is it that most of the comments and evaluations concerning the 2014 Finals pit the Spurs against LeBron? Is it really possible that one player can outperform an entire team? The season’s stats for each team always INCLUDE LeBron, and yet Miami comes up short in every category. So, what’s the deal?

  63. Kevin says:

    Oh my God, Spurs in 5? Are you kidding me?

    In games 3 & 4 OKC showed what an athletic can do to them, barring an injury on Tony Parker the teams match up evenly, how can you possibly say that this series is not going to seven games?

    Stop over rating Spurs, for the love of god

    • 37yrfan says:

      …and the other games it didn’t matter how “athletic” they were at all…AND ……….it did NOT even matter if they had the mvp…..

    • MR210 says:

      Stop overrating the Heat.
      Spurs are a complete team and are versatile. They can beat you long range, in the post, in transition, mid-range, bench, coaching….
      Heat only have one thing going for them – LBJ.

      LBJ cannot beat a complete team like the Spurs.
      I agree with the BOLD prediction – Spurs in 5!


      • hehe says:

        not only lbj. don’t forget the… three other guys on the floor. it will all depend on what the league wants: marketability or love of the sport

      • ForThe3PEAT says:

        NOBODY can beat a good TEAM not only Lebron.There is no such thing as I vs TEAM.Lebron cant beat the whole SPURS for sure.But he with his team beat the SPURS in the Finals last year.Dont let the last 28secs be an excuse.Luck happens everywhere..anytime..OK the Heat got so very very very lucky on that Game 6 but the Spurs have ALL the time in the world to win it all in Game 7 but why NOT?I am not hating the SPURS they are a well respected organization but I am hating a some silly comments that should NOT be existing at ALL.MAY THE BEST TEAM WINS but I am going with MIAMI HEAT!!

    • mik21 says:

      why only games 3 & 4?.. how bout 5 & 6… even 1 & 2. spurs aint overrated bud. they’re just that good 🙂

      • Jroc118 says:

        Im reading a lot of comments where writers compare OKC to Miami Heat….. Durant does not post up and does not have the experience of LBJ. As fans we like to forget when our teams struggle (Spurs against Dallas 7 games….REALLY?) and focus on when they blow a team out. If spolstra is smart he will experiment with the small ball against Spurs. If Greg Pop is smart (AND HE IS WITH OUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT THE GREATEST COACH TO EVER COACH IN NBA) He will give Boris Diaw the highest playing time of his life. Miami in 6

  64. mikmaks says:

    Love being the underdog.. just like last year only a handful picked the heat..

    • what..? says:

      heat were #1 overall last year, no way they were the underdog last year… lol

    • 37yrfan says:

      …..underdog???? ……. because of what writers ‘predict/guess’ …..kinda hard to be the underdog while riding 2 Finals Wins in a row