Heat seek to join ‘three-peat’ history


It is a familiar part of the lexicon now, one used to distinguish the greatest of our sports champions.

A term coined by Byron Scott in 1988 and trade-marked by Pat Riley, it slides across the tongue as smooth as a scoop of ice cream and defines a dynasty as readily as a crown atop a monarch’s head.

But there is nothing at all easy about the three-peat.

When LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the Heat take the court Thursday night, they’ll be attempting to become only the sixth team in NBA history to go back-to-back-to-back as champs.

Here’s a look at Fab Five:

Minneapolis Lakers (1952-54)

“Geo Mikan vs. Knicks.” That was the message on the marquee outside Madison Square Garden on Dec. 14, 1949. It succinctly said everything that you needed to know about George Mikan, the man who was the NBA’s first superstar. In an Associated Press poll, the 6-foot-10 center was voted the greatest basketball player of the first half of the 20th century and he was later named as one of the 50 Greatest Players in league history. Mikan was such a dominant individual force that the goaltending rule was introduced to limit his defensive effectiveness and the lane was widened from six to 12 feet to keep him farther from the basket on offense.

However, Mikan still flourished and when he was teamed up with Vern Mikkelsen, Jim Pollard and Slater Martin, his Lakers rolled to three consecutive championships. The Lakers beat the Knicks for their first title in a series that was notable for neither team being able to play on its home court. Minneapolis’ Municipal Auditorium was already booked and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was at the Garden. With Mikan double-teamed, Mikkelsen carried the Lakers offense to a 3-3 split of the first six games and then in the only true home game of the series, the Lakers won 82-65 to claim the crown. The Lakers came back to beat the Knicks again the following year 4-1 and the made it three in a row with a 4-3 defeat of the Syracuse Nationals in 1954.

VIDEO: George Mikan and the Minneapolis Lakers dominate the early NBA

Boston Celtics (1959-66)

An Octo-peat? The only word that anybody had for it back then was this: Domination.

The Celtics certainly were powerful enough as Bill Russell roamed the middle at center, point guard/showman Bob Cousy dazzled crowds (and infuriated opponents) and Bill Sharman, Tom Heinsohn and Jim Loscutoff rounded out the starting lineup. Toss in Frank Ramsey, Sam Jones, K.C. Jones and Gene Conley off the bench along with iconic coach Red Auerbach and Boston was set up for a solid decade of reaching the NBA Finals.

The Celtics run, fittingly, began with the first meeting in the Finals with the Lakers franchise that would become a historical nemesis. It was the Lakers’ final season in Minneapolis and they had Rookie of the Year Elgin Baylor, but they were no match for Boston and were swept 4-0 in The Finals. The next season saw the arrival of another young foe, Wilt Chamberlain, who was named Rookie of the Year and MVP for the Philadelphia Warriors. But Russell-Chamberlain began with Boston on top in the playoffs and then the Celtics beating the St. Louis Hawks 4-3 in 1960 to win the title. The Celtics took down the Hawks, led by perennial All-NBA First Teamer Bob Pettit again in 1961 to make it three in a row. By the time the Celtics reached eight straight championships, they had beaten the Lakers — since relocated to Los Angeles — four more times (1962, ’63, ’65, ’66) and defeated the San Francisco Warriors in 1964. The Celtics’ run is unquestionably the greatest dynasty in the history of American pro sports.

VIDEO: Bill Russell reflects on the Celtics’ dynasty of the 1960s

Chicago Bulls (1991-93)

It took seven seasons for Michael Jordan to climb the mountain and reach the NBA Finals, but when he eventually arrived in 1991, it was fitting that the Lakers and Magic Johnson awaited. The old Lakers championship gang of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Cooper that won five titles in the 1980s was gone. But Magic was one of the icons — along with Larry Bird — that Jordan had been chasing.

With Scottie Pippen as his wingman and Phil Jackson as his coach, Jordan was virtually unstoppable, winning the first of what would become six NBA Finals MVP awards. There would be so many more historic achievements for Jordan, but the night when he made the pass that set up the late bucket clincher by John Paxson, was the one that started it all for M.J. The Bulls were ready to take on any challengers of their era and the next up were the Portland Trail Blazers and a would-be contender to his throne, Clyde Drexler. But Jordan made sure nobody confused who was in charge as the Bulls won the 1992 Finals 4-2. Jordan’s good buddy (and the 1993 MVP) Charles Barkley was next with his Suns. They played a triple-overtime game. Barkley showed his stuff and extended the series to a Game 6. But once he got within sniffing distance, there was no getting Jordan off the championship scent and the three-peat was complete.

VIDEO: Relive the top 10 plays from the Bulls’ run to a third straight title in 1993

Chicago Bulls (1996-98)

Who knows what might have happened if Jordan hadn’t decided to step away from the game for 1 1/2 years and chase a dream of playing professional baseball. While Air Jordan was shagging fly balls and trying to catch up with the curve ball as a member of the minor league Birmingham Barons, Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets claimed back-to-back titles. Then Jordan came back and set the record straight.

Dennis Rodman took over Horace Grant‘s power forward role in this dynasty and the Bulls were off and running in 1995-96. First came a Jordan, Pippen and Rodman-led dumping of the so-called rising dynasty in the Eastern Conference — the Shaquille O’Neal/Penny Hardaway-led Orlando Magic. That set up the Bulls’ Finals return against the Seattle SuperSonics. Chicago quickly left no doubt about the outcome, building a 3-0 lead on the way to the title. The long-time duo of Karl Malone and John Stockton of the Utah Jazz at long last completed their trek to The Finals, but lost to the Bulls in both ’97 and ’98. The 1997 series featured the “flu game,” when a visibly weakened Jordan had a stomach ailment for Game 5 at Salt Lake City, but didn’t let it stop him from scoring 38 points and dominating the fourth quarter. He wasn’t fully recovered for Game 6, but Jordan scored 39 in the clincher.

The following year was the swan song for the Bulls dynasty and Jordan, of course, went out in style. Trailing 86-83 with 41.9 seconds left in Game 6, Jordan scored on a layup, then stole a pass from Stockton to Malone and went to the other end and nailed his walkaway 20-footer over Bryon Russell to an 87-86 win and the completion of the second Bulls’ three-peat.

VIDEO: The Bulls beat the Jazz in Game 6 to clinch their second threepeat

L.A. Lakers (2000-2002)

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant had been teammates since the 1996-97 season, but it took the arrival coach Phil Jackson with his pedigree of six Chicago titles to forge a championship mentality.

In the first season of the O’Neal-Bryant-Jackson era, the Lakers finished the regular season with a record of 67-15 — second-best in franchise history.

O’Neal was named the league MVP and the Lakers would go on to win their first championship since 1988. The road didn’t come without it’s bumps though. After beating Sacramento and Phoenix in the first two rounds of the playoffs it would all come down to Game 7 of the Western Conference finals against the Portland Trail Blazers. Down 15 points with just over 10 minutes to play, L.A. would mount the greatest Game 7 comeback in NBA history to defeat Portland 89-84. The Lakers went on to win the NBA Finals in six games over the Indiana Pacers.

The next season the Lakers rolled through the first three rounds of the playoffs undefeated and then took down Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers 4-1 in The Finals. Their postseason record of 15-1 stands as the best in NBA history.

By the third year of the run, Shaq and Kobe were bickering constantly, but kept right on winning. Their biggest challenge came in the Western Conference finals against the Sacramento Kings. It took one of the many heroic last-second shots by Robert Horry to win Game 4 of that series. Finally, L.A. ousted Sacramento in a Game 7 classic that had 16 ties and 19 lead changes. Once the test by the Kings was complete, the Lakers breezed to a 4-0 sweep of the New Jersey Nets in The Finals.

VIDEO: The Lakers finish off the Nets in 2002 to wrap up their threepeat


  1. dwine says:

    Hahaha James is just a Parasite same as Allen went for a team that has a potential to win a Championship already unlike other MVP’s they stick with their teams and carry them to win at least ONE Championship.. Lebron got 2 rings coz he joined the Heat after Quitting on the Cavs team.. hehehehe Unlike Russel, Hakeem, MJ, Magic and Jabbar, Bird, Dumars and Thomas they remained as patriotic to their teams.

    • Lebron is a parasite.. says:

      I totally agree.. This Lebron fans and media are making themselves fools and pathetic whenever they say something admiration about Lebron over the National TV.. The whole world knows the history of NBA they are making the NBA fans fools as well.. How dare you to compare Lebron to MJ where Lebron is not even close to the hard work and accomplishment made by MJ.. That’s why MJ never admire Lebron’s competitiveness and skills..

      If there’s any other active player right now who we can compare to MJ it’s none other than Kobe Bryant.. Bottom line is Kobe is not a Parasite.. Kobe stayed in Lakers from the start and will retire in Lakers jersey.. The competitiveness of Kobe is what MJ admires.. That’s why it’s very clear that MJ choose Kobe over Lebron.. If Kobe did what Lebron did as a parasite he will not only have 5 rings.. He might have 8 to 10 rings now.. See the difference?..

      Lebron is after only for easy championship rings because he doesn’t have the skills, killer instinct and competitiveness of Kobe and MJ.. That’s why you fools don’t ever compare Lebron to Kobe and MJ..

      Spurs will eat Miami alive!..

  2. just a dude says:

    Love him or hate him LBJ is the best basketball player today. Haters or fans can say whatever they want but the facts are there : 4 mvps , 5 nba finals ( 4 straight ) and 2 finals mvps . He’s playing with a good crew ? Obviously , no matter how great you are , you won’t be a champ unless you play for a great team . All the greatest players did ( even the mighty Jordan)

  3. TMac says:

    @ wat…..lol learn what? That some Spurs fans are sore losers that make excuses?? I’m not talking about all Spurs fans, and I respect the Spurs and what they have accomplished, but some of their fans are just as worse as some of the Heat fans……or any “stan” of any team in fact.

  4. Robby D says:

    The best player in the at the moment is LeBron James and will be until he stop playing people stop hating love greatness you should not love to see people fail, i followed him all the way through high school in that draft he was the best and ever so often you get the chance to witness greatness.

    • MR210 says:

      Get off his junk already!
      He might be the best player, in terms of ability, or physically….but he won’t be a champion along the lines of Russell / Jordan / Magic / Bird / Duncan…

      LBJ took the easy way out – loss a lot of respect doing that. But that’s fine – if that’s what he wants to do – speaks volumes of how he went about the whole thing.

      Despite his two rings, he won’t be considered a Champion like the GREAT ONES. He’ll end his career with more losses in the finals than wins.

  5. zizou says:

    at 4 was an offensive foul

  6. zizou says:

    on bulls top 10,….at 7 position MJ traveled,…made 3 steps before dribling

  7. pacerscheated says:

    stop talking about kobe, kobe will never be mj, kobe is just a ballhog, he got that 3 peat depending on the unstoppable shaq. he just rode on his back, thats why shaq got the season mvp in their 3 peat run, kobe getting too much credit for his championship by these fanboys,

  8. celentano says:

    bla bla bla bla … . just because lebon bon wins 2 titles with his “superfriends”(even wade has more rings than lebon bon) he’s the best “all-time ever” considerd by many cheat bandwagoners-fans ! sorry but that’s too much of insults against the elder ones ; jabbar,russel,jordan,magic,bird… ! to be best all-time ,lechou chou has to have at least 6 rings now by far,but only has 2 titles in 9 year careerspan! these brainwashed cheat lovers must be trippin balls,lol.

  9. Markus says:

    Watching MJ still gives chills/gode bumps. There are Two athletes that made me set the alarm in the middle of the nigth. MJ AND TYSON. I live in Sweden. shaq an Kobey were really entertaining also.

  10. Kalbo!! says:

    most heat fans could only say they will win usually without grounds or reasoning when Spurs clearly has a lot more grounds and visible facts to reason and support that they are the favorite to win.. I’m not saying anything final as anything can happen just like last year when Spurs are clearly the better team but last seconds referee help + bad luck stepped in and they lost their morale. My main point is i believe this is the explanation why fans of opposing teams usually get in conflict.

    HEAT FANS = mostly showtime illiterate fools that irrationally base their comments and disrespects on sheer emotion from fascination of the shiny showoff superstars of the team blinded by dunks, individual talent or athleticism, superstar stacking and especially bandwagons to the media-hyped popular team; poorly never even having a chance of realizing the true meaning of team basketball fundamentals.

    SPURS FANS = mostly educated persons who have enough sense of reasoning and rationality to appreciate what team basketball truly means and knows how to RESPECT even opposing teams, especially respecting this team that never ever stepped on anyone’s foot.

    goes to show that most people really are emotional fools, always lets lets their heart take over their brains. I’m proud not to belong to that majority.

  11. Jokowi-Prabowo says:

    these guy who said LBJ LBJ in all the comments are NBA newbie who just watch NBA yesterday. Wake up guys, NBA is not stage with one protagonist. it is the game and adrenaline that we have liked since the first time.

  12. Kimmy says:

    I’m an OKC fan. But will root for the Spurs. Just for the heck of it.

  13. ML says:

    MJ –> KB –> LBJ

    These are the legends.

    SAS is a great team with a lot of talent. Miami Heat is a great team with a lot of talent but the difference is There is one player currently on the floor which is one step higher than the rest of them and he is with the Heat.

    History will judge but I think that LBJ is the next legend in NBA history.

    I also predict that this match up will repeat itself next year 2015 (BC LAL, CHB UJ) which will be a 3 peat by itself.

    I also predict its going to be a 6 game finals:
    game1 – SAS win
    game 2 – MH win
    game 3 – MH win
    game 4 – MH win
    game 5 – SAS win
    game 6 – MH win and take the finals. 3 peat it is.

    • 7 points in playoff?! but NBA made me a 4 time MVP.. says:

      MJ –> KB –> (Still not playing in NBA.. NBA and fans are still waiting for the next legend)

      game1 – SAS win
      game 2 – SAS win
      game 3 – SAS win
      game 4 – SAS win

      And that is not a prediction.. You just don’t know how intense revenge is and how hungry are the Spurs..

      Lebron will not go to West because he knows himself that he is not that competitive and if he does whoever his team maybe on the West after this Finals they will not reach Playoff’s unless if he choose to go to a team with a lot of great players again like Miami because he knows himself that he can’t carry a team to a championship with only 1 superstar beside him he needs at least 4 or 5 great players around him and that’s separates MJ and Kobe.

      There’s no doubt and that is no-brainer.. Spurs will wiin the 2013 – 2014 NBA Finals..

      • pls says:

        you’re sick!

      • Only sick people admire Lebron says:

        I totally agree with “7 points in playoff?! but NBA made me a 4 time MVP”.. and “pls” you’re the one who’s sick.. maybe you let your doctor check your brain man specially your eyes.. You just don’t realized that media and NBA writers almost all are Lebron fans it was so obvious how they always favor Lebron in this website.. when Lebron only scored 7 points against Indiana in this playoffs you never heard it in the media nor here in NBA.com it was the worst performance among all NBA players in NBA history who had MVP awards.. see what kind of broadcasting is that?! so pathetic…

        I’m not a Spurs nor Heat fan I just love watching NBA here in Europe and we never really admire Lebron’s Basketball skills it was so ordinary.. When Lebron reach 32 of age that’s 2 years from now.. his ordinary skill will be more than ordinary not like MJ and Kobe who still leads the scoring in NBA and still compete with young stars at age of 35.. That’s the reason why Lebron will leave Miami like what he did in Cleavland after this Finals because Miami is getting older and Lebron way of playing basketball needs 4 great players around him and that separates again Kobe and MJ..

        My vote will be Spurs.. only sick people and people who doesn’t know how to play basketball admire Lebron..

    • Yup says:

      Kinda like the series against the Pacers. I absolutely agree.

  14. KingLBjBoy says:

    Why people come here and comment about basketball?you dont even play the game lmao
    Give credit to all the teams in the nba everytime talk about east are very bad where do you come from?from the west maybe…
    Enjoy the Game Its all about the game

  15. lbst says:

    Everybody is talking about how lucky the heat were in game 6. Then, D. Green shooting over 70% was just about normal? If he make 40% which still high %. Spurs did not play game 6.

  16. Tracy McGravy says:

    I think this finals will be decided who is healtier, Wade or Parker.

    But man i should have won a championship with the spurs last year!

  17. papo soriano says:

    the heat are gonna be the champs this year and they’re gonna be hard to beat years to come

  18. lbj says:

    all of u are LeBron haters. give our king some credit. He’s the best in the world and will always be better than Timmy. Go Heat! Three-peat.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      More athletic, most definitely! But to say that he is better, you must be kidding. TD will be the greatest PF of all time, I doubt James in his current state is already the greatest SF of all time.

      And for all MJ/LBJ comparisons, please watch closely. LBJ’s skillset is much more like Magic than MJ. Kobe is much more MJ like BUT LBJ is Magic 2.0, better, faster, stronger while Kobe is definitely not MJ 2.0

  19. JM says:

    Heat will win the title this year…. 3peat on the way…. and yeah, LeBron gathered w/ Wade and Bosh for the sake of winning titles but there’s nothing wrong with that….. both those 3 were free agents in 2011 and decided to join forces….. after all, every championship team has two or more HOFs so it’s just right that these three join forces….

  20. pacersbandwagon says:

    heat will win , who gone stop lebron, the only thing that can stop lbj is himself like 2011 in dallas he stop himself, heat in 6 leonard only held lebron last year 25 10 7, hahaha 3peat coming haters

    • Chris says:

      Some of us are actually fans of the spurs and not haters. Lol. Look up danny green blocks Lebron, you’ll find quite a few pics. And it isn’t about stopping Lebron, it’s forcing him to work harder for his shot.

  21. LAL4EVR says:

    Spurs got this in the bag!

  22. Dito says:

    People say the East is easier than the West, BUT Miami WINS the finals against the best team in the WEST. Could that just be luck? idk comment if you wish

    • jr says:

      For sum reason u all have the same response but there’s a difference between going round by round thru teams in the west then that cake walk u call the east the east is complete garbage except for one team that actually put up a fight or tried to the fact is that if they were in the west not saying they are not a good team but would b a lot harder to reach the end then thru the east

      • TMac says:

        It doesn’t matter if the east is a “cake walk” because whoever comes out of the east still has to go through the best of the best in the west in finals to get a ring. If the west is about that life and the east is nothing but garbage, shouldn’t the west have no problem handling whomever comes out the east, right?? The west couldn’t handle business against the “garbage” east in the finals for two straight years. You people act like the last three years have been easy for the Heat to get to the finals. The Heat had there struggles in the playoffs the last three years. This is the only year the Heat had it relatively easy. I swear it’s like as soon as the Heat accomplish anything, people try to take it away from them by reaching for anything negative to say about it.

      • TMac says:

        Also, if the Heat can beat the top two teams in the finals and have a really good winning record against West teams, what makes you think they couldn’t contend in the West?

    • TMac says:

      For whatever reason people just talk out of the side of their necks just to put down a team they know is good on all levels. They just have to find something to to put the Heat down about (even if it doesn’t make a lick of sense) just to boost their team/conference up. Ridiculousness.

  23. Valo says:

    Heat will loose and at the end of the day Lebron willl have lost more NBA finals than he won… Built will always win in the end.

  24. Rohan says:

    Interesting comment from some here, Lebron should come to the west and play the good teams in playoffs. I dont see any team in the east getting to miami level for the next 2-3 years so its no surprise miami makes it to the finals every year. Anyway, I hope the SPURS get it right this year. Duncan deserves another ring.. he would have got it last year if not for couple of lucky bounces, thats basketball I guess. Go Timmy!

    • 7 points in playoff but I'm a 4 time MVP.. says:

      D. Wade should win the Finals MVP if Heat wins the NBA Finals.. Lebron don’t deserved to take the Finals MVP it was D.Wade and Ray Allen who carried the Heat in the Finals it’s so obvious when Miami went against Indiana.. Lebron always depends on his teammates without great players around him he is not explosive and just an ordinary player unlike Kobe and MJ..

      Kobe only got O’Neil when Kobe is so young and had his three-peat championship at an early age of 23 his skills is like a veteran Superstar and got a back to back championship again only with P.Gasol on his team and guess what Kobe only has 1 season MVP.. MJ on the other hand only got Pippen to win three-peat ’til he got his 6 championship rings.. Lebron can’t carry a team with only D.Wade or Bosh in his team and guess what Lebron has 4 season MVP.. Look how writers, media and NBA favor Lebron and bias is so obvious.. Lebron only won all of his MVP’s because of media and writers that are bias..

  25. mr.305 says:

    Haters will always HATE!!!!!
    HEAT 3 peat

  26. MR210 says:

    BUILT versus BOUGHT


    Too funny, but true – that is a billboard here in San Antonio…

  27. MR210 says:

    Heat won’t win.
    They blew their chance back in 2011…and barely got by the Spurs in 2013.

    This is the Spurs year.

    Plus…after Spurs destroy the Heat – LBJ will take his talents elsewhere as the Miami Heat have already peaked. Wish he’d come out West – and go against all the good teams in the NBA…Spurs, Clippers, OKC…to name a few…

    If he’s after easy rings – any Fool can go East and team up with his buddies and win the easy conference while the West beat the heck out of each other.

    LBJ is after easy rings…so I don’t think he’ll have the cajones to come out West.


    • TMac says:

      So going through the top two teams in the West were easy rings for the Heat??? You mean to tell me that the West is better, but they haven’t won any championships in two years??? West must not be all that though seeing as the Heat has a damn good winning record against the West teams. C’mon Bro.

    • Bigtrainpaulin says:

      First of all, MR210, those were not easy rings. You don’t think you play in the NBA to have an opinion on what’s easy and what’s hard when it comes to that level of play. The Heat beat the Pacers in seven games and beat the Spurs in seven games to win last year’s finals. And they beat the Celtics in seven games to advance to the NBA Finals two years ago. Thus, the Heat deserve more respect than that. Besides, the Eastern Conference is full of All-Stars as well as the Western Conference, and the East beat the west this year.

      Secondly, the Spurs and Heat are yet to play each other in the Finals, so we don’t know what the outcome of the series will be and we don’t know if the games between them will be one-sided or not. What everyone should know is that stats from previous series or stats from previous games between them won’t determine the outcome of the series either. I doubt it will take the Spurs five games for them to win the Finals.

      Lastly, I doubt LeBron James will take his talents else where. I believe, the Heat is the team he wants to continue playing for since he lead them to four trips to the Finals. LeBron James is not after easy rings. He is a player who is willing to face whatever challenge needed to win the Championship.

    • pls says:

      gone spurs gone…drive to dive

  28. there will be NO 3peat says:

    spurs are too good this year. miami had only a few good defensive games against bad offenses through this playoff run. They didnt beat anybody that had a shot at winning the title and now they are going to run into this offensive storm the spurs are going to bring. the cold have not played anybody on the spurs level in a few months. they might win a game or 2 but there will not 3-4. this series will be over in 5-6. miami created this monster and now they gotta deal with it. spurs are ready for the cold’s offense because they just had to deal with a team that plays like miami on offense, and i would say they did pretty darn good. they had to play 3 teams in a row that all have great offense that is better than miami’s. bye bye 3 peat

  29. Regy says:

    Miami has the best chance they’re gonna get here in 2014. Now or never.

  30. Jake says:

    i was a huge fan of the Lakers during the Shaq/Kobe/Phil era, but I was too young then to know any better. You gotta scrub this 3peat from the books. Never forget, the 02 Sac Kings.

  31. Common Sense says:

    We will always wonder what would have been had MJ’s father not been murdered. 6 peat?, Octopeat? who knows?

  32. celtics1 says:

    LeBron will never join this legends

  33. jdub455 says:

    The road against the Spurs will be tough but I have the feeling that they can get that 3 peat… 🙂 Go HEAT!!!

    • manuel Mercado says:

      Mr 210 you said that Lebron go to easy ring. I do not understand you. If you said that the west teams are superior than Miami, some of them are, then it is not an easy ring, don’t believe you. So for San Antonio should be an easy ring.according with you. but I’m sorry again like last year The Heat is going to burn the Spurs. Like last year the spurs were favorite to win and they lost not because lucky shots just because we prove in the court be the best.. You have to prove be the best wining. OK

      • AD says:

        many believe lebron cant do a 3 peat? you’re talking about the best basketball player in the world. SPURS ARE A GREAT TEAM BUT CANNOT HANDLE THE MIAMI HEAT TRIO. pbp

      • AD says:

        many believe lebron cant do a 3 peat? you’re talking about the best basketball player in the world. SPURS ARE A GREAT TEAM BUT CANNOT HANDLE THE MIAMI HEAT TRIO. pbp. MIAMI WILL TAKE IT IN GAME 7