Hang time podcast (episode 163) The Finals preview

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Timmay or the King?

The ultimate team or the ultimate collection of talent?

Pop or Spo?

The seemingly ageless or the new age?

All of those questions will be answered because those forces will be at work during The Finals, which kicks off Thursday in San Antonio, when the Spurs and two-time defending champion Miami Heat will get their rematch on for the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Who wins this battle of wills, this clash of NBA titans?

Tim Duncan says he and his Spurs are going to do it this time. LeBron James and his Heat say bring it, they are ready.

We couldn’t just wait and let things play out naturally. We had to debate the merits of both championship outfits and weigh in with our own predictions. And you can find them, and more, on Episode 163 of the Hang Time Podcast … The Finals preview. Legacies are on the line for the nearly dozen future Hall of Famers, players and coaches, involved in this series.

But not everyone will be able to call 2014 their year.

So who’s it going to be? Who rides off into the sunset atop the basketball world this season?

Tune into Episode 163 of the Hang Time Podcast … The Finals preview and find out:


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  1. celentano says:

    a 16 year old kid blocking le bon bon, 1 on 1 indoor hall (you tube).how special is he? stop kissing …,that’s not so healty boy!

  2. bballjunkie1 says:

    Never been sold on Spo, he has been learning on the job, Pop is the best at pushing buttons and timely I might add, but Lebron is somrthing special. Will be a good one for sure. As a basketball lover this is the ultimate.