Brooks and the power of continuity

VIDEO: Kevin Durant talks with the media on Sunday afternoon

OKLAHOMA CITY — The fickle and volatile nature of the NBA coaching business swept aside four 50-game winners the last two seasons. Memphis’ Dave Joerger nearly became the fifth last month, and the second in a row with that franchise.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks‘ job security always seems to be a topic fluttering in the breeze. He’s overseen three Western Conference finals appearances in the last four seasons, yet his critics continue to howl. Saturday’s Game 6 overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs ended a second season of falling short of a return to the Finals.

However, it didn’t stop the franchise’s superstar, the league’s MVP from endorsing his coach.

“That’s our guy,” Durant said of Brooks during Sunday’s exit interviews, “and I’m riding with him.”

It would seem owner Clay Bennett and general manager Sam Presti would, too, but then Lionel Hollins, George Karl, Vinny Del Negro and Mark Jackson — fired 50-win club members — are still tidying up their resumes.

That’s typically not the case for a coach who has won better than 70 percent of his games in each of the last three seasons. Brooks has two years left on his contract at what is believed to be between $8 million and $9 million. The Thunder are not a franchise that takes a cavalier approach to paying one man not to work while paying another to fill his position.

Yet, Mike Brown is out in Cleveland with $16 million owed to him.

Is it possible the Thunder believe Brooks has taken this team as far as he can?

“It’s something that I don’t even consider. I do my job every day,” Brooks said. “I’ve had a lot of valuable lessons in my life from my mother and she’s always told me this: You do your job every day and you live with the results. ‘They say,’ you can’t worry about what ‘they say’; you never ever meet those people. I have many stories that I can tell you about my mom and that’s one of them — don’t worry about ‘them.’ Those are the people that told me I wasn’t going to make it as a 4-11 freshman in high school. My dream was to be an NBA player. If I would have listened to ‘they’ I would never have been able to make it.”

Presti won’t listen to ‘they.’ He’ll make up his own mind, if there’s even a decision to make. He spent Sunday conducting exit interviews with players and he will soon talk with Brooks, who Presti hired as an assistant onto P.J. Carlesimo‘s staff in Seattle and then promoted when he fired Carlesimo after a 1-12 start in Oklahoma City.

Soon after, Brooks elevated No. 4 pick Russell Westbrook to starting point guard. If Brooks and Westbrook have anything in common, it’s that criticism never strays far.

“Ever since I’ve been here and Scotty became the head coach, he’s done a great job of having confidence in me personally,” Westbrook said. “There’s times where things have gone south and he’s the only one that always, always, regardless of what happened, always had my back; regardless of people saying I was doing this, I was doing that, I was being selfish, being that, he always was the first person to step up and have my back and support me regardless of what’s going on. He does a great job of always staying positive and trusting in our guys and trusting in each and every person we have and in the organization.”

Brooks said the Thunder’s No. 7 -rated offense must continue to evolve around his two superstars, to become a better passing team with higher assist totals and fewer turnovers and periods of stagnation.
“I know I have to get better and I know our team has to get better,” Brooks said. “And we’re excited about moving forward together as a group as the summer unfolds, and coming back in October with a better team.”

If scheme isn’t Brooks’ forte, as his critics will claim, forging relationships is a strong suit. He’s helped develop a team of talented youngsters at the ages of 20 into perennial contenders now at 25. Before the All-Star break, Durant called Brooks the coach of the year for steering the team through Westbrook’s multiple knee injuries.

The Thunder remain as well-positioned as any club to challenge for Western Conference supremacy for at least the next two seasons, and beyond that if Durant re-signs when he can become a free agent in the summer of 2016. Westbrook and power forward Serge Ibaka have three years left. Reggie Jackson is eligible for an extension this summer.

The 2013-14 season was a struggle from the start of training camp when Westbrook was told he needed a second surgery on his right knee. He tore the meniscus in the second game of the first round last season and missed the remainder of the postseason. Westbrook had to undergo a third surgery in December just as he and the team were rolling. He was out through the All-Star Game.

Then OKC lost defensive-specialist, and now unrestricted free agent, Thabo Sefolosha and starting center Kendrick Perkins each for six weeks with injuries.

The Thunder still finished with 59 wins and Durant won the MVP. They beat Memphis in the first round and Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the Clippers in the second round before falling to the Spurs. Both Westbrook and Perkins said the key area of improvement for next season isn’t personnel, but sharpening their mental approach to the game, specifically limiting careless turnovers that can turn a game or even a series against a team like San Antonio.

Changes will be made on the periphery of the roster, but the core is set for another run at a first title. It would seem the coach is, too, for a general manager and a franchise that place high value on continuity.

“You can easily say we lost the season because we didn’t win a championship,” Durant said. “But I don’t look at it that way because we learned so much throughout these years, throughout these last few months, especially, and it’s going to help us towards the future. When you look at it that way it stings not playing, but you also know that you’re just building the journey up, and hopefully one day you’ll look back at it and just enjoy what we went through.”

VIDEO: Scott Brooks talks about his future in OKC and more


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    using net for articles, thanks to web.

  2. Harry says:

    2 things…
    1. I haven’t seen a play run by thunder that Brooks drew up in last minute of a game…It’s always Durant taking a long contested jump shot..
    2. Brooks has no real offensive system of ball movement and role players getting easy open shots…That’s why their 1-dimensional players remain the same liabilities…If that means take a couple of losses by benching KD or RW for playing hero ball, be it. the fact that Brooks encourages 1 on 1 hero ball and hopes they’ll win; it costs them in playoffs as teams pile up on KD and force RW to take terrible j’s (which he is not good at)..

  3. BonnieBear29 says:

    Adams, Collison, Perkins, Lamb, Butler, Sefalosha…six guys who gave them nothing in this series. You can’t beat a veteran team like the Spurs with a roster like that.

    Westbrook is not the problem. Durant is not the problem. Brooks might be the problem if he can’t find a way to get something out of these guys, but that list of six players is the reason OKC is not in the finals.

  4. SELLVA says:

    OKC – needs fresh pair of legs and arm in the fourth quarter. Lamb is energetic,needs more minutes like 18 minutes. Durant and west brook has to play 36 minutes to 40 minutes. not more than that

  5. Bilal says:

    Can any of you guys play this game that you are talking about? Scotty Brooks is terrible because of this reason…. The pick and roll is set up to cause confusion and bad match up, The way to properly defend it is to have the defender that is guarding the guy that is setting the pick to hedge the ball handler and the defender guarding the ball handler to get around the pick. Your only supposed to switch if the pick is being set by players with the same height! Derrick Fisher and the kid Jackson were getting caught on Duncan and Diaul all night! Scotty Brooks Never made any adjustments! You learn this in little league and to not no that and to see it and to keep doing it is RIDICULOUS! Pops a great coach but he didn’t have to think twice because if it not broke there is nothing to fix!

    And to loose by 30 3 games in the playoffs is all coaching especially when you have guys like westbrook and Durant! There is no way that westbrook should be anybody’s point guard because he doesn’t want or now how to get his team mates involved, Jackson should have been starting all season!

  6. cailles says:

    your system is not working for four years Coach Brooks, its about time to tweak it
    if the system is not working its time to change your approach to the game Coach brooks, KD and Wes

  7. MasterPiece says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL seriously you all guys make laugh :D. Brooks has been doing great job at OKC why should they fired him?!!?!? Just because he didn’t rely too much on his bench & because he also gave more playoffs minutes to Fisher!?!?! Is that the main reason!?!? HELL NO.
    The main issues with the Thunder are :

    1- Get a real center & get rid of Perkins please don’t get me wrong it’s not like I don’t like the guy but for me his days at OKC are over he clearly lacks on offense !!!!

    2- Improve that bench ( Lamb, Perry Jones & Adams : those guys need to get some minutes next season ) & maybe bring one or two veterans

    3- Ibaka must yet improve his low post game if he can do that plus his defense then the Thunder will become more scary !!!

  8. NBAfan51 says:

    Westbrook for Wall, Perkins for Gortat LMAO

  9. destiny says:

    Keep durant and ibaka. Trade up for giannis from the bucks

  10. Time to move onX says:

    Westbrook has been amazing athletically for years and he has a lion’s heart and tenacity- but it years of that could not get a championship. Why? Well frankly he has bad habits of horrible shot selection (sometimes at the most inappropriate moments) he forgets to involve his team mates when he wants to be the hero, he forgets that he is number TWO, and gets a horrible attitude if you tell him about it.

    Durant has been a phenomenal shot maker from anywhere on the court-I’d say the best offensive force for years. He has learned to rebound better too- but years of that could not win a championship even though he did get a MVP. Why? Well frankly he is not a strong leader. He should be the ONE leader on the team on the court- and should not be scared to remind Westbrook of this. He also just isn’t strong enough to consistently STOP other teams top guns. But he can be slowed down if one is physical with him. These items have been his weaknesses for years- to the extent that they can’t win the big one.

    GREAT coaches make bad habits disappear SOONER than later. Brooks is a good coach not a great coach. He should be drawing up plays in the final moments which utilize Westbrook and Durant appropriately- but lets Westbrook fly of the handle THEN backs Westbrook’s bad choices. He has never demanded Durant be a stronger leader with Westbrook around. He is going to produce the same stuff if he stays. Great coaches don’t let nonsense continue (SEE coach Pop).

    The end

  11. J K Rich says:

    ThIs is a message for MVP Kevin Durant. Kevin, you’re my hero! I admire not just the way you play but your morals as well. I am very uPset that it’s over for the next year but you are positive about it anyway. I love your loyalty to your team even when it’s hard. I know you guys will win it next year. GO THUNDER!!!!!!

  12. celentano says:

    okc is done,no more finals for them anymore for a long time! kd & rw + scot b.are overated anyway! kd is the next reggie miller,scott just a mediocre coach,rw plays with adhd and has a fashionista complex>crazy like metta’s mind.that team is in facr a mess.another fact is okc fans+bandwagons are totaly delusional too!
    weren’nt okc fans&bandwagons jelling at first sight that kd gonna do better than many hall of famers from the past incl. still active kobe,dwayne & lefake at prime?
    just realy delusional!

  13. Amused says:

    All these people who are screaming for Brooks to be fired are not only missing the fact that he’s an outstanding coach, but also the fact that OKC is built on the San Antonio model of continuity and stability. It is no more in the Thunders DNA to fire an established, successful coach than it is in Durant’s DNA to bolt OKC for the Lakers in a few years.

  14. jeorge says:

    i dont think brooks can bring championship to the okc, he’s style of play works in regular season but not in playoffs…. every game you need adjustments…. you must have a system, he’s system just rely on durant and wesbrook… no team play… just look how miami and spurs do… they got a system they run night in night out… and adjustment in defence every game of the playoffs….

  15. MR210 says:

    OKC you later…

    Thunder have to seriously consider making some changes if they are to go to the next level.

    Starting with Brooks. He was clearly out-coached by the best in the league. No shame in that…but OKC has to consider different coach.

    Brooks didn’t make the right adjustments during Series…and should have played his bench more throughout the regular season to get them some minutes. Take a page from Pop (or Spoelstra)…

    Plus, Westbrook is too much of a loose cannon…


  16. thy says:

    Here are my thoughts: Durant is a awesome player, he needs to just drive to the middle a little more. Westbrook needs to be traded for Rando. Westbrook wants his own team and that would be a great place to start. Rando would be an excellent fit to the Thunder. Now if you are a real BB fan you know I am telling the truth get Green also on the wing trust me there will be no stopping OKC.

  17. kek says:

    OKC got a good core, their bench isnt that bad what it seems to be, not alot of shots to go around for guys like lamb and butler in these playoffs, Durant and westbrook takes to many shots, Westbrook is a great player, but his shot selection isnt very good, he needs to slow down sometimes and let the game come to him, he is forcing way to many things on offense, and he needs more disipline on defense, Ibaka needs to develop a postgame, if he can do that he will be an allstar. great shotblocker, one of the best pick&pop players in the league. if he develops a decent post game we`re looking at a 18/8/3(blocks) guy here.

    As for Durant, I think he needs to bulk up a littlebit, get stronger, when your forward struggles to back down guards in the post, something needs to be done.

    i’m sure okc can win a ring in the future, but they have alot of work to do:)

    good luck next season okc.

  18. James says:

    No coach should be fired for doing a good job. Maybe not a great job he’s doing but a good job nonetheless. You should be fired if you are doing a bad job. At the same time, I can’t help but notice how white coaches are not getting fired whereas black coaches are almost always on the hot seat. In my opinion, Lionel Hollins and Mark Jackson have done better jobs than Kevin McHale, Scott Brooks, and Frank Vogel. Will Steve Kerr do a better job than Mark Jackson? Maybe or maybe not. But I guarantee you Steve Kerr won’t be fired anytime soon unless he’s really, really bad.

  19. Chris says:

    I don’t know why fisher is on the court during 4th quarter?! too small line-up that’s why they lost in game 6. Do you still believe in brooks?

    • Pakyaw says:

      Play small line up and switching on every pick & roll ?.. That’s a bad coaching right there

    • J K Rich says:

      Yes! I do! Doubters like you are always silenced one way or another! Look at Eric spoelstra. He was almost fired because he wasn’t doing a very good job at coaching the heat and Lebron was told he didn’t have what it takes to win a title. This is no different. The thunder will win soon enough! Go Thunder!

    • Jacquio says:

      It was mildly amusing watching Fisher guard Duncan in overtime. Probably less so for Thunder fans though.

  20. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on 2014 nba playoffs.


  21. NBALogics says:

    They could try to make a trade for Brook Lopez but that’s another High Salary player or trade for Joel Embiid and develop him.

  22. MrHuman says:

    1. Move WestBrook to Shooting Guard he will be a nightmare for the opposing shooter.
    2. Put Reggie at Point – he is developing well and has a cooler head to command the floor
    3. Steven Adams for Perk, I know perk has played well postseason. But OKC desperately needs to develop a lowpost scorer
    and Adams is looking like a solid force even in his first year.
    4.rotate the bench ALOT more during the season even if it means taking losses to improve the likes of lamb and pj3 players who can produce the goods but need time to get their groove.
    5. at the end of the season rest Durant, and keep them primed and hungry for playoff. then unleash this dog and stand back!
    he looked tired at the end of last season(mvp chase) and didnt seem to become the killer we know in the playoffs this year

  23. Chris says:

    Sam Presti comes from the Popovich/spurs family. I believe he’s trying to build a homegrown team much like the spurs have but he isn’t doing a lot of good veteran signings to surround his good core with. Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka will be his Duncan, Parker and Ginoboli, and while he’s managed to grab an Avery Johhnson (fisher) he has failed to acquire a Robert Horry, a Bruce Bowen or more recently a Boris Diaw. IMO butler was a shot at it, but not good enough.

    Presti learned from the best, but he’s still a newer GM. He’s done well to build this squad but there’s plenty of room for improvement, point is.. If he’s gonna build a home grown team though, that had to be the core mostly. Gotta pull the supporting cast from elsewhere.

  24. Ryan says:

    Change Brooks, and trade Westbrook. Get 2 all star level players and the rest will be history. Durant will be the number 1 option, & the 2 all stars will be there to support. Plus, Ibaka will be there to clogged the middle..

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Change brooks, keep make westbrook a SG and develop reggie jackson into a strong facilitator role.

  25. okcDoke2014 says:

    OKC needs another star but I doubt a star player would attracted to a small market team. Players want money and endorsements that come with bigger market teams. Brooks did what he could and did a good job.

  26. eX says:

    If Brook is a bad couch then what is McHale?

  27. fourputtforsnowman says:

    The thunder are teetering on the edge of a fence. On the one side they have a ton of talent and might get a championship. But on the other side of the fence they barely beat memphis (game 7 zebo didn’t play). they barely beat the clippers (uncharacteristic chris paul meltdown). Both those teams will improve next year, most likely. Houston and Portland and GS will all be improving. Without new players, its difficult to see how okc can improve dramatically. And teams are figuring out how to match up better and play better against okc. Although okc won a bunch of games (59) many were hard close games where kd or rw won the game in the last minutes. Then there’s the injury thing. Playing kd and rw so many hard tough minutes (it isn’t just the minutes its also the tough play they dish out and take on) will wear them out (kd was worn out at the end of the games versus the spurs) AND injure them. But even if okc improves its bench, kd and rw also need to embrace a team style of play…just to extend their health and to improve others for series just like the one with the spurs. These changes/improvements are doable, maybe. So I think OKC is on the fence. Let’s see which side they end up on next year.

    Q: Does anyone else think kd will show up next year with 10+ lbs of muscle?

    • Chris says:

      That’s one of the only ways I see KD getting a ring actually. He needs to bulk up and take his defenders into the post.. Majority of them are too small to guard him anyway.

  28. ronhawkster says:

    Whose idea was to let Harden go? Whose idea was to bring Perkins on board?

    • jayr says:

      Harden’s departure from OKC was way beyond their control already. Houston offers Harden a salary that is very impossible for the Thunder to match, otherwise, he will be earning more than what Russel or Kevin is earning. And to bring Perkins on board, i though it was a good decision by the Thunder that time. He is a better defensive player than Kristic during that time until injuries hamper his game defensively… He is not the same as what he was in Boston before when he was guarding the Big’s of the Lakers during that finals. So i guess, the decisions they made is fair in my own perspective.

      Note: I’m not an OKC fan though I like KD’s game..

    • Pakyaw says:

      Imagine this if theykept their roster,durant , Westbrook, harden, Jeff green and ibaka. That’s scary line up there..

  29. chad says:

    Perkins is overrated. Don’t understand why he gets so many minutes. He has the mean face, is a hard-nosed worker with a body build to make you think hes some elite interior/tough guy defender. But he’s fools gold, he has proven season after season to be a lot less than what he has been made out to be. Don’t get me started on his non-existent offense. He is the perfect example of a player that works hard but has 0 talent. Nothing against him personally just saying the coach needs to be smart and develop newer players then rely on vets who really aren’t productive anyway.

  30. JDiggy says:

    WTF was Fish doing in the game that late for that long? He was keeping him in there for offense? Why? You have the MVP and Westbrook was on fire. Brooks is limited in his coaching abilities and OKC needs to get a more veteran coach or find a big man with post game ASAP. Durant was DONE at the end of that game, he was out of gas. The coach needs to start trusting his bench more because what they are doing now isn’t working. Develop the bench, get a big man that can score and how about an offense that isn’t so completely predictable?

    I’m sorry but if they can get a big name coach (and there are a lot out there) you get him.


  31. Game Time says:

    OKC needs to keep Brooks. Keep the main guys together, but aquire a vet like Deng who can defend multiple positions and score on his own.

    Also I have to say I have so much respect for the OKC fans. A standing ovation is what the team deserves after giving their all. I’m disgusted by Laker fans in blogs and elsewhere who say it’s dumb to applaud them after losing. You (Laker fans) are no better than the fans you run around calling bandwagon fans. In fact, that is exactly what you are if your thinking is to only cheer on a winning team.

    • Zac says:

      totally wrong on brooks. Look, Carlisle took the Spurs to the brink of elimination with lesser players. OKC only won two games. clearly a coaching problem.

      • Game Time says:

        You’re right that it is a coaching problem, but to Brook’s credit, he was up against Pop who in my book is the greatest coach ever. My only complaint of Brooks is that he hasn’t taken the time to develop his players. We would have never known how well Jackson could play if WB was not injured. Kind of the same thing with Adams and Ibaka. To get rid of him now would ruin that team and they would be out of the playoff contender mix for sure next season. The Thunder just need to be able to play TEAM ball and not have to rely on WB or KD to dominate.

    • TMac says:

      Nothing but the truth about the fans that go around screaming about bandwagon fans….but they do bandwagon type actions themselves. Every real fan should rep their team so or lose. There is no doubt Thunder fans are true fans.

  32. Kimmy says:

    Kevin Durant, for whatever reason,did not play like an MVP in the playoffs. He had a wonderful regular season. I give praise to him, Wesbrook, Jackson and Ibaka. But they need to stop being so cheap and make some significant trades over the off season. All the Thunder management have done in the past few years. is get rid of good players, i,e. Harden and Martin. Cut loose Caron Butler, Thabeet, Sefalosha, Fisher (needs to retire already and coach the Lakers or Knicks) and Perkins to start. Get at least 3 really good vets and maximum Jeremy Lamb, Adams and Jones so they contribute as bench scorers.

    • Chris says:

      Omer Asik would be a huge upgrade at center for them. Good defender, great rebounder, and can at least give you 10pts a night. With a developed Ibaka adding more offense and extended interior defense, Thunder would be scary.

      I also think westbrook or KD need to leave. I don’t see them winning a ring together. Both require being the number one option.

  33. nbafan says:

    Coach is fine & OKC big 3 played well overall. They just need to improve their bench and get some reliable offense from their bench like Heat & Spurs. OKC bench got outscored by Spurs bench in the last game 5 to 51. That’s just ridiculous. No need to blame Westbrook because he was arguably their MVP for the series. Durant could have played better but you could tell he was tired towards the end of some games since he had to play huge minutes while Duncan and other spurs players had their rotations.

    • Scott Brooks says:

      well said

    • Chris says:

      OKC doesn’t have a big three. Ibaka is still in development. But he isn’t that consistent scoring threat he’s needed to be. Bosh, Wade and James can trade off who takes over a game at most any time, so can the Spurs (especially in the mid 00s) Ibaka isn’t there yet. But when he is.. My God will the thunder be scary.

  34. rojah5 says:

    Reblogged this on Basketball Jonesing Blog and commented:
    Scott Brooks and the Thunder fell short in the Western Conference Finals but have a lot to look forward to

  35. fan says:

    Thunders need to add Dieng from minnesota. With him and Ibaka as great shot blockers and defendors, nobody will enter that paint and they both are great shooters, giving more help to Durant/Westbrook on the offense

  36. jmadagz says:

    kevin durant = mr. unreliable

    • RP says:

      Yeah…because leading the team in both scoring and rebounding means nothing. Especially after he carried the team all season. Right.

  37. Tom says:

    Durant would have a ring already if not for Brooks’ coaching. He just rides off the athleticism of his stars and hasn’t developed his supporting cast or develop an offensive system. Playing Fisher 27/29 final minutes in game 6 should get him fired.

    • Mike Williams says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Brooks has taken the Thunder as far as he can take them. He is a coach with a limited playbook. He has not developed a well-oiled half court offense in the past three years. The bench has not deepen under his helm. The bench was outscored unmercifully 51 to 5 in game six. This has to be a reflection on his ineptitude. Scott is extremely nice guy, but the Thunder needs someone else to take them to the next level.

  38. okctofinals says:

    James Harden must feel like a fool. Had he stayed with this team they could’ve made it back to the Finals. Instead, he joined a team that got beat by a team that the Spurs nearly swept.

    • KobeFan says:

      Umm, James Harden was traded to the Rockets. He didn’t exactly “join” them. Blame OKC front office.

      • TMac says:

        I think he is trying to say that James Harden should have just accepted what the Thunder offered instead of wanting the max deal… least that is what I hope he is trying to say.

  39. Irene Adler says:

    I love you Thunder guys. I still believe that you can get better. Improve the bench next season and sign Reggie. Let those young guns play in the regular season from the new picks to Stevens, Perry, Hasheem, Andrei and Jeremy to develop their self-confidence and to learn and gain experience from every game. KD, Russ and Serge you are my best players.

  40. Ray jay says:

    Westbrook Is trash

    • TMac says:

      He can be reckless at times, but he is far from trash. He was one of the few reasons why the Thunder had a chance against the Spurs.

  41. Max says:

    I hope the Owner of the OKC is too smart to let Books go. That would be a terrible mistake. The teams that make it all the way, just look, they have kept theier Coach. Those wanting the OKC job, just how many Championships do they have on their resume? Coach is one of the greatness, it is the like of Big’s, to play in the paint. Ibaka has the blocking, but is really just not heavy enough to control the paint. Need to build that department. Really need to fill two positions. Increase Bench and yes, then they can complete the entire way to a Championship. No team that has won back to back Championships has let a Coach go. Would be a very costly mistake, if OKC did something like letting Brooks go. Now that would make the Lakers very happy, they would move Heaven and Earth to have Brooks!

  42. Chronic says:

    The thing that Kevin Durant and people who doesn’t think Brooks needs to go is that they say this team won the conferance finals in 2012 with Brooks and this team beat strong Memphis and Clippers teams with Brooks. But they miss one point. I there was even a coach who is above avarage that can understand the abilities of Kevin Durant . This team could ve won 2 titles who knows. And i deeply believe that if they fire Brooks , the now coach will definetaly be more succesfull if there would be an injury of KD or Westbrook.

  43. randomguy says:

    Well, Durant is saying all the right things, but really, Brooks is still a bad coach. Bad rotations, slow to adjust to changes and a non-existent offensive scheme are the reason why they lost to the Spurs. Let’s be honest, the Thunder have a better team. The Thunder have all the athleticism that the Spurs can’t handle. The Thunder still lost horribly, and it is pretty much Brook’s fault. He decided to match the Spurs with size instead of athleticism for the majority of the series, and thereby negated their biggest edge.

    Oh, they didn’t have Ibaka for games 1 and 2? Yeah, he decided that simply replacing him with Collison was gonna cut it. If you lose your best big man against a team with a great inside offense, you have to make adjustments, not just slide in the next man. This isn’t the regular season, you don’t just expect to tide it over until they return.

    Remember when Sefalosha, Collison and Perkins combined for 2 points over 2 games (or something like that, they had 0 in the first game). Yeah, starting your least athletic players against a team that you beat two years ago by pure athleticism is really a great adjustment by a great coach.

    • remo says:

      Everyone bugging only reason they lost is cause the bench not the coach

      • Rod says:

        Thank you thats all wanted to hear but i do blame scott brooks a little he Didn’t give lamb perry or none of our other guys a chance to even progress and he belied inperkins and fisher to much isay get rid ofperkins fisher and thabo let our young guys play ._by the way we have 2 first round picks isay choose best available players