24 – Second thoughts — May 30

VIDEO: The Miami Heat are 4-for-4 in attempts at making The Finals, the first time in 27 years a team has done it 4 straight times

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — History in the making.

History still to be made.

It’s all still on the table for the Miami Heat.

Four straight trips to The Finals. The opportunity to three-peat. 

“I’m blessed,” LeBron James said. “We won’t take this opportunity for granted. This is an unbelievable franchise, this is an unbelievable group.”

The Finals rematch is up next, the San Antonio Spurs (2013) or Oklahoma City Thunder (2012) will help the Heat finish that chapter of this championship story.

But The Finals is all the Heat have known in the Big 3 era. It’s all James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and crew have known since they came together.


Greg Oden is going to The Finals!


Three years running they go out on the wrong end of the Heat’s blade …


Strange that we might never see them square off against each other on the game’s biggest stage …


The pressure on him to deliver on his vast potential has been amazing from the start. The things he’s done, the way he’s lived up to the hype … amazing!


Can’t finish this one up without a struggle face shot!


Marcin Gortat = Captain Obvious


Four straight trips to The Finals puts the Heat in truly rarefied air … Celtics and Lakers are only franchise to dip toes in that water!


Someone will definitely have to answer for this and you better believe Vogel will be on the hot seat first …


Seemingly one despicable performance after another in the playoffs mangled their season. What a feeble way to end what was such a promising season at the halfway mark …


There needs to be a full autopsy on this team and it needs to be performed ASAP!


The more you see this play, the more it looks like an absolute shot to the grill. #flagrant3-4-5?

VIDEO: Stephenson’s right cross on Cole


The best medicine and perhaps the only way this cat gets humbled!


Not PGeorge’s finest hour (or 24 minutes) … he’s going to need another 31 after halftime tonight.


Someone call 9-1-1 … or Tyrone … or anybody that can get the Heat off of these Pacers.


This is not how your All-Stars (or your starting point guard) are supposed to go out …


Pure foolishness …


The more antics the merrier, huh?

VIDEO: Lance Being Lance and LeBron trying to ignore the foolishness


Retaliation from the Heat’s resident “agitator”  … so to speak?


Toss in the Flagrant 1 on the whack to the face of Norris Cole for Lance. Stellar work tonight son.


And back to actual basketball, still no sign of Big Roy and G.Hill …


Didn’t take long for the antics to crank up. What a waste of everyone’s time. #justplayball


At least lance is picking a fight with someone his own size … well, sort of.


Dialed in indeed!


Few men in the history of organized sports wore the black hat on the road better Reggie Miller!

Close out time …

"Let's go from the jump!" – Dwyane Wade, #PACERSvHEAT on ESPN.

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VIDEO:  LeBron brings the pain early


  1. Matthew says:

    It is just a game….

  2. Miami Heat Fan says:

    “I thought we outplayed them” well, it seems no more doubt and questions for this win now. Pacers fan is now busy jumping on OKC or SPURS…Let’s go Heat! 3peat!

  3. Jhayzc says:

    Lance has no sense of professionalism!

  4. joe says:

    all with knowledge of, and respect for, the game of basketball knew what the outcome would be.. but the haters will cry and try as always to find excuses and make abuses.. whatever turns you on fools.. 🙂

  5. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    where did all the Indiana fans go …. ?

    4 straight years to the finals… we are watching history in the making, like coach Vogel said: “the MJ of this era… the Chicago Bulls of this era”.
    Bring on the spurs …again

    • Indy says:

      I’m a Pacers fan. Funny how the bandwagon disappears just as quickly as it came. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

      • TMac says:

        I respect fans like you. I like fans that can rep their team win or lose and don’t give excuses for a their team’s losses except that they just didn’t play good enough to win. You hear everybody talking about Miami fans being “plastic” and bandwagon fans…..but where oh where are the Pacers fans??? Pacers fans need to come on and show their team some love.

      • misha says:

        sorry mate, but pacers bandwagon disappeared lon long before playofffs. they’ve just lost their mojo after all-star weekend.

  6. Still Annoyed says:

    Added blame goes on anyone who would perpetuate the notion that the Heat are not insanely stacked… you know like, “Can the Heat close it out tonight?” Type questions or “The heat should be the scared ones…” nonsense… I mean to take nothing away from the Heat. Beyond being incredible athletes they also seem to be decent men and who wouldn’t want to make it to the finals every season… AND you have to play hard to go up nearly 40 on that defense! But really, these games were won as the contracts were signed.

  7. Still Annoyed says:

    Lebron, arguably best player the game has ever had. Wade, arguably best mid-range shooter. Bosch, arguably best big shooter. Allen, best 3-point shooter. And then the bench!!!! I could be a 5th man and they’d still win! I live in south florida, so I’m not exactly complaining here, but I do think it’s unfair. Basketball, unlike most team sports, is a game where one man can carry you into the playoffs. So to have 4 of the games best players makes for near 40 point leads in the playoffs. Seriously, Lebron sat for half of a game and the Heat almost won. For perspective, could the Bulls have done the same with Jordan out? And is it not also painfully obvious that the Heat will lose a game to clinch at home? Shouldn’t this be the sign that it’s time for a change in this game?

  8. Still Annoyed says:

    I don’t understand why this site does not post anything I comment until I start posting complaints on it. AND THEN it will say I’ve already posted that. I have serious questions, concerns, I want it to be here so that others can reply and maybe shed some light on the topic for even my own sake! What is going on!

  9. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Thunder MUST WIN Games 6 and 7 to face the Heat! Kevin Durant (current MVP) vs. Lebron James (former MVP) is what’s BEST FOR BUSINESS!! Thunder vs. Heat is what’s BEST FOR BUSINESS! West #2 vs. East #2 is what’s BEST FOR BUSINESS! Ibaka vs. Bosh. Lamb vs. Allen. Wade vs. Westbrook. These matchups are what’s BEST FOR BUSINESS! NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH THE SPURS camp outside shooting 3s all day. LAME! We want to see an EXCELLENTLY-EXECUTED ATHLETIC 2014 NBA Finals: OKC Thunder vs. Miami Heat. That is what’s BEST FOR BUSINESS! We don’t want to see that garden gnome, Gregg Popovich, in the Finals again!! Brooks vs. Spoelstra. BEST FOR BUSINESS!

    • Markinsa says:

      The Heat attempt more 3s a game than the Spurs do. Check the NBA Team stats. The Spurs play Team Basketball.

  10. LBJ says:

    Congrats to Pacers for making it to the finals. They are never a championship caliber team with their mediocre offense. Frank has done a great job to get them here. Paul and David West are the pillars and consistent saviors of this team. They got something to build on. Loosing Danny Granger was a bad move.It took away their offense and also the locker room confidence and chemistry.Larry Bird should have known that you can’t just take away the previous face of the franchise just like that.I strongly feel it created a sense of insecurity and also lack of depth/options for already feeble offensive team.You can only run to a certain level with 5 good basketball players in NBA. Kick Lance and George hill out. This team is in desperate need for a good point guard/shooting guard. Paul cannot do everything by himself he needs some breathing room to be more consistent.

    As a heat fan I have a nervous finals series to go through. Hope HEAT plays for their fans than haters. They got an opportunity for real history.How come we do not see an article about improved chemistry between the heat big three. I also believe that Lebron got better this post season. Instead of madly going to the rim and complaining when blocked he is thinking till the last second and making the right plays. Could be experience or lot of watching his own film,Facing a hurt and raging lion(SPURS) would be a real test of this teams caliber

  11. Dennis Zoilo says:

    If the pacers want to beat the heat , they must trade lance stephenson. He doesn’t know how to play good basketball. They must stick with Turner instead of lance.

    • Average Joe says:

      Lance is a better basketball player than Evan will ever be. But the on-court and off-court antics have got to stop.

  12. Mark says:

    No big deal to win the Eastern Conference this season. Only question now is, will the comparatively easy road to The Finals hurt or help them?

    • Timu says:

      Upsetting you haters, PRICELESS!!!!!!!! Let’s Go Heat!

    • OKC says:

      i think it will definitely help, whoever comes out of the west will be extremely worn out

    • Concern says:

      Really no big deal?????

      • Game Time says:

        He’s heard that a lot in relation to his life so he thinks nothing is a big deal.

    • Average Joe says:

      You’re either too young or too stupid to know the meaning of smart playoff positioning. Doesn’t matter, either way. Heat is going to the Finals and there’s nothing you can do about it.