24 – Second thoughts — May 29

VIDEO: Danny Green lets that shooting hand hang in the air after his fourth 3-pointer of the night

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Throw that scouting report in the trash bin. Throw it away.

There is no explanation for what we’ve seen from the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Five games. Five cakewalks for the home teams. And a bunch of us trying to figure out how two teams could look so unbelievably good at home and then get their respective doors blown off away from home. 

It’s not just us either. It’s the same on the inside. The mighty Tim Duncan, a man whose been doing this for nearly two decades, admitted he’s never seen anything like this series.

“This is the craziest series I’ve been involved in,” he said.

Spurs coach and reigning NBA Coach of the Year Gregg Popovich made his move for Game 5. He made his adjustment (Matt Bonner into the starting lineup for Tiago Splitter) and the lineup change did exactly what it was designed to do (specifics will not be shared by Pop), since the Spurs won the game.

Manu Ginobili, Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, Patty Mills and the mighty Duncan all did their part to help the Spurs return to the same style and tempo they played in Games 1 and 2.

The average margin of victory in this series is a staggering 20.4 points.

Game 6 awaits in Oklahoma City Saturday night. Can the Thunder get more out of Serge Ibaka, the hero from Games 3 and, but an relative non-factor in Game 5.

Good luck figuring this series out by then …

The @officialspurs take 3-2 #WCF lead with 117-89 victory. #nbaplayoffs

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The Spurs revert back to form and get everyone involved, and things turned in their favor … and the night was, for most the part, antics free.


Manu and the Spurs are one win away from a back-to-back trip to The Finals, a first in the Duncan-Pop-Manu-Parker era.


Take a quick moment to bow down to Timmy #NobodyHasDoneItBetter


“Momentum” has not made it through TSA in either San Antonio or Oklahoma City in this series. #airportsecurity


An appropriate name/number change for the man of the hour.


Dancin’ Danny Green‘s 3-point tally is climbing and the Spurs are running


Perhaps the most dramatic plot twist in the Clippers’ saga yet …


Ugh! Manu deserves better than this. Much, much better!


Manu with the sweet pass-fake on the break and rips the net on another 3. Manu’s been so good in this series, win or lose.


That’s affectionately known as “gas money” in the land of Ballmer!


In a make or miss league, when you make ’em like this you lead by 16!


This is the Kawhi Leonard the Spurs needed in Oklahoma City. Not that he’d have had Ibaka-type impact or anything, but the Spurs play at another level when he’s on top of his game.


Pop had options and chose one but wasn’t shy about recognizing that yet another tweak was needed. #ByAnyMeansNecessary



The Big Croissant gets the job done!


Great question. The list is long and starts with The Big Fundamental and ends, for now, with RelentlessRussWest …


It’s better than blowing in Tony Parker’s ear …


Watch out! Clear the lane if you don;t want to be on this poster!

VIDEO: JRussell Westbrook drives the lane and lowers the boom!


Eat your heart out Eastern Conference finals!


I wonder if MJ ever gets tired of people measuring the best players of every generation to his standard … nah!


Relentless RussWest is already in that zone tonight. Locked and loaded from the start!


Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!


Bones B. A poet if ever there was one …


Good luck making these choices!


The Super Bowl game of this series is right here, right now. And the Thunder’sReggie Jackson knows it!

Red Rocket with the start tonight. #ByAnyMeansNecessary award goes to Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, win or lose. But my game changer for the Spurs is this man …

Before we get started, David Aldridge with an update on the Los Angeles Clippers

VIDEO:  TNT’s David Aldridge on the Clippers


  1. Nick says:

    Not quite, Sekou. The visiting teams did not get their doors blown off. OKC got their doors blown off. The Spurs merely lost

  2. Glenn G says:

    Hey Pop, why you did not go with this line-up in Game 3 & 4?
    We should have been resting by now..lol

  3. Alex says:

    Pop showed Bonner on the starting five, stretching the floor. Great move by Pop, since Ibaka had to ‘respect’ Matt shooting range, coming just too late to help on the Spurs driving. Well done.

  4. duke says:

    I predict the Spurs will win this one, game 7 in a tight one.