Will Game 4 horror show fuel Spurs?

VIDEO: GameTime previews Spurs-Thunder Game 5

SAN ANTONIO — While much of America has been caught up watching Godzilla wreak havoc on movie screens, the Spurs got ready for Game 5 of the Western Conference finals with a horror show of their own.

No popcorn or Coke, but there were plenty of reasons for those in the audience to cover their eyes and scream when they watched video of Game 4.

“A lot of things,” said Manu Ginobili following Thursday’s shootaround. “We played terrible in both games, in every aspect of the game. They scored too much, went to the line too much. We were not smart enough. We have to play close to perfection to beat them, especially over there. We were way too far from that, so we had no shot.”

Why did that happen?

“Because the opponent changes,” he said. “If we play the same opponent under the same conditions, we would play the same every same. Loose balls and you miss a couple shots, and things start to change in your head, in your team. Every game is different. For sure, they are a tough team. They are athletic, they are strong and they play even better at home. That’s basketball.”

The only one in the cast that got rave reviews was Cory Joseph for the way he fearlessly went at the Thunder.

“He was the one that played the most aggressive, that challenged them, that played physical,” Ginobili said. “We were not. We were slow. We really have to see how he played and how he attacked the basket, how he penetrated and kicked, something we all have to do. Because if we don’t, if we don’t get 10 guys playing like that, we don’t have many chances. That’s what we did in Games 1 and 2.”

A lot of actors say they don’t like watching themselves up on the screen and that went double for a film session that was tough on everyone else in a black and silver uniform.

“Very,” Ginobili said. “You hope your next trip you’re not there. We were watching the second half, I said ‘OK. I’m safe now.’ Sometimes you’re embarrassed to see what you did. You think you’re doing your best, rotating, and you’re slow and they’re more aggressive than us. It’s painful, but it helps you learn and understand the multiple things we did wrong and can do better. We might even lose again playing a great game. But to look in each others’ faces to say we gave it everything we had, we played smarter, they just beat us. That’s where we have to get to, a point where we play much harder and much smarter.”

To avoid getting flattened like Tokyo again.


  1. jdub455 says:

    game 3 okc won… but game 4, spurs lost… spurs wont win if they cant make those 3’s esp the open ones… okc did a good job of speeding up the pace in order for the spurs to spend a lot of effort in the Defensive side… but the western champs still has control of this series… ibaka’s return, particularly his ability to stay on parker, after a switch is OKCs big revival.. without it, this series is 4-1 tops… hopefully though OKC wins cause I’m a heatfan… and OKC is easier for the champs than the spurs

  2. okcDoke2014 says:

    Spurs need one road win

  3. okc2014 says:

    The Spurs have no answer for Russell Westbrook or Kevin Durant. OKC2014.

  4. MR210 says:

    Spurs will bounce back strong.

    They learned their lesson from 2012.

    Home crowd will energize Spurs. Russell Westbrook will not go for 40 again…Ibaka will be challenged…our secret weapon: Cory Joseph aka CoJo aka Air Canada 2.0!

    But seriously – Spurs will learn from that 2nd Unit of Spurs competing in the 2nd Half.


  5. Gerardo Neves says:

    After game2, the experts’question out seemed to be whether the Spurs were going to sweep the Thunder!? now, after game4, they’re back to being old, Ibaka is a sort of an ‘iron curtain’, Thunder hold the momentum, they’re more athletic, Miami here they come. However, like Ginobili says ‘it’s just basketball’, game6 is a totally new ‘fruit to be peeled off’. GO, SPURS, GO!