‘Lance being Lance’ draws shrugs

VIDEO: GameTime crew discusses Stephenson’s antics in Game 5

INDIANAPOLIS – Lance Stephenson made a, er, spectacle of himself in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals Wednesday, cavorting against and annoying the Miami Heat with a performance that was one part Metta World Peace, one part J.R. Smith and, apparently, one part baseball slugger Manny (Being Manny) Ramirez.

“Lance being Lance” is how one Miami player after another characterized the Indiana guard’s antics at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. His repertoire of annoyances ranged from exaggerated and pestering contact with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to sticking his beak into a sideline huddle between Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and guards Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers.

Then there was the coup de grace, blowing into James’ ear while the two waited for action to resume at one point.

Asked later if he ever had thought about blowing in someone’s ear as a defensive tactic, James responded: “Probably my wife. I blew in my wife’s ear before. That was definitely a defensive tactic.”

Generally, the Heat reacted with a collective shrug. They’re the two-time defending champions. Stephenson is a 6-year-old, or at least sometimes acts like it.

“I’m as annoying as the next guy, but even for me there are lines,” Heat forward Shane Battier said.

The huddle-busting? Stephenson pushed his mug right next to Spoelstra as he advised his point guards during one play stoppage. Neither the coach nor the players challenged him, but a shove or an exchange of words would have been a natural reaction.

“What can you do? You can’t throw a guy out of the huddle,” Battier said. “I don’t know what the rules are.”

Anything like that go on with the Heat? Battler said he’ll sometimes try to steal a glance at the other coach’s whiteboard. “Out of a timeout, I’ll try to pick out what they’re going to run,” the veteran said. “But I’m not going to walk through the huddle. Different strokes for different folks.”

Stephenson had generated buzz previously in the ECF. Before the series began, his throwaway remark about running around enough to make Wade’s knee ache got portrayed by some media types as disrespectful or antagonistic. Then he got caught up in a trash-talking controversy with James, contending that he had exposed a “sign of weakness” in the Heat superstar when James actually yapped back at him briefly.

That’s probably why James took no bait Wednesday.

“Lance is Lance,” he said. “He’s going to do what he needs to do to help his team win. As to the leaders of our team, we’re going to do what it takes to help our team win.”

Said Pacers forward Paul George: “It’s Lance being Lance. He’s been special for us, and whether he’s scoring the ball, making plays, causing confrontation, Lance is special and there’s a reason why we gain an edge and some opportunities during games. A lot of it comes from Lance.

“So we need that. He’s always got to make sure he’s monitoring it, but I didn’t think nothing was out of the spirit of the game.”

Even the sweet nothings blown into James’ ear?

Said George: “I hope his breath wasn’t too bad for LeBron.”

VIDEO: Lance Stephenson tries to rattle the Heat in Game 5


  1. Max says:

    I just cannot believe that Indy Players really respect the like of the game of Basketball that Lance Stepson portrays. What is so sad, I really think this guy is just plain CRAZY. After Larry Bird told him to knock it off, he still do the same things, witch has to say he is not all there, OR has NO respect for the leadership of Larry Bird. Will they let this crazy out of control put back on a Indiana uniform? If so, then it will HURT the Pacers and yes, so many fans feel that what he does is just plain disgusting. Nothing funny about some acting a fool. He Needs Mental Help. NOW!

  2. TMac says:

    If Lance blew in my ear… I would probably do it back lol…..everything he did to me, I would do it back : ). But I wonder if Lebron was the one doing all this instead of Lance, would some of the people here still accept it like they are with Lance? I don’t care either way about how players act on the court. but I know how some people on here have double standards.

  3. Dennis says:

    best game i ever watch..Lance did what he had to do and they won!

  4. kobeballhog says:

    This is called professional basketball for a reason. Just like executives would you blow ears into your investors? Would obama blow into other presidents ears? Would you teachers do that to their students? These people who defends that stephenson are no less idiott than that immature unprofessional clown. Look how much flopping, putting his foot under the oponent, pinching, childish acts he is putting on. You dare to say that is still what the nba is all about?

  5. okc2014 says:

    Another blogger mentioned this. My first reaction to sir Lancelot when he blew in LeBron James ear was also, thid may not be funny if its perceived as gay bashing. He better watch that. Foolish.

  6. Pacernation14 says:

    Really?? People particularly HEAT fans want to say he is being disrespectful and not acting his age? He has kept his head on longer than I would have after being 1. Elbowed in the neck by Lebrons goon who winked as in job well done, 2. got BLATANTLY elbowed in the back of the head full speed by Dwayne Wade last year during the play offs. 3. Saw his team mate get BLATANTLY kneed in the head by Dwayne Wade. But yeah I suppose you are right, he is childish.. SMH. Rather my kids look up to someone who is goofy than someone who is dirty!

    • TMac says:

      You act like Pacers haven’t had dirty plays before….c’mon bro….Pacers are not innocent bystanders.

  7. NotBasketballAnymore says:

    I am impressed by the Heat. Almost no reaction to Stephenson. The media is praising him today because Indiana won the game. If Indiana loses, he will be blamed. Stephenson should watch out for that.

  8. Marcus M says:

    The way lance acted was petty . Most people don’t understand his sense humor nor can handle it. This is the playoffs there needs to be more excitement. All this stuff about tactics is foolish Lebron is a grown man it’s time the media and society start treating him like one, only a fool would let such a minor thing like that get into their head . I’m all for it keep entertaining the people at home lance I watch the pacers because of him !! #Lakers17

  9. Average Joe says:

    I specially love the art where Lance stuck his face in the Spoelstra-CHalmers-Cole huddle. Priceless. Reminded me of KG and VC crashing France’s huddle during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

  10. jwest80 says:

    Next he will be grabbing his butt. At the risk of sounding like a “Heat Fan Boy” This is not something I would want to see more of in professional sports. Trash talking may be part of sports for some people, but it definitely is not required.

    The people talking the most trash are usually just making up for their lack of ability. Then again Lance is pretty strong player, he’s no Lebron though.

  11. rodjane says:


  12. Shep says:

    I am thoroughly entertained. It is inappropriate, yet HILARIOUS! I am a die hard HEAT fan. But that damn Lance is purely psycho and it tickles me to the core.

  13. rodjane says:


  14. rodjane says:


  15. rodjane says:


  16. rodjane says:

    Lance get extra payments to do this stuffs.. You are in the NBA. Compete to the highest level and not doing dirty tactics

  17. rodjane says:

    Lance Stephenson acts is unprofessional.. Bird has something to do with this.. It reflect to Larry Bird and the organization and the rest of the team.. doing this to win game.. not a straight basketball. Bird we need your opinion about it

  18. MCW says:

    Lebron chuckled a little bit when Lance blew in his ear. He and Wade were asked about Lance’s actions and they said it was just “Lance being Lance.” Most everyone else sees the unique humor in Lance’s personality, including the Heat… But Heat fans are like, “Oh my goodness that is just soooo unprofessional.” Seriously?!?! You guys sound like spoiled snobs LOL! It’s part of the game, most players just keep it less obvious, but if you talk to anyone who played in the NBA or any other professional sport they will all admit that trash talk is just part of the game. Almost everyone else gets it outside of the snobby Heat fan base.

  19. rodjane says:

    i believe Larry Bird has something to do with this act of his player!!! Unprofessional.. whatever the action of his players inside the court it reflect to organization and to him (Larry Bird)

    • bballwiz says:

      Seriously, what’s your issue with Lance’s antics? You kept on crying about him being unprofessional that you’re beginning to irritate people, including myself. And it’s not like LeBron and Wade were not guilty of childish antics, flops and subtle inappropriate acts in their careers (Remember when they have blatantly mocked Dirk’s illness in Game 4 of the Finals in 2011?) Let it go, man. Game 6 is on!

  20. Christian says:

    I can’t believe the over reaction of all the cry baby Heat fans. Lance is just having fun, get over it! You Heat fans sound ridiculous, please get over yourselves.

  21. Bob Ellison says:

    Sir Lancelot deserves a bonus. Doubt it? Watch the TV ratings rocket for the next game!

    Bob Ellison

  22. vonhulland says:

    Miami Heat are always complaining about something!!! Their Flops are MANY and they just sit there watching the ref to give them a foul. They got fooled last night because the referee’s wasn’t going for it! Stephenson, keep it up it is not hurting anyone but Heat fan’s, NBA thought there was nothing wrong with it at all, in fact they were laughing about it.Get them again Friday!!!!!! LeBron is always looking to see if the camera’s are on him. He loves to be in the spotlight.

  23. Emerson says:

    Some comments here complain about “bad behaviors” that should not be demonstrated to our children. If the sports on public broadcast (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, World Cup Soccer, etc) should follow that standard, them we need to stop all of them now.

    I don’t jump into criticizing Lance for trash talking or D.Wade for flopping. Both are sportsmen on a high professional level, and they are not violating any law or any sense of respect due to the audience. This is part of an ADULT life facts, including some unpleasant behaviors. But if sports business wants to teach us how to behave on a private life, maybe we should pay less attention to sports and dedicate more time on education, like reading books with our children or watching movies with constructive messages.

    But then we would be living in a different world, maybe without NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, World Cup Soccer, etc.

  24. Porco no Espeto says:

    What a bunch of crybabies and bandwagoners…

    • TMac says:

      Are you talking about the Pacers? I could have sworn I saw alligator tears coming from PG about “home cooking” in game 4.

  25. Ali Salem says:

    I strongly believe the league should suspend Lance before he does something bigger like “Ron Artest” kind of a disaster, beside I was watching the game with my kids and they were disgusted with Lance Action
    Remember how many millions more people and Kids are watching these playoffs
    Nba should maintain its good reputation by setting an example of such action.

  26. Just chilling says:

    What is wrong with all the heat fans and the officiating. Miami’s big three James wade and the ref. I like that the script is changed. I’m against all poor officiating though.

  27. Sir G. says:

    WOW Stan Weier, you expressed everything that I felt. This is not about whether you are LeBron James fan or not. IMO, this is about the NBA trying to insult my intelligence by allowing so many ridiculous non-basketball situations to take place. This is the NBA in the ECF, not the NBA with the WWF. Instead of giving credit to a man who refuses to take the bait and just stay professional, the NBA simply continues to allow this team – as well as others during the regular season – to continue to do things to this superstar to see if he will go for the bait. NBA, you are really being greedy. NBA, you’ve got 30+ years of me watching you year after year. Don’t risk my loyalty!!!

  28. Game Time says:

    It’s one thing to try and get in someone’s head with trash talk, a stare or tough defense. Blowing in someone’s ear is just very unprofessional and weird. It’s such a desperation tactic that’s makes you and your team look weak. Anyhow Miami will respond resoundingly in game 6 and Indy will be back to the drawing board for next season.

  29. Ray says:

    Lance is immature, is acting like Kinder G. He needs to grow and be responsible. Too childish

  30. kobeballhog says:

    So if we ask larry bird if what he thought about lance wacko ways. You guys seriously think he will applaud what he did? Would larry do that to magic as well? Thats the difference between a player who someday will achieve greatness from this born wacko who will not even be remembered once his playing career is done.

  31. Big Al says:

    The way Lance annoys people is just tasteless. I’ve seen others do it artistically. Stephenson is just stooping too low desperate to win. But it was really the refs that handed Game 5 to them. Keeping LeBron within 7 points and on the bench with all those fouls still didn’t see the Pacers win resoundingly like they should have. They barely escaped with just a three-point margin. Some say when James is done, the Heat are done as well. This was proven false in that game. When there’s no divine intervention by the whistle, we all know the outcome of Game 6 even before they fly back to Miami.

  32. Yummy Hicks-Bey says:

    Would not be so funny if he later declared that he was gay.or did it to a player who claimed to be gay.

  33. Wincerx says:

    They(Indiana)were successful in intimidating James game because of Lance Stepenson’s tactics. That was just unprofessional way of play. I think NBA should look into this kind of childish act.

  34. Royd says:

    The Refs are turning a really great sport into the…WWF…Pure entertainment…oh they are also helping George learn some home cooking lessons at the same time…ill bet all i have with those stunts lance pulled tomorrow night its a blowout…

  35. shanika Jones says:

    what Lance is doing is called bulleying and we are telling our children not to do it am am a oklahoma fan and i think he should be suspended, HE HAS DONE IT TOO MANY TIMES ITS TO TEACH HIM A LESSON BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTED

    • CP403 says:

      Bullying? For crying out loud, you need to take a pill. HAHAHA….Bullying. Look up what Bullying is.

  36. TROYBOY says:

    Love this kid. He got in everyones head. Funniest thing……..Even the fans.

    The best stragety….The one that works.

    Great Job Lance!!!!!

  37. JimD54 says:

    I can’t believe how upset fans are now that, for once, Miami had finally been cheated, all of us who are not Miami fans have been cheated by Miami for the last three years..The league just needed to stretch the series, don’t worry they will be cheating for Miami again in game 6. LeBron generates way to much money for the league to let him lose…

  38. Good job Lance!!! Marvelous!!! Finally someone that wants to add some venom in the series & do what he gotta do to win it for his team!!! Some guys flop other guys get under your skin, so what??

    Lance did it the Dennis Rodman way!! For those that called him a clown and other dumb stuff……maybe you should stop watching the NBA and go watch volleyball or something!

    The NBA is more than shooting some hoops & dunks. What a game this was wow!

  39. Mike says:

    Come on people its a game. Its suppose to be entertainment, and the players are just having fun. You fans that did not like the blowing in the ear miss the point of why he did it. He loves the game and is having fun. Getting in to the other guys head is a big part of the game. If you don’t realize taht then you have never been a competitor.

  40. mb5 says:

    grow up everyone! Is it poor and childish on Lance’s part – sure! It is worth some conversation, yes. Should he get fined if he flopped, yes. Same as other players. Are you all making a much bigger deal out of this than it needs to be, YES! Is this why the Heat lost, NO. Did P. George absolutely have a great game, yes. Did foul trouble affect LBJ, Yes. Is he still the best player on the court, yes. Does this little side drama add to the whole drama that is a series and sports in general and helps to make for a good 30-for-30 someday, yes. nothing to see here – move along.

  41. 2014Miami Fan says:

    Miami coach shouln’t put James back to the game in 3rd quarter, he had 3 fouls. He sould sit him the entire 3rd quarter then play him in the fourth. Miami defence is strong enough to keep the game very close with Lebron on the bench for a while.

  42. Origin says:

    I am a basketball coach in the military and have been a student of the game for years. I am a little disappointed with what was allowed to transpire in game 4. It seems like the NBA’s 4 time MVP was not given the respect he deserves. Many bad calls that would leave one to think that the series is deliberately being sent back to Miami for game 6. As a fan of basketball and of the NBA I hope this type on non-professional display by the Pacers is dealt with. I would recommend to Mr Silver that the league continue to review its policies and standards to ensure the integrity of the game.

    I listened to Labron’s and Wade’s comments after the game what a fine representation of professionalism and sportsmanship compared to the cry babying and immaturity displayed by the George and Lance. Maybe it was youth and they needed ‘Home Cooking’ to cheer them up.Lets not lower this beloved sport for the silly stunts of antics and poor entertainment. Heat in game 6.

  43. BB TRUE FAN says:

    Lance Stephenson is an ALL-STAR……Miami fans deserve to be on the other side of the officiating for a change

  44. LMAO says:

    this guy needs to grow up. what is he, a 10 year old?

  45. Salsa lover says:

    I think Lance is a competitor who realizes that his team is in deep doggy do and he knows it. So, he’s trying to do ANYTHING he can to help his team win. He reminds me of the Bad Boy Pistons. Even though the Pistons had great players, they were not as good as the Celtics, Lakers or Bulls on just straight up basketball, so they had to “junk It up” or drag their opponents down in order to win. Same thing here. Watching these 6 games, it’s obvious to me that the Heat are the better team with the best player. Playing just straight up basketball, the Indiana Pacers have no chance to beat the Heat BUT if they junk the game up, then they have a chance. I think Lance is willing to sacrifice himself to help his team. I think he truly believes that if he can piss LBJ off and get him to swing or fight, then advantage goes to the Pacers. I never liked the Pistons and wished the NBA had come down harder on their brand of ball and I don’t like Lance. I have no problem with hard-nosed defense but his antics are getting old real quick.

  46. moneymay says:


  47. BB TRUE FAN says:

    I am wondering why e comment I left was refused

  48. DENNIS says:


  49. booo says:

    if you followed pacers since the playoffs started, and untill this point how can anyone root for them. What a horrible team. Rotten inside out.

  50. meister says:

    Simply Lance Stupidson…

  51. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Lance, really? do you think that kind of Antics help your team? I wonder if Bosh made that last shot. It will a different story from your Pacer Fans and also to your teammates.

  52. bodjee says:

    NBA is to basketball what the WWE is to wrestling.

  53. mindboggling says:


  54. baller says:

    i respect lance it seems like paul wants to play the friendly game and buddy up lebron whiles lance is stepping up to the challenge ever body needs a rodman on there team and say kodos to him find there weakness and attack it

  55. TheKush says:

    Great game Lance and great game by the pacers. Playing desperate is what they have to do to win this series! Also keep Lance on LBJ I don’t think it was a coincidence that LB was in foul trouble last night. I doubt he’ll be in this kind of foul trouble in game 6 HOWEVER I think Lance will make LB less aggressive and force the rest of the heat players to win the game. NICE AND UGLY with lots of effort I liked the way the pacers played last nigh!

    That’s how I see Indiana winning this series work the ball through Hibbert he doesn’t have to post up but give the big fella some touches I love the way Indiana played last night that’s the Indiana basketball I was watching all season long. Play desperate, play like the underdog even though Indiana won the east they’re still the underdog Miami is still the champions until they get beat and Indiana needs to play desperate. Blow in LB’s ear, flop get fined do whatever you can LBJ is the best player on the planet I don’t blame Lance for playing desperate I love the effort that’s why I watch the NBA.

    Despite what some will argue I like when Hibbert touches the ball even if he turns it over. He is who he is and he’s needed on this team. People questioned Westbrook but OKC can’t win without him. Throw Hibbert the ball not necessarily in the post but so he can feel included in the offense while he’s on the floor. if I’m the Pacers I’m watching last nights game over and over again to see what they did right and then do it again on Friday night. effort, effort, effort just a Great game by the pacers last night!

  56. ROMULO CATOR says:

    Game 6 will not be about blowing ears. It will be about winning it big. Just watch Miami will win big.

  57. Safe says:

    Lance Stephenson was definitely disrespectful but at the same time he’s playing the ECF and is ready to do whatever it takes to win. Honestly, I don’t think this is very different from trash talk

  58. BoomPanes says:

    This is a professional basketball at a craziest and freaking level, and the whole organization was just a mere spectator where pure talent is against craziness. No wonder even his team mates called him “special”. A desperate situations called for a drastic and desperate actions, no rules no respect!

  59. Antonello says:

    I would say this kind of behaviour from Stevenson shouldn’t be tollerate. I’m writing from Europe and no player would be allowed such kind of provocation. NBA fined JR Smith for unlacing a shoe and permit Stevenson to blow in LJ ear….it’s incredibile!!!!! What NBA had made if Lebron would had punched Lance? Suspended Lebron? Do NBA think I pay to watch Lance play and Lebron sitting on a bench in suit suspended. Stevenson is very unrespectful and he’s playing in the NBA not in a playground in Brooklyn.

  60. Turned off says:

    Remember the days in the playoffs when teams played hard?…at the “game” of basketball that is. We’ll we can “officially” put those days to rest. From the obvious tampering with the integrity of a beautiful game, to the disrespectful actions of a ridiculous player utilizing non basketball actions to ruin our fan experience. It’s just sad, and not funny in the least. How about Paul George pushing charmers in the face to end the third quarter with a three? I don’t have the energy to list the numerous obvious examples of tampering on display in this game. I’m baffled and turning this series off of my watch list, maybe I’ll pick it back up in the finals. But the nba definitely shamed itself last night.

  61. Mike says:

    I’ll admit that I am a “LeBron Hater” (partly through jealously because he is freakishly good), however I loved his reaction to the blow in the ear.

  62. lancios says:

    hahahahaha love how all the heat fans are crying . Now they’ll get joe crawford and stop lance in game 6 and if that doesn’t work they’ll ban him for game 7 . Don’t worry plastic miami heat fans , the nba got your back just like the past 3 seasons.

    • iAmChimera says:

      LOL!! Been crying for the past 3 seasons bro? You Mad Bro? =))

    • TMac says:

      Plastic Miami Heat fans?? Are you trying to make substitute for he word “fake”? Lol…..well that’s new.

  63. ashole says:

    I think lance will get fined or the worst case scenario is will be suspended on game 6 wahaha he deserves that if ever that happen

  64. crazy says:

    this the craziest game I’ve ever watched because of this guy. LOL

  65. stan weier says:

    i don’t know how much longer i’m going to stick with watching the nba. i played the game professionally in europe some years back and love it to bits. but when i see blatant un-sportsman like behaviour go unsanctioned while a player who criticises the referees gets fined 25 000 i begin to feel disheartened. i watch the game with my 14 year old son whom i coach to respect and love game and opponent and people watching. i am saddened. lance stevenson not only acts crazy, he flops and flails and uninterruptedly beckons the refs to call contact on his opponents. this is the kind of player i as fan just wish someone would level. and as far as the game last night is concerned, the refs took it upon themselves to extend the series. i have a bad taste in my mouth. that is exacty what’s wrong with the nba: every team belongs to the company and all of them earn from the same bucket so be it that if every series were to go 4 games the financial loss could threaten the existence of the league or at least, small market teams. indiana although being a legendary team is not quite the big market team and considering the salary cap their juggling, they need to get as much traction out this as possible. that is if they don’t make it to the finals, they should drag it out to the max. yesterday’s game reeked of manipulation. lebrons’ foul calls were disrespectful of the game and its fans. the call made against Hill was a farce, the its one 5 secs into the 2nd half on Hibbert was a joke. the offensive foul on George was deplorable (george dives into lebrons way basically coming over horizontally) i for one watch the game not entirely for entertainment, i watch it for it has been my life and the lessons derived from it. i’m sorry nba but you’ve done yourself a disfavor. that game was clear evidence of tampering sanctioned by your organisation. if you’re going to call such fouls on Lebron, then you need to do it every game because then we as fans will understand your rules and know when we can scream foul. THAT WAS A JOKE AS UCH AS STEVENSON IS ONE. if he is allowed to continue to act that way, expect our kids to do the same until Basketball becomes nothing more than a game of clowns.

    • Mike says:

      Gaining a psychological edge over your opponent has been an integral part of achieving victory in anything. Sun Tzu’s Art of War has emphasised this fact. It’s especially important when you are physically outmatched. I agree that the hidden agenda’s in the NBA are ruining the game, but Stevenson’s actions are completely valid. I believe he respects and loves the game, but his respect and love for his team allows him to do whatever it takes to win.

      • Man of Steel says:

        Thanks Mike. Someone that knows something about ball. No one says anything when Miami throws peoples’ shoes in the crowd but when someone brushes past their King, they got all this mouth. If I’m competing against you, anything that you don’t like, I’m gonna do it. Simple as that, especially when they start to feed into it.

    • cp10 says:

      Hi Stan, let’s not take it too seriously, and yes there’s only one basketball league in the states but I would imagine that each team is its own financial entity. Officiating is certainly not the same in the postseason, the refs I think are NBA employees and if so there’s definitely influence but it is what it is. American market is probably not the same as European market, in america we love sports but it does not get as religious as football does in Europe for example, here it’s mainly entertainment after a hard day’s work, and the players (& their agents) understand that too. All the starters on both teams are multi-millionaires I think, hard to believe.

    • joelpelton says:

      Best comment I’ve read on here in a long time. Thanks, Stan.

    • CP403 says:

      Wow. Where to start… There is some truth to your statement that the refs are a bigger part of the game than they should be, however the games arent rigged. The Zebras are people too, they make mistakes and generally if they screw a call they make up for it by calling a strange foul on the other team at another point in the game. The reason maybe you cant comprehend is that the game in the NBA is 100 mph faster than any euro league and these refs cant keep up with the skill on the court some times. Lance’s antics while not for everyone are certainly ENTERTAINING and he is guarding one of the top 5 2 guards of all time and at times the best player in the world, he knows he doesnt have the skill or talent at this stage to stop them on his own (nobody does really) so he gets under their skin, which has been happening for decades in all prof. sports, maybe you just havent been paying attention?
      And dont put the Heat losing on the refs, the Heat had plenty of opertunities to close out the series last night but they shat the bed. There was a coupld of ticky tack fouls on Lebron but he being one of the best player in the world should have realized his situation and backed off some. Its his own doing nothing more.
      And if you dont like watching the NBA the way it is, get satalitte and watch one of those Euro Leagues you are so fond of, nobody here will care!

    • BJL says:

      I stopped reading when you said Lance Stephenson flops and flails for no reason. Please don’t forget that Heat is the dirtiest team in the NBA. You just have to do something to get the attention of the refs when the other team is getting away from underhand tactics(but i would not be surprised that the refs turn a blind eye in favor of miami)

      You can check out the videos from Youtube if you don’t believe :
      1) Wade dislocate Rondo’s elbow.
      2) Wade instigated the foul on Pierce and resulted in technical foul and led to ejection and loss of the series.
      3) Haslem hard foul on Hansborough
      4) PIttman elbow to Stephenson throat

      i can go on and on but please …if you really respect Basketball… stop blowing lebron and the rest of the heat team

  66. What a Pity says:

    It’s a shame that Indiana has to resort to such cheap tactics and stoop so low in order to even try to distract Miami. They pretend and call themselves tough. None of these plays demonstrate toughness. Playing with emotions and what comes off it is fun to watch. But this is getting a little tiring to watch and makes even me as a fan get distracted from the game of basketball.

  67. Average Joe says:

    Looks like Lance is about to kiss LeBron’s ear.

  68. Mohammed says:

    What A Child !!!

  69. G. says:

    I like the fact that even Lances teammates call him “special” 😀

  70. barangayboso says:

    If Indiana loses Game 6, I will definitely make a meme with Lance blowing away the ECF trophy… LOL…

  71. scottfearing says:

    Lance is the best thing to happen in basketball on and off the court since Allen Iverson. big plus in entertainment value. Stern had to deal with Iverson, i’m excited to see if Stephenson will be a re-incurring problem for Silver.

  72. KIssa says:

    Lance will be get fined for his unprofessional doing or will be suspended one Game.. Like JR smith got fined for untying the shoelace..

  73. Aaron says:

    Wow, I have no words to describe this guy…never seen anything like it. Anyway onto basketball, Pacers played well in the fourth, but Heat could have still won if Lebron didn’t play probably the worst game I’ve ever seen him play. Also didn’t help that the Heat commited some stupid turnovers the whole game!! But Lebron was abysmal, 7 points?? Early foul trouble?? Really James?? Get your head in the game man…

  74. Crusty says:

    At the start of this series I was hopeful Indiana would take care of the Heat, and make the Finals.
    After watching Lance’s antics, I’ve changed my thoughts. There’s playing hard and then there’s just being a pest.

    I suppose when your not talented enough to win on effort – you try and make it up other ways.

  75. skanto says:

    How old is he? 14?

  76. Baller101 says:

    I think the NBA should fine the next time he does it..
    It’s DISRESPECTFUL…I hope he will teach those acts
    to his children…
    Stephenson’s arrogance will pull them down…

    • Steve says:

      Lance is doing what a lot of other people have done, just in a different way. There have been antagonist, enforcers, hatchedmen and the likes since I can remember that have a part of the game. The man is willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship. The game is half physical and half mental. If you can be better with your physical ability then that’s what you do. If you can gain an edge mentally (by any means necessary) then that’s what you do. The name of the game is WIN. So say what you want, the man is at the end of his contract and there are 30 teams who would love to have him. Just watch an see, the man is bout to get PAID. Once you see how much his next contract is compared to how much you make, comment on that! #bornreadytogetpaid