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The Clippers' Chris Paul (Richard Rowe/NBAE)

The Clippers’ Chris Paul (Richard Rowe/NBAE)

> We’re about a week away from The Finals. Name two deserving players that you’d like to see in The Finals that never have been there.

Steve Aschburner, Well, Steve Nash for one (though I did find his “I’m not retiring because I want the money next year” comments kind of gauche). Nash’s resume covers pretty much everything else, and he’d be great to have around on the off days, for media purposes. My other Finals pass would go to David West, whom I find most blameless in Indiana’s strange, sideways final months of 2013-14 and whose championship window (he’ll be 34 this summer) is closing faster than most of his teammates.

Fran Blinebury, It’s obvious to say Chris Paul. The league’s best point guard deserves a turn in the biggest spotlight. David West has been a below-the-radar rock on the frontline in New Orleans and Indiana for years and years and is the ultimate professional. You’ve also got to pull for a 37-year-old Vince Carter who is not only deserving for all of his past efforts, but is still going strong in the twilight of his career

Jeff Caplan, I’m not sure I’ve ever quite agreed with the premise of “deserving” to be in The Finals, but since you asked, off the top of my head, Joakim Noah. Nobody plays harder and if all things are equal and injuries never happen, maybe he’s played in one. He just completed his seventh season, but will also turn 30 next season. And, maybe Vince Carter.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comChris Paul. Not merely a special talent, his dedication to the game knows no boundaries. He wants to talk through potential moves with GMs, wants to be a leader behind the scenes, and wants to promote the sport. His commitment to post-Katrina New Orleans epitomized what more star athletes should be in the community. 2. Steve Nash. He has done everything right — the shooting, the playmaking, the longevity. But Nash has not gotten closer than Game 6 of the  conference finals, once with the Mavericks and twice with the Suns. He would have to get somewhere beyond the Lakers to see The Finals, but getting there would be well deserved.

John Schuhmann, I’m going to reunite the old Hornets’ old pick-and-pop combo. Chris Paul is the best player in the league that’s never been to The Finals, and I’d like to see him get a shot soon. And every time I watch the Pacers, I admire David West’s toughness and reliability. He’s been Indiana’s rock through this roller-coaster season and it would be cool to see him bust through that ceiling at some point.

Sekou Smith, Technically, Caron Butler has been there. He’s got a ring (Dallas over Miami in 2011), too. But he never actually suited up during that series. He was injured throughout that championship run. So part of me wants to see him get there just so he can actually get his uniform dirty on the game’s biggest stage. Twenty years from now he’ll have NBA champion in his bio either way. But the chance to impact games in The Finals, win or lose, has to be on Butler’s bucket list. I’ve got a soft spot for Miami Heat center Greg Oden, whose chance to get on the floor in these playoffs might only come in The Finals. Eddy Curry rode the Heat wave to a ring, why not Oden?


  1. Kenny says:


  2. Kenny says:

    I’m really surprised no one said Carmelo anything

  3. Birdyan says:

    Wasn’t Vince Carter with the Championship Maverics Team.
    Sorry to the other commenters, don’t really remember.

  4. rouie says:

    pandak si rouie

  5. Kal says:

    oh, a few others:

    Dominique Wilkins, Pete Maravich and Chris Webber’s Kings…

    and Barkley and Iverson need rings. okay, thanks for listening basketball gods!

  6. Kal says:

    you named em…

    Vince & Nash mostly… two of the more got screwed players ever.

    Chris Paul I feel for… Blake Griffin I’d like to see get there, too. So the Clippers basically.

    Also, Derrick Rose? And Noah deserves it too. So in the East, the Bulls.

  7. Laker fan94 says:

    Iverson did make it to the finals in ’01 lost in 5 to the lakers.

  8. Lakeshow says:

    that is totally correct.. It’s all about matchups

  9. mad says:

    If the question is revise to who do you think will get there thats the best answer . CP3 and s.curry…

  10. mad says:

    Oh my bad.. the thunder did got there but lost to the heat.. so stephen curry and chris paul..

  11. mad says:

    Players? I want the whole organization! Who?!?!?!!!!!……………… “the clippers” opcourse!!!! Well thats a long shot, the only reason why they are not in the conference finals is because they chocked! Not to take anything from the thunder but the clippers is the only team that i think can beat the spurs. Yeah copy and paste this, i said it. In a best of three spurs vs thunder with the homecourt on the spurs, i will put my bet on them. And with that being said i would put my list like this #durant#westbrook#ibaka#s.curry#betterluckin your dreams! As long as the spurs is playing. Duncan.parker.poppovich. is the only player that can help the clippers get there is “chris paul” just dont chocked next time. #best point guard# mvp next season# copy and paste this# cp3 mvp!!!!

  12. Patrick says:

    The article discusses about players WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE FINALS! Iverson, Howard, Harden, Durant have been there! Jeez..

  13. Cold Blooded 3 says:

    Definitely Nash even though it is highly unlikely that he will and I don’t want Durant to end up ringless at the end of his career like many other greats

  14. James says:

    Charles Barkley eating churros watching the Spurs @ ATT Center!

  15. joe says:

    I keep wondering why people think Chris Paul is the league’s best PG when he can’t take a stacked team to the finals, and in light of Tony Parker being a top 5 NBA player.

  16. sujay says:

    stephen curry

  17. okc2014 says:

    Dwight Howard and James Harden. Feat the beard!

  18. oohhhyeeeaahh says:

    swaggy p. and javale

    • josh says:

      Um how about a guy who gets no love and has been around for a little while too like lamarcus Aldridge.

  19. The Question. says:

    Allen Iverson (if he came back of course).

  20. skunk says:

    steve nash for sure, and not sure if he has but andre miller. we all saw what he did for that washington team once he got there.

  21. TORONTO says:


  22. NBA 2009 says:

    Marc Gasol and Z Bo

  23. Benjamin says:

    CP3/ steve nash/ damian lillard/ stephen curry

  24. Benyamin says:

    CP3/ steve nash/ damian lillard

    • I agree says:

      can’t think of many current players, outside those you named – of a similar high caliber, that would be good to see in the NBA Finals

  25. cp3, nash, and vincanity
    3 people who have worked their butt off but never got there

  26. Phil Shultz says:

    Bring Nash back home for moral support and watch Dragic have an unthinkably amazing season, add a true big man in the paint, keep everyone injury free for the whole season and you all might be just as surprised as last season this upcoming one with what this team could do.

  27. Phamie says:

    Steve Nash for me, he really deserved to play in the finals b4 retiring. He’s the best.

  28. Ed says:

    Tracy Mcgrady if he could comeback

  29. ash says:

    vince i love him

  30. lakerslakerslakers says:

    kevin love’s still waiting for the playoffs

  31. Ajay Rana says:

    LOL @ anyone saying Kyrie or Damian Lillard should get a chance soon because they are still really young and have their whole career ahead of them, they will get there chance just not anytime soon. Chris Paul deserves a chance mainly because he has been hustling for such a long time and he surely deserves the chance more than any other Point Guard out there in the league right now. Kevin Durant already had a chance and will probably get another one in the future too. Maybe even this season;)

  32. KJ says:

    I would like to see Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Love, and Andrew Bogut in the finals

  33. Taraz says:

    Kevin Durant!!!!

  34. Geno says:

    Noah..needs to come to Miami !!!! Period

  35. Txema says:

    I honestly think Paul has got you all fooled. Just ask Byron Scott. He’s the most overrated player in the league.

  36. Vlice says:

    or maybe Amare Stodemire

  37. Vlice says:

    Derrick Rose

  38. I would definitely love to see Carmelo Anthony in that Allen Iverson role on a Bulls team where the team says, “we’ll get the stops, you get the buckets.” He could be electrifying because there is not a single player who can stop him. It could happen as soon as next season too, if the Bulls can get Melo without giving up more than their picks and amnestying Carlos Boozer, this could very well be.

  39. Jay says:

    Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash, Kyrie Irving and John Wall

  40. Joshua Sanchez says:

    Kyrie Freaking Irving

  41. Tyrone says:

    Want to see how Carmelo would play in the Finals……also Steve Nash.

  42. bodjee says:

    If they are not in the final, they have not earn it, therefore, they do not deserve to be mentioned.

  43. jlskfjs says:

    caron butler? greg oden wtf?

  44. reyn says:

    steve nash for me 🙂

  45. Bryan Jumper says:

    I would like to see Damian Lillard in the finals.

  46. Bryan Jumper says:

    I would like to see Carmelo Anthony in the finals.

  47. LEBRICK says:

    Greg oden ???????
    Are you serious Sekou Smith??????

  48. leborn jaems says:

    i do not know how the clippers lost in the second round… that team is more stacked than miami heat with a good front and back court and a hall of fame coach..

    • jlskfjs says:


    • draque says:

      they got cheated by the refs

      • OKC says:

        They lost because they had no one to guard westbrook and durant effectively, while okc could matchup to paul and griffin with westbrook and ibaka. The matchups just killed the clippers. People watch the last 4 minutes of a game and think the refs were biased to one team. In that whole series nothing was being called on both teams and both were allowed to overly aggressive on the defensive end. The clips lost because with the exception of deandre jordan and maybe cp3 at times, no one on their team could play defense against okc’s elite attack. Okc got more foul calls because the clips did not have good enough defenders on their team to guard westbrook and durant without fouling them. Plain and simple.

      • lakers1fan says: