Allen, Andersen questionable for Game 5

VIDEO: Ray Allen sustains a hip injury in Game 4 of the Heat-Pacers series

INDIANAPOLIS — The Miami Heat may be down another man for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals on Wednesday (8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN).

The Heat played without Chris Andersen in Game 4 on Monday, and may also be without Ray Allen for Game 5. Neither Allen nor Andersen participated in the team’s shootaround Wednesday morning.

Allen was clipped by a David West screen in the final minute of the third quarter on Monday, immediately grabbed his right hip, and was replaced. But he returned for the final possession of the period and played the entire fourth.

But as was the case with Andersen’s thigh bruise (suffered in Game 3), it’s a case of the injury being worse the next day.

Allen didn’t speak with the media Wednesday morning. Andersen spoke and said he was unsure of whether he’s be able to play in Game 5.

The Heat’s reserves have been a big part of their success in this series. Allen and Norris Cole have given the offense a big lift and the defense has been at its best with Andersen on the floor.

If Andersen is out again, we’ll see more of Rashard Lewis and less of two bigs on the floor together. And if Allen is out, James Jones will surely see some playing time.

VIDEO: Game 5 Preview: Heat vs. Pacers


  1. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    It’s time to turn the Kracken loose on the pacers & the rest of the leagues basketball competition. Go Heat!, you know what you have to do to shut down the haters.

  2. MiamiHeat says:

    Miami’s going to win!!!

  3. luis says:

    por favor , si no juega allen ni Andersen no pongan a battier ,el no resuelve nada.yo Beaseley,Hamilton y Oden no firmo el aƱo que viene con el Heat ,;total a Hamilton se lo quitaron a los Bobcats para tenerlo sentado .ese muchacho fue el mejor en la sucursal del heat.

  4. squala96 says:

    Indiana might just win Game 5 without Jesus and Birdman, but to think that they will totally rebound from a 3-1 deficit is laughable.

  5. elvaron19 says:

    Paul George’s words say ”It’s demoralizer”, then, How could they win in that way?

  6. TheKush says:

    I still have Indiana winning this series and for myself seeing them down 3 – 1 is exactly what the Pacers need to play their style of basketball. It’s time for them to start playing desperate last year we saw the Pacers playing desperate up until game 7! This year they’re going to have to do it game 5 going forward and if they can pull off game 5 they put the pressure on Miami to win game 6 and with a win there they’ll get the home court advantage in game 7 that they always wanted plus by then Indiana fans will believe in them again.

    Personal I just think having Michael Beasley on your team is bad luck! I can’t see Miami winning this series but I don’t mind being wrong! If the Pacers can pull off the win tonight I see them winning the next two games! If they lose this series they all know it will be a disastrous off season same goes for Miami. For the King to stay in Miami those role players better play like their careers depend on it. If Chris Bosh wants to be a first ballot hall of famer he better play like one Wednesday night. Wade and Ray Allen first ballot hall of famers no matter what. For the Miami Heat 5 and a possible game 6 are HUGE!

    If I was coaching Indiana the ball is going through Hibbert I’m telling him not to foul and to back off in the first two quarters. George is their best player not Lance Stephenson, I got love for Lance he plays hard but if I’m coaching that team Lance is guarding LBJ in game 5 and I’m telling him to stick on him like glue don’t foul make him take tough shots . Hill has got to be aggressive and so does George every possession Hibbert gets a touch it doesn’t mean he has to shot it every possession it means he touches the ball make him feel part of the offense.

    If Lance Stephenson is holding the ball and dancing something is wrong and I would call a time out. Miami shouldn’t get comfortable on defense lack of ball movement means miami is comfortable part of the reason the Spurs had Miami looking so tired in last years playoffs was because of Ball movement. Prior to the ascension of Lance Stephenson Indiana had pretty good bal movement as well. Wake up Pacers and win this series because if you don’t you’ll be yesterdays news!

    • TMac says:

      It is rare for the Heat to lose two in a row…much less three. Indiana have a better chance winning this game at home…..but they are too inconsistent to win three in a row….especially against an elite team like Miami.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      hmm,,,im gonna say no.

      I actually called heat in 7 earlier and said it was gonna be close, but i was influenced by game 1.

      Now I am thinking it’s gonna be heat in 5 or 6 at the most. I thot indiana would definitely win game 4, but I thot wrong..

    • I'm Right says:

      lol sorry bro but since the big 3, Miami has never lost 2 games in a row in the playoffs… also … the pacers needed 7 games to beat the Hawks.. seriously?

    • RichieRich1969 says:

      I don’t see any team being down 3-1, as being something any team needs. This isn’t regular season, it’s win or go home. Last year is simply the past, and it didn’t get them anywhere in the end anyways.

      In the end, the best team wins, and right now the Pacers aren’t playing champion style basketball. IF they win game 5, that might give them the shift they need to get us to a game 7, but I just don’t see them winning three in a row against Miami.

  7. Bahama-Heat says:

    Spo is a chess player, the bird may fly tonight, that’s a “game time” wait and see move. It may be a hard run tonight but once Pacers loose team chemistry, depending on the Heat’s match-ups, they can be picked apart on the offensive end. We see ya U.D. In the end the Heat nation would like to see G.O. get some action, and M. Beez too. Breaking rotation tonight, if Coach Spo is up for it, can upset all of the pacer’s planning from film sessions.

  8. Collin says:

    ooops nevermind, forget what I said

  9. Jason Blackman says:

    We have the BIG THREE come on no worries we will have RAY and the BIRD for THE FINALS

  10. Collin says:

    Can someone tell me why’s website states in the boxscore of game 4 that Allen did not even play a few seconds when Mr.Schuhmann here states that he played the entire 4th quarter? I’m confused….

  11. Jr. Samples says:

    Pacers will probably win tonight. It’s for pride but back in Miami will lose. You have to understand this Pacer team. They play their best ball when their backs are totally against the wall.

  12. bodjee says:

    Pacers are the cheap shot experts.

  13. BasketballGenius says:

    We will be ok….james jones can shoot it….ud and lewis can pick up the bird’s slack…..the king will have a triple double tonight…wade will have at least twenty…..we are to the point now where when we smell blood we kill…..we will close them out tonight…..guaranteed

    • BasketballGod says:

      “We” huh? Which position on the Heat do you play? Or are you one of those pathetic guys who acts like other people’s accomplishments are there own because you have nothing yourself?

      • Jonathan says:

        “BasketballGod” huh? You seem to be a bit stuck up. Perhahps you should pull the stick out of your you-know-what.

  14. Richard John says:

    I have confidence that the bench will step up and the Heat will close out game 5 with a win. Miami by 17 points. “Threes all day”

  15. Game Time says:

    Dirty move by West (not saying he is), but that was a move aimed at causing some damage. Also foul wasn’t even called, yet Pacer fans continue to say Miami is getting favoritism.

  16. okc2014 says:

    Maybe the Pacers will win tonight!

  17. franics felonia says:

    all i want to see, greg oden played together w/ the big 3 šŸ™‚