NBA hits George with ‘home cooking’ tab

VIDEO: Paul George talks to reporters after Game 4

INDIANAPOLIS – Frustrated with his team’s plight in the aftermath of Indiana’s wire-to-wire to Miami in Game 4 Monday of the Eastern Conference finals, Pacers star Paul George questioned in his postgame interview session the impartiality of the referees who worked the game.

“I feel like we’re just as aggressive as they are attacking the basket and making plays at the rim,” George said, when asked about the Heat shooting twice as many free throws – 34 vs. 17 – as the Pacers. “Maybe this was just home cooking.”

The NBA responded Tuesday, fining George $25,000 for that public criticism.

David West, the Pacers’ veteran power forward who shared George’s frustration, didn’t have to pick up a tab of his own because he veered away from a frontal attack. West spoke of some “new rules” his team learned about on the fly in hearing or not hearing whistles in Game 4.

Asked for specifics on those “rules,” West said: “I don’t know ’em myself. I’ll have to get versed on ’em.”

Through four games of the series, Miami has shot 87 free throws, Indiana 94. The Heat have been called for 84 fouls, the Pacers 80.

In the 2014 postseason so far, spanning 13 games, Miami has averaged 23.7 free throws per game to 21.5 for its opponents. Indiana, in 17 games, has averaged 23.4 to its foes’ 22.5.




  1. Jeanne Demasters says:

    Please explain why the NBA allows Lance Stephenson to demonstrate totally unacceptable and totally unprofessional behavior in a professional basketball game. He was allowed to blow into the face of Lebron,
    Pitch Lebron, and continually taunt Lebron during the so called professional basketball game that was aired nationwide. What message are we sending our children who aspire to become professional basketball players. Why isn’t there a penalty for Stephenson’s aberrant and unprofessional behavior?

  2. Erlo says:

    Pacers number one goal this season was to be the #1 seed in the East. The #1 goal of the Heat was to win a championship. The refs are doing a fine job from what I can tell. Do they miss calls? Sure. But it’s been very even. Enough said.

  3. George says:

    the NBA needs to do something about the refs. LBJ whines whenever he gets called for a foul, as does DWade. they are both ref whiners and could be T’d up 2 or 3 times a game if they were anybody else. The NSA blew it by not fining Dwade for flopping on the Stevenson drive late in game 4. Just a ridiculous call. PG & LS definitely need to learn to shut-up, especially in front of the camera or microphones. BTW I’m a T’Wolves fan & neither one of these teams will beat the winner from the West. The East is the least.

  4. chris turney says:

    …I feel stupid for even reading this on

  5. wooderson says:

    the sooner this guy and his joke of a team are made irrelevant, the better. and it wont be long, one game infact. up step the raptors and wizards next season to challenge the heat

  6. You know this says:

    It’s all rigged, who are we kidding. Players only influence the story they’ve written. The gag order is one way they bury the evidence.

  7. reality check says:

    indiana. please. you got to play better ball. even you lose the series. please do it with a winner’s effort in the court and not whining off the court

  8. Yusa says:

    I loved how they fined every player/coach with criticizing the officiating without a second thought. Officiating the game in this stage of competition should be fair and square and what I’m seeing is there are a lot of bad calls in both series of ECF and WCF which isn’t fun to watch. I hope the officiating will improved in the few games and specially in Finals. However Paul George deserve that fined just because PG lose 3 straight game, It doesn’t mean that you can blame it through your frustration.

  9. Aris Lanon says:

    This is a teaching point to yourself as well PG. Lance is as stupid as you are.. LBJ got 25 pts for the 74th time in play-offs and you got fined 25K. Stupidity’s cost.

  10. RAF says:

    When I look to the game 1 boxscore, there’s another disparity in FT: Miami’s 15 to Indiana’s 37. Common…

  11. jdExplorer says:

    Paul G. sounded like my buddy when we were playing bball in the hood. Leaders find solutions. Oh well.

  12. browning says:

    I’m glad someone is complaining about the calls. The spurs vs OKC series has been so lopsided it is obvious to the youngest fans that OKC is getting all the calls… one stretch in the 3rd quarter on game 3 OKC shot 17 free throws to the Spurs Zero……What bothers me is the announcers calling the game on TNT don’t even mention the differential and disparity. Come on Steve Kerr and Charles Barkley…..Stand up!

  13. barangayboso says:

    Their goal is just the Eastern Conference HOME ADVANTAGE.. They achieved it.. CONGRATS

  14. OATSM says:

    He should admit that they can´t defend all the heat players that are stepping up on every game and that they´re to slow on offense and the heat are contesting more shots. He should know that the refs are not perfect and they´re going to make a lot of bad calls, but at the end of the game the calls even up; one example is the play at the 2.08 mark in the game highlights, Paul George hits Lebron on the arm on the drive and no foul was called. So instead of crying about the fouls, he should be concentrating in the game, including West.

  15. junior says:

    What game you guys watched.? Didn’t you see dwain wade floop? It change the game, when ID was making their run in the 4quater

    • TMac says:

      Oooh okay…so flopping will cost you games now? Where were you when the Pacers had a flop fest in game 2 because you weren’t on here expressing disappointment. Where were you when every time the Pacers had the ball in game 1, the whistles started blowing against the Heat because you weren’t on here expressing disappointment. The fact of the matter is that the Heat are doing the same things the Pacers are doing in this series. Both teams have been acting in this series….is it right? No, but you can’t call out one team for doing it and not the other team. One bad call doesn’t make an outcome of a game. Should Wade get fined for the flop? Absolutely. However, like many people have pointed out, the foul count against the Pacers is more so accurate because they kept fouling to stop Miami from getting easy points….the Heat didn’t do that. That made the difference in the free throws and fouls called. Is it just easy for people to call out the Heat for doing things the other team is doing???

  16. Kobe says:

    You kidding me! Everytime Lebron got a break away dunk the pacers fouled him intentionally and they are still amazed that the Heat got lots of FT…Unbelievable! Dont worry Pacers you will get a lot of fish this season that the Heat! Happy Fishing!

  17. GMH says:

    This is the speech of a bad loser!!!

  18. ManUpOrShutUp says:

    These indiana players should stop complaining. If not for home cooking or even road cooking they should have been eliminated in the first round and probably in the second round too. Atlanta was clearly robbed. We all know that. So they should be thankful they even made it this far.

  19. Corey says:

    These dudes get paid millions of dollars to play ball. SO DO IT…. Dont cry and blame it on the refs. Jus sayin….

  20. GMH says:

    indiana pacers always complain of the arbitration on and off the court. What about in the first game they didn’t said nothing because it was to their advantage! So stop crying like little babies and play like men!

  21. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Pacers will never be champions, they are a bunch of immature kids who haven’t proved anything yet.. but they act like their champions already.. to-be-the-best you have to-beat-the-best, and that’s something Indiana cannot do..

    I can see Larry Bird blowing up Indiana’s roster next year, not only are they about to get knocked out of the playoffs by Miami 3 years in a row, but they also almost lost to the 8th seed Atlanta Hawks in the first round and Washington also had legitimate chance of beating them in the second round.

    Pacers are NOT “elite” after all ……..

  22. Donald Sterling says:

    Winners never complain

  23. Anel says:

    How fast he forgot the first game … Pacers 37 ft att to Miami 15. Give me a break?

  24. LoL says:

    It’s funny how he said that they need to be smarter about the things they say and about Lance’s situation, then gets fined for saying something stupid too. Lol pacers complains too much. They won’t win this series and it ends game 5.

  25. okc2014 says:

    I feel bad for the Pacers. The Leastern Conference is probably over tomorrow and the Pacers were striving for higher heights. What happened?

  26. SICK_PG says:

    “Through four games of the series, Miami has shot 87 free throws, Indiana 94. The Heat have been called for 84 fouls, the Pacers 80.”


  27. cherriff says:

    Why should be even ponder with a mind set like that

  28. FunkyPiston says:

    Wait, so you get fined 25K for that ?

    PG has more FT attempts than Lebron but Lebron still is averaging more points with better efficiency. So quit whining and tell Hibbert to man up and play big. Scola/West/Hill/George/Stephenson is their best lineup and should start.

  29. kobeballhog says:

    Attention to paul george you should have been suspended in the hawks series by leaving the bench hawks were robbed, you dare to complain now? Overall heat still got called for more fouls than the pacers. The pacers cast is coming along slowly, a sg that is a flopper and bonehead. A sf that is a whinner. A center that got more disappearing tricks than cris angel. Lmao

  30. Dr Chill says:

    To Adam Silver:

    Stop fining players for statements that they make that are mildly critical of the referees and focus on stopping players from complaining to the refs after every foul call as if they have never fouled anyone in their entire life. Although George was wrong suggesting that the Pacers outplayed the Heat in a game where they were dominated from the opening tip, he was baited into making the home cooking comment by the instigating press. BTW I’m a Heat season ticket holder.

  31. Owen says:

    It’s no fun seeing / hearing players with these mindsets.
    Can’t even take full responsibility for their performances.

  32. NBA Fan says:

    i am a heat fan , i can agree there may have been a few calls but you can blame the entire game on that. that was a poor interview by him but he sure as hell didn’t deserve the fine for that comment.

  33. skanto says:

    nag nag nag ….. PG is no diffrent from LS keep nagging and blame on someone else other than you for every loss

  34. Where does the money go? The fines should gonto charity, not the nba coffers.

  35. ManUpOrShutUp says:

    Game 4 was by no means a home cooking. I clearly remembered the refs calling 4 consecutive fouls on miami that are uncalled for. If you saw Game 1 in this series you might say that was the HOME COOKING because everytime the heat make some kind of a run the refs grants indiana free throws from questionable calls. If you can’t man up and take the blame just shut up!

  36. Ben says:

    Hm, what do you expect? Pacers struggle vs Atlanta, they struggle a bit too in Washington, what do we expect from a Pacers – Heat match up? all i can say is they pacers were inconsistent in their games.

  37. Unkle Daddy says:

    I won’t say the Pacers didn’t get out played, but it’s hard to want to play hard when there is so many terrible calls going the other way all game, every game …and stop giving Wade superstar calls, he isn’t even a star anymore just because he rides James jock all day…..

    • TMac says:

      Terrible calls all game, every game???Now I am certain you didn’t watch games 1-3…..and if you did watch the games you clearly saw what you wanted to see and not what actually happened.

  38. TMac says:

    I don’t think he should be fined.
    I just don’t like how he is complaining about the very thing that happened in game 1….a game that they won. Pacers played hard in game one, and the Heat said the Pacers outplayed them, which was true……the Heat played hard in game 4, and the Pacers want to say Heat won because of the refs??? C’mon bro.

  39. NotTodaySon! says:

    Please Paul George look at the stats of the first game .You shot 40 freethrows and Miami shot 10-12 …So please shut yout mouth !

  40. mee(a)t says:

    Lol that didn’t deserve a fine…it was funny though. I can see how officiating can be frustrating but dont let it affect you mentally. Look at the OKC/Clippers series

  41. I'm Right says:

    terrible post-game interview paul george, I’m very disappointed
    I expected Paul George to take ownership over the loss, the 5 TOs to Indiana’s 14 is a good place to start
    and not giving Chris Bosh open looks is a good point too. We outplayed them but lost is such B.S. and he should know that. In Game 1, Miami shot 15 FTs and Indiana shot 37 FTs… was that Indiana playing better or the refs just giving to them? Indiana clearly played much better then. This was by no means a close game, the heat dominated from the get-go and especially into the 3rd quarter. You can’t make a push at the very end and then say “we outplayed them”!!

  42. whaaat says:

    Come’on now … I’m no Indiana fan but that statement doesn’t warrant a fine. Home cook’ng has more to do with home court than refs. Isn’t that what the Pacers worked on all year? NBA front office just flexing their muscles …

  43. Emmanuel says:

    “You can’t tell me we aren’t as aggressive as they are.” Hey Paul, you are NOT as aggressive as they are. Your center is a 7’2 paperweight, your PG is soft and dribbles too much, and your SG is a legend one game and a bum the next.

  44. Kim.Mathenge says:

    in most cases he’s right.

  45. John vander says:

    The league has to stop with the nonsense, the players have the right to express their individual sentiments and especially at this stage of the game, the playoffs, the stakes are high and bids are placed so their must be a lot going through the players minds after every loss. Besides, they are now put one game away from losing the whole season, I think someone who has done so much to achieve success is entitled to speak his mind about the comprehensive contributions to what might be the season ending point

  46. LeBron James 6 says:

    after the lost in game 2- ” there was alot of uncalled fouls
    game 3-” Coach had me on the bench alot
    game 4- ” it was the refs fault

    when will it end PAUL

    • you got that right says:

      Quote, “Through four games of the series, Miami has shot 87 free throws, Indiana 94. The Heat have been called for 84 fouls, the Pacers 80.” Hmmmmm.. Paul George seems to have a typical case of blame the ref’s .. especially since the Pacers have had more FT attempts *and* the Heat have been called for more personal fouls, over the entire Series, so far. Any respect i had for this guy has just gone down the John. Quit whinin’ and start playing, Paul George! Else go home and shut up.

  47. cs says:

    How can somebody be fined for such a statement?

  48. okctofinals says:

    Exactly like I said. You’ve got to curb your frustration or you will get hit with a fine. I’m sure it’s chump change to an NBA player. Maybe he just doesn’t care. A bit ironic he chastises Lance and then does something even dumber. Hey, you can go join Doc Rivers out on the lake soon.

  49. leborn jaems says:

    we outplayed them on and off the court.. i hope its a lesson for this young team.. as for us we look forward to the next challenge..

  50. LMAO says:

    it’s funny how the pacers were already celebrating during the regular season like they’ve won it all. they’re a good team. but they let it get through their heads. specially lance stephenson who can’t seem to control his tongue at all