Gentlemen, stop your engines, it’s over

By Steve Aschburner,

VIDEO: The Pacers fall apart in a Game 4 loss to the Heat

MIAMI – The Indiana Pacers sought refuge wherever they could find it after their pivotal 102-90 loss Monday in the Eastern Conference finals, sending them down a 3-1 hole from which few teams in NBA history ever emerge.

Paul George surveyed the stat sheet afterward and, with a crafty selectivity, claimed that the Pacers outplayed the Miami Heat.

David West and George zeroed in on the free-throw count and the fact that Miami shot twice as many as they did and outscored them from the line by 19. West, tongue in cheek, specifically referred to some “new rules” on which he’ll bone up, to make sure he gets those same whistles next time.

Coach Frank Vogel and several Pacers brushed off the notion that Lance Stephenson‘s needless tweaking of LeBron James had any motivating effect on the four-time MVP (32 points, 10 rebounds, five assists) or ill effect on the brash, immature Indiana shooting guard (nine points, five fouls). But just in case, West and George wagged verbal fingers in Lad Lance’s direction as a reminder to knock it off.

Vogel touted his defense, saying it was Indiana’s best performance at that end in the series. West lauded his side for fighting “in the meat of the game,” while acknowledging a few pesky runs by Miami. George went even further: “I thought we did a great job. We rallied at the end to try to make a push.”


With all due respect, those various excuses, interpretations and selective memory rang as hollow as the big zero sitting on the right side of Roy Hibbert‘s stat line.

They sounded like the sort of things the Pacers will be saying all summer, which figures to start three weeks early in Indiana this year. Possibly as soon as Wednesday.

This series is over, and it has only a little to do with the history involved. For the record, only eight teams in NBA history ever climbed out of 3-1 holes in best-of-seven series to advance. More pertinent, Miami – in the Big Three era of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – has pushed eight postseason series to 3-1; eight times, it closed them out in Game 5.

That’s on the Heat’s radar again and there’s precious little the Pacers can do about it.

“We don’t want to come back with a Game 6,” James said. “We love our fans, obviously. We love being in Miami, but we want to try to close it out. But we’re going to have to work for it. It’s not going to be easy, not against this team.”

Not easy? Fine. But not nearly as hard as it was supposed to be, going by the seven games Indiana and Miami played against each other in last year’s East finals, going by the genuine dislike that has festered across three seasons with the Heat hoarding what the Pacers want.

Judged by and based on the first four months of the 2013-14 regular season, this was supposed to be a classic, champs pushed to the max by challengers, a dynasty at stake and all the other intriguing or corny storylines. But then the Pacers got sideways and sputtered through the season’s final weeks and their first two rounds against Atlanta (seven games) and Washington (six).

The Heat had to notice. It’s likely, even, they had more respect for and fear of last year’s Indiana team than this one.

It was evident after Game 1, when the Pacers went wire-to-wire but knew they hadn’t faced a sharp opponent, in the way the Heat easily shrugged off the loss in their postgame dressing room. It was obvious in Game 2, when one turbocharged fourth-quarter by James and Wade was all it took for Miami to snatch that game and home-court advantage. And it was impossible to miss in Game 3, as the Heat tore the Pacers’ early 15-point lead to pieces and left them, really, with nowhere to turn.

Miami did benefit from a few shaky whistles but that was due more to the ball and the referees rewarding the aggressors. Bosh’s early shooting success was a sweat-inducing flashback to the first round, when Atlanta rendered Hibbert irrelevant by stretching Indiana’s defense by deploying big men with shooting range.

The start of the second half was inexcusable from the Pacers’ side, their labors to stay within five points at the break cast aside when the Heat opened with an 11-4 spurt. And though it’s true the Pacers could grumble about a couple late calls when they might have cut the gap to single digits with time enough to do something about it, there still was the matter of everything they’d done or been unable to do in falling behind 10 or more.

The bottom line on this is, the Pacers know Miami is the better team. The Heat, to use the unfortunate imagery floating around over the weekend, are the Pacers’ big brothers at least. Maybe even their fathers.

Indiana’s body language, most frequently after defensive breakdowns, told the tale. There were occasions when George or Stephenson or George Hill grumbled about this or that and blew off getting back as their first priority. The third quarter was the worst, Indiana getting outscored by 11 points in that period for the second straight game.

And then there was that open Norris Cole 3-pointer early in the fourth, which none of the Indiana defenders even bothered to contest.

This was the Indiana team that went on walkabout at various points in the season’s final weeks. Hibbert let the Heat’s floor spacing neuter him, and he got in foul trouble too, spiraling down into a scoreless, five-rebound, 0-for-4 night. These were the sub-.500 Pacers who frustrated and aggravated so many of their fans from March on, a team that has little business playing on or after Memorial Day.

Are big changes in order for Game 5 Wednesday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis? Who knows. Maybe Vogel boosts the minutes for West and Luis Scola in tandem. Maybe he has a quicker hook with Hibbert. Maybe he talks to or somehow implores a bigger game out of George.

It won’t ultimately matter. The Pacers know the truth about them and Miami. And the Heat know that they know.

“I don’t know,” West said. “I don’t know what we’re gonna do. We’re going to watch film. We’ve got to get adjusted. Figure out the best way to get production. But our defense has got to hold up.

“I don’t think anybody feels defeated. The series isn’t over. We know we’re going home to a crazy environment. At this point, it’s just surviving to get to the next game.”

The Pacers aren’t yet admitting defeat. They might not even feel defeated. But they sure looked defeated, with one more snapshot coming as soon as Wednesday.


  1. Bob says:

    Heat are now 8-1, in game 5s when they are up 3-1.
    Thanks for the data. Useful.

  2. Joe says:

    Apparently, it wasn’t over after all. Indiana prevails in Game 5. Can they win 2 more? Anything is possible.

  3. marty says:

    It’s going to be a repeat of last years Championship Series. The two best teams…the Heat and the Spurs. Can you imagine the world wide ratings. OMG

  4. sleggs says:

    Yay! Go, Heat!

  5. Javie says:

    He said when they are up 3 to 1 in a series the Miami heat are 8-0 in finishing the series off in game 5

  6. Daniel says:

    How are the Heat 8-0 in game 5’s? That’s just a lie. They lost game 5 to the Mavericks in 2011, the Celtics in 2012, the Spurs in 2013.

  7. Yusa says:

    It’s over. Heat are hungrier than ever, It might be the last year of the big 3 era. Luckily they have the consistent LBJ, A healthy Dwade and a motivated CB. And btw the heat are nearly impossible to beat in 3 times in a row and they showed us that by not losing two straight game in a playoff game since last year.

  8. LBJ06 says:

    Lets Go heat

  9. Agudo says:

    As a heat fan, I think the heat shouldn’t get too far ahead of themselves. 3-1 is a big hole for Indiana get out of but its not entirely impossible. They’ve got their backs against the wall and have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Game 5 is gonna be a dog fight and with the advantage of home-court to the Pacers, it’ll be tough for the heat to close out the series.

    • Jose says:

      Na it’s over. No way Pacers can win 3 in a row.

    • TMac says:

      The Pacers lost home court advantage when they lost game 2, 3, and 4. Heat actually has the advantage going into game 5 even if they do lose game 5.

  10. TMac says:

    @ cp10….but winning in 28 seconds in a game against a dominate team like the Spurs who looked to go up by 8 in those 28 seconds and winning three games in a row against a dominate team like the Heat with a team that can’t play consistently for 48 minutes is totally different…but I get what you are trying to say, though.

  11. FLASH3@heat says:

    even f Indiana win game 4 because of the FOULS then its still the heat up 3-1 by winning game 1, 2, and 3..
    37-15 in game 1 is much worst than 34-17 FTs in game 4..

  12. DOLPHIN 33904 says:

    I think most people covered what needed to be covered. But it’s time again, that Stevenson is getting under LBJ’s skin…… that way Lance can (in his own words) take the challenge on LBJ

  13. justsayin says:

    Lance Stephenson “Born Stupid”

  14. leborn jaems says:

    we outplayed these guys on and off the court.. i hope its a learning experience for this young team.. as for us, we will be waiting for my boy kevin durant, da real mvp!

  15. BOR says:

    Can you imagine Paul Pierce or KG saying they outplayed the opposition after a loss? LeBron learned playing vs champions and now he is on he’s way for three peat. PG, Hibbert, Lance and the rest of the Pacers should stop acting silly and start making notes if they ever want to have a ring… And fight, because it ain’t over till it’s over. That’s what the champions do.

  16. Atlantico says:

    This serie is over, miami will wait for Spurs or OKC.

  17. jdub455 says:

    this series is over. just hoping that okc beats the spurs… spurs are a threat to that 3peat. okc will be a lot easier for the heat…


  19. Kevin says:

    So the Heat had to go through the Bobcats, Nets, and fumbling Pacers to get to the Finals. Are You kidding me???? Meanwhile the Spurs have to go through the Mavs, Blazers, and Thunder. This is a complete joke! The East is a joke! They need to change it to the top 16 teams in the league. They should have just told Miami at the beginning that they would be in the Finals again and not to waste their energy in the playoffs.

    • I'm Right says:

      the heat will now have been in 4 straight finals… so you can keep drinking that haterade and chalk it upto a weak conference or whatever lol

    • james says:

      whats your point? its not like we struggled with the easy path, no we made it look even easier than it was. keep hatin while the heat get that 3peat

    • EPaul says:

      If the East is so weak, then why has the East won the last two championships? If the West is so good, then they should have NO problem beating whoever comes out of the East…that’s if your “failed logic” holds up – which it won’t! Get over it, the West is filled with a bunch of good teams, NOT great teams!

  20. Seiren says:

    There were so many flops from king flopper James and Dwyane floppy wade and no fine? every point counts come on nba!

    • Saeed says:

      Every one flops in today NBA. Flopping should be condemned if ALL OF THE LEAGUE PLAYERS stop flopping.

    • I'm Right says:

      maybe you should be a ref

    • james says:

      must be an indiana fan saying lebron and wade flop because i dont know if ive ever seen a bigger flopper than stephenson. meanwhile lebron probably gets the most uncalled fouls against him because of his strength and the way he pushes through contact. im not sayin he never flops, all nba players flop, but he is no more of a flopper than anybody else

      • EPaul says:

        Agreed – Lebron gets HACKED at every time to the basket. And Madam Lancelot does more fainting than any other player in the NBA

  21. cp10 says:

    If Pacers win the next three in a row then they advance to the Finals. This series isn’t over.

    • TMac says:

      You really believe Pacers are going to win three in a row? Honestly, they might win game 5….but winning two more straight after that……?

      • cp10 says:

        I hear you, however, we also said it was over last year for the Heat, remember? Until CB rebounded to Ray Allen that is, and the rest is history.

      • I'm Right says:

        a clutch play by a veteran of the reigning champs is very different from winning 3 games straight against the 2-time reigning champs.. dont’ you think?

    • Mike says:

      Yes and if my trees start growing $100 bills then I’ll be rich. No the series isn’t over. Officially. But it’s just about done. I thought it was done before it began but the pacers showed up ready for game one and gave me hope for an intense series. But no. At least it’s fun watching James and a rejuvenated Wade.

  22. The Champs ARE HERE says:

    The Heat are the Champs they have been here several time, and their just a better team, and I am not talking about the BIG 3. The bench is also deep, Ray Allen, Rashad Lewis, Bird Man, Shane B. They have talent and a level head. The Pacer had their chance in Game 2, and 3 and lost the game. But their Captains LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are smart, patient and level headed and know how to play game. Now when they play the Spurs, who play with the same level and are the Number one team in the NBA, then will see a Series.

  23. lbjday says:

    Refs are fans too.Refs hate too.lets go to the west for a bit. Game 1 portland vs houston….. in this game everytime d12 got into rhythm he got called for fouls.d12 prolly gets more foul calls then any one play also at game 3 when he had 18 points in the 1st quarter with 1 half time he had 4 fouls.psst rockets vs spurs would have been a sweet series.either way. HEAT ALL THE WAY!

  24. bluegirl says:

    This was a great win for us Heat fans. Kudos to our Big 3 who did not stoop to “Lala” Stephenson’s level of stupidity. He is a nobody and Lebron treated him as such. Next time keep your mouth shut and maybe you’ll have a better game. Trash talking The HEAT only fuels the fire! At this point it doesn’t matter…Pacers gone fishing! So much for your high hopes of getting #1 spot & home court advantage. The Heat prove you wrong again. You are still sloppy second best or shall I say worse. I’m still trying to figure out how you got past Atlanta!

  25. TMac says:

    Well if Miami benefited from a few shaky whistles, then the Pacers benefited from A LOT of shaky whistles in game 1. Regardless, Miami still has more total fouls than the Pacers in this series. Regardless, the Pacers were still in game 2 and had a huge lead in game 3 but blew both games when it was crunch time. So, I guess PG and West thought all of Miami’s fouls in game one were well deserved….but none of theirs in this game were? Pacers were the aggressor in game one and got the calls….and the Heat were the aggressor in this game and got the calls……does that make it right?? Of course not, but you can’t be okay with game one officiating but then get upset with the same officiating but with a different result in another game. The thing that is crazy is that Indiana were still in this game….but only two players showed up to play…you can’t win when most of your team is still at the hotel napping. NO.EXCUSES…..sorry.

  26. TMac says:

    @ kevin… post wasn’t a response to you. Not sure why it posted as I reply to your post.

  27. mikmaks says:

    Pacers is just not mentally prepared to face the Heat. This is over.

  28. bwright1945 says:


  29. Just..yea says:

    As a fan of NBA, this year its gonna be Spurs vs Heat.

    If Indiana makes it to the final, they won’t beat the Spurs. If OKC makes to the Finals, they won’t beat the HEAT.

    SPURS vs HEAT. With Spurs’ last chance and HEAT’s dynasty on the Line. Edge to the Heat.

  30. Paul George cry says:

    I love how Paul George run around the bush by saying the heat got to the free throw more therefore blaming the officials but for him not to get fined haha what a sore loser but in game 1 he didn’t say anything about the free throws because they had twice as much in game 1. At least lance didn’t find excuses.

  31. alan says:

    I can’t see Indiana coming back from this. They have had their chances but not taken them. The Heat are improving each game. While Indiana have only one gameplan Miami have more variation and more options. They are changing tactics every game and keeping their opponents guessing.

  32. lOL says:

    Haters is just gonna hate. ECF game 1. Pacers 37 FTs/ Heat 15) and no one whine.

  33. spurs r on a whole other level says:

    the pacers are a mentally weak team. its clear to everyone watching the games that the refs are letting miami do whatever they want and that got to the pacers by game 3. they spent a lot of time arguing in game 4 and you could see them dragging butt after the first few no calls to start the second half. its amazing that lebron can hit someone’s elbow during a shot and no call, but someone else touches his shoulder on the other end and he is going to the line for an and 1. its been like that the entire playoffs for the last 3 years. its sad that the refs always have to help miami…too bad miami has not played anybody on spurs level in a long time and they are going to get swept in the finals. people are quick to forget miami struggled during the season too. they have had an easy ride against sorry bobcats, struggling nets and now the struggling pacers. not this year miami

    • mikmaks says:

      kinda heard this whining last year. can you make sure your spurs beat OKC first before you talk about this?

    • pls says:

      …and yet your SPURS lost last year, lol.

    • jOLAN says:

      You are talking nonsense, There was maybe a few calls BOTH WAYS that should of gone the other way. Your point becomes invalid when the reply shows zero contact on West and he argues all the way up the court and Vogel gets a T’d up for arguing to much about it. The Pacers are falling apart. Roy Hibbert blaming the coach. He still made dumb fouls and had zero points. Players get more the 0 points with zero plays set for them. You can blame the trades all you want, but the Pacers problems are these, 1) they are mentally weak, deal with the trades and move on. 2) Get a real coach. Half the problem is him not putting the players in line. Pull Roy out, put Scola in. He is scorching the Heat in the paint. 3) Stop arguing calls and play some defense, that’s what got you where you are in the first place.

    • TMac says:

      You have for to be kidding, right?? In the finals last year the Heat had more total foul calls than the Spurs. Let’s not forget in one of the Spurs’ home games in the finals when Miami was called for a ton of fouls leading to the Spurs blowing the Heat out of the water that game. Miami never had a game like that against the Spurs in the finals. Or how about in game two against OKC when Spurs were getting away with no calls and getting fouled like crazy….just doing anything they wanted. Heck, they were smacking around Westbrook in the post but where were the calls??? I bet you were one of the people screaming “Where is the consistency??” when OKC was getting the calls in game 3 instead of the Spurs weren’t you? Tell me something…do you want consistency for the whole NBA….or do you just want it when it involves your team and teams you don’t like???

    • falcon1 says:

      No one will ever sweep the Heat. And the Spurs didn’t look so great in losing to OKC. Remember in 2012, the Spurs blew out OKC the first two games. Then OKC won 4 straight. Did you forget. It may happen again. Regardless hater, the Heat will threepeat, whether it’s OKC or the Spurs. Hating won’t stop Miami, and yes, this year, Miami!!!!

  34. Your Floppiness says:

    Spoiler Alert…Heat win series. You guys should do us a favor and not write about the East unless the Heat lose! Eastern Playoffs are a joke!

  35. Awake says:

    .. and Roy Hibbert was a first-team center at the all star. Enough said. What a fail he is. Overrated

  36. suv says:

    It was an important game, doesn’t need to be a coach to tell that… and they raise the white flag.
    Pacer’s head coach need to learn from Gregg Popovich, Phill Jackson or Tom Thibodeau, just to prepare the player to believe no matter what… if he want to win a title, or else just be Heat Coach do nothing and win Title.

  37. Vern Fleming says:

    The Heat are just better. It’s hard to beat a team with that much talent.

    Being a Pacer fan is tough, but you stick with your team through thick and thin.

    I guess its better than jumping on the bandwagon like most Heat fans who couldn’t tell you what the “weak side” means if they had to.

    Great team. Ignorant fans.

    Go Spurs.

    • Game Time says:

      You’re calling most Heat fans bandwagon jumpers, but you’re already rooting for the Spurs and your team hasn’t been eliminated (yet). ^ True Indy fan right here folks.

    • JCS says:

      Sure we can, Vern,

      the Weak Side is the team that loses and then looks everywhere for an excuse except the mirror.

  38. joe says:

    most of you are full of it! sour grapes.. the pacers got to the line in game 1 more than miami in this game then pacers and you guys cry about it.. always looking for excuses.. fact is miami is the better team with champ DNA and kicked the pacers butts!

  39. CAVS FAN says:

    That game was so rigged, everyone with half a brain knows that the refs gave that game to the Miami cHEAT. Since when did the NBA become pro wrestling?

  40. The Pacers had their shot last year but their success only diminished them not inspired them. The bottom line is the Pacers’ stars don’t have the personality or attitude to deserve a championship. They’re happy with being second place in the East but if they were in the West they might not even make the first round. The thing is that the East is a joke so whichever group of chumps is left is hyped up as a real contender. Go home Indiana, leave the finals for teams with talent and heart.

  41. King says:

    PG24 must be crazy if he thought they outworked the Heat! This was a proper butt whopping from the beginning to the end. The series is over and done with, as we should start to prepare for the finals rematch with OKC.

  42. okc2014 says:

    The fat lady is singing. Can anyone else hear her too?

  43. WALTER says:

    Indiana has a very predictable game and this merit is his coach Frank Vogel who is not an idea falls head . You will notice that it has a Scola ( Olympic champion , World Champion sub – European champion ) playing a few minutes and exploiting them to the fullest ? … Yesterday I had 12 points in 13 minutes with a high percentage .
    Frank Vogel depends on what their stars do …… if a bit light . Hibbert is a disaster, not defending , not attacking ….. no heart .
    They need players with heart ………… as spurs , players playing as a team and not for individual profit . Lance Stephenson is more aware of the public , the press and what they talk about it , instead of playing , like Paul George (and they said it was MVP ? …. Or close to it , does not have the caliber ) .
    Indiana ‘s season is over, for the next need players like Scola and West players with heart ……….
    And dismiss Vogel , a very limited and predictable coach.

  44. Rohan says:

    Pacers should practice/learn to step into the path of the player running to the basket and take the charge. Cant give up so many fast break layups. Hope they make this series interesting by taking this to game 6 or 7

  45. SoMuchForGame7LOL says:

    All that Indiana talk about getting the 1st seed, game 7 against Miami at home. What game 7? Game 5 end. And this is coming from a Heat hater. GG. East is so weak no team can contend with LeBron. Only hope is the West.

    • falcon1 says:

      Finally, some reality from a hater. My hat is off to you sir. One thing, though. The West will go down also.

  46. Benjie says:

    Keep your mouth shut lance Stephenson . Your crazy but your not a star ,not even closed and yet you talk and talk like you are going to win shame on you…

  47. sleepless bull says:

    “a few shaky whistles” … come on Steve.. come on.. you are better than this!!! They got the whistles they needed when the Pacers were rallying the troops. after that 12-1 run the Pacers could have gotten into the game again.. but the whistles stopped them!!

    this disgustes me… if this things continue to happen I will stop watching the NBA. I mean this is crazy. You have the best team and you need to get pushed by the refs all the time? this is not right! play like a man! damn….

    • No Regrets says:

      True. Third game as well, stopped the Pacers from going 20+up a couple of times at the beginning, and then killed them in the 3rd quarter.
      But the Pacers knew this would happen, which is why they wanted home court advantage. The Pacers should play better, and, they way games are called these days, you need to play significantly better than Miami to beat them.

      • eSulting says:

        mistakes happen, wheter its on indianas players or the referees.
        they lost those games NOT due to calls only.

        As a former player and a ref, I know how hard it is.
        Professionalism is, if the call dont feels right, just shake it off, dont argue. If it gets to a terrible point, let your coach handle it. You as a player can only do one thing: play

        and from the refs perspective: its commonly agreed that in the playoffs, you usually get the benefit of the doubt to the losing team. From a marketing standpoint: you do want to have long series. So I dont think you can blame the refs, even some calls were terrible!

    • falcon1 says:

      Then quit watching idiot. You a hater of the worst kind. Who cares if you don’t watch. You are insignificant in the grand theme of things. I have never seen such a disgusting bunch of crybabies. What are you, 10 years old. “I’m gonna take my ball and go home cause my team is losing.” Get a life That’s what disgusts me hater.

    • TMac says:

      So refs blowing whistles stopped Pacers from playing well for 48 minutes. Hmmm….sounds more like they mentally gave up when it got tough. What is the excuse for the Pacers fumbling and turning over games 2 and 3??? Were those because of the refs’ whistles or because the Pacers just can’t seem to fight for 48 minutes for 7 straight games against an elite team?

  48. Damien says:

    Well, having watched the game, I have to admit that, even though Miami played pretty well, they sometimes tend to draw the whistle in situations when they lose the ball, dropping themselves on the court with no apparent reason… At the same time, Miami’s defense is all about trying to snatch the ball from behind and reaching in (especially on double teams), yet, the refs don’t seem to call anything against them… Strange enough.

  49. Neutral says:

    Indiana just doesn’t deserve to be in the finals. Watching the Spurs sweeping them… wouldn’t be worth our time. Another epic finals ahead of us…
    Spurs vs Heat vol. 2!

    • No Regrets says:

      Oh come on, Stevie must have been waiting a while to write this, don’t spoil it for him 🙂

  50. Zero says:

    When you talked trash, you have to make sure that you will back it up.. And PG saying that they outplayed the Heat? LOL… You didn’t outplay a team when you are down more than 20 points.. This Pacer team made me laughed again..

  51. E-SY says:

    There’s no mistaking this article… Will this ultimately become the easiest trophy for the Heat?

  52. heatfire says:

    this is whats wrong with the pacers, they do not admit mistakes and they do not give credit to the play of miami, game 2 was definitely on their grasp to win. but the least two is on the credit of the heat.

  53. Filipino Idiot says:

    Indiana has no poise to be contending for a championship. Part of th fault should be given to the media heralding them early as the top contender for the Heat in the east whereas there was none.

  54. ko0kiE says:

    lance stepehnson and roy hibbert aren’t made for the big moment… solid regular season player but that’s where it ends. Indiana can’t count on them when it really gets tough…other than paul george and david west, who really took on the challenge in game 4 and tried to fight back in the 4th.

  55. Gabriel P. says:

    “The bottom line on this is, the Pacers know Miami is the better team. The Heat, to use the unfortunate imagery floating around over the weekend, are the Pacers’ big brothers at least. Maybe even their fathers”

  56. Euegene says:

    After that Indiana can play basketball? Stupit team, big team, no speed, no aggression, no ball movements!I think San Antonio take 10-0 before Indiana!Repeat SAS MIA at the finals and bad time for basketball….

    • Brainundrum says:

      why is it a bad time for basketball when the two best teams in the league meet in the finals?

  57. iamironman says:

    Like the title said, “it’s over”

  58. Neutral says:

    Definitely do not appreciate when a Heat fan gets his hands on NBA page and starts spitting on the opponent team. As a neutral fan I would advise NBA staff to look into what your vendors are posting for all the world to read. The author of the page above, if you want to go BS about your teams performance, you can do that on kids facebook, but when it comes to NBA pro website, I suggest you either stay neutral or keep your hands off completely.

  59. Mike says:

    Referees rewarding Miami? referees should not be rewarding that´s ilegal.

  60. Bu says:

    Pacers’ offense has been awful since March, and their D has dropped off a bit. There is no fire in the eyes & body language in any of the Pacers (maybe except West). Hibbert has been a big liability, and it’s not just because how he was handled by the Heat. Pacers don’t have a true PG who can get the ball to Hibbert at the right place & time, and also, break down opponent D.

    Offense they’re a not potent to beat the Heat. Pacers’ D goes, they still have 45/55 chance to beat the Heat. With the current D, forget it!

  61. drago says:

    Indiana is a team with obvious weaknesses exploited to the maximum by the big 3 they should push for Miami’s weaknesses.

  62. Larry Legend says:

    Pacers play like sissies.

  63. kevin says:

    so funny how you easily glide by the heat favorable thats part of the game…irrevelent if your the aggressor or ur just standing stationary …a foul should be a foul…but as the nba and espn have shown time and time again by promoting and one sided commentating…the nba is all in with the miami heat….last year watching this new era wrestling league for me.

    • Reallynow says:

      Why are they’re people saying the game was officiated unfairly..yea questionable calls but they let Miami score 20 off turnovers!!and in game 1 indy had the lopsided FT but yet…man people just love to hate when u winning haha

    • TMac says:

      Well if Miami benefited from a few shaky whistles, then the Pacers benefited from A LOT of shaky whistles in game 1. Regardless, Miami still has more total fouls than the Pacers in this series. Regardless, the Pacers were still in game 2 and had a huge lead in game 3 but blew both games when it was crunch time. So, I guess PG and West thought all of Miami’s fouls in game one were well deserved….but none of theirs in this game were? Pacers were the aggressor in game one and got the calls….and the Heat were the aggressor in this game and got the calls……does that make it right?? Of course not, but you can’t be okay with game one officiating but then get upset with the same officiating but with a different result in another game. The thing that is crazy is that Indiana were still in this game….but only two players showed up to play…you can’t win when most of your team is still at the hotel napping. NO.EXCUSES…..sorry.

    • I'm Right says:

      you can just stop watching now kevin… the basketball world is not going to miss a crybaby like you….

  64. Toro says:

    Pacers weren’t looking so defeated as OKC before the game Ibaka returned. And what happened on the west side? 2-1, maybe even 3-2 instead of 4-0 just tommorow. The Heat will come out and struggle, but ultimatly grab the series, the crunch time play the Pacers never really felt. Don’t know what’s about Oden, was his acquisition just for training purposes, or just to give an option to opponents (when active).

  65. Manny says:

    LOL is Paul George seriously complaining that they didnt get any fouls called? I guess he forgot Game 1, where the refs did the exact same thing to his team, when his team had 37 points from FT line, whereas Miami had 15. Stop complaining, and accept the fact that Miami has been playing better basketball than you. I hate when athletes make excuses

  66. Miami says:

    If any Pacers fan suggests this game being rig, look at the box score of game 1 (Mia 15 FT vs IND 37). However, games 2 and 3 were about even FT wise but they just got outplayed. At least Miami actually got fouled because you guys turned the ball over 2x as much as the Heat and were forced to foul to prevent a fast break layup or dunk. Miami is 1 game away from proving that they are once again the best team in the East even with the Pacers having home court advantage!

    • Sally says:

      Excuses that’s all I see and Paul George only saw what like like three stats what about 20 points of turnovers and also Miami had more fast break points I mean pacers did lose by like 12 so how are you ganna say you outplayed the team when you never lead in the game so don’t blame this on refs blame this game on yourself really cuz I didn’t see any Miami player complaing about game 1

  67. FLASH3@heat says:

    Wow,,nice game,,at least Indiana fans experienced the feelings of not even getting a half of free throws against the opposing team,,that’s what we fell in game 1 as a heat fan,,and we’re lucky it happens earlier than we expected,not like last year the whole series the heat are in foul trouble except game 7 were GEORGE and AREA 55 now AREA 00 fouled out..

  68. roymores says:

    Paul George surveyed the stat sheet afterward and, with a crafty selectivity, claimed that the Pacers outplayed the Miami Heat. – Is he F@CK!N serious about this? Stop smoking weed PG24. Wake up!!!