24 – Second thoughts — May 26

VIDEO: LeBron James showed up and showed out for the Miami Heat in Game 4

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Next time just don’t say a word, Lance Stephenson.

No matter how great the urge is, fight the power and just hold your tongue. Because all you did was accelerate the inevitable by poking the bearded- and headband-wearing bear that is LeBron James.

You woke up the rest of the Miami Heat, (Chris Bosh in particular) too.

Nice job, “Born Ready.”

You clearly were not ready for what went down in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. And whatever signs of weakness you saw … time for a new pair of glasses!

The @miamiheat head to the locker room up 3-1 in the #ECF. #nbaplayoffs

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LeBron passes Michael Jordan with yet another wicked performance!


You’ll have to settle for No. 2 on this list tonight.


No needs for hands in the face. #truthhurts


Pretty much sums it up!


One man’s “weakness” is another man’s #beatdown


Tug on his cape and you might not like the results …


Hey Big Roy, it was fun seeing you perform to your potential in the playoffs … in all four games that you actually showed up!


Lil’ brother is getting his nose bloodied over and over again by Big brother (Lebron) …


Motivational words of wisdom from … Kevin Hart?

@kevinhart4real gives his first half analysis of #ECF Game 4!

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I no longer understand what constitutes a foul in the NBA playoffs. Seriously, it’s more unpredictable than what Roy Hibbert or Lance Stephenson might do on a given night, trying to figure out what is and what is not illegal physical contact in this series. #allIwantisconsistency


Now who exactly is supposed to be in someone’s head right now in this series?


Why does a 12-point Heat lead look and feel so much different from a 12-point Pacers lead?


Put it in reverse!

VIDEO: Ladies and gentlemen, LeBron James!


Like a Bosh!


Pacers weathered the storm behind Paul George and West to stay within striking distance at 49-45. Solid work in a game that could have gone sideways several times. George and West have every right to snap in that locker room at halftime. #NoHelp


#LeBeast Mode


While the Pacers were worrying about LeBron and DWade, Bosh sneaks up on them with the monster work early in Game 4. So it’s a Big 3 after all!


Thanks Lance!


Udonis Haslem denied trying to dunk on Hibbert. But I love the mentality. #GoAtHim


Maybe it’s going to be a Chris Bosh night … 8-0 Bosh run to start the game!


The Pacers certainly do not want to go back there, not to the Atlanta series, when Hibbert vanished and Jeff Teague and the boys shredded them consistently (until the Pacers finally woke up) …


For the record, I’m a Norris Cole supporter and have been from the moment he started rocking the high-top fade. I’m calling for a #ColeWorld game tonight!

Norris Cole hits the floor to warm up for #PACERSvHEAT Game 4 on @espn.

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My favorite cold call of the playoffs. The only person in Miami more confident in his own swag tonight is No. 1 on the other team!

Well, unless Johnny Football hopped a plane from Vegas to Miami …

Guess it's impossible to enjoy the weekend and study?

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Rashard Lewis in the starting lineup could turn out to be a special thing for the Miami Heat!

Be careful what you ask for #BornReady

VIDEO: Rachel Nichols has the pregame report from Miami and Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals


  1. kobeballhog says:

    Born stupid or better yet born bonehead

  2. krishawn-Mia says:

    Especially since indiana has to be winnin the free throw battle this series

  3. yosh says:

    Lance i hope you learned a thing or two. Even your team leader PG said you shouldnt have talked trash.

  4. oatestwder says:

    Can we reverse the article order to how it was? I preferred being able to read naturally from 24 to 1 instead of having to work from the bottom up. Thanks

  5. Samo says:

    Yep, Lance did make a fool of himself. As if similar things had not happened before. Crazy man, just crazy…

  6. Miami says:

    If any Pacers fan suggests this game being rig, look at the box score of game 1 (Mia 15 FT vs IND 37). However, games 2 and 3 were about even FT wise but they just got outplayed. At least Miami actually got fouled because you guys turned the ball over 2x as much as the Heat and were forced to foul to prevent a fast break layup. Miami is 1 game away from proving that they are once again the best team in the East even with the Pacers having home court advantage!

  7. iamironman says:

    It’s a wrap! Heat will end this in G5. Nice job, Lance. You just made a fool out of yourself..again

  8. Kunjaymaster says:

    Well after that game 1 nobody saw this coming, 90% of the media were predicting the Pacers to win the series. Now they have to beat Miami 3 in a row to win, very unlikely.

  9. okctofinals says:

    Hey, Paul George. I know you’re frustrated, but blaming the game being won on free throws is only going to land you a fine for criticizing the officiating, now matter how you slice it.

    • TMac says:

      And what makes it funnier is the fact that Pacers had like 50 free throw attempts and the Heat had 15 free throw attempts in game one, but you didn’t hear the Heat say anything about that because regardless of the free throw attempts they knew they played awful defense and owned it.

  10. skanto says:

    Lance, Lance, Lance …… almost scoreless up until the 4th Q, and who is showing weakness?

  11. realist says:

    Lance is a damn fool period. more like born ignorant