24 — Second thoughts — May 24

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen helped the Heat carve up the Pacers in Game 3

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The first man in the building helps the Miami Heat erase an early 15-point deficit and break the spirit of the Indiana Pacers in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals.


They call him Jesus … SHUTTLESWORTH! Four, count ’em 4, fourth quarter daggers from deep for Ray Allen. They were back-breaking buckets for the Heat as they rebounded from that sluggish start to mash the Pacers.


The Big 3? Not so much. The Heat lead this series 2-1 thanks to the work of their bench mob!


You have to know your history to clear a path for your future …


Sometimes the numbers just don’t seem to add up. But for Rashard Lewis, it won’t matter if the Heat find a way to hold on and win this game.


Cleveland, do we have a problem?


LeBron in the tunnel getting stretched out after Wade knocks down a 3-pointer in the final seconds to finish off the Heat’s 33-point third quarter (they scored 38 in the first half). #thechampsarehere …


That rugged Pacers team from the first half … vanished!


Moving on up!


After carrying the Pacers through stretches of their first two series in these playoffs, Paul George has suddenly fallen into the Hibbert blender.


The only consensus in the building tonight is that the officials will not get favorable reviews for their performance from either side. Heat and Pacers arguing each and every whistle with similar fervor. Lots of acting going on both ways. #enoughlaready


The Pacers are walking the ball up the floor like they are the two-time defending champs. The pressure is on you Indiana!


Heat could have used DeBron Jade early and Pacers certainly could have used Lex Morrison in that horrible second quarter! #HangTimePodcast

VIDEO: Lance Stephenson owned the floor in the first half


All that good work early for basically nothing …


The Tom Foolery in Memphis continues with the eventual departure of the coach (Dave Joerger) who was tabbed the replace the coach (Lionel Hollins) who never should have been fired. #SMH


If any other team in the NBA Final Four came out as flat as the Heat have so far, they’d be skewered from one end of the Twitterverse to the other. No reason to spare the two-time champs. They’re looking particularly brutal right now, getting embarrassed by the Pacers’ reserves.


Luis Scola and Chris Bosh doing their very best to humiliate each other back into this series. Well played fellas!


LeBron and LeBron Lite (Lance) going nose-to-nose, chest-to-chest and everything else. And LeBron Lite is winning right now …


If we’re going to get a game that could have been played in the 1950s on the scoreboard  I’m going to enjoy the ambiance …


Heat coach Erik Spoelstra wins the By Any Means Necessary Award before the end of the first quarter.


The Sigmund Freud conference finals is underway. The Heat are down 17-4, turning the ball over like crazy and generally playing without a pulse. You don’t know what to expect from either one of these teams on a given night.


Roy Hibbert is to the verticality rule what pancakes are to syrup!


I’m terribly uncomfortable with Lance Stephenson discussing his good and bad sides in the third person. Mario Chalmers, on the other hand, is free to debate his good and bad sides in whatever way he likes after his disastrous start tonight. #twoface


Someone? Or something?


Tell the truth, you never expected to see Greg Oden on an active roster in the conference finals … not after all that he’s been through! Just being active is a victory for the big fella. If he impacts this game in any way, Hollywood has a script.

VIDEO: SI’s Lee Jenkins joins the Game Time crew to talk about NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s first 100 days


  1. JC says:

    Miami Heat is unpredictable , Go Miami Heat finish this nightmare you are the best > I need sleep , but that will be when the season is over , All my strength with Miami Heat

  2. leborn jaems says:

    my main man larry bird built his team specifically to win against mine.. its really not working really well..

  3. LBJthaking!!!! says:

    GO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!! Lebron is a beast. Gotta love Ray Allen…best 3 point shooter

  4. ?????? says:

    i much preferred it when these articles counted down from 24 to 1. why did it change?

    not that it matters that much, i guess. just looking for something to complain about.