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Durant takes blame for Game 2 rout | Barkley hopes LeBron lands back in Cleveland | Report: Jazz to interview Gentry | Cavs already getting calls for No. 1 pick | Ibaka confirms he’s out for West finals

No. 1: Durant blames self for OKC’s Game 2 defeat — In a 35-point loss, it’s awful hard to pick out one player or one moment that led to such a landslide defeat. However, Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant was more than willing to shoulder the load for the loss, writes our Jeff Caplan, as Durant pin-pointed a sequence late in the second quarter that helped the San Antonio Spurs pick up momentum right before halftime. (Oh, and if you missed it somehow, the Spurs’ victory marked the 111th playoff win that Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker have been a part of, which set a new league record.)

The Thunder had to feel pretty good. Relatively speaking. No, they hadn’t shot it well and the offense remained a combination of two overburdened superstars and haphazard execution.But they had also stemmed another early San Antonio paint party and were getting enough hustle and grit from role players off the bench to survive Kevin Durant sitting out the first 5:42 of the second quarter, darn near a vacation for Mr. Inexhaustible during this postseason.

As the MVP checked back into the game between Tim Duncan free throws, the first tying it 36-36 and the second giving the Spurs back the lead, 37-36, the Thunder did have to like what was happening. They were hanging in, defending well enough that the Spurs, shooting under 40 percent, had to earn their looks.

Coming out of a timeout with 2:37 left in the half, San Antonio went up 47-42. Then the hurricane hit with a devastating wallop. First a Danny Green 3-pointer followed by a Boris Diaw reverse layup and then another quick-trigger Green 3 as Durant lunged, helplessly out of position to contest.

Suddenly it was 55-44 — an 8-2 explosion in 81 seconds.

Durant and Westbrook exchanged words heading to the bench for a timeout — leaders getting on one another, Westbrook explained, “what leaders do” — although it’s doubtful either could hear what the other had said.

The ascending roars inside AT&T Center reverberated off every seat in the house until the place felt as if it was going to blast off. For the Thunder it must have felt like the roof had caved in on them, leaving them stumbling through choking clouds of rubble. At least that’s how they played on the Spurs’ next possession.

First Diaw grabbed Ginobili’s missed layup. Then Ginobili snuck inside of Durant and rebounded Tony Parker‘s errant 3. Ginobili dribbled freely all the way out beyond the arc as if taking it back behind an imaginary line on his driveway, lined up a 27-footer and buried it with 33 seconds left in the half.

It was 58-44, a 22-8 burst being the precursor to a second consecutive blowout, 112-77.

“You can’t go from down 5 to 14, not in two minutes,” Thunder center Kendrick Perkins said.

“I messed the game up at the end of the second quarter,” Durant said. “I got hit on the screen and Danny Green got open for a 3. I overhelped and he got another 3, and then Ginobili hit the 3. All those plays was on me … We shouldn’t have been down that much at halftime, but I made three bonehead plays.”

VIDEO: Russell Westbrook is upset with Kevin Durant for his Game 2 mistake


No. 2: Barkley hopes LeBron heads back to Cavs — How the offseason will play out is anyone’s guess, but two things we know right now are the following: Miami Heat (and former Cleveland Cavaliers) star LeBron James can opt out of his deal this summer … and the Cleveland Cavaliers have the No. 1 pick in the 2014 Draft. There has been talk all season that the Heat’s ability — or inability — to three-peat this season as champs might lead to James leaving Miami and heading back to his first NBA home. The Cavs’ Draft perch seems to be greasing those wheels anew and one person who’d like to see LeBron head back to Ohio is TNT analyst Charles Barkley. of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has more on Barkley, who made his comments during an ESPN Radio interview:

In the wake of the Cleveland Cavaliers yet again winning the NBA Draft lottery, the piling on has begun when it comes to speculation regarding Miami Heat forward LeBron James, who can become a free agent in the offseason.

That brought TNT analyst Charles Barkley up to bat during ESPN Radio’s SVP & Russillo show Wednesday.

“I’ve always thought he was going to go back to Cleveland,” Barkley said. “Nobody dislikes LeBron. I think LeBron made a huge mistake with that ‘Decision’ crap. He’s come back and since admitted that. That’s the only thing people hold against LeBron.

“He’s a great player, a great person. I hope he goes back to Cleveland. Those fans in Miami are not real fans, those fans in Cleveland are real fans. I’ve always hoped he would go back to Cleveland. That would be a great way to finish his career.”


No. 3: Report: Cavs, Jazz among teams pursuing Gentry — The Utah Jazz and Cleveland Cavaliers both parted ways with their coaches — Tyrone Corbin and Mike Brown, respectively — at season’s end. As both teams continue their search for a new coach, the same man may be near the top of both of their lists. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears, ex-Phoenix Suns, L.A. Clippers, Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat coach Alvin Gentry will interview with the Jazz soon and may do likewise with the Cavs, too:

Los Angeles Clippers associate head coach Alvin Gentry is expected to soon interview for the Utah Jazz’s head-coaching vacancy, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday to see predraft workouts. The Jazz have already interviewed Chicago Bulls assistant coach Adrian Griffin, but have been deliberate in their process to hire a new head coach.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have also contacted the Clippers about Gentry for their head-coaching vacancy, but an interview has not been set up, a source said. Gentry has ties to new Cavaliers general manager David Griffin when both worked for the Phoenix Suns.

Gentry is also receiving strong interest from the Golden State Warriors to be the associate head coach under new coach Steve Kerr. Gentry worked under Kerr when both were in Phoenix.

The Sacramento Kings have also contacted Gentry about their assistant coach position, a source said. Kings head coach Michael Malone never filled the position vacated by his father Brendan a week before last season.


No. 4: Cavs GM already getting calls for No. 1 pick — If you didn’t get a chance to watch it yet, be sure to check out GameTime’s interview with Cavs GM David Griffin after his team won the 2014 NBA Draft lottery on Wednesday night. He obviously doesn’t tip his hand as to whom Cleveland will take with the No. 1 choice, but it’s a good look into what may come next for him and the team. Among those options could be trading the No. 1 pick, of course, and according to, Griffin is already getting plenty of offers to do so:

David Griffin’s phone started buzzing immediately after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA draft lottery Tuesday night.

And the calls weren’t all to offer congratulations.

The Cavaliers’ general manager says teams throughout the league already were contacting him about potential trades for the No. 1 pick, something he’ll think long and hard about leading into the June 26 draft.

“I actually got calls right afterward, while I was standing there doing media,” Griffin said Wednesday during an interview on ESPN Cleveland’s “The Really Big Show.” “Teams were already reaching out and texting, so I think it will be an active period of time.”

Griffin will be in charge this time and will have to choose between the likes of Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker. Sources told ESPN’s Jeff Goodman that the 7-foot Embiid is the early front-runner for the top pick as long as his back is OK.

Then again, Griffin could trade the pick if he thinks it would serve the team best.

“I’ve said many times that I’d trade me if it made us better,” he told “The Really Big Show.”

“We’re going to be open-minded to whatever it is that advances our cause the furthest.”

VIDEO: Cavs GM David Griffin talks about his team winning the Draft lottery


No. 5: Ibaka confirms he’s out for West finals — Before Game 1 of the West finals, the San Antonio Spurs had their doubts that Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka would be out the entire series. After Game 1, rumors began to percolate that Ibaka might try to come back before the end of the series. But the man himself removed all doubt about his status for the series with a post on his blog yesterday, which you can read below:

As you all know, I suffered an injury in the sixth game of the Conference Semifinals against the Los Angeles Clippers. This means I am not able to play in the Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. It’s a difficult moment because this is the most important time of the year. All the work done during the summer and preparation during the season is focused on being ready and at your best when the Playoffs arrive, so it’s obviously disappointing not to be able to help my team on the court. But injuries are part of the game and the only way to go through this is to stay positive and try to be healthy as soon as possible.

All players and coaching staff feel the Thunder is a family, and I have no doubt my ‘family member’ will put in a great effort in this difficult series. We are all the Thunder and we take pride in staying together against adversity. I will watch and cheer for them as their brother and their fan. Also, a lot of people have shown me support the last few days and I feel very fortunate to have such amazing fans. Thank you!



SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: The Sixers are open to trading picks in the Draft — of which they have many — but won’t do so to short circuit their rebuild plan … Ex-Lakers coach Mike Dunleavy met with the team to discuss their coaching vacancy … How could your favorite NBA team swing a deal for Kevin Love? … Rockets forward Francisco Garcia plans to opt out of his deal … Hawks expect Al Horford to be back in time for training campCharles Barkley wouldn’t be shocked to see LeBron James return to Cleveland … Ex-NBA center Shawn Bradley opened up to ESPN about what it’s like to be “posterized” so often during a career … Heat president Pat Riley has filed for a ‘3-peat’ trademark

ICYMI of the Night: What’s the best part from this sequence early in Game 2 last night — the block, the no-look pass or the touch pass to Tim Duncan? …

VIDEO: The Spurs show off some fancy teamwork early in Game 2


  1. Charles Barkley has a good sense of humor. Dissing all the Miami Heat fans by saying they are not real fans i found to be a hilarious call. Barkley is a hater lol

    • 234818240 says:

      we are the best fans after all we been through we as cavs fans don’t deserve ya talking down on us yah are front runners we are real fans most ya’ll really like yah team but without lebron you would not have most fans in the world and yah right he not coming back next year don’t mean he wont ever come back am from Akron and if anything lebro love his city and state so gone head with that

  2. Charles Barkley has a good sense of humor. He seems like such a hater calling the Miami Heat fans not real fans lol.

    • what!!!!!!!!!!!! clevend not good fans we been through it all G stop flexing and lebron not coming back next season but he willat a point am from Akron trust me LEBRO love his city and state so gone head wit that

  3. LJF says:

    Heat just need to get a another 3 point shooter and Bosh either needs to man up or be replaced. I like CB but he’s not doing his job in the paint. Once they sort that, they will be as strong as they were a few years ago. Going back to Cleveland would be simply foolish; he tried and failed to win a championship with them. The owner is a complete fool, the fans are fickle and even if LeBron went back they still wouldn’t win anything, make the playoffs but get beaten a host of teams. Not every team can be a contender and it generally comes in cycles. Miami is having their time now, Spurs are in contention and Pacers are coming up along with OKC, but apart from that, most teams are very average by comparison.

  4. Shawn Bradley says:

    Anybody have a compilation of Shawn Bradley being posterized? I’ll be saving it as one of my best video ever!!!

  5. iAn says:

    cavz should trade there no.1 pick togethere with bennet and waiters to the wolvez for love and martin ……and lebron james should go back to the place that people called him a king in CLEVELAND CAVALIERS

  6. Edjumacator says:

    LeBron will opt out of his contract and become a free agent this summer. Then he’ll negotiate a new contract with Miami. Study the new CBA–it would cost him tens of millions to go to Cleveland. @ mortimizer–study some tax law. NBA stars aren’t waiting on their refunds come January…

  7. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    @ at this juncture

    Not a bad idea… LeBron & Melo always wanted to play together… Just a thought..?

  8. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    As a LeBron fan … unless Pat Riley makes BIG changes after this year, then it would make sense to go back to Cleveland, only if Cleveland added some more depth on top of what they already have.
    When you think about it… Wade’s injuries have kept him from being at his true potential and he is only getting older.. Ray Allen will be 39 in a month, Shane Battier is about to retire, Rashard Lewis is beyond washed up, James Jones should have been waived years ago, Haslem is getting older .. Pat riley needs to do something, unless LeBron will leave, maybe not Cleveland, but he will leave if he has a better chance at winning more championships

  9. Baller says:

    cavs are horrible right now, they don’t have a coach, couple of their draft picks are not that great, kyrie is the only bright spot. If he wants to win championships, it be smart to stay in the east, if heat don’t win this year, pat riley is defdinately gonna work some magic and get some players. I don’t see lebron leaving miami, I would like to see him go back to cavs but not yet.

  10. at this juncture says:

    just take another pay cut (leborn, bosh, wade) and bring a 4th super start to miami. then you can be champs back to back to back to back, ect.

  11. pierce34 says:

    where is my friend “lbj” ? hehehe c’mon i miss you and i want your idea of trading players to have them ring/s… with the king!!!

  12. pierce34 says:

    im waiting for “lbj” comment

  13. Leon says:

    If Lebron wants to win more championship he needs to not go to the Cavs.. The Only Roster that makes sense is Washington Wall Beal.. you let Ariza Walk in Free Agency, you still have NeNe.. and Gortat can be replaced if he decides to Walk.. But if Gortat stays your looking at a team that will win multiple titles

  14. squala96 says:

    How can Barkley say that Cleveland fans are real and Miami fans aren’t? Hasn’t he been watching Heat-Cavs games? Those guys burned LeBron jerseys, booed him each time he holds the ball, among other forms of mockery. They’ll probably kill him if there’s no law disallowing it. Even owner Dan Gilbert copped a $100,000 fine for making an inappropriate comment after James left. Sorry, but the damage has been done and Ohio no longer deserves their former star. The King will be stupid to go back.

    • redeyzes says:

      really what rock did you crawl out from cleveland is a starved city with NO CHAMPIONSHIPS yea they were mad but its the king his hometown bad break up sure but the make up s-x is always the best they will welcome him back with open arms and LBJ has unfinshed business in Cleveland!!!

  15. john says:

    I agree with barkley… why wouldnt he want to come back to finish his career in c-town… im a cavs fan but a lebron fan if you truly think about it it makes sense for him to come back wades knees are bad bosh is like an 8th grader in the paint and lebron left cleveland bc of no help but if he comes back to cleveland count on cavs winning one real soon… id like to have him back…

  16. ruben says:

    barkley you have a lot of poison can you leave lebron for a moment lebron never say nothing about you maybe this is the reason who knows

  17. 36yrfan says:

    ….Great blog post from Serge…. Russ could learn something from him…..

  18. Ben says:

    Spoelstra a great coach? Give Flava Flav those starting 5 and he’ll win you 1 or 2 championships. We’ll see how well he does when the Big 3 in Miami implode this summer. Lebron is gonna make his money regardless of where he goes. While most would like to see the him win one for his hometown, Lebron is gonna due Lebron. With DWade’s knees deteriorating and Chris Bosh being mediocre at best, neither Miami (nor Cleveland) should be holding their breath.

  19. SodaPop says:

    Nobody dislikes Lebron. Yeah, right, and Barkley is skinny. Nice one

  20. CAVS says:

    half the cavs Roster now is made up of top ten picks since lebron left…with leBron back they would be a beast…

    • Game Time says:

      Cavs can’t even make the east playoffs. Bron would be wasting his time(again) with that team.

    • TheKing says:

      Yeah the worst top ten picks. Being a top ten pick doesnt make you good.

  21. jlskfjs says:

    Lebron hope barkley goes back to the buffet table

  22. Edjumacator says:

    Players and their agents are realists for the most part. And reality is that Florida and Texas do not tax income. LeBron will take a huge tax hit if he goes back to Ohio. Remember when everyone thought he was going to New York? How many championships do Florida and Texas teams have since Jordan left the building?

    • mortimizer says:

      I am pretty sure the teams pay the tax for the players, so if they have a $10 million contract, the player actually receives $10 Million

  23. Jim Timmer says:

    Harden for Ibaka. worst trade ever.

    • 36yrfan says:

      Ibaka not so much….but Thabo 100%…..should have Never let the beard get out of OKC

  24. hbcunetwork says:

    LeBron should go back to the Halves when he is old and over-the-hill and ready to retire, just to rub his success in their faces.

  25. hbcunetwork says:

    LeBron should go back to the Halves when he is over the hill and old and ready to retire just to rub his success in their face.

  26. Javier says:

    It was really stupid to generalize all Heat fans into one category. There are real Heat fans out there, such as myself, who would be devastated if LeBron or Wade left. I think what Chuck meant was that most Heat fans are really LeBron fans… Which is completely false.

    I honestly hope Chuck is just trolling us, or is being paid to say controversial stuff like this.

    • 36yrfan says:

      ….chuckie is a mouthpiece….another overpaid jock with a job that should be held by someone who earned a degree in RTF…. it is what Cosell referred to as the “jock-ocracy”…..just turrable, turrable……..

  27. ko0kiE says:

    people must be very stupid to think LeBron will ever go back to the Cavaliers… Why would he ever want to play for Dan Gilbert again? the man attacked him on a personal level with his open letter.. and it would be even more hypocritical to take LeBron back now, after he is championship proven because ”

    think about it… LeBron still got some pride

    • 36yrfan says:

      ……LeeBron…..”still” has some pride ???? When did he NOT….I must have missed that ‘second’ in time …….I can’t stop laughing….

  28. 36yrfan says:

    it is laudable for KD to make those remarks….sign of a true leader………But the real reason is the ‘out-of-control’ NON- point guard they have playing the position of point guard……7 of 24……with some really bad decisions on many of those misses….. let Jackson start and bring RW off the bench like they did with Harden or just make him the 2 guard as he refuses to distribute the ball the way a great point guard should…… like this Should be a lesson he can Learn from …….just watch Tony ….. he is a ‘pretty good’ point guard

  29. Ryan says:

    I think in my heart LeBron will go back to Cleveland but not this summer. Eventually he will but I think Miami will bring other players to make them tougher. Miami needs a good big and another three point shooter. And they will be able to contend again. Cleveland is not ready to win now. And I don’t think LeBron wants to wait 3 or 4 years

  30. gzg says:

    Bunch of bandwagoners with your funny heat nicknames here, were probably cheering for lakers or celtics or whatever team was on the run when miami wasn’t on top. That’s why Chuck said what he said about Heat fans being fake 😉

  31. Cmixer says:

    Chuck, Lebron left Cleveland, let it rest. Lebron needs to come to Utah, he has a good chance to win the championship here with him on board.

  32. brodeur301 says:

    “He’s a great player, a great person. I hope he goes back to Cleveland. Those fans in Miami are not real fans, those fans in Cleveland are real fans. I’ve always hoped he would go back to Cleveland. That would be a great way to finish his career.”

    Cleveland are real fans HAHAHAHAHAA hypocrites more than anything stop jocking charles !

  33. brodeur301 says:

    “He’s a great player, a great person. I hope he goes back to Cleveland. Those fans in Miami are not real fans, those fans in Cleveland are real fans. I’ve always hoped he would go back to Cleveland. That would be a great way to finish his career.”

    Cleveland are real fans HAHAHAHAHAHA BEST JOKE EVER CHARLES !

  34. Raymond says:

    i think the cavs plan to encourage LeBron to come back since he left. thats why they picked a lot of first pick. Just sayin 😀

  35. The Alamo Dome says:

    Seems you`re the only on commenting here.Durant took blame.OKC cannot win the series the way they`re playing,with or without Ibaka,who would not have made the difference considering the 35 point margin and the 15 point apiece scored by Durant and Westbrook.Too little too late now!Give up on OKC!

  36. james says:

    The fans in Cleveland are real fans but they sure turned on him instead of wishing the best

  37. James says:

    It was WB that screw up at the end of second quarter. He shot 1 for 8 and continue shooting brick. He made a few lay up after that but it was WB thats start the chain reaction. He got lucky that he did not get a technical for complaining about every call. He also turned the ball over a few time during that slide. Poor guy he is so overrated. Tony Parker is the one that’s underrated…..

  38. sally says:

    Lebron is not going anywhere, he already said that, ain’t going to happen and besides that he’s got a long ways to go before he thinks about settling in somewhere. Go Heat !!

  39. cameron says:

    It would be intresting to see if lebron could finish what he started now after he got his in miami

  40. miamifan says:

    Barkley is a such a hater… Miami fans not real fans? gtfo lol.. only trash comes out of his goofy mouth

  41. HeatNation2014 says:

    Miami fans aren’t real fans, Cleveland fans are… Since when did burning a players jersey or publicly shunning a player make you a real fan? Lebron received nothing but hate and disloyalty the second he said he was leaving Cleveland for Miami. Although he could’ve gone about the way he said it better. At the end of the day, he decided to leave, and the city of Cleveland spat on him for doing so. Instead of progressing and getting him the proper help when you had the chance, you all settled for just ok and it came back to bite you in the end. Get over yourselves Cleveland, the pity party is OVER!

    • 36yrfan says:

      “HE received ‘disloyalty’ ” ??? …….. that is what you get when YOU are ‘disloyal’…… get real and keep things in the correct chronological order…..geeeeez

      • Daniel says:

        that is what you get when YOU are ‘disloyal’…….. Where you got that from ? Can you tell me in what way LBJ has been disloyal to the Cavs ? He got their team to the NBA finals, I got them finish 1st for the RS, with him the Cavs reached the Conference Finals, but what did they do thank him ? Wishing the best was the less they could have to show they greatfulness.

      • 36yrfan says:

        they baby-ed him out of high school …..paid him good money……got players around him to get IN the NBA finals and then he ran into a buzz saw…….he thought it was the management …. so he played hollywood with his “decision’ garbage……and booked for warmer climes instead of bucking up and making His TEAM better… it ?? He needs to THANK….NOT be thanked….

      • bitter_36yrfan says:

        what players did they get for him? washed up shaq? mo williams as a second scoring threat? geez you are bitter as hell

      • 36yrfan says:

        ….bitter…..???? where are YOU from??……how long you been following basketball……. if you don’t know the difference between being loyal and NOT being loyal……look it up in your dictionary if you have on…..

      • 36yrfan says:

        …they got to the finals without the “proper help”…..what more did he need??? 2 more so-called superstars……..Oh yeah, that WAS what the queen needed……

    • ras al says:

      lol and Heat fans wouldn’t be pissed if LeBron left…sure I buy that….

  42. JAR says:

    The cavs should trade the 1st pick and luol deng for kevin love and make a play at lebron in the summer. Bring nate robinson back too and you have fireworks from postions 1-4 a solid vareajo and sparkplug off the bench in nate robinson. lebron can be a mentor to both waiters and bennett who himself showed encouraging signs upon the season winding down

  43. Heat Fan says:

    I’m HEAT FAN, not necessarily a LeBron fan. So calling Miami fans “not real fans” is annoying. Not all of us are band wagoners, especially those of us who were born and raised in SoFla. I’ve been a Heat fan since the day I was born, as well as Miami marlins, dolphins and panthers. It just so happens that we ended up with LeBron. Funny, when we first took him, I disliked him because he left Cleveland. So please, keep the hate toward Miami fans to yourself.

    • ras al says:

      lol been a Heat fan since I was born…they were established in 88…ur a baby, shut up u don’t know hoops

      • 36yrfan says:

        …..since you were born????? How would you know????

      • JMac says:

        You’re taking his comments literally. Common sense please.

      • 36yrfan says:

        …. so that means he has been watching/following his Team since….???? 8-10 yrs old maybe?? Not tryin to be disrespectful……. I believe it is the good way to go …..rooting for the home team……if he is from S Fla…….

  44. bodjee says:

    I think the best fit for Lebron is the San Antonio Spurs.

  45. byrdymann says:

    I was just wondering what intelligent player would leave a team that has gone to 3 straight finals, won 2 straight championships, (maybe 3), lives in one of the best cities and climates in the USA to play for a team that has not won over 30 games in a season in 4 years, boring city, and a cold climate? Furthermore, It takes a championship caliper coach with a proven system to win a championship and there are only a few of them in the presently in the NBA. One of them is in Miami, not Cleveland.

    • dsddds says:

      Cavs won more that 30 games this season where does your information come from

    • dsddds says:

      wade is degressing bosh is degressing bron needs a younger team Cleveland is that

      Trade No 1. Pick and Deng for Love

      PG: Kyrie Irving
      SG: Jarrett Jack
      SF: LeBron James
      PF: Kevin Love
      C: Spencer Hawes

      PG: M. Dellavadova
      SG: Dion Waiters
      SF: CJ. Miles
      PF: Thompson
      C: Verajao

      IM SURE **THIS** team will win more than 50 games

    • 36yrfan says:

      Of course he is Intelligent……He has a High School diploma ….right ???? or was that a GED

  46. okc2014 says:

    RW must be fun to play with. He did that gesture several times just to let KD knows he messed up the screen on Green. I know KD loves RW, but anyone see RW suddenly one day pull a Kobe and force the GM to choose?

  47. byrdymann says:

    Why would Lebron even consider going to Cleveland when he is on a team that has gone to the finals 3 years in a row, maybe four? As he say all the time, he is a historian of the game and smart enough to know that there are only a few Popovichs, Rileys, Jacksons, Spoeltras out there. He is trying to win championships, not play for a home team for sentimental reasons.Plus, he has said that he does not want to live in a cold climate ever again.

    • NBAman says:

      wade is degressing bosh is degressing bron needs a younger team Cleveland is that

      Trade No 1. Pick and Deng for Love

      PG: Kyrie Irving
      SG: Jarrett Jack
      SF: LeBron James
      PF: Kevin Love
      C: Spencer Hawes

      PG: M. Dellavadova
      SG: Dion Waiters
      SF: CJ. Miles
      PF: Thompson
      C: Verajao

      IM SURE **THIS** team will win more than 50 games

      • Average Joe says:

        You forgot their number one pick. If LeBron decides to come back to CLeveland, then it’s obvious that they should pick Embiid.

    • whereslbj says:

      Yes only a few. Them being Popovich, Riley, and Jackson. Spoelstra does not belong anywhere near this conversation yet.

    • redeyzes says:

      you have no clue what your talking about elmer fudd could have coached those teams to NBA hardware and as for Spoeltras lol you put him in the same convo as jackson riley and pop get your head checked

  48. ruben says:

    and remenber he has two ring with hes bad decision

  49. ruben says:

    barkley i dont know how people think that the miami fans of lebron are no real fans never forget when he left cleveland the “real”fans talked a lot of you know of lebron anyway lebron is lebron whetever he go lebron is not a great player how the coment said lebron is the best player at the world if lebron dont feel good in miami it is okey the fans of miami are real fans who love it

  50. okc2014 says:

    It’s fair for Kevin Durant to take responsibility for their losses. But my gosh, how many other players are on the team? Oh, and as for Lebron, his career is far from over. He may retire in Cleveland, but he’s still got a lot of good years before that. It would be nice to see him return. But Cleveland isn’t ready for a championship or Lebron right now. They are too busy losing and getting 1st round picks.

    • Vlad says:

      Cavs have raw young tallent that is lacking some veteran leadership… God forbid they get James to sign for them again, with some good coaching, they would pretty much stomp the league.

    • gospursgo13 says:

      Cleveland almost made the playoffs this year. It’s a lot closer than they’ve ever been since Lebron left. They have a few consistent scorers (as long as they stay healthy), but they’re missing that one person who can give them mega-points and control the game. You pair Lebron with Irving and Thompson, and I believe you have a better starting 5 than in Miami currently.

    • cp3 best pg says:

      Hey okc2014 how it feel to be wrong about everything pertaining to the thunder westbrook got destroyed by cp3 last round and now that the refs aint giving kd and russ free throws you see how bad okc really are

      • 36yrfan says:

        …really!!….and notice that the “Mouthpiece” OKCKD–whatever is nowhere to be heard……probably hunkered down at his mommies’ house with his tail between his legs……hear that ???

    • Wade says:

      who takes all the praises when they win? Durant. So, it doesnt matter how many players are on the team. When they lose, Durant should take other the blame and shut the F up.

    • 36yrfan says:

      my gosh….How many other players are on the team……Answer: 1