24–Second thoughts — May 21

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: Danny Green and the Spurs raised the roof on the Thunder in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Spurs Way is real.

It’s a quantifiable force and can be seen on the tread marks all over the Oklahoma City Thunder after the first two games of these Western Conference finals.

From Danny Green making it rain from deep to the 3,000 points in the paint the Spurs have piled up in Serge Ibaka‘s absence, oh yes, the Spurs Way is live and in living color.

Whatever adjustments the Thunder made after watching the Game 1 slasher flick/film (they did watch it, right?) didn’t provide any insight on what could be done differently to fix all that has gone wrong for Scott Brooks and his team.

And before anyone reminds me that these two teams were in this same situation two years ago, when the Thunder stormed back from a 2-0 deficit to win four straight and advance to The Finals, remember that neither Ibaka nor James Harden (who was huge in that series two years ago) are walking through the door for Game 3 in Oklahoma City on Sunday.

So it’s your move Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

How do you respond to the worst playoff loss in Thunder franchise history?


Serge still believes!


There is no greater testament to the Spurs’ greatness in this series than their ability to make sure everyone, even folks out around these parts, gets a decent night’s sleep!


The truly Beautiful Game!


How soon, you wonder, is too soon to start planning ahead?


How in the world do you allow a man who has already dropped six bombs from beyond the 3-point line to get free for yet another uncontested look from distance?


Since no one in Oklahoma City will want to watch the film from Games 1 and 2 anyway, why not handle some business during the days off between games …


No sense in wasting a good Game of Thrones reference with this game already well out of hand. But not even a Prince of Dorne could stop this bloodbath. #THRONES!


It’s so pretty when they get the #spursway flowing … even the Admiral thinks so!


Standing 8-count for the Thunder right now, somebody get the towel …


A wise man (@SteveKerrTNT) once said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “absence accentuates a player’s value in a way that his presence on the floor does not.” Same way for RussWest last year when he wasn’t available, Serge Ibaka looks better and better with each Spurs layup and wide-open shot.


The blame game is a complete waste of time for the Thunder. Getting taken to pieces by a better team right now.


Teamwork vs. Talent … we all know how this fight ends!

VIDEO: Manu Ginobili finds Danny Green for the 3!


Durant and Westbrook are 9-for-26, Russ 5-for-15 … and in mini-meltdown mode at the half. Not a good look for the MVP or the #ForceOfNature, who needs to calm down and point those fingers at his own chest …


We wonder every night which Russ will show up. One minute it’s good Russ. Next minute it’s bad Russ.


Oh Manu! Playing like it’s 2002 out here.


Dancin’ Danny Green droppin’ those 3s again. Here we go …


I said a Danny, Danny Green y’all …


First Lance with the 0.1 tip and now you, Nick Collison?


Reserve game recognize reserve game!


You had to know MC Serch was a hoops fan. And he’s got KD and Westbrook getting loose for 60 and Caron Butler steppin’ into the A.M. tonight for the Thunder!


Thunder have figured something out in the paint. They gave up the rim early again, just like in Game 1. But they stopped the bleeding late.


If you’re going to pick on the opposing team’s stars, at least be on point!


That paint party the Spurs threw the other night … is still going on.



VIDEO: Danny Green entered the season humble, hungry and ready to roll again for the Spurs


  1. 36yrfan says:

    ……We could use “other words” …… but it is a public setting …… and there are kids and ladies present !!

  2. 36yrfan says:

    ….@Sam Amick…..I disagree those taunts were TRUE … and the truth hurts….. Sorry , but Russ is an endless actor….trade him to Hollywood’s team……..

  3. kiwisepp says:

    Westbrook is a typical example of what I called high athletics and extreme low bball IQ. As long as he is the PG and playing the way he plays. Chance for OKC is dim. I feel sorry for KD

  4. Brain32 says:

    It wouldn’t be much different with Ibaka either…