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> You’re Kevin Love’s best friend and closest confidante. When he asks – if he asks – what do you tell him? What’s his best move?

Steve Aschburner, Something like this: “Yo, Kevin, time to step up. Let Timberwolves prez Flip Saunders and owner Glen Taylor know now, in no uncertain terms, you want a change of scenery after six seasons. Don’t make it about the fifth-year snub in that contract extension — that was driven by bozo David Kahn and he’s gone. Make it about your on-the-clock career and your future, and handle it in a professional manner that benefits all parties. Work with the Wolves in identifying a team or teams you’d consider and agree to opt in for 2015-16 a la Chris Paul when he got the trade that worked so well for him. You’ll get your next deal, all five years, soon enough. The Wolves will get a decent return in trade that way, yet you’ll have a seat at the table to make sure your new team isn’t torn up. Finally, rest and recover this summer because next spring, you had better be on a playoff team or this stuff sticks to you.”

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comSell the parka, throw away the mittens, get rid of the scarf and get out of Minnesota before you get frozen there in mediocrity for more than a decade like Kevin Garnett. If Love wants to be comfortable at home, go to L.A. and become the foundation of the Lakers’ rebuilding project. If he wants to drive himself crazy, go to the Knicks.  But if he really wants to join a team on the rise that can compete for a championship right now with him, get on your horse and ride to Houston.

Jeff Caplan, I’d just tell him do what he feels is right for him, but avoid making this a media circus that’s going to tarnish his reputation and turn fans against him. I understand his frustration with the Wolves and the contract he signed, but that was under the old regime. He’s got some good players on that team, let’s see who they hire as coach and go from there. As Kevin Durant said in his MVP speech, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. But some players just have to find out for themselves.

Scott Howard-Cooper, I tell him the Beach Boys are forever. Then I tell him his best move is to not make a move. Don’t do anything publicly. He clearly doesn’t want to commit to staying, so don’t offer up a lame, phony statement just to make the fans and the organization feel better. And don’t compound the situation, when he may have to begin the season in Minnesota, by saying anything inflammatory to press the front office into a deal. Wait. There is one thing my bud Kevin should do. Go back and look how Dwight Howard handled a similar predicament in Orlando, then do the opposite.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comLook in the mirror, dude. If you’re really a top-10 player, you should be able to lead your team (one that had some pretty sold talent this season) into the playoffs. Instead of dreaming about who can help you get there, figure out how you can help yourself get there. It probably starts with defense, because the only season of your six that the Wolves have been above average on that end of the floor was the one you played only 18 games.

Sekou Smith, He won’t ask, because he’s already made his play. His best move is to shove his way out of Minnesota and into a spot on that Golden State Warriors roster alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. I couldn’t think of a better or more skilled big man to balance out the Warriors’ attack. A super-skilled big man who can get up and down the floor and play inside and out and rebound with the best of them, Love could make a seamless transition with the Warriors. And he’ll provide some scoring punch that the Warrior don’t currently posses in their frontcourt rotation. He’d fit well almost anywhere. But he’d be an ideal fit in Oakland.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball Blog: Kev, I understand where you’re going here, asking to get out when you have time to transfer your Bird Rights to a new team and get a max deal elsewhere. But I’d be really careful how you handle this. Nobody forced you to sign that deal with the the T-Wolves, so forcing your way out makes it seem at the very least ungrateful. If you want to go, that’s fine, but be as honest and upfront about it as you can. You’re a heckuva scorer, but you’re also a below average defender. Be as transparent as you can be within the NBA’s rules, and tell the fans in Minnesota how you feel. And above all else, if you honestly want to leave, acknowledge that you’re as imperfect as the franchise has been.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: I always believed that Kevin Love is the perfect fit for the Lakers. Plus he has had his moments under the sun of California (in UCLA). He is the most versatile big man around and can play in every single style of basketball. So if I was his best friend I would advise him to go to a team that with him on the front-line would become a contender.

Karan Madhok, NBA India: I tell Kevin Love to give the Timberwolves a chance to redeem themselves and build around him at first and wait a few months. The Timberwolves’ roster — on paper, at least, and if health permits — should be good enough for the playoffs. Love, Rubio, Pekovic, and Kevin Martin are all talented players, and Gorgui Dieng and Shabazz Muhammad could become important pieces for the future. The Timberwolves have ‘only’ the 13 pick, but if they can trade up or if they can pick up a late hidden gem (this is a deep draft class), then this team might finally have what it takes to challenge for the postseason. Finally, now that Rick Adelman has retired, they’ll need to hire the right coach to steer the ship. But if by mid-season it doesn’t seem like the ship is heading the right way, I would suggest that he look for a trade (instead of leaving the team with nothing in return at the end of the season) and hope that the trade sends him to the East where cracking the playoff barrier might be easier.


  1. TTKIN says:

    I have been a diehard Laker fan for 20 years…but I hope he goes to GS. That team would seriously be so fun to watch I would cry.

  2. iamironman says:

    I would have to agree with Love coming to SA. But I wonder if he can do what Timmy did being a F/C. SA is a great org and they would take care of Love.

  3. oldfolkes says:

    just ditched Kevin Martin. that guy doesn’t know how to be a contender. just look how awful he is in OKC’s run last year.

  4. Unkle Daddy says:

    I would tell Love don’t pick a good team, join a great organization, find your way to San Antonio somehow. If you can pull that off get Gordon Hayward to follow you there. If not then here are some other ideas. 2) Golden State, keep Barnes and Lee, Iggy or Thompson (plus others) gone in a trade. 3) Pheonix, not sure who they could trade (would be several pieces) but keep Goran your good. The next one is a good idea just not sure how it would be pulled off, which is OKC. I figure Ibaka would have to be traded (plus others), but Love for Ibaka not even a question.

  5. Marco29 says:

    I would say; don’t do anything until next year then you can come for free to the Spurs and fill in for Duncan when he finally goes into a deserved reitrement…
    Pop will teach him how to defend and he will become a true MVP contender while making the Spurs dinasty last.
    He might not gain as much as elsewhere or sign as manu commercial contracts but he might get a change to win a championship or more.

    Or he can do what Asch advised him to with 2 options; become the centrer piece of a rebuilding team like LAL or NY or join a proven team like GSW or Houston.

  6. TheWizardof... says:

    Kevin just take your talents to South Beach and get you a ring!

  7. Brandon Jones says:

    Kev, big Kev if I may, you are a double double machine easily able to play the 4 or 5 position. If you ever want to make it to the finals within 5 years u got to think less about the dollar bills and more about sacrifice which lets be honest at ucla u had no money so ill be fine making a couple million for a year because with the team I’m going to say it basically ” Kev do you want a ring” kev’s reply” OK….C”OKC. But if u want a rebuild and a decent amount of cash go nuggets, Boston, ortake a spot on the nets when kg retires

  8. lakers says:

    some people cant handle LA …d12 couldn’t….its like playing for the Yankees….but if you bring home a title …u r the man

  9. Bball7 says:

    Kevin love should go to the rockets


    Your love affair with the Warriors ain’t over yet Sekou, is it ?

    Don’t listen to him KL. Mr. Ashcburner really cares for you. Trust me, he does.

  11. TROYBOY says:

    Kevin Love is not a #1 type player. He is a #2 and that’s why it’s good for him to go to a team that already has a #1. If not, then he need to find the best team that fit his game. Sekou’s pick…The Warriors makes a lot of sense. He doesn’t have the pressure to win all by himself. That’s a job for #1s. In Golden State, he has another #2 there to share the load with. In Houston, they have a #1 and a # 2. So he’ll have to share the ball more than the load. If you think you’re a #1 or a #2 then you’ll need the ball to stay there. In LA, you’re going to be Dwight Howard Part 2. Don’t do it. If you can’t do it by yourself in Minnesota you’ll not going to do it by yourself in LA. Call Dwight and ask him.

  12. beale street baller says:

    The wolves would be nuts to trade him , hes HANDS DOWN the third best player in the league , possibly second best by next season .

  13. Max says:

    K.Love go to the west coast. Kobe will NOT return as a great big shining STAR. You can sit back for one season, then become the STAR of the Lakers. Also, you will be the greatest as a home town hero in BB. Rockets, bought the “Dude”, so look to see Harden & Parson get tired of finding shot for D. Howard. Do not fall into that soon to be debacle. Being a “West Coast Boy” GO home!

  14. steppx says:

    THANK YOU john schumann!!!!!!!

    • Ricky Elliott says:

      Go to the bulls… that’s the team that gives you the best chance to win a ring, there 1 player like love, away from being the best team in the nba…d rose will be back 100 percent so will noah and if they can get love with Melo look out…