24–Second thoughts — May 20

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: Dwyane Wade has LeBron’s back at crunch time … they’re not done yet, folks


Not yet.

Not Lance Stephenson and the Indiana Pacers, who made it interesting until the very end of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals against the two-time defending champion Miami Heat.

Born Ready?

Not ready. Not yet.

Not when LeBron James (12 points) and Dwyane Wade (10) own the floor at crunch time in the fourth quarter.

The Heat have never trailed 2-0 in a series since they joined forces. They still haven’t. James and Wade 22 in the fourth quarter, Pacers 20!

Game 3 is Saturday in Miami.

The Heat are taking their talents and that always crucial 1-1 series split back to South Beach!


LeBron and Wade either scored or assisted on every single basket in the fourth quarter for the two-time defending champs. Real Champs wore black!


LeBron with the sick bounce pass to Wade for the reverse baseline jam and essentially the game!


We called him out and he shows up, sparking an 8-0 Heat run for the 80-75 lead with 3:17 to play. Sorry, LeBron, we’ll let you be next time!


Scariest moment of the night both ways. Wade and George both hit the deck.


LeBron resting in the final minutes with everything on the line makes no sense to those of us who watched him grind through game after regular season game when it seemed like the perfect time to rest him so he’d be energized and fresh for moments like this …


There is plenty of pressure on the Heat to win this one and avoid the 2-0 hole. But the Pacers know better. Surrender home court now and everything you played for all season is gone. Vanished. This is the must-win game of must-win games for the Pacers.


Best Lincoln High alum on the floor tonight, Lance or Jesus Shuttlesworth? Lance in a landslide!


The new John Starks, huh? Perfect!


LeBron turnin’ up? Wins with another probe and dish for the corner 3 from Cole! Heat back in control, temporarily …


Even when he seems like he’s unplugged from the action, which we haven’t seen from him in quite some time, LeBron can dictate the action. Penetrates and kicks on back-to-back possessions as Heat cash in with corner 3s and cut the Pacers’ lead to just 63-62 and the end of a nutty third quarter.




Lance is on fie-yuh!

VIDEO: Lance Stephenson is “straight ballin’ tonight”


Stephenson is a Dollar Store LeBron, but he’s been the heartbeat for the Pacers in this game. He’s doing it all on both ends.


Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Woodson has joined us on Twitter!


Although, I suspect there are plenty of other folks who are just as or more excited to have discovered Mallory Edens


The Future?


Once again, “Paging Paul George.”


Lance to make ’em dance!


Not sure what it says about the Pacers when Stephenson is the one man in yellow who seems to be totally focused and engaged in such an important game. #getyamindsrightpacers


We send a search party out for a superstar every night, don’t we? It’s PGeorge’s turn tonight.


It took a few minutes but folks, we have a winner!


A younger, friskier DWade lived for games like this. Older and a bit slower DWade seems to relish this one, too. He held the Heat together early on. Did it on both ends and looked like it when he finally went to the bench for a breather.


What’s up with LeBron sleepwalking on defense? He looks out of it. Turning his back on his man and getting beat on a backdoor … very strange.


Hibbert playing bully ball on both ends. He’s rebounding, altering shots, scoring and most importantly intimidating the Heat. How in the world did we get here? The guy was done two weeks ago. We were calling for psychological evaluations and for someone to take him fishing. Now he’s the most dominant force in the Eastern Conference finals. #onlyinthisplayoffs


The Johnny Football Effect at work? Cleveland wins the Draft lottery for the third time in the past four years. Third time better be the charm, Dan Gilbert.

VIDEO: The Cavaliers are No. 1 … again!

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