Pacers’ O sharpened by fear of Miami D

By Steve Aschburner,

VIDEO: Indiana’s playoff-best 107 points drop Miami in Game 1

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Pacers are just going to pretend the last two series and the past two months didn’t happen, and would appreciate it if everyone else – especially the Miami Heat – played along.

Pay no attention to their sputters in March or April. Ignore their raggedy play against the Hawks before prevailing finally in seven. Disregard the way the Wizards just about emasculated them on the boards and turned home-court advantage inside-out.

These are the new Pacers, which is to say the old Pacers, as in the crew that stormed through the season’s first half. Now, in the East conference showdown they never doubted they would reach, coach Frank Vogel, Paul George, David West and the rest have the Heat down 1-0 in the best-of-seven…

You buying any of this?

If this were polite society, the Pacers might be able to pull this off. Deny, deny, deny all their struggles and vulnerabilities of the past two months, and decorum would require everybody to zip it. But this is the NBA postseason, and the Pacers’ foibles and frailties have been splayed out for all to see like frog bits on a biology student’s cutting board.

So when Indiana, out of thin air, can hang 107 points on the two-time defending champions, when the offensively challenged Pacers can relatively explode for 30 points in the first quarter and 55 by halftime – both team highs this spring – it’s pretty evident something significant has changed. The 107 points were the most scored by Indiana in the playoffs and the most given up by Miami, and were way out of character on both fronts: The Pacers had averaged 91.4 against Atlanta and Washington, while the Heat were giving up 92.2 to Charlotte and Brooklyn.

So what was it? Go with this: a profound respect for their opponents.

It wasn’t that the Pacers lollygagged or took lightly the Hawks or the Wizards. Nothing nearly that conscious about it. But it was clear in the way they started the game, clear in the way safeguarded their lead, clear in the way they cared for the ball as if it belonged in a bassinet and clear in the measured tones in which they spoke afterward that Miami brings out Indiana’s best.

Its best, as in its most guarded, its most focused, its most scared-to-death-of-what-might-happen-if-they-brought-anything-less.

When playing offense against the Miami Heat, it helps to be very, very defensive.

“We handled their pressure,” West said afterward. “We call them turnover-for-touchdowns, so we didn’t give up a tenuous flow of those, which have doomed us in the past. We were able to handle their traps, them being aggressive with two guys on the ball. I thought our ball handlers were assertive in turning the corner. And ultimately, when guys needed to move it, they moved it, and when guys needed to shoot it, they shot it. And we made enough offensive plays to win.”

Indiana had watched tape prior to Game 1 of its most recent clash with Miami, a 98-86 loss on April 11 in south Florida. That night, the Pacers coughed up the ball 16 times, the Heat turning those into 20 points. They got beat on the boards, too, a double-whammy that gave Miami 18 second-chance points.

This time, Indiana had 12 turnovers, a manageable total that still got converted into 15 points. But its rebounding edge was 38-29 (Miami only had four offensive boards) and the second-chance points favored the Heat barely, 11-8. The Pacers shot better too, a robust 51.5 percent that was as good as speed bumps against Miami’s transition game.

By hitting a bunch of early and, frankly, unlikely 3-pointers (5-of-6 in the first quarter vs. 3-of-13 the rest of the way), Indiana built a lead that had Miami responding in kind. Except for, y’know, the makes: 6-of-23.

From Miami’s side, of course, it was more about what they did not do defensively. Chris Bosh called the display unacceptable. LeBron James felt the leaks were springing at every turn.

“I mean, they got some 3s early on,” James said. “Our pick-and-roll coverage had a lot of breakdowns, including myself. … And we allowed them to get into the paint – I mean, they shot 37 free throws to our 15, which is definitely something we can’t duplicate going into Game 2.”

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra had started smaller, using Shane Battier – Vogel had anticipated burlier Udonis Haslem – and that didn’t help matters. James wound up as the power forward forced to bang with the old-school West and Roy Hibbert‘s 7-foot-2 length came into play early and often, both in buckets and over time in free throws (the big guy shot 13, nearly matching Miami’s total).

Much has been written about Hibbert’s confidence, funk, turnarounds and relapses. Suffice it to say, his biorhythms were trending up. He had nine points by halftime, 19 by the end, and the Pacers are 6-0 this postseason when Hibbert scores 10 or more (3-5 when he does not).

“He wants to be a guy we depend on. He wants to be a center of focus for us,” West said. “We’re not going anywhere if he’s not performing and playing well. … I just thought we, as a group, kept his spirits up. We know, when he’s playing well for us, that makes us that much more of a complete basketball team.”

It’s possible the Pacers learned a thing or two from finishing the regular season turned sideways, and then dithering with the Hawks and the Wizards, navel gazing they could get away with. But there’s no getting away with that against Miami and they know it. No squandering the home opener this time the way they had in the first two rounds – sheesh, not after hailing it as such a brass ring to chase all season expressly for the home advantage against this foe.

They were quicker in their decisions, more precise with their passes and their cuts. They didn’t stand and hold the ball on the perimeter, pondering options like a carnival chump playing ring toss, because the Heat pounce on such easy marks.

Miami has been through this before, dropping series openers to Chicago in 2011 and 2013, and Oklahoma City in the 2012 Final, only to sweep the next four. The Pacers? They cannot let up. They played with a desperation that animated all 48 minutes Sunday, and it had better be there for at least 144 more but quite possibly 288, with maybe another five or 10 for overtimes.

VIDEO: Mike Fratello breaks down key Heat defensive lapses in Game 1


  1. jdub455 says:

    Go MIAMI!!!! Just need to get one in Indy, and the series is overrrr!!!! lol

  2. Stephen says:

    Heat all the way Haters!!!

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Im a HEAT hater!! I hate them so much I hate them 25 hours a day, I stay up all day and I stay up a hour later so I can hate them 25 hours!

      h/h (heat hater)


  3. garret says:

    pacers have the better team they’re bigger, play better defense, and have more balance on offense. indiana can win this series.
    i dont know why nobody is talking about how miami just cant win in indiana LOL.
    big reason why i picked indiana in 7

  4. Miami 305 says:

    Indy nice game 1.

    Miami takes game 2….takes home court.

    Miami takes game 3 in AAA.
    Miami takes game 4 in AAA. (3-1)

    Indy wins game 5 (3-2)

    Miami takes game 5 (4-2). Sorry pacers.

    • Miami 305 says:


    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      then get what they deserve from the SPURS a good broom sweeping!!!!! and spend thier off season trying to buy elite players from other teams to try to win another Championship.



  5. heat fans collective intelligence says:

    “Pacers fans get so excited, it’s just one win.”
    Let’s just look at the facts.
    Hawks were the #3 seed in the East for most of the season before a slump which was caused by injuries to their starters. They were certainly a MUCH better team than the Bobcats, and that’s the Bobcats at full strength, not with Jefferson on one leg (or DNP.)
    And the Wizards were obviously the third best team in the East this year. I don’t think anyone projects them to be worse than #4 in the East next season, let alone worse than the Livingston-Teletovic led Nets. Nets were a cute story, but even as a sixth seed, they were playing out of their element.
    So the Pacers going 7 against the Hawks, while the Heat swept (in CLOSE games) the Bobcats is not as shocking as it looks on paper.
    And the Pacers laying ONE egg against the Wiz in a closeout game, seriously, is nothing compared to losing a single game to the Nets. It is amazing how close that 5 game series actually was.

    The Pacers ended the regular season poorly (winning only 12 of 25) but the Heat were worse (winning only 11 of 25.) But while the Heat faced lottery fodder in their past 9 games, the Pacers were forced to stay sharp against 2015 playoff LOCKS. Facing TWO elimination games, and falling behind in the series FOUR times, the Pacers had to actually compete, while the Heat were only messing around, playing close games against teams that should have been fishing.

    So why the surprise that the Pacers are sharper? And winning? It’s only logic. Heat will have their game or two, just like Mike Scott and Trevor Ariza, Bosh is capable of hitting 5 or 6 threes in a row. But to expect the Heat to win this series, just because they have LeBron and won last two years? Dream on Heat fans… you will have to FIGHT to have a chance in this series, and this Heat team has shown ZERO fight since beating the Spurs last year. It might already be too late…

  6. Bball fan says:

    I’m thinking Indy’s problems were maybe all mental throughout this stretch of poor play the last two months…Could they just have been placing too much pressure on themselves to get to the conf, finals/finals, or even simply overlooking the end of the season and first two rounds because they just wanted to beat the Heat?
    Maybe getting to the Conf, Finals will allow them to relax and play with confidence again…first game appeared that way.

  7. Kees says:

    To me, Indy’s refusal to go small was instrumental too. Keeping two bigs in there, even when Miami went really small. West did a pretty good job chasing down Ray Allen, and on the offensive end this created plenty of mismatches and easy buckets for them.
    However, Miami did play poor defense. The only reason they only lost by 11 was because of some sloppy plays toward the end by the Pacers.
    It’s gonna be a good series.

  8. jorge says:

    Pacers fans are so excited lol. This is game 1 and playing home. Anyway they played good. I Still have Heat in 6. No way they get almost 40 free throw again and the Heat play a bad defense like game 1

  9. chica says:

    This reminded me of professional video game competition, elite players like to play no defense, and observe all the moves from the opponent, after lose the first game, elite players attacked all the weakness with the necessary adjustment, opponent will eventually run out of tricks, by the time necessary they realized it will be too late… that is when Miami 3-2 Lead and win Game 6.

  10. john says:

    The reason Miami lost, is because they did not have motivation to play… In the beginning of the games, lebron says, “they don’t like us, and we don’t like them”.. that is not a motivation speech from a leader enough to give guys a reason to burst their behinds. As a leader, you have to show your players why they need to win today, A Title is soo close, we have come along way this game is do or die”… Be a leader Lebron, lead by example. . Stop doing jump shots and drive in. .. you are very close

    • LBJthaking!!!! says:

      Lebron is always a leader….its 1 game!!!!! Jus watch Lebron will go all out. I’m not worried one bit. Evryone has had a bad game this series. Okc, spurs, and Indiana shuld of all lost down by 3-2

  11. S. Petersen says:

    If the Pacers is able to keep focus and menthal strenght…they’ll push the Heat off the NBA throne. The Pacers showed it’s a better team than the Pacers….and stop crying about the refs……only losers do so!!

    • S. Petersen says:

      If the Pacers is able to keep focus and mental strenght they’ll for sure push the Heat down the NBA throne. Pacers showed it’s a better team than the Heat. And only losers are crying about the refs!!

  12. miami is way overated this year says:

    why do they keep trying to make it look like the pacers were the only struggling team in this series? miami struggled down the stretch too, therefore finishing 2nd in the east. we can forget about miami because they have this magical on/off switch excuse the media gives them, right? they swept the bobcats…big whoop, 20 straight wins against that team. they only lost to brooklyn once…another big whoop because ppl have forgotten that brooklyn went from fourth to sixth in just the last 2 weeks of season. plus, had the refs called brooklyn and miami right and brooklyn did not play so sloppy they would have beat miami. miami has just reached its first real test in the playoffs and its against a team that has been tested. so what if they went 7 against the hawks…they are in the same division and they always go at it. pacers had not even beaten the hawks in atlanta in a few seasons until this year. that shows how much they challenge each other. nothing wrong with losing to the wizards either because they destroyed the bulls and were playing like they could make the finals this year. those 2 series brought the pacers back together while miami fogot that they struggle against good teams because they have changed nothing. they are still playing the same way with the same line up and everybody else got better. if they do make it past the pacers, which they wont, they will not beat the spurs.

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      They wont beat the Spurs regardless, the Spurs owe them one and the Spurs are going to get it from them and thier bought team with thier puppet coach!



  13. Troy says:

    As a long time Miami Heat fan. I have been saying all year we need a good Greg Oden to give us at least 15min to beat Pacers. Sure I am talking about the Pacers team playing 100%. Where is Greg Oden? I have been seeing a lot of Spo coaching mistakes in last 2 games. Letting Birdman sit on forth quarter’s of Nets game, and letting them attach the board pick up the offensive rebounds for second chance points.

    • Ed says:

      We don’t need Greg Oden in here; it was a bad decision to bring a guy that is way past his good days as productive player, nothing against him but in the end he’ll get a ring that I don’t think he will deserve. To try and use him at this point in the playoffs and against the Pacers will spell doom for the Heat, they’re perfectly capable of beating Indiana with the players available. Indiana is a very good team but they’re still very far from beating the Heat in a seven game series, that will be very clear in the next 2 weeks…again. Pacers fans can say all they want but they know the truth deep inside, so hey just have fun while you can because it really is about who laughs last in here. Go Heat!

  14. INDy says:

    @ Will , when pacers win game 2. u better put on bag of shame.

  15. Miami says:

    I’m a heat fan and I admit that they beat the Heat fair and square but it’s just one game! I’ve seen the Heat lose the first game of a series several times and win a series. For example, against the bulls twice in 2011 and 2013 nba playoff, against the spurs in 2013 and thunder in 2012 nba finals. So don’t count the Heat out!

  16. joe dodson says:

    Paul George is overrated

    • TMac says:

      I see a good bit of people say PG is overrated, but I don’t see it. I think he is really good.

  17. Miami says:

    Could this happen?
    PG: Mario Chaimbers
    SG: Dwayne Wade
    SF: Carmelo Anthony from a trade of Chris Bosh
    PF: Lebron James
    C: Chris Anderson

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Yes it could happen, but could the HEAT do me a favor! STOP BUYING ELITE PLAYERS FROM OTHER TEAMS AND BUILD A CHAMPIONSHIP WITH WHAT YOU GOT!!!!!!!!!!!



  18. heat says:

    let me start off by saying im a heat fan, and to be honest they beat us fair and square. although i hate them but lets not take credit away from Indiana. the showed up with a great offensive mind set. we got to buckle up defensively and not give them soo many free point from the line.

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Let me start off by saying I despise the HEAT and everything they stand for, I have no respect for that organazation at all, Im a SPURS fan forever, a respected team in evrything they do, I heard a rumor that next year we are going to get Dwight Howard, James Harden and Carmelo Anthony, you know steal elite players from other teams and go out and win NBA Championships! oh wait a minute thats already been done and besides that type of ethic isnt allowed in the SPURS organazation, its beneath us to do that, we win with what got us thier with the people and players that got us thier, why dont the HEAT try that method.



  19. StefanP says:

    Wade looked old, this is a young man’s game.

  20. JAG says:

    39 FT attempts vs 15… The pacers shot more than 2x FT from the heat. These are professional teams, is the miami defense that bad? Hope the pacers shoot 2x FT again in game two. 2-0 pacers!

  21. Vern Fleming says:

    Pacers in seven.

  22. Lucas Muijrers says:

    Pacers won game 1 fair and square.

    But they better prepare because the Heat will defend next time, and I doubt James and Wade will have a combined 5 FTA, and I also doubt the Heat are going to shoot 25% from downtown the whole series.

    This is long from being a done deal

  23. standard says:

    ppl saying indiana won because of the reffs clasic heat bandwagon !
    they are the ones to get help a lot from the reffs

  24. themrmagnanimous says:

    Just one game, don’t overreact. Clippers and Wizards won first game last round yet they’re at home watching just like us.

    Pacers had a good shooting night, hit Wide Open jumpers and got a lot of foul calls. Heat still scored 96 pts. Pacers won’t be able to sustain that performance. Heat win in 7 on Indy’s floor.

  25. phillyboy88 says:

    Look, it’s as simple as this. Indiana played a great game yesterday and they beat the Heat. The Heat are a great team that will do whatever it can to win. But what in that formula is any different than any other series that’s been played? It is a seven game series which means (to all you laypeople) that a team is given seven chances to get to 4 wins first. Miami doesn’t have a card that they can swipe that gets them into the Finals and then a Championship automatically. Unfortunately Heat fans, they have to work for it too. We should absolutely appreciate the games the we’ve witnessed so far in these playoffs. Teams giving it everything they’ve got, #8 seeds or # 3 seeds or #1 seeds. Do you really think that a #8 seed should reach the playoffs KNOWING that because they are an 8 seed they can’t win? Or that a team that had the best record in the NBA for a large part of the season and was the number one team in the East for almost all of the season can’t make it to the Finals and win even if one of the teams in their way is the Heat? Or even think it, because, as someone so adamantly put it, it’s stupidity on thier part to “think” such a thing? Give it a rest already…geez

  26. Chris says:

    Indiana better treat game 2 like it’s game 7. Miami is very good at turning a game one loss into a gentleman’s sweep. I want Indy to win, just saying, Miami is too good a team to count out even if you’re up 3-0

  27. Will says:

    I am Heat fan, but the Pacers just did not give me the feel as if they will win this series, they hit alot of three’s and ft’s, but once again csn they be consistent? They are a good team, but are they mentally prepared for this serious? Hibbert made some shots, and most of all George Hill showed up, but can they accept that pressure each game?

    • TMac says:

      I don’t think the Pacers can perform like that often.
      They won the game with wide open looks from above the arc and free throws…but regardless they won, however, the pressure is on them not Miami. Pacers are now expected to maintain that mindset and constant performance now.

  28. ROMULO CATOR says:

    Protect your home court and they did. Indiana Pacers did a very good job protecting their home court. They won game 1.
    So the battle hs begun. Miami Heat just do not want to lose 2 games in a row. Game 2 the Heat will come not just to play,
    but to have fun and play to win. Game 2 belongs to the Heat. WATCH!!!!

  29. pilipinas says:

    in game seven of indy-atla…. freethrow is big difference…. indy is difference team now… they are brutal for foul call…. chalmers called a fragrant foul…. hill is the one who push chalmers first but no foul called

  30. Magslam says:

    Pacers had a great game 1. Miami definitely did not. And still the score was nothing out of this world. Pacers will hurt themselves if they really think they’re a better team than Miami, but then again, that would be a great help to Miami. I will love to see Miami wining this playoff series just because Pacers stupidity.

    • phillyboy88 says:

      You mean it is “stupid” to have confidence in yourself, or it’s “stupid” to think you are better than the team you’re playing, or is it just “stupid” beacuse YOU say the’re “stupid”? Stupid…

  31. Heat em' up says:

    This is typical Heat ball, Indy was hyped up, crunked, and still Miami scored 96 points. Bottom line folks – You can
    ‘t let Miami score 96 points and expect to win. What more reliable Miami scoring 96 or Indy scoring 107. Get real, theyshould have put a few of those shots in their collective pockets for the next game- they WILL NEED EVERY LAST ONE.Miami in 6!!!!

    • phillyboy88 says:

      So I guess the Pacers should not even show up. I mean, why should they? NOBODY can play with the Miami Heat…they only want to “play” with themselves…(know what I mean?)

    • achim says:

      Miami in 5

  32. thespectator says:

    good win for indy, they had to get this one under their belt, this looks awfully familiar back in 2012 when miami faced okc…they lost game 1 and then won 4 straight, i doubt miami will win 4 in a row….however i still see them winning the series, pacers were hitting a lot of their shots, thats not gonna happen especially since they are a team who ranks very low on addition to that pacers got to the line way more than the heat…which means they were much more be very surprised if miami loses game 2..

  33. celentano says:

    The real fact is James is maybe “the king”,than Magic,Jordan ,Kareem’s,Bill R.,Kobe must be emperor’s all time!!!
    Lefake is getting boring with his Cheat team,if they loose game 2 again than it’s over to 3peat!
    Mr; overated “king” has only 4 moves; easy jumpshot’s ,3 shot’s some post up moves and dunks that’s it!
    Time to bounce from his throne,he’s sitting to long already!

  34. timpson says:

    Pacers can beat the heat they just need to keep their kool about them.

  35. iamironman says:

    Pacers got lucky from 3. I doubt they can do it again. And those FTA by the Heat are so sub-par. Heat must attack Hibbert more to open up their shooters and Bosh got to make those 3’s to make Hibbert pay for leaving him. Stephenson needs to shut up ’cause Wade will destroy him. Heat in 5

    • GrayMatter says:

      how do you get lucky from 3?? these are professional NBA players. If anything Miami got sloppy with their defense, and in the NBA, when that happens, more time than not your going to pay!

    • Chris says:

      Indiana won at miami’s pace.. They force their own pace on game 2, they’ll win. They can’t beat Miami consistently at a pace Miami is more accustomed to, but they can at their own.

  36. nba fan says:

    accept the fact, game 1: pacers played very well against miami, so in game 2, it’s up to miami to adjust and pacers to be ready for heat’s game adjustment.

  37. Mike says:

    I could see Miami fans be like ‘its just game 5’ after a 4-1 series, ‘we’ll win next year’. With the same snark attitude they always have. Read my last post and tell me its a fluke… I don’t think so. And its because



  38. Mike says:

    D. Wade won’t get into the paint and have easy shots in game 2. L. Stephenson is going to put on a clinic. Who did they have guard him Ray Allen and d. wade, they better come up with somebody faster and stronger than them. Nobody can guard our team. Miami’s defense has been horrid all year, that means more points for us. And soon as we make our adjustments in our defense the next couple games will look like the Washington series, Miami wont score 96 like they did today. Pacers wont get 107 either, but we will win, maybe 95 for us, low 80’s for Miami. It’ll be another blowout because Miami can’t handle Indys Bigs, or our point guards and that’s a dangerous combination. And that will free up a lot of room for Paul George and Co… Miami is too mismatched. D. Wade will fall apart in game 2, just like Wall…. Its sick to try and compare these teams because ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE

    Steel Curtain D and Co.

    • MGM says:

      It’s pretty arrogant to say the pacers are a mismatch for the heat. We ARE talking about the same pacers that nearly lost to the hawks, (no mismatch there?), and struggled with the wizards. It’s great that the pacers played a well-executed game last night, but to say “it’s not even close” only shows that you know absolutely nothing about the Miami heat. There’s a reason these guys are back-to-back champions, 3 time E.C. champions (soon to be four, if they stick to their guns). When miami executes well, they win championships, but only when they execute well. If they don’t, they will lose. The pacers are a good team, with a lot of big guys and some talented players, but they CAN be guarded, and they CAN be shut down (as we have seen numerous times already this season and post-season. These two teams have history and this is an all-out slug match to win, but the team that executes the best and keeps a strong mentality will be the team that will advance. Other than that, both teams have the talent to make it to the finals. Let’s see how the heat respond to a first-game loss. GO HEAT!

  39. okcDoke2014 says:

    Spurs will either team out of the East

  40. dtylerw5 says:

    A great preformance from start to finish by the Pacers. The Heat made a few runs and the Pacers kept their composure. The real winners here are the commentators and the fans. We saw grood preformances by George, Hibbert, James, and Wade. Most importantly, we saw the rivalry everyone has been anticipating. The next two games will be key in the series. I want to see what Miami comes up with in the next game. More importantly, I want to see how the Pacers move forward from their win.

  41. taekayo says:

    just one game. its IND’s homecourt, so losing that game would probably end their run. still have a lot of work to do. don’t get ecxcited yet 🙂

  42. Will says:

    Its only one game, Pacers played a perfect game and still looked like a lesser team. I am sure game 2 will show how the Pacers are inconsistent.

    • phillyboy88 says:

      What? “The Pacers played a perfect game and still looked like a lesser team”? When? What quarter did that happen? When, at any point in the game yesterday did the Pacers look like the “lesser” team? Idiot…

  43. Hunter says:

    GOOD WIN Indy. Not getting any hopes up though. This is the Miami Heat and they are as talented as they are deep and explosive. If Frank Vogul makes smart coaching moves and the Pacers slow the Heat role players and perform big in big moments who knows they may be back in the Finals. Getting game two is going to test these Pacers.

    • phillyboy88 says:

      Smartest post I’ve seen today. That is exaxctly right!

      • Sanjeevi says:

        I like this post. Yes, Indy has to make sincere effort in game 2. Show them as a different team to Heat. More FTAs for Indy. Allow only mid-range-jumpers for HEat. No near-baskets and no 3-pointers for HEat. Check on Battier and Allen. Let James explod, but no other Heat player should be allowed to exploded. Its a MUST win for INDY. If Indy takes game 2, Man…Its going to be a shaking feeling for Heat and then, I will see how their confident will looks like, and how their games will loosk like. Both tams are good, though ONLY THE CONFIDENCE FEELING makes the difference. I wish Indi builds more and more confidence game by game.

  44. jbl says:

    where are you now mr. “lbj”, where are your comments man?how about your king joining my indies for another ring?getting older is a prob for your king and d wade already supports his both knees as well (remember when they bashed out dirk nowitzki about that stuff?) trade your king for to a much stronger team next season to win another ring..and perhaps join KD..cheers!

  45. okctofinals says:

    Indiana will kill themselves just to beat Miami. Then they’ll get beat soundly in the Finals, winning one game at most.

  46. Game Time says:

    39 FT attempts vs 15. That was the deciding factor that won the game.