Bosh comes up empty on both ends

By John Schuhmann,

VIDEO: Mike Fratello breaks down the Heat’s defensive woes in Game 1

INDIANAPOLIS — Chris Bosh is the Miami Heat’s second most important player. Thus, when he has a bad game on both ends of the floor, the champs are going to struggle.

That was the case in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on Sunday, when Bosh was outplayed by the Pacers’ bigs in a 107-96 Indiana victory.

The Pacers have not been a great team over the last few months. But they survived the first two rounds and seem to bring their best against the Heat, in part because they match up well. The Pacers have the size to punish the champs inside. The key is to just get their bigs the ball in position to score.

That happened early and often in Game 1. Though the Heat outscored the Pacers 54-38 in the paint, Indiana attempted 22 more free throws. They scored 107 points on just 88 possessions, by far their best offensive performance of the postseason.

“Our defense was unacceptable,” Bosh said afterward. “They got everything that they wanted and we need to fix that.”

Miami suffered breakdowns all over the place. Bosh was certainly not the only guilty party. But as one of the Heat’s primary defenders on pick-and-rolls, it’s his job to set the tone defensively. When the Miami defense is at its best, Bosh’s activity is the biggest reason.

Not only was he a step slow in recovering to the Indiana bigs on Sunday, but they often outmuscled him in the paint. Bosh defended Roy Hibbert (5-for-13) in the post well enough, but his weak-side help on David West‘s rolls left something to be desired.

As a roll man, West usually has to try to beat the Heat from mid-range. In the regular season, 21 of his 47 shots against Miami were from outside the paint. But on Sunday, nine of his 11 shots came from inside the paint.

Bosh didn’t meet West far enough from the basket, giving the Pacers’ power forward too many quick and easy looks. West capped his afternoon by pump-faking Bosh out of his shorts and strolling by him for an easy dunk to put the Pacers up 16 with less than three minutes to go.

The defense was obviously the big problem for the Heat in Game 1. But Bosh came up empty on offense as well, shooting just 4-for-12 and missing all five of his 3-point attempts.

His ability to shoot from the outside can be its own matchup problem for the Pacers. Hibbert wants to defend the rim, not chase his man out to the 3-point line. But if Bosh’s jumper isn’t falling, Hibbert isn’t being punished for helping his teammates.

“I think, had Bosh had a bigger role,” Paul George said, “played a bigger game for them, this game would have been a lot more tougher than it already was.”

The Pacers are obviously a tough opponent for a finesse big man. All you have to do is look at Bosh’s numbers in his last nine games against Indiana (going back to Game 4 of last year’s conference finals): 9.1 points per game, 4.7 rebounds per game, 34 percent shooting, and 7-for-26 from 3-point range.

He can maybe get away with that if the Miami defense is on point. But if the Indiana bigs are putting up much better numbers, the Heat are in trouble.

“Chris has a great way,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, “of figuring things out as the series goes on and what’s needed and what adjustments to make. And I anticipate he will.”

VIDEO: Pacers pound Heat from start to finish in Game 1 win


  1. Brian says:

    Go Heat……Beat the Pacers shut them down tonight,

  2. princeton says:

    cb i’ll think is time for u to be real stop shooting those three point.get urself together please…be who u r…play ur spot n get rebound cuz lebron cant do it all.go heat……………….

  3. princeton says:

    why the heat ddnt play greg oden? why sign him the first place?the heat need mike miller back. he the reason why heat win those two rings……..lebron great but sometime he need to score more cuz if he ddnt score the heat gonna lose the series..same go with kd the thunder need him to score.

  4. sam ruta says:

    Xd….you on LSD….heat win the series and you know it.

    nighty…night clambake…

  5. Wags says:

    Why is every game a struggle for the Heat? The starters should be: PG: Lebron, SG: Wade, SF: Allen, PF: Bosh, C: Birdman (Andersen). Allen is suppose to be the best 3 pt shooter in history, let him prove it. He should be shooting 10 3’s a game (set plays for him). The Heat play the worst team game have seen in years. Really frustrating to watch as a fan. HOW IS BIRDMAN NOT STARTING? Spoelstra is lucky to have such great talent… look at his record before the big 3 came to town.

  6. Mitch says:

    Haha, Heat is fading!?? Pacers already faded before the playoff started!

  7. Mitch says:

    You Indiana pacers fan acting like you already won the series. It’s far from over. Let me remind you heat was down 1-0 against Chicago in 2011 and won next 4 ! They were down again 1-0 against thunder boys in 2012 finals.. Won next 4! Last year same thing against Chicago and also was down against spurs as well! So , enjoy this one and start booking your fishing trips along with your sorry pacers!

    • fakebron/flopbron says:


      • theholyspectator says:

        its easier to make a point by using historical facts and reference then to bring up fictional figures and hopes such as thinking indiana has the series won…miami has nothing to prove, indiana does…miami has the back to back titles, indiana doesnt…its amazing to see the lack of intelligence reek through out these blogs…jeez!

  8. fakebron/flopbron says:

    mr finesseless fakebron aint even smelling the finals muchless reach it XDXDXD
    THIS is not heats year , they lost the finals when they lost home court advantage
    >> game 2 we will hear you heat ppl cry XDXDXDXDXD

    • I'm Right says:

      hahaha LOL what a sore troll you are… must have been tough watching ball the last couple of years eh? KING BRON OWNS YOUUU!!!

    • I'm Right says:

      bahahhahaha you still talkin all that nonsense?!

  9. Travis says:

    as usual, Miami needs bosh’s output. If he doesn’t get involve they will lose the series against ANY team. Your Big has to be great if you want to win a championship.

  10. neutral opinion says:

    I hate when people say LeBron is lebum, flopper and etc. The guy is amazing. but that being said, people saying the heat are not worry and still going to win in 6 lol. Give pacers credit. Sure the heat will play better D, pacer wont shoot that good again. but the pacer D we are use to seeing too. game will be closer, but if pacer take care of business at game 2 at home, then pressure is on for the heat and the could very much lose this series, Lebron is a legend, but very much beatable. Pacer win game 2, pacer will on track to win the series, sorry heat fans :/

  11. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    Well Heat, it is that time to turn the Kracken loose on the pacers and the rest of the NBA finalist. Greg don’t hold back and show them what you are really made of. Make the rest of your team proud of you. Can you dig it. Give them all a good North Akron Butt Kickin . Labron you know what I’m talking about.

  12. Knuckz says:

    It’s funny how after one game there are so many people thinking that Miami has already lost the series.

  13. lebrons prodigy says:

    lebron is the best basketball player ever to rise in the nba. hes better than jordan, kobe and all those guys. he meshes with the heat and all the players on that dynasty team. they will win this series and win the finals and have a 3peat. one game doesnt stop the 2 time defending champs from gettin their 3rd. MIAMI ALL THE WAY BABY

    • yulo says:

      which is why i am wondering why the focus on bosh when it should be on lebron? why wasn’t he taking over especially in the 2nd half? he is obiously unstoppable in the paint or even on the 3-point line but it’s like there’s no desire to take the bull by the horns so to speak. If it was kobe or jordan, there will be no play that they will not be the main option.

  14. Bmart17 says:

    Pacers played an absolute perfect game! They can not play that good again, Miami will get the split in game 2. Win both games in Miami to go up 3-1. Pacers might win game 5 but Miami will for sure win 4-2 if not 4-1. I mean, the Pacers are obviously very inconsistent if you haven’t watched them almost get beat by the Atlanta Hawks! LOL… Atlanta Hawks, wow, and you all think just because Pacers win one game they will win a long 7 game series? Sorry folks, it takes 4 wins to advance, and I just don’t see Lebron letting Pacers win 4…. Wade is playing well and Bosh will not play that bad again… Enjoy this one game Pacers fans because in about a week or so you all will have nothing to say… Toodles!

  15. herp says:

    time to release the beast bring in greg oden

  16. fakebron/flopbron says:

    fakebron and the heat cant handle this years MR HIBBERT XDXDXD
    flopbron aint no MVP this year
    and he aint reaching the finals XDXD
    heat is fading just like fakebrons hairline XDXDXD

    • BB Fan says:

      Lets see which Hibbert shows up tomorrow, ZERO Hibbert or Big Shot Hibbert.

      LeBron, numerous MVP winner will be just fine…..

      The Refs need to call a fair game……..

  17. just here to read comments says:


  18. Matt says:

    C’mon refs! You are supposed to be helping my boys the Heat win! Where are our superstar calls? This isn’t right! I hope you have better refs tomorrow that help us win like usual……………..go pacers!

  19. O block says:

    Its dumb funny how Pacers get this one win and get zumb hype like its a 7 game series

  20. Man says:

    The Heat are a great team but I think their defending needs to improve. This series might be over in 7 games with the Pacers winning.

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Whats great about them? they are a team that was constructed by greed and money and no integrity, great teams are built not bought!



  21. lakers says:

    hey I don’t like the Heat either…but this series is far from over..Heat will win big on Tuesday ..series is going 7…pacers always shoot themselves in the foot…..they will get blown out tues…

  22. Grandpa says:

    Where did I leave my sandwich?

  23. let's be honest says:

    The Heat blew the end of the regular season in order to get the second seed because it was an easier path (that’s my theory at least)…now it’s coming back to bite them in the butt.

    They’ll probably still get out of this series, but starting off on the road will prove to be tougher than they expect. I would’ve rather had a tougher first two series than a disadvantage in the Eastern Conference Finals. Now this series will wear them down and they’ll enter the Finals more beat up, and at another disadvantage since both the spurs and the thunder will have home court advantage on them.

    And to restate the obvious, this isn’t the same Heat team as years past. Their stars are older and their bench isn’t as productive. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to 3-peat. But all this adversity against them will make for an “interesting” month. It’ll be a storybook ending, the NBA will make sure of it. A “fading dynasty” fighting adversity versus the MVP and his own up and coming legacy.

    • Hameed says:

      the heat would have done just as well against the hawks and wizards. roy hibbert is the only reason those series lasted as long as they did

      • let's be honest says:

        Yea the heat would’ve come out of both of those series, no doubt. But they wouldn’t have taken them in 4 games or 5 games the way they man handled the bobcats and the nets. Although the nets should’ve put up a better fight, I think they were just worn down from the raptors series.

        But we can agree to disagree. I just feel like the heat had an easier road to the ECF because of their second seeding.

  24. Will says:

    Pacers are the #1 seed correct? So really they were supposed to win the game, as Heat fan i csn say they are not as dominant as before, but the Pacers will not shoot like that each game its too much pressure on the young guns. Heat played good considering Bosh did not show up. Heat in 6! Sorry Pacers, but Brooklyn seemed more of a challenge to me and they only won due to hitting 15 3’s in one game.

  25. Mitch says:

    Indiana lost first games in both previous series, ended up winning the series,, they finally won the first game of any series… Can you see where I am going with this!!! Lol!

  26. D. Wade says:

    Why y’all hate me so much? Show me some love!

  27. TMac says:

    The Heat will win the serious if they stop fouling so much, play tight defense, and Spo starts Haslem to defend Hibbert.

  28. HEAT IN 6 tho…my opinion..but u don’t care.

  29. Trippy comments up here..lets take a game at a time here…ya worried about now..lets see what happens…possible seven games…BOSH will show n prove..always has…hall of fame shoe in..stop playinggggg

  30. LEBRICK says:

    HEAT Will always be wade team.
    Lebrick has no team nobody will remember him like miller, jordan, kobe ,John Stockton,dunkan, larry bird and so many players that spend their career in one team and loved so much by the fans

  31. al rastafari says:

    Blesss!!! I & I haffa see di Game 7! Jah work in dem mos mysterious wayz mon! Dem heat aint no rude boyz das fi sure…

  32. flabbit says:

    Bosh is criticized for not guarding both Hibbert and West, AND not coming out to the top of the free flow line to cover pick and rolls? Really? He needs more Haslem and Birdman help.

  33. ROMULO CATOR says:

    Correction. Miami will get game 2.

  34. ROMULO CATOR says:

    Indiana Pacers defended their homecourt well. They deserve to win game 1. Miami Heat came not prepared. They just
    came to play not to win.
    You better watch out for game 2. While Indiana do not play to win consistently, Miami Heat do not want to lose twice.
    Miami will get game 1.

  35. True Fan of NBA Old says:


    The game is just not the same anymore, the playoffs are not interesting and fun to watch and the so called best player in the game would of been a tier 3 player in the 1980’s and early 90’s when the game had its best players. The Miami heat have no competition and are playing in a league with guys who are 40+ that should not even be playing anymore… Vince Carter, Derek Fisher, Steve Nash, Dirk N, Timmy D, Paul P, KG and handful of other players that due to the poor quality of the league they are still able to compete. I think all of us are watching AAU basketball and the pipeline (collegiate level) is so bad and the future just does not look bright at all for this once powerful sport. Quick food for thought for the real b-ball fan…. Michael Jordan was the worst thing that happen for basketball… He was too good and too marketable and he became so much bigger than the game that when he left we became so spoiled by his greatness that the expectations that he set no one could live up to and now we just have soft tier 3 and 4 eighties players playing in a severely water down league that is trying desperately to market Lebron as the new Jordan but WILL never happen. I am a trul fan of the game and I hope the Indiana Pacers can make it through and provide a new brand of “bad boy” basketball and put together a few championship teams. Best of Luck to the game I once loved…

    • Raff says:

      Nba is great your just living in the past and none of those guys u mentioned are 40 you idiot.

  36. ok, so it’s all on bosh. A game like this should show anyone, even sekou smith, that Lebron can NOT guard aloe positions one through five. OK?! so just give it a rest

  37. eric says:

    Heat fans are getting nervous. The bandwagon is about to lose a wheel!!!!!!!

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      I love your reply! because its so true, so many bandwagon jumpers its a shame I have friends at work turned thier backs on thier own team to jump on the Heat bandwagon, GO PACERS GO!!!!



  38. james says:

    com on!
    bosh had a terrible night.
    i admit.
    but hibbert 5 – 13 is not good at all as well and stephenson, that kind of phrase on wade is not great.
    you heard the guys, never question the great.
    wade is a great.
    also, pacers played their best game in like, what, 2 months?
    miami can win the next 3 games, straight.
    coach spo will do something about it, im sure.
    pacers with that chemistry going to the finals is something serous.
    if they win the series here and become the world champ?
    pacers are too much overrated.

  39. spurs fan says:

    if James is the king then Duncan is ti god

    • Casper Smith says:

      Actually, Lebron James was born a God,
      he made himself a King,
      which means he downgraded to a human being.

  40. iamironman says:

    Funny comments in here. Lol. The Pacers caught the Heat off-guard with that 3-point shooting. But really, Bosh was out of sync defensively this whole game

  41. mike says:

    Haters, enjoy this short pleasure!

  42. DZAS says:

    Heat winning next game, then 2 more in Miami for a 3-1 lead.
    Heat in 6 😦

  43. riki777 says:

    very funny …. i watched this game and one of the comentators said that he is future hall of fame … very funny .. bosh is not among best 7 p.forward in the nba (kevin love,blake, gasol,aldridge,ibaka,tim,dirk)

  44. Mantas says:

    Ok, Indiana played the best game of the season, and Miami – NOT… Bosh was empty, missed a lot of layups, 3s and more… You think Hibbert was a God? 5/13 is not good for a center, and i believe he will choke like the last two months… Hill won’t hit 3 3s in a quarter… West and George are only two good players, Stephenson and Hibbert – OVERRATED

  45. flabingo says:

    The way Miami played before this series and then how bad the Pacers played, would suggest that this outcome was impossible.
    When the odds were only -02 for Indiana, I thought it was crazy,. It proves that I know nothing. Did Vogel just become a great coach? But watching Pat Riley. Lose was a delight, considering that he fired Stan Van Gundy, when he got Shaquille

    • flabbit says:

      Van Gundy resigned out of the blue. Thankfully, because the Heat never would have won the championship otherwise.

  46. Matthew says:

    The Pacers winning will be good for the league and OKC advancing would be good also. Then the world would see what happens to the superfriends and Lebron. KD could finally get a ring and cement his legacy while showing small market teams can get it done on the biggest stage.

  47. DOUCH says:

    It was a given that Miami should lose game 1, so that there will be lots of people criticizing them again. Miami will still win the series. Game 1 is just a warm up. 2nd loss of the 2014 playoffs? 4 wins will come, you’ll see.

  48. jake s. says:

    The Heat will not be the same next season. They will be 2 or 3 instead of 1 or 2. Washington and Toronto will rise. Circle of life.

    • squala96 says:

      Washington, seriously? They didn’t win a single home game in the Pacers series. They’re also set to lose Gortat next season.

  49. ScottaayyAllDayy says:

    The heat will win this series and the finals don’t you worry. I find it funny that so many people made names just to make fun of the heat just because their good. Its kinda sad actually. But i’m sure yall live interesting lives…

  50. asa says:

    Why not use beasley,oden?

    • Miami says:

      To Asa: Idk, I’ve been wondering the same thing all season! I would start Michael Beasley over Shaine Battier or at least have him come off the bench for him and play him more minutes. The only thing I can thing of is that Micheal Beasley might not be as great of an defender as Shiane, but still I don’t know why he isn’t getting more playing time. Greg Oden doesn’t have the foot speed to compete yet if you look at him guarding Roy Hibbert in the previous games.

  51. fakebron/flopbron says:

    fakebron aint going to no finals this year XDXD
    dwayneequa is old
    bosh is washed up
    this is the final year for the superfriends

    • LordP says: haters are so delusional..acting like we never been in this position before..For 2 rounds you’ve been quiet and frustrated cause we were pilling the W now just after game 1 ur acting like there’s no tomorrow..Calm your ti***

      • Monk says:

        Pulling W’s? As much as its true they played CHA 43-39 (ranking them 10th in the west) then BKN 44-38 (again same slot). I guess boasting after Division 1 team beating a metiocre Div 2 team. Now if they can get some consistancy from BKN next year they may be a threat. (sorta like a DAL team did the first year of the big 3.) All i can say is the heat better not be down 3-1 So this is next one is a must win, give them the redemption for not learing to take the 1 seed.

  52. overrated_heat says:

    Pacers in 5. the Miami Heat is garbage.

  53. apollo says:

    in playoffs miami has been challenging inferior sides, now tht they are against a strong team lets wait and see.

  54. Yes Sir says:

    Lol, blaming refs etc. Bosh was weak as usual. Lebron and Wade and everyone else shot pretty well. He can’t body with hibbert and west. Lebron shot 11 for 18…. Wade was like 12 for 18… Both produced, yet you acting like the Pacers are the Bobcats. SMH be for real.

  55. reynaldo says:

    this is the beginning of an end

  56. Kal says:

    Bosh is Big 3’s weakest link…

    who woulda thunk!

  57. ChanTian says:

    im a miami heat fan, but for me, wade is the 2nd MOST important player of the miami way wade be he the 3rd man

    • NBAfan says:

      Wade is the 2nd best, but since he offers a lot of the same things Lebron gives, Bosh becomes 2nd most important.

  58. amil says:

    hmmm if Heat loses, he should consider abandoning the ship like he did to cleaveland and join OKC and kevin Durant.

  59. Jill says:

    Foul trouble, poor shooting are only part of some games. Pn Tuesday Bosh will prove all negative comments wrong. LBJ can change games in no time when he is aggressive. Heat in six. Send Hibbert to a therapist in summer,

    • PHXfan says:

      Big call to say that Heat will win 4 out of 5 games after what we saw today. They have been flattered by their results and the fact they play in the East.

  60. Rick Fisher says:

    Pacers won thanks to refs. The free throw disparity was too huge for heat to overcome.

  61. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Miami can’t get too out of character. Where’s Andrew Bynum????

  62. aac says:

    Miami is a garbage Lebron James is a cry baby

  63. jbl says:

    where are you now mr. “lbj”, where are your comments man?how about your king joining my indies for another ring?getting older is a prob for your king and d wade already supports his both knees as well (remember when they bashed out dirk nowitzki about that stuff?) trade your king for to a much stronger team next season to win another ring..and perhaps join KD..cheers!

    • I'm Right says:

      lol its one game, your indies have yet to accomplish anything… the heat have been to 3 straight finals and won 2… lebron is still king… and i hope lbj comes back and trolls all over this post!

  64. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    It wasn’t just Bosh who had a bad game, the whole Miami Heat team look a step slow. The heat’s role players don’t look the same anymore. Ray Allen shows glimpses sometimes, but for the most part his age is starting to show. Shane Battier has one foot out of the door ready to retire after this season. Rashard Lewis is absolutely useless. James Jones should not see any floor time in this series. We could really use Mike Miller’s services right now!!!… And why did we get Oden again???

    • jake s. says:

      It’s good to see an even-minded Heat fan every now and then. LBJ just joined an old team. The Spurs at least have a balance of old and young. This is the Heats last chance at a ring in at least 2 years.

    • PHXfan says:

      The irony is that LBJ is basically in the same situation he was in when he was at Cleveland. D-Wade has been a champion but injury and age weary everyone eventually, Bosh shoots too many threes and refuses to play like a power forward should and their bench struggles to bring any energy, again, time is merciless and they are simply too old. Just wondering, would you prefer to see Bosh or Wade leave?

      • mee(a)t says:

        Bosh doesn’t refuse to play PF. its Miami’s system. Spo wants to surround Lebron and Wade with many shooters as possible.

  65. LOL says:

    Bosh is miami 2 most important player? What idiot wrote this article

    • Average Joe says:

      The same idiot that said the Heat’s chances of winning a championship is gone based on one game. That’s John S. for you.

    • PHXfan says:

      Never said he was their second BEST player, just second most IMPORTANT, which he is.

    • Tom says:

      He actually is and going by your grammar the only idiot here is you.

  66. Pascal says:

    Miami will go to the finals. We will see if Indiana can beat then on Tuesday.

    • PHXfan says:

      They have to, if Indiana win game 2, the Heat are done. They don’t have the potency and energy to come back from 2-0 down anymore. They could if Wade was at his best but sadly his knees mean his best is long gone.

  67. NBA's $ way says:

    The NBA just wants the series to drag…they don’t want heat to sweep their opponents.

  68. okctofinals says:

    Great. No one wants to see a Finals with the Pacers. I guarantee the West will win. All Pacers care about is beating Heat. Their sloppy second half of season play will continue with anyone else.

  69. Klaus Teken says:

    The Heat outscored the Pacers in terms of FGM 86-78 the only difference is Free Throws. The Pacers outscored the Heat in Free Throw made 29-10 that gave them the win 107-96. This means foul trouble is the problem for the Heat…..
    GO Heat go

    • GREGORY INGRAM says:

      Can the Heat team buy free thows like they buy players from other teams? to win Championships, No! I dont think so!
      I even teach my kids not to learn nothing from the Heat organaztion you cant buy things somethings in life you must earn, you cant stack the deck of cards in your favor or try to be the big bully on the block to achieve sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and work and earn!



  70. fakebron/flopbron says:


    • I'm Right says:

      lol its one game… pacers haven’t ever accomplished anything besides getting TO the conference finals… 4 finals 2 rings boi respect da kinggg

      • Brian D. says:

        I’m Right, the pacers went to the finals in 2000. Lost to the lakers in 6. How can we forget… REGGIE MILLER, Jalen Rose, Rik Smits, Mark Jackson, Travis Best, Austin Croshere, CHRIS MULLIN, Sam Perkins, Dale Davis. What a roster, but the Pacers put all that talent to years of waste thanks to Michael Jordan and his dominance. Same thing for the Knicks in the 90s, the Knicks and Pacers both great teams never to win thanks to Jordan.

      • I'm Right says:

        no doubt those teams were great… I’m talking about the current pacers group… not in previous generations
        this group hasn’t accomplished anything yet…

      • PHXfan says:

        This is not the same Miami team that won two rings, a lot of the names may be the same, but the team is not.

  71. fakebron/flopbron says:


  72. mahki sahn says:

    okc2014 Heat fans don’t understand how vulnerable they really are this year. Pacers played great! They did everything needed to beat the Heat on both ends of the floor. Lance is the heart of that team, that move where he took Shebron to the basket and scored was indicative of how much they want it and how much they are going to go after the Miami Skeet. Pacers all day!

  73. MrNBA says:


    Lebron, game 2 you bring the ball up and control the office. Cole, light them up with mid range jumpers. Wade, same thing as game 1. Bosh, don’t trip, keep shooting. Haslem should be starting coach. Run em and defense first. More stops.

  74. TheKush says:

    Any team with Michael Beasley on their active roster can’t win a championship! Biggest mistake was amnestying Miller for Beasley on Paper it made sense but I mean look at him cheering like some scrub riding the pine and this isn’t because he doesn’t have the talent it’s just straight up laziness!

    Heat fans should be nervous right now because right now I doubt James will be coming back if the Heat don’t win a championship this year. Ray Allen and Shane Battier are gone after this season leaving no reliable 3 point shooter on the heat. Mario Chalmers hasn’t been playing well and D. Wade to me at this point in his career is looking a lot like Larry Hughes did in Cleveland. Heat fans prepare this could be the end! I still see OKC and the Pacers in the final with OKC winning it all.

    The Pacers don’t look like a championship team to me but they do look like a team that spent the entire 2013 – 2014 season thinking how they would beat the heat. I think they will beat the heat in convincing fashion and this offseason might be one of the biggest ones in NBA history as LBJ makes another infamous decision where he wants to take his talents too next.

    We all know the LAKERS are going to throw all the money they can at him and being that the Clippers are in disarray with their racist ex- owner suing the NBA – LBJ especially now would be the ideal fit for the ESTABLISHED LAKERS franchise and hey who knows maybe Bosh and Ray Allen might go with him to play with Kobe. Just saying…

    It’s a wrap heat fans! My advice is pray LBJ doesn’t do you like he did Cleveland lol!

  75. Sri says:

    Bosh is the 2nd most important player? Really? Wade is the 2nd most important player. Bosh should attack the rim more and not shoot jumpers. Heat will win this series if they use James Jones and Allen better.

  76. cas says:

    The pacers are absolute garbage and nobody wants to watch them get pounded in the finals either.

  77. Ed says:

    Ok, Heat! You’ve seen vividly what you’ve got to pay more attention to. Now stay resilient and show what the Champs are capable of! Hooray the lads and win this series confidently!!!

  78. . says:

    How could you average 20+ and 10+at Toronto and fall short every game since his demise.

    • Rafael jimenez jr says:

      Thats a fact! The time when he left toranto, he has been trash especially in the finals last year against an elite team the spurs, finishing with 0 points! Are you kidding me man! Thats why there the BIG three for a reason! Thats pathetic. The 3peat isnt looking so good.

    • gg says:

      less shots, duh. Bosh was the no 1 option in Toronto, he’s like the no 3 or 4 option now.

  79. nba says:

    lol! go figure the pacers won…they only shot 39 freethrows…. 10/15 or 29/37 yeah..I never want to hear people say miami gets all the calls. thank you

  80. okc2014 says:

    Maybe it wasn’t so much that Bosh had a bad game, as much as the Pacers had a good game. I’m tickled that they won the 1st game. The tone has been set you Heat fans! And Lance Stephens backed up his trash talking!

    • Da gift says:

      back his trash talk? Its one game? Wade looks fine to me

      • en. says:

        Lol heat fans ride LeBroom so hard they are sometimes so arrogant

      • I'm Right says:

        yah lance backed up his trashtalking and held d-wade to a lowly 27 points LOL

      • PHXfan says:

        He has a chronic knee injury, even if he looks fine, he isn’t. Chronic means it doesn’t get better, ever, so the longer this series goes the harder it’s going to get for him. It’ll go to at least six games now and Wade will be hurting big time.

    • mikmaks says:

      it’s just game one and your already tickled?? Pacers were just lucky their outside shots are falling. I’m sure they won’t be that consistent through out the series. They have been very inconsistent the whole play offs. You have to pray they win again on game 2 co’z if Miami gets a split, this might be over in 5 or 6 games favoring the Heat.