CP3 witch hunt needs to stop!

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: Chris Paul endured some tough moments during the Clippers-Thunder conference semifinal

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The grumblings started long before the fall, long before Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers fell in the Western Conference semifinals to the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

They’ve been rumbling around the basketball world for years now, the questioning of Paul’s place among the game’s current greats. Where does he fit in a landscape where he’s generally considered one of, if not the best point guard in the game? And yet there is still that glaring hole on his resume.

Paul has never been to the conference finals and has therefore only been a spectator when the NBA’s champion has been crowned.

He’s won multiple gold medals in international competition, including the Olympics in 2008 and 2012, and is a staple in the talent-laden USA Basketball pipeline. And still, there are folks that want to chip away at his armor after years of excellence from him.

It doesn’t help that his contemporaries have hardware he lacks. LeBron James has championships rings and MVPs trophies to spare. Kevin Durant joined the elite club with his first MVP this season. Tony Parker has a Finals MVP and plenty of rings. Derrick Rose has his MVP. Rajon Rondo a ring and multiple trips to the conference finals and The Finals. Even the oft-maligned Russell Westbrook has been to The Finals.

Paul is in that weird superstar purgatory where everyone knows he belongs in any conversation of the best of the very best, until they start weeding guys out based on their accomplishments. The same superstar purgatory that veteran All-Stars like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love have taken up permanent residence in the past few seasons (Anthony has been to the conference finals but still gets panned for not winning it all. Love is still waiting to make the postseason.)

Paul’s been a subject of a witch hunt, of sorts, this season in particular, with pundits and Hall of Famers questioning the validity of his superstar status. It’s a witch hunt that needs to stop!

Paul’s a seven-time All-Star, a five-time All-NBA pick (three times on the first team), a five-time All-Defensive team selection and has led the league in assists three times and in steals six times. He knows better than anyone that the shortcomings in the playoffs are the one dark mark on his ledger right now, that’s why he takes the losses as hard as he does. That’s why this latest failure stings the way it does and will until he gets a chance to make it right.

VIDEO: A quick recap of the spectacular six-game series between the Clippers and Thunder

Those of us who chronicle the league have been tossed into the fire as well. We’ve been accused of giving Paul a pass because he’s always been good to us, always been as cooperative as possible and is a drama-free superstar in a world that boasts few of those.

That’s garbage. I don’t hold Paul to any different standard than anyone else. He and Deron Williams came into the league and promptly bum-rushed the point guard hierarchy. Paul played his way into the elite mix, held his own all the way up and fended off challenges year after year.

He doesn’t have to defend his position to me, you or anyone else.

He is not the fist superstar to fall down at a big moment in the playoffs, the way he did in Game 5 of the conference semifinals against Westbrook and Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder. That final and disastrous 13.9 seconds will not define Paul’s season or career. And to hear people suggest that it would or even should is a testament to the prisoner-of-the-moment syndrome that permeates every fiber of our current sports culture.

“I just feel awful for him, point-blank I do,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said after his team bowed out to the Thunder in Game 6. “He’s the spirit of our team and right now his spirit is broken.”

You’d expect nothing less of a man who holds himself to the standard Paul does. But if we start running down the list of Hall of Famers who came up short in big moments, who didn’t win it all, we’d be here all day … and night.

This notion that Paul’s incapable of leading a team to championship heights is preposterous. No one took the Clippers serious as a contender before his arrival. For him to power them through the turmoil of the ongoing Donald Sterling saga the way he did goes down as another of his standout performances.

That in no way lets him off his own hook. Paul’s not looking to be patronized by me or anyone else for doing and saying the right thing, or coming close but not breaking through to the conference final threshold after a decade in the league. He wants more, he needs more. And that’s the way we all like our superstars, our champions to be built.

Paul believes he has championship DNA. And he knows that the only way to validate his own belief in himself is to make sure he and Rivers, Blake Griffin and the Clippers find their way to that next level in the near future.

If that means going back to the grind for yet another summer with the rumblings surrounding him and the questions lingering about whether or not he’s going to be a true superstar or a superstar with an asterisk, bring it on.

“I prepare for every offseason like I always do,” a clearly agitated Paul said after that Game 6 loss to the Thunder. “It’s nothing just to get out of the second round. It’s to win a championship. I don’t know anybody in our league that plays for the Western Conference finals. That’s not enough.”

VIDEO: Chris Paul and Blake Griffin address the media after losing Game 6 to the Thunder


  1. Bball fan says:

    I’ve been a Clipper fan since they used to play games at the Pond in Anaheim…with that said…the Clipper’s problems revolve around one main thing, whining. Blake and Chris spend far too much time flopping/whining for calls. It is annoying and really frustrates me as a fan sometimes.

  2. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Chris Paul flops too much

  3. Luke says:

    Sekou is a seriously terrible writer.

    Filler and repetition.

    Why is the guy writing on NBA.com?

  4. Poetryselite says:

    This is well written. It’s amazing how people continue belittling Paul’s brilliance because he has yet to make it out of the 2nd round and use game 5 (the last 49 secs of a game in which he also posted numbers of 17 pts, 14 ast, and 4 stl, prior) of this recent series to justify how he’s “no superstar”, how he’s “overrated”, how he “chokes”, and my absolute favorite, how he possesses “no clutch gene”. Last I checked, career averages of 18.6 pts, 9.9 ast, 4.4 reb, 2.4 stl, and just 2.4 TOs, is superstar production. When you hold NBA records for most stl. titles and most consecutive stl. titles, along with being the only player in history to lead the league in ast. and stl. in back-to-back seasons (also led the league in both categories this season), you’re giving superstar production. And lets not forget Sekou’s stat: since CP3’s arrival, he has the 2nd highest Playoff PER of any player in the league (just behind Lebron), lets not forget how he led that furious 4th quarter comeback against Memphis 2 years ago and in game 4 of the previous series against OKC… wow, he really has no cluth gene (and who could forget about the game winner just last season against Memphis in game 2).

    What alarms me the most is this ridiculous notion that 1 guy wins it all. Sure Bill Russell was the nucleus of the whole Celtics franchise, but it helped that he had Havlicek, Cousy, and the 2 Jones guards. Sure Magic was the nucleus, but he had that Kareem guy and this other guy named James Worthy (along w/Scott… and who could forget Cooper’s lockdown D). Sure Bird was the nucleus, but it helped that he had Mchale and Parrish (along with Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge). Sure Zeke was the guy, but it helped that he had Dumars and Laimbeer (along with Mahorn, Rodman, and Acguire). Sure MJ’s ainess ruled the 90s, but it helped that he had the premier lockdown defender in history in Pippen, the best rebounder of the era in Rodman, (and Jackson’s coaching didn’t hurt either). Kobe and Shaq had each other, along with Fisher’s veteran leadership (and Horry’s series saving/winning daggers didn’t hurt).

    This all brings me to this perceived notion that Tony Parker is better because he won 3 rings. I wouldn’t refute those rings, his finals MVP, his Olympic success, his multiple all-star appearances, and so forth. However, lets keep it in perspective and acknowledge that the GOAT at the PF position in Tim Duncan is present, a top 5 greatest coach in Pop is present, and that a top 3 6th man of all-time is present in Manu. Parker has wonderful career averages of 17.1 pts, 6 ast, 3 reb, a stl, and just 2.5 TOs, BUT DOES IT COMPARE TO CP3’s above statistics??? Parker is very, very good, but is a liability on defense (in which Pop hides him and he is nowhere near the playmaker that CP3 is). My point is this, every superstar needs another premier star (in most cases 2 others), along with key role players to have a fighting chance. And lets swap teams and careers for a second: Could TP elevate a lowly Hornets team the way Paul did and could he elevate the Clips from annual cellar-dweller to contender the way Paul has??? He could possibly, but very improbable. Now if CP3 were a Spur, Duncan would have at least 6 rings and CP at least 5 because lets remember the premier PG and best PF ever, along with Pop, Manu, and that system.

  5. Showtime84 says:

    I wonder Sekou what will you write should Clippers win this series, is it goin to be “KD under achieving performance??” I am not clippers fans, but its amazing how you make a living in exposing every great players negativity should they loose a series.
    From my perspective, clean and simple Clippers as a team doesnt know how to win, not CP3, on game 6 they clearly should kill that game, and not allowing 10+ point leads slip through their hand, and that is BAD TEAM defense, doesnt had to do with CP3 skills.
    Whoever loss even its Lebron you definetely going to hammer any aspect of him as well.. #getsomethingelseforliving

  6. Chris Paul and LA has been a horrible combination. For the time he’s been there he seems upset, frustrated and horrible, yet he has all the pieces in that team to win back to back. He’s like a train conducter that’s mad that he doesn’t have enough coal when theres literally enough coal to run two trains.

  7. rory ramirez says:

    Good point guard but #2 in my book after Parker of course.
    Parker = 3 rings….1 finals MVP….6 Western Conference appearances…..4 Western Conference titles….4 Finals appearances….12 winning seasons…come on NBA, take away the stats and their is no contest…..winner or choker.

  8. Kal says:

    Chris Paul should be elected to the hall of fame tomorrow if possible.
    So should Rajon Rondo.

    And at the rate he’s going, Blake Griffin will be there very soon.

    Wake up fans! It’s a miracle whenever a team advances to any finals! Has nothing to do with individuals…

  9. jake s. says:

    In the playoffs it is all about match-ups. CP just can’t match up with Russel Westbrook. Thunder take away Deandre Jordans lob points and presto… Clippers are back to square one. The Clippers need to remove Jordan and Barnes if they even want to get close to getting a ring in the next 5 years. It just baffles me that Barnes is a starter.

  10. Ryan says:

    Paul should move out from the Clippers. That hyper dunking team is overrated. Just highlight material, not to be considered as championship candidate. Not even sure if they can past Houston or Portland in a 7 games series…

    Paul is young, talented and experienced, traits of a potential champ. He should join a team with elite veterans to get a ring, just like what Lebron did…

  11. Limar says:

    That series of turnovers by CP3 in the last minute in game 5 was very uncharacteristic of CP3 that borders between the deliberate and pure carelessness. Did he throw out that game?

  12. jawana????? says:

    If greatness is measured by achievements then cp3 fell short. But if greatness is measured by talent, stats and heart then count him in.
    Basketball is a team sport meaning there are other players in the game and affecting the game. I don’t want to blame a single player for a loss. And yeah, we live in a cruel world where an individual critical mistake can negate the success you brought the team all season long.

  13. Ryan says:

    CP3 is not great enough to be the leader of a championship team, if he wants to get the ring, he would better hopes for further improvement from Blake Griffin and admit the BG is the number one player of the team (BG didn’t have the chance to get the ball in clutch time of this playoff, what a pity……)

    To me, the best PG now is undoubtedly Tony Parker
    I will say Westbrook, CP3 and Curry are close, but I prefer Curry more as the 2nd best PG

    In both rounds of Clipper’s playoff, I will say both of the opposite PGs play better than CP3 even not to mention the ending of round 2 Game 5.

  14. carlo says:

    cp3 will join the miami heat next season

  15. Jim Muncy says:

    There have been times when the NBA has a “clear best” player at a spot. Magic was “clearly the best” at his spot in his day, no debate. Kareem was the “clear best” at his spot for part of his career. Wilt Chamberlain never had that distinction because he was sharing the stage with Bill Russell at one end of his career and Kareem at the other. We are at an interesting place where the point guard is so key to success in the NBA these days and there is no “clear best” at that position. I think the best you can say about CP3 (or any of the other elite points guards today) is that he is among the best or he is as good as any other point guard in the league. Now, that’s not bad in this golden age of point guards. In another time, CP3 might have been the “clear best” but not today.

  16. Shake says:

    He is well coached. This will be forgotten next year. Do the counts at the end of his career and give him some rest. That whole Sterling case killed them before they even played. CP3 will be fine. Said by a Spurs fan..

    • qqq says:

      use the sterling case as an excuse, yeah so an 80 year old jealous american is a littlebit rasist, buhu! the whole thing was taken to far, why should these players even care about sterling in the first place? he brings them their checks and they are all happy. This sterling thing had nothing to do with the clippers getting beaten by okc. only thing they had to deal with was some stupid questions from reporters, and sterling making a fool out him self on national tv.

      Clippers failed to execute in crunch time, westbrook and durant didnt.

  17. KPT says:

    If they came together, this would be the most underachieving Big 3 in today’s basketball because they wouldn’t have enough heart to win it all.


  18. Neta says:

    For all people who just remember that game 5 against Okc, saying that CP3 is just a NO-clutch player…I just want to remember game 1 against Warriors and the three points shot that he took even they lost at least…ahh…and in the past against the griizzlies?the first year at clips…who was taking the clips to the second round?? unbelievable how people can forget thing…and also when he was playing with hornets..against the spurs (i mean..the spurs dynasty) and he took his team on his own shoulder forcing a spectacular game 7?!?!

    I feel just stunned seeing how people can forget things like that!!!

    Thank U Sekouh Smith to make world remembering that winning a title means everythign and nothing, because anyone can affirm that in the list of point guard with names like Magic, pistol and stockton..it will be only one again…CP3!!!

    P.S : Ask Lebron James who he would like to take care of the ball ( I mean lin the position of Point guard in this moment of the history) at his place in a huge moment…no doubt…CP3 will be his answer!!

  19. no questions says:

    if not him, who else will you start with in the national team? he is the best pg, he creates plays, he makes smart shots and he got terrific d. dont stuck with the tragic game 5, he still got years of basketball to give

  20. riki777 says:

    i am from europe and i dont say that i know nba better than american people but…
    why are they saying that c.p.3 is the best point guard
    what is his better result the semif of the west ?
    clippers play the perfect basketball in the season but when start playoffs they cant understand what to do that the problem ..
    clippers had 2-3 year to win championships until lakers will to champion rosters . this 3 years are gone
    lakers in 2 season will win nba !!!!!

  21. Vasak says:

    Chris Paul really choke hard at the end of game 5 they could of won that game and force game 7 but he have to try to be cleaver. He try to shoot the ball as he thought WestBrook gonna foul him and end up forcing a turn over

  22. Jose Leon says:

    To me Paul is the best point guard in the league. No matter what happened in game 5 against the OKC series this year. He has already shown infinitive times that he is the best when it comes point guards, or would have he been the starter point guard in the US basketball team? And those comments about him being a dirty player, c´mon, the league is as tough as it can be, and they all do play rough and even dirty at some point, it is all part of the game.

  23. Nyo-Nyo says:

    The Clippers have a great and deep roster, however, the leader of the pack fumbles a lot especially (Chris P. & Blake G.)…they are great players but are not consistent and rattles especially when the team needs them, thus their teammates also fumbles. If they can add a relevant player who has played in a champion team, this might help. They need someone who is tough enough and with championship experience to stabilize the plays when the game is relevant. I believe, if they get over the hump, Chris Paul & Blake Griffin toughness will greatly improve because they will have nothing to prove anymore and the pressure will dissipate and will likely be among the Top 50 players.

    Mr. Sekou Smith, they (Clippers, C.Paul & B. Griffin) need to read the comments here as the the energy is derived from both the plus and negative…because sometimes, one overlooks themselves and they cannot see their own flaws.

  24. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Top 5 PGs of all time:

    Mark Price

    • Average Joe says:

      When is Mark Price ever greater than Isaiah Thomas? Or Iverson for that matter?

    • Steven says:

      HAHA what a joke..

      1 – Iverson was a Shooting Gaurd that was forced to play point at the end of his career.
      2 – John Stockton
      3 – Mark Price? Better than Stockton,Issiah, Jerry West, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash etc?? GET REAL.
      4 – LeBron is a Small Forward that plays Point Forward not PG. Same As Pippen, Steve Smith etc.
      5 – CP3 is one of the 5 best PG currently playing, where he ranks within that 5 is debatable. Whether he is top 5 all time is not debatable, HE IS NOT YET.

      Best cuurent PGS in NBA

      1 – Tony Parker
      2 – Russell Westbrook ( say what you will, the man is clutch and 27, 8 , 8 in playoffs is better than LeBrons stats. )
      3 – Steph Curry
      4 – CP3
      5 – Rajon Rondo ( DRose when healthy could fill an of these spots. )

      Best Point Gaurds Ever

      1 Magic
      2 Stockton
      3 Isiah Thomas
      4 Jerry West
      5 J Kidd

  25. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    If CP3 had Bradley Beal… Swap CP3 for Wall = LAC vs. WAS 2014 NBA Finals

  26. bodjee says:

    A little less sometimes amount to a lot more!

  27. HEAT 2 GOOD says:

    Heat are gonna take it down.

    CP3 is a punk and very overrated I must agree. He needs to not choke in the clutch

  28. billy bob says:

    he need to average 20 apg then he won’t be questioned on his greatness because he can make it fly.
    it’s the only thing you guys can tell about his game

  29. lakerslakerslakers says:

    chris paul your titles were sacrificed for lebron james. thank david stern when you wind up being a john stockton (maybe)

  30. Chef says:

    Chris Paul has the same problem that Dwight Howard has…..really really good players….just not GREAT!!

  31. NBA fan says:

    I’m not a Clippers fan, but boy did they get robbed by the refs in Games 5 & 6 vs the Thunder. Haven’t seen officiating that bad since the 2009 Finals, when the refs cheated Orlando and handed 4 games to the Lakers. Game 5 was unreal, and the Thunder were playing very poorly and should have been blown out, but the refs did everything possible to keep them in the game. Clippers got robbed big-time. I have a feeling the fix is in for the Thunder, and the Spurs have no chance against the refs in the WCF.

  32. OKC says:

    The western conference is just too deep, and CP3 has been in the west his whole career and still managed to dominate the PG allstar spot. I’d take the 9 seed Suns over basically any team in the east other than the top 2.

  33. a says:

    Chris Paul is probably the most overrated player in the NBA.

  34. Vira says:

    I’ll tell you what needs to stop: Chris Paul punching people in the groin! There’s at least 10 clips on YouTube right now of Chris Paul taking cheap, dirty shots at other players over his career. He’s a pure punk. People are starting to realize and recognize that he loses his cool when the pressure’s on, and starts throwing elbows. He’s lucky he hasn’t been taken out already–not by a coach, but by an opposing player. B!itches get stitches too.

    • okckd35 says:

      If u see the foul on him vs collison the the clippers fans are screaming no call u can see his.left hand grab collison under his knee while he is in the.air and send him to the floor while jordan was d u nking. At least the.refs saw.that.one

  35. ChuzzyChu says:

    Most of the ppl chatting here are nutsy, how come no one ever look at the full picture – some are saying Chris Paul is not great, he blew the game blah blah blahhh!!

    I understand he made some really bad mistake, really silly ones – if i might add… However, has anyone sat back to really scrutinize the game play of Dudley, Granger (who was an allstar a couple of years ago), even Jamal (on defense)?? These guys (apart from Crawford) are paid to hit shots, and throughout the entire playoffs they hit almost zero from trey. What in the world are they paid for????

    How can guys who are deadweight on defense and almost non-essentials on the boards, not be able to hit shots??? What else are they there for?

    Chris Paul is getting the ball to his teammates, if they were at least hitting their shots or even making smart plays, they would be no need for such an end to game 4 versus OKC.

    That’s my case and perspective… and i’m sticking to IT. Saluuu!!

  36. Ross says:

    If he stop hurting other players just to win, then he’ll get my sympathy.

  37. Netwiz says:

    Sekou, I applaud you and your write up was very well stated. Unfortunately we live in a throw a person under the bus mentality and not sure what it’s going to take to change that. I’ve been watching Chris since his freshman year at Wake and let me tell you I knew then that he was going to be a special talent, which quite frankly he’s living up to. To all the haters and people that judge out there, plz take a step back and understand what this man has accomplished since being in the NBA which Sekou has summed up very sweetly. Not only have people thrown him under the bus but has dug his grave. This man has many years to go to prove himself and believe me under Doc’s tutelage he will. Don’t forget the extreme circumstances that all Clippers players are dealing withr right now on top of having to play in a very pressure driven situation as the playoffs. Quite frankly I’m happy that they didn’t win because of the asinine BS that Sterling has put them through. If my CEO did that would most def de-motivate me. Give the man a break, because he has many year to prove himself. As biblical times state many of us need to look and in the mirror and fix our back yard before trying to put someone else in check. Basketball is just entertainment and we need to really stop betting our lives on sports and just enjoy the sports moment for what it really is.

  38. Rob More says:

    Hey CP3………….you did not want white coach who brought the Clippers from slums to playoffs…………
    You had to have a black coach …………who brought you not any further………….
    Are you a racist? Or what?
    Now what you will want? Yellow coach? Or maybe orange coach? Oh, wait………..there are more like maybe a Purple, Blue, Green, Brown or Red Coach?
    I think you are just a racist cry baby.
    Do you thing or get out!!!!!

  39. Some Guy says:

    How could I ever forget:


    probably the best point guard in the NBA at the moment

    • YoYo says:

      They always said that when the Spurs made it to the finals…but doesnt think so during the rest of the season how ironic…

  40. Some Guy says:

    Ok. I’ll admit it. I’m not the biggest Chris Paul Fan. But that’s not why I am saying he’s not GREAT. Don’t get me wrong, he’s very very good – but not Great.

    GREAT is a big word, that NEEDS to be supported by accomplishments or at least by recognition coming from everywhere and everyone (a full consensus).

    Here are five (in random order) GREAT point guards in the last two decades, tell me if Chris Paul could hang with any of them:

    Magic Johnson
    John Stockton
    Allen Iverson
    Steve Nash
    Jason Kidd

    My answer is absolutely not.

    Better pg’s than him in today’s game (I know this one will probably get some responses from you people):

    Westbrook (different type of PG, but more valuable in my eyes, just imagine him in place of Paul in the clippers)
    Rose (if healthy)
    and get ready for the one you people will blast me for, but which I honestly do believe:

    not now, but guaranteed in a few years:

    • Dave says:

      “by recognition coming from everywhere and everyone (a full consensus)” no one on your list has had everyone backing them with nothing but good things to say. All had holes in their games and people that didnt care for them as players and the way they played. An “great/greatest” player talk is very subjective and full of opinions. there is no way to definitively prove any one player is better than another, that’s why the GOAT is so hotly debated by those of different eras there will never be a clear winner, all opinions.

    • YoYo says:

      You are out of your mind!!!!!

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I’m 100% shocked and outraged that you put Lowry ahead of Lillard.

      Lillard has nerves of steel. He’s a cold blooded killer. And he does SOOO much for his team in just his second year in the league.

      Lillard would crush Lowry. The hawks were a sub 500 team. The only reason they floated against the pacers was that the pacers have lost much of their identity towards the end of the season and start of the playoffs.

      Without even commenting on the rest of your post, putting Lowry ahead of Lillard shows how little you know basketball.

      • Wkk says:

        This guy thinks Lowry was on the Hawks?? Shows how much this guy knows about basketball LOL!

      • akiboi says:

        and putting Lowry in Atlanta when he actually plays for Toronto shows that you actually know NOTHING in the NBA…

      • akiboi says:

        And putting Lowry in Atlanta when he actually plays for Toronto shows how you absolutely know NOTHING in the NBA. Stop acting like a basketball know-it-all when you don’t even know who plays for what team.

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        ok lol i don’t know why i confused lowry with jeff teague

        I actually did watch Lowry play he stepped up against the nets but Lillard actually closed out the rockets whereas Lowry couldn’t close out the nets (I believe the last play in the nets series was drawn for him and he didnt come through)

        Teague and Lowry are both pretty good in their own right but Lillard crushes both in talent, skill, and clutch categories so my argument still stands

        and CP3 is at another level compared to all 3 of those guys but Lillard still being in his second year can probably catch up.

  41. 36yrfan says:

    ….oh, and btw, I forgot to say…..OKCKD35—– You should know alot about flopping !! ………lol……

    • Game Time says:

      Why is it that KD, Kobe and a few others can get the ball slapped out their hands, throw their hands up in the air, and get a foul call, but no one calls that flopping?

      • A-hole says:

        Learn Physics dude and you do the math.. You might know the answer.. Or you want me to simplify it to you just for you to learn such knowledge.

      • Game Time says:

        Oh yeah physics. Because if I’m shooting the ball and someone slaps my hand in a downward motion. My other hand will automatically raise up with the other like I’m doing the “YMCA” song. Hope you didn’t pay money for the physics education you think you know.

      • iamironman says:

        Good one Gametime! Lol

  42. Axel says:

    what a discussion!!! Why does not anybody mention the piece of luck you need on your side to go all the way and win the big one?! With any big achievement comes a stroke of luck as well. Of course you have to work hard, harder than anyone else towards this luck. If you had picked Dirk or CP3 to win the ring before Dirk had done it, who would you have gone for?! And Dirk was lucky to get the right pieces this one season to win it and the Heat were in their first new season together and Lebron wasnt ready to post up. With OKC, The Heat and The Pacers and Chicago with a healthy competition is huge for the title. Last but not least the four best teams are in the CF – and it’ s good that way! Oh, and not to forget: Lopcity during the RS is fun basketball which ends with Playoff D.

    • Axel says:

      With OKC, The Heat and The Pacers and Chicago with a healthy Rose – I meant to write…

  43. Trozam says:

    He needs to quit flopping and trying to use clever and dirty tactics to win. That stupid attempt when he left his feet to try and get a 3 left him vulnerable for the uber athletic westbrook to strip him…and then later, paul trying to be clever again by the ever so slight push of westbrook’s elbow on his 3 point attempt…

    • justsayin says:

      What’s sneaky about fouling on a 3?

      Remind me whose posession it should have been. They “just happened” to blow an even easier out of bounds play to give okc more points with just over two min to go, too. Hard not to see a league agenda these days.

  44. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    what witch hunt? he’s getting 20 mil. i am sure he can handle some criticism

    btw Parker > Paul

    • Chris says:

      I’m a die hard spurs game, and intangible wise, Parker has it going better than any point guard. He’s the engine to a longtime successful team. I don’t mind that he hasn’t seen a title in a while. He sacrifices so much stat wise playing in a system that focuses on team basketball though. You have to watch the spurs consistently to understand how good Parker is.

    • 36yrfan says:

      …..here, here !!

  45. Rhedz03 says:

    CP3 is a good player but not great..not yet..he is in his prime and i believe great things will happen to cp3 and the clips if doc sticks around and blake and jordan. success doesn’t happen overnight…there is still room for improvement in cp3s game and so with his team and team mates. i see paul winning 2 championship in future…then he will retire and prolly get a coaching job…he will be in hall of fame list in future…but right now he just needs to grow more, be a little more patient, he is almost there…his turn will come…hope he stays and retires in clips. maybe the manangement should tweak the roster..they already got a great coach, a leader in cp3 a muscle in blake and jordan and an elite eye on crawford..improving the bench and adding the right pieces will surely make a big impact on their next season. they are almost ready…just a few things that needs to be attended and they can be on top..

  46. Dan says:

    All of Chris Paul’s theatrics on the court, (the flopping and the constant attempts to gain an advantage on the fringe of the rule book) finally caught up with him. He deserves criticism because he would simply be a better player if he tried to play an honest game.

    • justsayin says:

      If you were honest you’d admit you hear announcers use the phrase “selling the call” twenty or so times a game – whether or not Paul’s in that game. Exaggerating real contact is an epidemic – and is ruining officiating – and something needs to be done – BUT it’s not his fault that he has to refuse a competitive disadvantage. And it is still not the same thing as flopping.

  47. Hey there sports fans…..Remember the Round Mound of Rebound never won a champonship. Sir Charles was one of the best players. KJ never won a championship; he was instrumental on the decison by the NBA comissioner on the Sterling issue.
    CHRIS PAUL is great period. My hunch is that he will have the ultimate prize in his current carrer & then go on & make his mark somplace else!

  48. stg says:

    Well his career took a turn when the league denied his transfer to LAL … He redefined the LAC … He now pairs with a great coach … Who knows … Maybe in a few years 🙂

  49. Harper says:

    I’ve always liked Paul because of his leadership and drive. He is short, not super fast nor super athletic but he has so much heart. He can be a pain in the butt on the court but he is one of the nicest guys in the league. Even with his disastrous game 5 I would still want him to lead my team. Also, I like any player who takes the blame and responsibility. We live in an age where no one takes responsibility for their own actions. I believe in him. I just hope he still believes in himself.

  50. lol says:

    Christopher Pauletta is a good pg, but not good enough to lead his current roster to a championship. If Bluke Gruffein was a real superstar PF they might ha a chance but he aint there.

  51. KDfan says:

    Basketball is a “TEAM SPORT”. So individual accolades translate into individual awards (as listed above) and not TEAM championship awards. CP3 is one of the best PG’s we have seen. Smart, high BB IQ, creative, full of emotion. However, he needs to be surrounded by the RIGHT players to go to the next level. But with all due respect to Doc and CP3, something is missing in the LAC team. I humbly think that although DJ’s gotten better this year and although his rebounding and shot blocks are a factor, he is still more of a spectacular and glamorous dunker which doesn’t win you vital games. His main liability is his poor FT shooting. If he dramatically improves that for the next season, it’ll be a great help. In addition he should be able to control his fouls. CP3 did everything to get the LAC a win but the support cast is questionable. Also, when you move the ball a lot “wonderful things happen” is what the BB guru’s say. Well, what happens when you take that away from a team and the shots don’t fall? Going to an alternative strategy is an option but you can’t just throw a switch and make it happen instantaneously. That is what happened to the LAC in game 5 and 6. You can’t just depend on ball movement when literally nanoseconds are left in the game. That is why Pop is the emperor of all coaches.

    • Tom says:

      Blake actually had more fouls in the regular season than Deandre whilst rebounding and blocking less. DJ is legit. Their main problem is having Big Baby as their back up big

  52. kavika6 says:

    All this talk about the best point guards and there’s not even a mention of the most successful point guard currently in the league? Where do you list three time champion and floor leader of the best team in the NBA, Tony Parker? He, just like his team is incredibly under-rated. When will he finally get the credit he deserves?

  53. Joe Miller says:

    Where the hell is tony Parker I believe he is the best point guard in the league. 3 rings 2 Olympic metals and more. Cp3 cannot compare to tony Parker sorry fellow

    Joseph Miller Sandaikichu Shihan Hakkoryu North America Representative Hakkoryu Taiheizan Dojo#8 Hachioji Tokyo Japan 192-0904


    • YoYo says:

      Stupid Parker got the great Tim Duncan and the great Manu fair to said he ride Timmy for those rings…

  54. Game Time says:

    If you don’t know much about basketball then you’re the type to grade a player like Paul based on how far he’s gotten in the playoffs. I’m also surprised there’s no reference to Nash who’s never played in the finals but is considered by many (myself included) one of the all time great point guards.

    • JM says:

      Well Nash has two MVP trophies… and back-to-back winning of those hardware… Jason Kidd was in that spot too until he won the ring in 2011….

      • Game Time says:

        Yeah and Nash got those around 31yrs old I believe, Paul is 29. The point is that people are writing off his career before it’s even ended, and that really shows a lack of knowledge for the sport.

    • okckd35 says:

      If paul would stop flopping and crying about every call he would be ok. The fact is that he is probably the biggest flopper in the nba. Had he not.tried to shoot the ball (flop for an extra free throw) westbrook would have never stolen the ball. His floppiness is hos own demise. Witch hunt on!

      • Game Time says:

        Coming from a Thunder fan I wouldn’t expect a smart comment. The real hunt is on next when the Spurs expose OKC for their defense. Especially now that their nut punching enforcer is out. Than again, most the OKC players are dirty enough to take his place.

      • 36yrfan says:

        ….well…..That might be PART of it , but NOT the main reason for “only” getting into the 2nd round. I think the main reason is because the team was in a state of flux ever since Doc jumped ship. I say that this was the 1st season under a new coach and next year they Will have some stability and not be adding new players to the roster all through the season……..just a thought……… PS: Remember , This is the “CLIPPERS” we are speaking of….you know, the decades long ‘doormat’ of the WC. Being a long time Spurs fan(since ’77-78) I see this Clippers turnaround –starting with the play of BG– as nothing short of miraculous !!!!

    • Zo says:

      right on!

      • TRP says:

        As a Laker fan I have to say credit should be given where credit is warranted, the Clippers have greatly improved, it is only due to the NBA and Stern. The NBA is ALL about money, don’t believe for a moment that anything else is as important. The west and south has the money for the attendance so they have built another money making venue in LA by not allowing the trade which would have sent CP to the Lakers. instead they opted to send Paul (yes, since the NBA owned the Hornets/Pelicans they sent CP) to join the Clippers, made some backroom deals to get Rivers TRADED from the Celts only to get bitten in the rear by an owner who does not deserve to have a championship caliber organization nor will he ever get that far. It is what it is and we’ll see what happens next season for the Clips.