Report: Van Gundy to coach, run Pistons’ front office

By Sekou Smith,

VIDEO: Stan Van Gundy to coach Pistons and run the front office

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Stan Van Gundy the basketball coach is a proven commodity, with five 50-win seasons on his resume and not one losing season. Stan Van Gundy the team president, however, is a rookie with no front-office experience to speak of.

The Detroit Pistons reportedly have tabbed Van Gundy to fill both positions, reaching an agreement in principle with the former Orlando Magic and Miami Heat coach, according to multiple reports and confirmed by TNT’s David Aldridge.’s Marc Stein was the first report the deal.

The deal is reported to be worth an estimated $35 million over five years. The official announcement could come as soon as Wednesday.

Van Gundy joins a short list of elite coaches who also serve as the personnel bosses for their franchises. San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich and the Los Angeles Clippers’ Doc Rivers also have final say on player personnel.

Popovich and Rivers, of course, have won championships. And they both have their teams playing in the Western Conference semifinals right now. Van Gundy’s teams did rank in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency in five of his seven full season as coach. Van Gundy, who was also being pursued by the Golden State Warriors, is taking over a Pistons franchise whose basketball operations were in shambles at season’s end.

Hall of Famer Joe Dumars stepped down as team president, and interim coach John Loyer — who replaced the fired Maurice Cheeks andlasted just 50 games on the job this season — was obviously not considered as a permanent replacement.

Van Gundy will have his work cut out for him. The Pistons have a talented but uneven roster, including young big man Andre Drummond as a building block for the future. They also have Greg Monroe, Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as a part of the current core.

But there’s no telling what direction Van Gundy will go this summer in putting his own imprint on this team and franchise. He’s spent the past two seasons as a broadcaster and spending time with his family. While he’s been candid about missing the competition and adrenaline rush that comes with coaching in the league, he said last week on an Orlando radio show that he would need a “great situation” to consider getting back into the mix somewhere.

Apparently, he found exactly that in Detroit.


  1. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Monroe, Drummond = twin towers

  2. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Bring back the teal jerseys.!!!!!!!

  3. Diehard piston fan says:

    Trade Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, not Greg Monroe. Josh Smith is not a team player and Brandon Jennings can’t get thru a ball screen.

  4. TheKush says:

    Congrats to him. But I think the Pistons need to get rid of JENNINGS! They fired Cheeks they should have tried to get rid of Jennings in the process. Jennings is NOT as good as Iverson was, he sure as hell isn’t no Isiah Thomas he’s skinny, he’s a ball hog, he doesn’t make his team better, he’s not a good defender and he has an ego. The Pistons have a big team and big men need the ball they need a distributor or a good point like a Jeff Teague or someone like that. Coaching won’t stop Jennings from being Jennings. If you’re an under sized point guard that likes to score you better play as hard as Iverson did and at the very least get your team deep into the playoffs. The Pistons made a huge mistake signing Jennings if anything he needs to work on his game in the offseason because I’m not a fan of his game AT ALL!

  5. Proven comodity! Sorry, but he has always had superstars on the roster, he’s been the luckiest coach in the game. He couldn’t win with e best centers in the NBA. All I remember van Grundy for is screaming for nothing, all the time. Let’s see what happens when Smith gets in one of his funks.

  6. joseph says:

    as long as SMITH keeps shooting his HORRIBLE 3’s / JENNINGS and MONROE dont play good D/ BENCH non-productive, STAN cant win games in Detroit.


  7. Josh says:

    This is a wise move by the Pistons. Stan Van Gundy is a perfect fit for this Pistons squad. His former Orlando Magic squad is very similar to the current Piston team right now. He had a promising young center (Dwight Howard) which is now reflected in Andre Drummond, also with a team that can get 3 happy with a lacking defensive base. Now with Van Gundy as the GM it’ll be interesting how he handles the Pistons in the off season. Greg Monroe is one player he should look at and see our options on if we should keep or get a more dominating defensive big man, or possibly a starting guard to help the offensive situation. Overall, coach Van Gundy is going to have a big impact on a team that’s coaching situation has been shaky for years. I’m excited to see what he does.

    • Markus says:

      SVG’s magic roster and the this piston roster are actually very different. The Magic surrounded Dwight with respectable shooters in Jameer Nelson, Courtney Lee, Hedo Turkoglu, and Rashard Lewis. The Pistons running this scheme with Josh Smith and his 26% 3pt percentage along with some combination of jennings,pope,singler (of whom none shot over 35 percent) with monroe and drummond would be an unmitigated disaster (though smith would likely cry tears of joy).

  8. Jonas says:

    Thats great news for the Pistons, as much as i like Dumars, he has made some bad calls during his tenure. I hope Jennings can find some consistency and hope Smith can bring that mean shot blocking to the table every night under Van Gundy. He is a proven coach who was probably unlucky to say the least with Orlando. Playoffs next year, unless they shuffle key players and decide to rebuild properly

  9. No 1. Aussie says:

    lol the Hamburgler is back!

  10. Chris says:

    I predict..

    George Karl to the Timberwolves
    Lionel Hollins to the Warriors
    Mark Jackson to the Lakers (I dunno. Stan would’ve been a good fit in LA)
    Steve Kerr to the Knicks is inevitable.

  11. Great Choice. There is NO way M Jackson, etc., would have come to Detroit. Those coaches end up in LA

  12. Great Choice. There is NO way that M Jackson would have come to the Pistons. He’ll probably end up in LA.

  13. big hoss says:

    Lol I was watching inside the nba tonight and Charles barkley said stan van gundy’s gonna have his hands full in Detroit coaching all those bums . Lol he called the pistons bums.

  14. Farmer Johnson says:

    Great move by the Pistons!! & as president no sensitive players can get him fired (this time),
    could be the best move this off-season in the league.


  15. B Radd says:

    It’s time to shop Greg Monroe. Why not make Drummond, Smith and Jennings the Pistons big three. The addition of a Luol Deng or a Trevor Ariza this off season would solidify their core. A win/win trade in my opinion would be Monroe for warriors small forward Harrison Barnes makes sense for both teams. The Warriors really need a big man on their front line. if they already have Iguodala at the small forward position then letting Barnes go for Monroe wouldn’t be a loss for them at all. Barnes could fill the small forward void the Piston’s needs to really bolster at.

  16. Tony says:

    I just hope he wouldn’t run the same system as he did in Orlando, I mean give the ball to the big man, in this case Dre Drummond, let him get double teamed and hit the open teammate for the three. I just don’t want to watch Josh Smith or Jennings talking 10 3’s every game…

    • mee(a)t says:

      Lol you’d hope that Josh Smith has been working on the three ball during the summer

      • Marvin Jones says:

        Working on the 3 ball, dude he’s a 10 yr vet, his 3 ball is what it is now. There is no way I would have Smith or Jennings as part of any “big 3”. They should resign Monroe , trade Smith and Jennings, draft K Anderson, retain Siva and Jorts and give Gigi a legitimate shot at some minutes.