Blogtable: Heat’s chances, up or down?

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LeBron James (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

LeBron James (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

> Are you more convinced, or less, from what you’ve seen in the playoffs, that the Heat can/will threepeat? Why?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comAs convinced as ever, which means, as convinced as when I picked them at the start of the season to three-peat. Haven’t seen enough from any of the competition, or enough that worries me about the Heat, to come off that pick. I’m expecting Spurs-Heat II in The Finals and I can grasp the Hollywood story line of a San Antonio redemption from last year’s Game 6. But Miami has the best player on the planet and, even if he’s more in Cleveland mode now, lugging some less helpful teammates, I think that’s enough.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comMy feelings haven’t changed from the start of the playoffs or most of the season. Can they? Of course. They’ve been to The Finals three years in a row, have won twice, have the institutional knowledge how to get it done. And they have that LeBron fellow. Will they? Isn’t that why we play the games, even the last 28 seconds of Game 6? If both are at the peak of their games, my Finals pick is the same as last year — Spurs in 6.

Jeff Caplan, Honestly, I can’t say I’ve been swayed one way or the other. The level of competition in the East, including this somewhat resuscitated version of the Pacers (Game 5, gulp!) has given the Heat a golden road to get back to The Finals. But I also see vulnerabilities that the Spurs, Thunder or Clippers can all exploit. Still the King is the King. LeBron James might not have won the MVP trophy, but he can still dictate a game like no other player in the league.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Slightly more convinced. I was among those convinced at the start of the playoffs that the champion would come from the West. But now, after the demolition derby of a first round in the West, when even the best teams got threatened, it is fair to wonder again about the tough path to The Finals in contrast to the comparatively easy run for the Heat. If Miami does not get the challenge from the Pacers we spent most of the regular season waiting for, then it is another bonus for the defending champs.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comLess convinced, mostly because it’s becoming clear that postseason Dwyane Wade is the same as regular season Dwyane Wade. Maybe he’s got another gear for the last two rounds, but we haven’t seen much from him thus far. Shane Battier has also taken a clear step backward from last season and not having Mike Miller as that extra shooter hurts. LeBron James’ supporting cast is simply not as good as it was in previous years and Miami’s defense hasn’t been very consistent either.

Sekou Smith, They haven’t shown me any reason to waver in my belief that they are more than capable of getting back to The Finals and complete their three-peat mission. ​And it has as much to do with the competition as it does with the Heat. Has anyone in the East final four done anything to convince you that they are ready to snatch the Heat’s throne? Neither Indiana nor Washington strikes fear into the hearts of Heat fans. And the Nets are giving a game effort, but clearly are on the verge of extinction this season. So they needed a monster 49-point effort from LeBron the other night. Big deal. The Heat remain the favorites until someone knocks them down for at least an 8-count (as the Spurs did in Game 6 of The Finals last year … and remember, they got back to their feet and won that fight anyway).

Lang Whitaker, All Ball Blog: I realized while I was sitting there in Barclays Center during Game 4 of the Nets/Heat series that I’ve been in attendance at six of Miami’s eight playoff games so far this postseason. Heading into the playoffs, I picked Miami to come out of the East almost by default. But after spending so much time around the Heat players and coaching staff over the last three weeks, I’m more convinced than ever that the Heat are going to three-peat. For the most part they’ve looked brilliant — moving the ball, defending well, getting clutch shots and performances from a variety of players. I know LeBron’s Cleveland-esque offensive resurrection in Game 4 might have scared some people off, but to me it was just proof that even when nothing else is working, the King can still carry this squad. Maybe even to a title.


  1. TP says:

    Lang Whitaker is obviously a Heat fan boy. He should be a ticket season holder instead.

  2. ROMULO CATOR says:

    I strongly believe that Lebron James and the Miami heat’s chance to win the three peat is up. Number one foremost
    reason is the fact that Indiana Pacers is not prepared to be competitive. Roy Hibbert is not ready. One night he does
    not score with no rebound either. Next night he sores 4 with 2 rebounds. Other night he scores big like 28 points and 11 rebounds. In the playoffs you have to be consistently good.
    Indiana Pacers have to prove a lot more. Miami Heat has proven already. That is why I am almost sure that Miami will
    do it again. Three peat for Miami Heat is on the way!!!

  3. ROMULO CATOR says:

    MIAMI HEAT’s chance to win it’s 3rd peat is definitely up. miami HAS ALL THE TALENTS TO DO IT. Rey Allen clutch
    shooting is always there when they need it. Plus of course the bench. Miami is the team to win.

  4. Aussie says:

    How many people are sick and tired of the cHeat bandwagon fans calling anyone who doesn’t love Miami haters. Itseems all they have is hate NOT cogent, reasoned ideas. So sad that the NBA has sunk to the level of encouraging these fools.

  5. I dont think they have it in them for a three-peat. Yes they have finished there series quick and been resting their players but the east doesnt have the level of competition like the west. But theres no doubt in my mind that it will be a rematch from last years finals. Spurs vs Heat. I will take the Spurs in 6 please. King James will carry his team that far ill givr him that. But he will not have the mental strength to defend his title from the Spurs this year.

  6. luis says:

    un solo arbol no hace monte,falta un tirador de 3como miller;el y ray allen ayudaron mucho en la final del este a los 3 magnificos, este año wade no esta ala altura de otros años,spoltra se esta equivocando con battier,cuando juega solo hay 4 en la cancha ;eso obliga al resto del equipo a desgastarse:tiene3hombres del banco que no los rota y necesita tener frescos en en la segunda mitad a los 3 magnificos.ojo cuidado con la altura ya han pasado sus sustos con los nets

  7. HEAT fan says:

    The Pacers haven’t been the same team they were at the beginning at the season, so Heat should get a pretty easy road to the Finals. If they face the Thunder, (which might as well could happen, considering OKC went 4-0 against the Spurs this regular season) they have more talent and the Thunder’s loss of Serge Ibaka will remove a huge defensive presence the Thunder could really use. If they face the Spurs, it will be a much harder fight. However, once again, Tony Parker has an injury. How much this will affect his performance is yet to be seen, but not having him at his max will be a costly loss for San Antonio. He is their “Instant Offense,” if you know what I mean. However, LeBron will always have his way in the paint, and the Heat will have plenty of rest. Heat for the three peat.

  8. Mike says:

    This is the worst blog of the playoffs. Don’t wait til the Eastern Conference playoffs to ask if Miami will win it again this year. They still have Indiana. This Post is way before its time. Let them get past Indy first. We’ve stonewalled Mr. Wall and hes one of the fastest guys in the league. Lets see how Whiny Wade plays with his broken knee caps, ankles, whatever. It going to be a real good series and I don’t think Wade or Chalmers will put up many numbers. Its going to be exciting to see who guards who.

    When Pacers find our matchups its like watching an oversized little league team beat up on shorter kids.


  9. Lebron james says:

    In the first 2 rounds . Will always advance to next round . So how you can say that the heat will not three peat . You are hater if you did’nt believe that miami heat will be three peat

  10. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Whatever.. So, LBJ’s post-game is 18 ft. away and facing the basket…
    Best point guard since Magic Johnson and can guard all 5 positions..
    Outcome: Heat 3x-Peat if Wade stays healthy

  11. Bryan says:

    The Heat have a great chance to another ring but it wont be because of lebron james ….
    Lebron hasnt chance sins Cleveland …
    with out Ray Allen’s shot last year we wouldnt be having this convo..
    and once again ray allen saved lebron again in the fourth quarter
    give credit where credit is due and the man here is Ray Allen

    • LOL says:

      right right. keep talkin botu people “savin” people. please. its a TEAM game Bryan. but keep on hatin

  12. Petar says:

    More convinced – less convinced! Nobody is “convinced”! Actually nobody know what will happen – that is the intrigue this year. The truth is that the teams 2013-14 are really big – deep – fast – strong and physical. Don’t tell me OKC are not deep (yes I am a fan) Jackson, Adams, Butler, Collison, oh I forgot… who do we have here: Derek Fish, and the sreaky Lamb. Spurs, LAC, Memphis, GSW they all are really great teams and it comes to a bit of luck in the end, especially in close games. Miami had extreme luck last year – that Game 6 comes only 30 times in 2000 games statistically. This year is the same – there are competitors which are hungry! Bring it on guys, whoever wins – deserves it in the end! This is “not the most important thing in the world” as Durant said. He is right bottom line. Great players are already sitting on the bank that could be Champs.

    • LOL says:

      no sorry Petar they didnt have extreme luck tho but you can keep on hatin

    • Aussie says:

      Typical cHeat fans again, if you are not a true believer you are a hater. What a waste of space these bandwagoners are.

  13. TheKing says:

    Heat chances will always be UP, cmon, how many more all stars and good players do you need?

  14. Faba says:

    Spurs vs Heat game 7 will be in san antonio and leonard will have his breakout as a superstar in the finals. I said it first.

  15. Troy says:

    As a long time Miami Heat fan, I started to worry again on Spo’s coaching last night. You can not let Birdman sit and let Nets to grab offensive rebounds for second chance points. At least use him when Nets had the ball.

  16. Esqibo says:

    It’s amazing how people where excited when the Nets were going to face the Heat in the playoffs. They said that the Nets will challenge and potentially beat the Heat. Now that the Nets are gone fishing after 5 games, the same people that were excited about the Nets playing the Heat in the post-season are saying that Miami’s lucky, east is weak, Heat were not challenged, blah blah blah…

    • Troy says:

      Miami Heat can always beat Nets. But I was upset on Spo’s coaching which I worry the most as a long time Miami Heat fan. How can you let Birdman sit on the bench on last minutes to let Nets to attach the board and grab the offensive rebounds? At least put him in when Nets had the ball…I was pulling my hair here in last minutes of the game..

  17. Gadget says:

    Well the your so called experts never got anything right so I guess a three-peat isn’t happening

  18. seriki says:

    It’s just a great game for miami

  19. Reggie says:

    Did anyone forget about the 2006 Heat? It seems that everyone now has amnesia about that one and they also won a championship ring at that time too. 4 appearances 3 rings about to be 4. Dynasty in the making if you ask me.

  20. DGIXIV says:

    11/12 in the paint against a team with no interior defense. Make him a scorer against a team with a rim protector, stop everyone else and make Lebron that 40pt scorer. He wont go 11/12 every night in a 7-game series with a rim protector there.

  21. Someone says:

    they might as well win it. San Antonio is still better than them but as we saw last June, being better doesn’t ensure a victory against an extremely lucky team

    • cjack3 says:

      You Dont get to the finals three years in a row, and win two of those finals championships in the NBA by being lucky, the miami heat are an extremely talented team

  22. Brons says:

    If a team has an easy path to a final, that doesn’t always mean a good path, we all know that the hardest path is usually the best for preparation and we also know that rest comes at a cost in the form of rust.
    OKC don’t have the weapons, for example KD scores 30points Westbrook scores 30pts, that’s only 60pts. Who is going to score the other 40 Ibaka 10pts Fisher 10pts maybe? OKC need to score heaps because they don’t play defence like most playoff teams who keep teams below 100 LAC scored 540 in 5 games.
    Every meaningful statement game that has been played between Heat and OKC has usually been over in the 3rd by +20points and garbage minutes with 6minutes left in the 4th. OKC have improved?? Yup KD has improved on offence but OKC as a team hasn’t improved. They do have Steven Adams though who will be awesome in a couple years.
    The Spurs have the best chance to beat the Heat but I can’t see it happening. You see the Heat have been coasting through the whole season going through the motions until they get to Eastern Conference Finals. That’s when we will see the true Heat

  23. reality check says:

    don’t blame the heat cause the east have weaker teams compared to the west. cause at the end of the day, the only reason why the west is so loaded. is because no one wants to go to the east to face miami heat. players chose to stay in the west the avoid the heat. let’s go heat!

  24. Duke says:

    The real NBA finals will be in the Western Conference finals. Should Miami get to the finals they will lose because the Spurs and the thunder are better than they were last year.

    • Marco29 says:

      Thunder would be get crushed again if they make it to the Finals. They are not deep enough. Spurs or even Clippers would be a much tougher match for Heat.
      Yet again it is unfair that the teams in the West have to fight like hell to get to the Finals while Heat can cruise (Indiana should no longer be a threat if they manage to beat Washington).
      At least whoever comes out of the West will have home court advantage this time.

    • Troy says:

      I am sorry but OKC is not a better team. They did have a chance with Harden to become a competitive team. They will not be a best team as long as Westbrook keep playing like the way he plays.

      • Aaron says:

        So a guy averaging nearly a triple-double hurts his team? Along with a couple steals here and there, maybe a block or two? Wow

  25. Anonymous says:

    LeBron James and the Heat are definitely poised and are definitely ready to take a three-peat. Even with history against them, I don’t see much competition that could definitely beat the Heat and prevent their three-peat. LeBron James and his support are all able to work together well in order to acheive another championship–Miami’s offense is too much at the moment. Other teams all have their chances, but I don’t feel that many of the teams have a real chance against the Heat. Three-peats rarely happen due to the fact that there is usually other greater competition elsewhere that is able to beat them. In Miami’s case, the best in the East are the Pacers, which the Heat have easily handled. In the West, San Antonio, the Clippers, and the Thunder all have not shown their ability to compete and fully keep up with the Heat and their great power. Not many people enjoy the league being dominated by one team, but remember that this is LeBron’s final season with the Heat, and that there still are many stars and rising stars out there that could be able to compete with LeBron and the Heat.

    • Marco29 says:

      If you think San Antonio did not fully keep up with the Heat in last year’s Finals, we did not see the same Series. They led 3 times in the Series, were 28 seconds away of winning it in game 6 and still made it a close game 7. Yes Heat finally won (as much as Spurs lost it by themselves and dur to Parker’s injury in game 3) but Spurs definiteky kept up with them.

      • LOL says:

        No Marco 29 the Spurs didnt lose it they Heat WON IT AND TOOK IT. But keep on hatin tho! y not

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Heat won’t three-peat. They may make it to the finals, but history is against them. Does anyone remember what happened to the last teams that tried to reached four straight finals? 1991 Pistons, 2003 Lakers and the 2011 Lakers. The Pistons team was eliminated by Jordan and the Bulls. Both Lakers teams were eliminated in the second round. With the exception of the Pistons team, both Lakers teams had what many considered to be the best players in the world at that time. Well arguably maybe not the 2011 Lakers team due to the fact that Lebron had his first year in Miami in 2011. My point is that the Lakers in 2011 were favored to return to the finals like the Lakers in 2003, but 2011 Lakers did not make it. Now this Heat team is not any of these teams, but returning to the Finals for the fourth straight year, and winning a title for the third straight year won’t be easy. Four straight finals appearances is like playing 5 regular seasons in terms of total games played. The 82-85 Lakers were the last team to do so, but even then they did not win the title all four years. The Lakers were in this position in 2011. Three previous finals appearances winning two titles with the exact same finals record as this Heat team: 2-4 lost first finals, 4-1 won second finals, 4-3 won third finals. The 2011 Lakers were eliminated by an underdog no one expected, an underdog that became the champions. No one thought fatigue would have been a factor. But Phil Jackson, the coach would three-peated not once, twice but three separate times said as much. So don’t be surprised if the “underdog” Pacers, Spurs or Thunder “magically” have their year. History is not on the Heat’s side.

  27. HK ROCKS says:

    There’s almost no doubt that the Heat will go into the Finals because there is simply no competition in the East. Despite how they thought they would own the Heat because of the one-sided head-to-head season record, the Nets just got ousted in 5, and a couple of the games weren’t even close. It is so difficult to be convinced that the Indiana gang can regroup and play the the time that owned the East during the first half of the season, mostly because of the uninterested Hibbert and a mediocre coach. So yes, Heat in the Finals.

    Weather or not they can win it all, it’s up in the air and everyone can has his own say. Miami would have a better chance against OKC because of 2 key elements: well-coached players, and better/deeper bench. When you watch OKC play, it is painful to watch because all you can remember in all these playoffs is the Westbrook doing crazy shots and layups and what not and KD catching fire on-and-off. But that’s not a well-coached team. They play street balls, one-on-one, crossover, pullup 3, and zero teamwork. So Miami will own them, in 5 or 6 games if they can go to the Finals at all.

    But the Spurs is such a great team. No superhero-minded player, great coach and they got a rockstar in Parker and an old-but-efficient TD. As a basketball fan, it is hard to not look forward to a Spurs-Heat matchup, which I think hope (not expect) Heat can win in 6.

  28. Sam says:

    I think OKC will take out the ring this year. Scott Brooks is an oft underestimated coach. I know not many will agree but I think OKC have the flexibility to deal with Heat small ball – Perk wont play much at all and it will be Ibaka and Adams at the 5, with Caron and KD sharing 3/4. It’s still a long way away but I’m calling it now. Been very tough series so far on the Thunder but I reckon they can come out of it battle hardened. OKC to take Spurs in 6 and then onto the Heat. And Westbrook will be Finals MVP.

  29. Shane says:

    For me, I don’t care about what others prediction. I strongly believe that Heat means 3Peat. King is king no matter what it takes. And he can keep his promise. #ipromise #striveforgreatness

    And I don’t see any humble player like LBJ. And I love the way he handle his self and love for his family. Thats why God will give him this ring.

  30. lethal dragon says:

    Mam the heat ain’t getting a threepeat. There burnt out after three straight trips to the playoffs, and the finals.

  31. Bob says:

    I am unsure about the East-West Conference argument. No doubt that the top 9-10 teams in the West had good seasons but this is not the only measure as to whether or not the West is tougher during the regular season.

    I regard tough games as physical games and highly defensive. The East is pretty tough in this area with Indiana, Chicago and may be the Nets. No longer Detroit on the list. The West seems to be more offensive. There are really good defensive teams in the West but they are not as physical (except Memphis) as the East. A more draining season could be playing your Eastern rivals 4 times as opposed to your Western rivals only twice.

    The other measure of a tough season is to look at how good/tough the bad teams in your conference are. You need to play these teams more as well.

    Number of wins does not mean a tough grueling season, it just means a competitive season. None of the teams looked that fresh going into the play-offs.

    • Marco29 says:

      You have a point about the difference in styles between both conferences, East plays tougher games but teams like Grizz, Spurs, OKC are also among the best defensive teams (in Defrating) and are not only abour offense,
      You are wrong about your measure of the bad teams in the conferences: Utah had a .305 record which would match Boston at 12th place in the East.
      Even if the games is somewhat more physical in the East, West teams win about .650 of the interconference games.So West teams would have higher records if they played in the East while Miami would be much lower if they played in the West. Besides, with its record of .659 Miami would not have been #2 but would have been tied for #4 or 5 in the West.

  32. Jay says:

    What is the heats weakness? A top center crashing the boards and throwing in some epic post moves. How many eastern conference teams have a really good low post game and rebounding? Pacers and formerly the nets. Nets don’t have a good series with the heat because the nets don’t have brook to get those high offensive numbers which would draw attention away from joe Johnson, deron Williams and pierce.
    Now when looking at the west, they had the grizzlies, warrior (no bogut), spurs, Portland, Houston, clippers, and Dallas. These teams all have exceptional big men ((not all post players) but all good big men). That’s the difference with the east and west when it comes to challenging Miami. The west can exploit Miami more than the east can. Nets would have a chance if they had their top scorer. Pacers might do something. But it is really the finals that the heat need to match up on.

  33. MVP does not equal best player. Remember the year Rose won it? LeBron guarded Rose and you know what followed. I think the Spurs are the worst matchup for the Heat, but OKC is a bad matchup for the Spurs. I see OKC-Heat in the Finals, and OKC doesn’t have enough pieces (all you need is to shut down Durant & Westbrook) to beat the Heat 4 times.

  34. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    if they play the Spurs in the finals, i don’t think they can beat them this year, they barely beat them last year.
    however the Spurs have huge problems with OKC, plus the league wants Durant – Lebron in the finals so i gues they’re going to play OKC and steamroll them

  35. Love4DGame says:


  36. Love4DGame says:

    @RUDI You don’t know what you are saying. I’ll tell you something you don’t realize yet. The only reason why the Heat have a legit chance of proceeding onto the finals because they are playing where? Eastern Conference. Sure Pacers would be a tough matchup for them but playoff teams in the east aren’t deeper than the west. Heck, if they were at the west they would never stand a chance farthest they can go is at the conference finals. So there is no real challenge right now for Miami, and about James being the best player in the world, stop it. Durant won the MVP basically he’s the real best player today.

    • LBJthaking!!!! says:

      Wow ignorance…….Lebron James has 2 rings and 4 mvps(shuld b 5) and ur telling me Kevin Durant is better?!!!! Lebron wuld stomp on Durant. Durant is way too skinny

    • Aaron says:

      Durant won the MVP, yes, but LeBron is still better overall. Durant is close, but not quite there. For one, LeBron can guard all 5 positions, with minimal disadvantages. Durant cannot say the same. LeBron is also more efficient (barely), and is more of a playmaker than Durant. Plus, LeBron has two titles and has 4 of the last 6 MVP awards, not just his first with four scoring titles.

  37. Love4DGame says:

    You don’t know what you are saying. I’ll tell you something you don’t realize yet. The only reason why the Heat have a legit chance of proceeding onto the finals because they are playing where? Eastern Conference. Sure Pacers would be a tough matchup for them but playoff teams in the east aren’t deeper than the west. Heck, if they were at the west they would never stand a chance farthest they can go is at the conference finals. So there is no real challenge right now for Miami, and about James being the best player in the world, stop it. Durant won the MVP basically he’s the real best player today.

    • HeatThreePeat says:

      your a sleep

    • Baller says:

      mj didn’t win mvp every year either, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t the best player. Lebron is still #1, reg season success is great but kd is still unproven in the playoffs. KD has to win a championship just like lebron did to prove himself. yes the west is loaded but the heat have beaten the best team from the west 2 years in a row and spurs are by far the worst matchup for the heat and they still beat them, okc and clippers are better matchups for the heat.

    • issacksimon says:

      Don’t you mean this year buddy. LeBron has more rings KD Zero meaning he is nothing until he gets the first ring brother!!

  38. lovethe305 says:

    I love the Heat, I’m sure that they will be in the finals, but it kills me to say, spurs in 6, i hate the spurs

  39. jdub455 says:

    No doubt, the heat will capture the crown!!

  40. Rudi Tambunan says:

    If we want to give real challenge to King James, as a best player on the planet in the NBA Finals this year, we just want one name: Kevin Durant with his OKC Thunder. But if we want to challenge the Heat, Spurs is the best candidate. Miami will cruise to threepeat. James 4, OKC 2

  41. Duane Murrill says:

    Oh one more thought, the Heat are winnning games and DWade hasn’t had a flash moment yet, however you would have to know that it’s coming. Again Heat in 6

  42. Duane Murrill says:

    Ok I most certainly think that the Heat can repeat, unless something is injected into the Pacers and they somehow find their games as well as their hearts, they are in big trouble. Bigggg trouble, however I honestly believe that the only team in the NBA that could possibly beat the Heat in a seven gane series are the Spurs, and that’s iffy. However it will be great to see how it all plays out. Heat in 6

  43. ism says:

    Again, I would like to call into memory Sekou Smith’s opinion from early this season:

    – only worried about the Heat if in a Game 7 on the road or one of the Big 3 injured –

    Pretty straightforward and still valid, to me. But, I understand, we need to keep the blog rolling every day… :p

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion. By the way, the only other remaining championship team in these playoffs is the Spurs, which I would also never bet against. So, stay tuned for another exciting 50/50 Finals that might go down to the wire and leave one team with nothing but half a championship – you know, the one the Spurs won last year.

  44. MarbleMadness says:

    Just an FYI to Sekou: You wrote “So they needed a monster 59-point effort from LeBron the other night”

    I believe you meant “49-point effort”


  45. okckd35 says:

    The heat get a clear advantage over any team in the west. Miami always has a terribly easy schedule every year and gets to beat up on teams with losing the playoffs. Miami would not be 3 peating if they played in the west. NBA needs to do.something aboit schedule strength. The 2 time defending champions should not have one of the 5 easiest schedules.every year. If SA or OKC got to play the eastern conference during the playoffs they too would be well rested for the finals. Since OKC isnt in Seattle they should be moved to.the east to challenge miami

  46. thespectator says:

    you can make the argument that the team collectively arent playing well, then again its all about match ups and how the games are being played..each game is different..some games youll have lBJ drop 30+ some games youll have him and dwade and bosh go for 50+ and the role players get double figures, some games we will see the flash and cb have big games…it all depends on the games itself…but ultimately miami finds a way to win, they have the rings, the mindset and the best player on mother earth…you ask yourself..who can beat this miami heat team 4 times out of 7..apart from the spurs i cant say any other teams name confidently..

  47. Rohan says:

    The east conference teams, baring the heat, are so bad in offensive execution. You watch the west playoff games and then switch to east games, you will immediately see a hell lot of a difference. I really wish one of the west teams, any team, that made it to the playoffs was in the east conference, heat would not make to the finals then. Apart from the heat, I think the spurs are happy too that the heat are in eastern conference because the spurs WANT the heat to make to the finals. The Spurs in 5 or 6 in finals.

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      You are too naive to think the Spurs want the Heat to make the Finals, they want an Indiana Pacers team with their ups and downs and their offensive problems. Heat role players may not be as good as last year but they are just as dangerous, whenever you think they are vulnerable Lebron drops 49, or Bosh/Allen hits a 3 point buzzer beater. I mean nobody in the league is better than them at that extra gear.

  48. Erlo says:

    I can’t see Brooklyn beating the heat. I can’t see the Pacers (pending allowing Roy Hibbert to mug people without calling fouls like they sometimes do) beating the heat. The only team that looks good enough is the Spurs. Heat vs Spurs, Heat in 6.

  49. grantstern says:

    I agree with Larry. The Miami Heat have a totally healthy, strategically focused and talented roster. They can win a game in many different ways, with contributions by many players – and ultimately hold a trump card having the best player in worldwide basketball today on top of that. This year’s roster is just as capable, committed and ready to support LeBron James and even when the King scored 49 points, it would’ve been a lamentable loss without the efforts of his teammates.

    Think about how desperate the Nets became on Monday night to employ a defense that basically dared LeBron James to beat them as a one man show. Lost in the high point total, and carrying his team was the superlative 75% FG shooting performance.

    If the rest of the NBA’s playoff teams decided to bail on the paint for the rest of the playoffs, Lebron could shoot 16/24 from the field to score 49 points nightly and the Heat cruise to a 3peat.

    • leborn jaems says:

      its 66% FG.. and one man shows in the playoff is clearly not gonna work.. however, heat is not a one man show so threepeat is highly likely..