24-Second thoughts — May 13

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: Bradley Beal and the Wizards stayed alive

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Quick Change is my favorite halftime act at NBA games.

Has been for years.

And they will be until something or someone comes along to dethrone them …

They are also our honorary moniker for tonight’s action, because things do indeed change quickly in the conference semifinals. Just ask Roy Hibbert.

Game 5s for both the Pacers and Wizards and later on the Thunder and Clippers will show us exactly how all four teams react to the quick change that has come in their respective series.

Things changed so quickly in both the last time we saw them all on the floor, with both the Clippers and Pacers rallying back from huge deficits to win Game 4s on Sunday.

This very easily could have a been a night for closeouts. The Pacers have that chance, up 3-1 and playing on their home floor. The Thunder, of course, are deadlocked at 2-2 after the Clippers’ miraculous Game 4 comeback.

So while it’s win-or-go-home night in Indy for John Wall and his Wizards …

It's #WINorGoHome for @john_wall & the @officialwashingtonwizards tonight!

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The Clippers and Thunder are guaranteed to go at it again, no matter what happens tonight.

Get your popcorn ready …

24 — Unbelievably sloppy start for the Pacers and especially the Wizards (seven turnovers in the first quarter), and yet they still lead after the first. It helps when your big man, Marcin Gortat, is working harder than anyone else on the floor during that span (11 points, six rebounds, one steal, one block and 12 hustle plays).

23 — Wait a minute, Luis Scola time! A 10-0 Indiana run gives the home team 27-25 lead …

22 — The Wizards are not playing like a team in the midst of their defining moment. So careless with the rock. Playing like it’s a preseason game …

21 — Hey, guess who’s on his way bizzzack to the bench (and more)?


20 — Wizards outworking the Pacers big time in the second quarter and pushed their lead to 10 (45-35). Hard to figure these Pacers out. No killer instinct on close-out night is a strange sign. Wizards fighting for their playoff lives, however, is what you love to see …

19 — Gortat and Co. destroying the Pacers on the glass!

18 — QUICK CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 — BBQ Pierogi Alert … it’s a dumpling Shaq, not a sausage. Underdog, put that on a T-shirt!

At the half on TNT, the @officialwashingtonwizards lead the @pacers 45-38. #nbaplayoffs

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16 — It’s a make or miss league and right now, John Wall is making ’em. Seventeen and counting for the Wizards’ All-Star PG …

Meanwhile, the Pacers are doing it again …

Or better yet, Gortat is doing it to them …

15 — Freud couldn’t figure these Pacers out …

14 — Marcin The Machine!

13 — Welp!

VIDEO: Magic Johnson responds to Donald Sterling with Anderson Cooper

12 — Looks like the winner of the Early Game 4 Hangover Sweepstakes goes to …

11 — Stan Van Gundy coaching the Pistons makes plenty of sense. His front-office credentials, however …

10 — No hometown love for Blake Griffin, not five games into this series …

9 — Thunder rolling right now, with CP3 out of the mix with the two fouls …

8 — But BG stayed hot and J.J. Redick kept the Clippers in front at the half. Impressive stuff from the road warriors in this series once again …

7 — Amen!

6 — Officials in this night-cap are taking a bigger beating in the social media universe than even the Pacers …

5 — @JCrossover  is the master of the and-1

4 — KD needs to go ahead and join that kid’s framily, anything to escape this shooting nightmare tonight  …

3 — Oof!

2 — Huge box out and rebound of a BG miss on the second of two free throws leads to a CP3 dagger with 49.2 seconds left. Clippers hanging on to a 104-97 lead. Serge Ibaka failed to box Big Baby out properly. Crucial mistake in a game filled with them for the home team … if only KD and Russ weren’t there to rescue your bacon in the final minute. #giventhawaygame4takethawaygame5

1 — Good luck trying to make sense of this finish … CRAZY!

VIDEO: The wild Game 5 finish sees the Thunder serve up revenge for Game 4


  1. Your Floppiness says:

    I can image Clipper fans will be complaining/crying all day on here. So I will post once and be done. But CP fouling WB on a 3, late what a stupid move. WB has been horrible from the 3 point line! But dude needs a wheel barrel if ya know what I mean for knocking down all 3. Bottom Line Clippers flop like crazy and are usually on the other end of bad calls. So a little taste of your own medicine is what the basketball gods served up!

  2. GilBangs says:

    your right refs could defenitely do better, but CP3 clearly gave the game away this ones on him entirely. Was painful to whatch the supposed best point guard in the world in the last few minutes…

  3. review the fouls says:

    Bottom line is CP3 blew the game. For whatever reason, he just did and we can’t blame the refs for a team’s shortcomings. The refs defined OKC-Miami 2 years ago, but again, bottom line is the Heat played better and won. The Mavs won against the referees the year before that anyway. The Spurs can’t seriously speak about a foul in the last play of Game 6 last year when they flat out gave away their lead. Take responsibility. Durant is the MVP, the NBA is a business and thus his team will get some calls. Just chill, make your free throws (you’ve all shot over 100000000 in your life by this point), and win the game. Everything else is just a circle of life. Durant will get thieved against Lebron, then when Durant is MVP he will thieve others. But if you are clearly the best team the refs can do nothing to stop you- unless you are the 2002 kings). Shame for CP3, i am convinced that if the Clips got out of this series they would get the ring. One last thing NBA: If you are gonna review 12 plays in the matter of 20 seconds and piss off the fans anyway, you might as well review the fouls. If you don’t, it seems like you’ve left one component out of the refereeing call change only so you can still ”more credibly” manipulate games.

    • krespino says:

      I think everybody has now seen the nonsense in the “CP3 is the best point in the NBA” thing.
      Have been saying that for years. CP3 is not a championship team PG. He is just a stats accumulator in unimportant regular season games.
      A championship caliber PG should be able to come up in critical playoff or championship games to win the game by himself when necessary. Rajon Rondo is that PG, Tony Parker is. Russell Westbrook surely has that caliber, he can win games himself.
      See the result of CP3 – Westbrook matchup, when CP3 scores 25 points Westbrook scores 35.
      I would take young PG’s John Wall, Kyrie Irving, and maybe even Damian Lillard two years from now, over CP3 in terms of being the floor general in criticial games.
      The Clippers compiled a championship roster this year and they will most likely have wasted their opportunity because of CP3.
      The reality is, they will not be any better next year, with CP3, or the year after.