Morning Shootaround — May 10

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League appoints CEO to run Clippers | Pacers rediscovering groove | Westbrook brilliant again | Magic: Clippers won’t play for Shelly Sterling

No. 1: Richard Parsons takes over Clippers — The NBA announced on Friday that former chairman with Citigroup and Time Warner Richard Parsons was appointed interim CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers. Parsons will represent the team as the franchise goes through the process of finding a new owner, following the decision by NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ban team owner Donald Sterling for life. Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times caught up with Parsons to discuss his role:

“I am going to be the interim CEO of the team. In terms of the management of the team, I’ll be the owners’ representative, in terms of the relationship of the team for the NBA and its ongoing function.”

What he’ll do:

“The team from a business perspective is leadership. Now [Coach] Doc [Rivers] is the man on the basketball side. Thank goodness for him. But in terms of operation of the team, well, you don’t have an owner who can be present and you don’t have a CEO who is running the shop. And you have probably hundreds of employees, a score of players, you have advertisers, fans and ticket holders who are saying, ‘Who’s in charge here? Where is this thing going?’ We’re going to try and answer that question for them and settle things down and get things stabilized and make sure that this franchise does not lose value. We want it to continue to move in an ascending direction as it has been.”

How long does he plan to be around?

“Hopefully we’ll get things in order. I know that the NBA and Commissioner Silver are committed to moving forward ideally with cooperation with Mr. Sterling to change ownership, a transition ownership. So my initial thought is I would be there through the period of transition. A, to get things in order, and B, to keep things in order.”

His reaction to the news that Shelly Sterling wants to keep the team.

“That is really between the Sterlings and the NBA. My job is to really be a conservator of the assets, to manage the assets so it runs properly, we keep the momentum, we build the value while that question of ownership is being bought out in another arena, an arena in which I’m not standing.”

“I plan to run it until we A, restore order and then B, maintain it and hopefully through a transition process.”

When does he start?

“I’ll be out next week.”


No. 2: Pacers act like contenders again — For the first time in these playoffs, the Eastern Conference’s No. 1 seed played like a No. 1 seed. The league’s top defense during the regular season squashed the Washington Wizards, holding them to just 63 points. Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz was there and shares the details of a team that just might be rediscovering its groove:

For the first time in this postseason, the Pacers imposed their considerable will on an opponent, did it on the road against the up-and-coming Washington Wizards, played to the smash-mouth identity they forged in the first 60 games of this regular season.

After getting punched in the grill in Game 1 and barely surviving at home in Game 2, the Pacers finally looked like a team with NBA Finals aspirations, pounding the Wizards 85-63. In the process, they took back home-court advantage and grabbed a 2-1 lead in this Eastern Conference semifinal series.

These were the Pacers of November, December and January.

These were the Pacers who inspired the Miami Heat to go out and sign Greg Oden in order to match up with Roy Hibbert.

These were the Pacers who were once viewed as a candidate to reach the NBA Finals.

Question: Where’s this team been since the All-Star break?

Answer: Beats me. Beats Frank Vogel and Larry Bird and Pacers’ fans, too.


No. 3: Westbrook battles Paul toe-to-toe — Clippers point guard Chris Paul is regarded as the best point guard in the league. His counterpart with the Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook is giving the slighter Paul all he can handle in a semifinal series the Thunder now lead 2-1. Westbrook followed up his efficient triple-double in the Game 2 win with 23 points on 50 percent shooting, 13 assists and eight rebounds. Paul had 21 points and 16 assists, but it wasn’t enough. Anthony Slater of the The Oklahoman has more:

Kevin Durant continued his MVP play, scoring 36 points and nailing a lethal late-game fadeaway to help seal it. Serge Ibaka played his best offensive game of the playoffs – scoring 20 points on 9-of-10 shooting.

But it was Westbrook, again, who masterfully captained the ship.

He finished with 23 points, 13 assists and eight rebounds, coming up just short of what would have been his fourth triple-double of the playoffs and second in a row, something that hasn’t been done since Jason Kidd in 2002.

But more than the numbers, it was the calm aggression he played with and the smart decisions he continues to make. He had only two turnovers and made seven of his 14 shots, with only three of those 3-pointers.

Dating back to Game 6 against the Grizzlies, Westbrook looks like a different player, dynamic as ever but under control at all times.

And that was particularly true in the game’s biggest moments on Friday night.

With the Thunder clinging to a 106-103 lead with three minutes left, Westbrook whirled in for an important layup. A minute later, after two big Clippers shots had cut OKC’s lead back to one, Westbrook rose for an in-rhythm three. He knocked it in, continuing his smart and potent long-range shooting in this series (6-of-12 overall in the three games) and capped it off with his patented 3-point holsters.


No. 4: Magic says Clippers won’t play for Shelly SterlingMagic Johnson said Clippers players won’t stand for Shelly Sterling retaining 50 percent of her ownership stake in the team and that if she does, the players will not play. Eric Prisbell of USA Today has more:

“Those guys are not going to play for anybody (named) Sterling,” Johnson told USA TODAY Sports and two other reporters at the Omni Dallas Hotel. “It’s just how it is. It’s hard to separate the two. … It’s going to be hard for them to sell that to the fans and definitely to the players.”

USA TODAY Sports reported on Thursday that Shelly Sterling intends to remain a 50 percent owner of the Clippers, even though the NBA banned her husband for life in the wake of his racist remarks that were tape recorded and released by the website TMZ. Shelly Sterling said she would remain a passive owner and does not want to be involved in running the team.

But Johnson said it is impossible to separate Shelly Sterling from her husband, even though her voice was absent from the audio recording. He noted past allegations about deplorable living conditions by tenants who lived in properties owned by the Sterlings.

“When they accused them of (being) slumlords, that was both, it wasn’t one person,” Johnson said. “It was both of them. … They will never recover from this. All the sponsors pulling out, they will pull out for good if she is owning it. It’s not going to be the same.”

When asked to characterize his level of interest in buying the Clippers, Johnson said he wanted to wait until the team is officially up for sale before he states his interest level. Johnson has said that he one day wants to own an NBA team.

“First of all, we have to all remember that that is a long way away,” Johnson said. “The board of governors first has to vote him out. Donald Sterling is going to fight it. You know that. It is going to be a long time.

“I have other things to do before I just say my level of interest. The team has to be up for sale. And I think that is going to be eight months to a year. Once it’s official, that it’s really up for sale, we’ll take a look at it.”


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  1. Juan says:

    Sterling is an 80 years old crone, and it shows

  2. Eric says:

    Now. I found Magic is a bigger D-bag now for telling people Clips won’t play for Sterling family. He sees the potentials of money making and now he wants the team not to play and he will steps and once again. He returns as LA hero! What a D-bag

  3. scottji says:

    Forgive the man! Why not forgive the man. I am SURE he will learn and change for the BETTER! FORGIVE THE MAN. LET HIM KEEP HIS TEAM. HAVE THE PLAYERS AND THE PUBLIC. LEARN WHAT FORGIVENESS IS. THAT RACISM IS WRONG. Instead of TEACHING TO CONDEMN OTHERS for their WRONG DOINGS. Your country has the HIGHEST INCARCERATION LEVELS IN THE WORLD. AND OF ALL TIME!!!! LEARN FORGIVENESS NBA. LEARN FORGIVENESS AMERICA. GOD IS REAL. NAMASTE! (I bet you are too much of a coward. To post this comment. And leave it there). THE END!

  4. Benjamin Revoy says:

    Funny, if my boss were a racist I doubt I’d have much more, but than the choice of quitting. Go ahead, don’t play and don’t get paid. Since when do views expressed in private by your boss constitute a mutiny?

  5. George Smith says:

    Why doesn’t Magic just stay out of it. This whole thing can be diffused by Magic saying that we accept his apology and forgive him. If black people and the world can forgive the man who was the poster child for racism and who actively promoted it, George Wallace, we certainly can forgive an old foolish man who was jealous and in a private conversation generalized, like we all sometimes do…

  6. milosz says:

    I don’t think that Magic has enough money to own an NBA team, to be an owner you must have a few hundred millions, he could have a few % like Jay-Z but not the majority

  7. E says:

    They should sell the team to Seattle…

  8. Kodi says:

    Everyone need to realize that this is not about sterlings or magics.. They need to realize that before all these players boycott and you won’t have Clippers…mon Paul’s No Griffins.. Please end this sauga… Let clippers live… People at wrong they know who they are just please back down and bow out gracefully.. You are going to survive… Let this game go on in LA… Otherwise we will loose it….

    • George Smith says:

      Bottom line – if there is an NBA team then professional basketball players will play for that team. They are not going to turn down the millions of dollars that they will be paid just because Magic doesn’t like Sterling and wants to keep racism going in order to have a chance to buy the team.

  9. Tyrone says:

    This situation actually produces a situation where everyone can do something about racism. If you support the Clippers by viewing their games or buying their merchandise, your actions show that entertainment trumps racism to you. And until Donald Sterling no longer profits from the Clippers, that’s the case.

    That’s just the reality – don’t get mad at me for it.

  10. Scorpio says:

    So Shelly will be punished for the stupidity of someone else? Maybe we should punish Magic too, after all his picture is what started Sterling’s comments so obviously he should be ousted too. Come on NBA, stop turning into the NFL, quit being stupid.

  11. Demetreus Newton says:

    Lmao I didn’t know it was so many racist NBA fans I tell you what go be black for a day and then.maybe you will understand why everyone is upset the ignorance on here smh

  12. Ron says:

    Sounds like this old man was framed by magic and this lady. Majority of people have some type of prejudice, from either bad experiences or their culture enfluences. So this is a case of a little jealousy and some prejudice. So why are we hating so much on this guy. Is it only cause magic has made it bigger than what it really is, with the help of the media, or are we going to make people sale their business every time they make a commit we don’t agree with? If that was the case than 95% of every business is up for sale and magic should not be able to buy this franchise due to his involvement of this mess.

  13. Keep Ballin says:

    Look… racist attitude or not is someone’s choice their freedom to choose to act.. and its fully their right, even though its wrong but hey we all do the wrong things now and then. We fall and we learn.

    First of all what i dont understand is… for example.. you own a store and you make a racist comment.. how in the world could someone else able to drive you away from YOUR OWN store?.. is that legally possible? i dont think so… its YOURS …

    Second. What’s the big fuss? Sterling isnt the only racist in USA… i would bet billions of dollars he is not the only racist so whats the big fuss all about?

    Third… Magic seems to be desperate to drive sterling away from the ownership.. since he has foreseen the value of clippers in the future. not many other teams has more value that clippersi NOT MANY. and he thought that because of forced selling… the price might lower a bit than what the real value should be…. THATS NOT COOL MAGIC! but evil.

    fourth… why dont everyone get over it… its done and gone its in the past… black will be black and white will be white. yellow will be yellow. NOTHING could ever change that. racist bad? yes… but is it our RIGHT to make someone stop being racist? NO.. its THEIR CHOICE in life… we human have right to act and react… as also take our consequences.

    • artifex says:

      You forget that despite being owner of one NBA team, this one team is part of the NBA, owned by all 30 team owners. So, he’s only 1 of 30. And of course the other 29 have a say of what’s going on in “their” league, represented by their commissioner.
      You can compare to a chain of independent whole food stores under the same label. If you raise a scandal about the items you sell, the others can kick you out of the chain. A bit different in the NBA a franchise won’t easily be kicked out but of course the league acts towards its own interests.
      And I think it’s 2 different matters of what you do outside the league (his housing allegations) and what concerns the league (racist reaction against guests AT THE LEAGUES games).
      Now, if Johnson – as potential buyer – is the right one to speak for the Clippers players I don’t know…
      Nor about the standpoints of Shelley… ad hoc I have less problem with her having the name Sterling than having no interest in the franchise, but still wanting to be owner… that makes no sense to me and doesn’t sound healthy for the franchise.

    • jeff says:

      Stop crying whos gonna work for a racist owner in the nba owner. Lets be real you cant play basketball without players so they have no choice its a business decision they clippers will lose out on top players in the future

  14. used to be fan says:

    What does Shelly have to do with it? And how many owners gave said bad things in privat. NBA is just afraid to loose their black fanbase which they would not have even if they would have handled this matter appropriately.

    • jeff says:

      They lost endorsements because of sterling when somebody makes u lose money in a business u get rid of them i dont keep them

  15. man against racism says:

    People are commenting on Magic and him wanting to buy a team… but nobody would be commenting about this whole subject if it wasn’t for this racist man the owner of an NBA team with BLACK PEOPLE on it opening his big mouth and telling a woman who is MIXED RACE by the way not to invite black people do his games.. some of you need a morality check.

  16. hammar says:


    • He said what he said! says:

      This is not about cheating but about the words that came out of his mouth. At the end of the day..he said what he said and was not forced to say it!!

  17. I'm just sayin' says:

    This whole situation is complete BS just a business attempt at the Clippers. I’ve been close enough to hear more racist comments from players slip nightly but is it brought up, NO. How many players out there can honestly say they haven’t made worse comments racially, without lying, not many.

    • used to be fan says:

      Agree its if he got framed. What is this the mafia? There should be rule if law even for businesses when it comes to whatever one says in privat. Freedom in America has to reflect on business practices as well. The Man wad just trash talking. NBA may alienate their white fanbas as whites know that some blacks (good ol Barkley) talk smack about whites without scandal. What exactly is White America supposed to mean. Whatever nba is hypocritical I am going to watch another sport.

  18. Whitey says:

    I still don’t get why these players continue to cash this RACISTS checks ?

    • LTowelie says:

      Because its all about money. I would bet most of them say hey he might be racist but im still getting paid.

  19. ENDB says:

    Well, clearly Magic wants all for himself! He just played some basketball – ok he played it very very well – but does not mean he is entitled to all things now.. I hope he never gets any team ever

  20. jty7271 says:

    Legally the Sterlings probably could keep the team, but no one would want to play for them or go to their games, so what’s the point?

  21. archeonix says:

    Mr. Sterling is NOT an Israeli. His opinions and observations are deeply skewed by his racist attitudes. Mr. Johnson is not a Clipper. His statements are skewed by his desire to own the team.

  22. wak9 says:

    no Stirling should be an owner anymore. Not his wife not his son not nobody with that last name. Sorry but Donald ruined it for not only himself but his family too.

  23. Rolando says:

    Magic Johnson is irate because Donald Sterling singled him out. He has a right to be upset. Magic Johnson cannot decide and should not comment on anyone else but Donald Sterling. Why is he being racist himself, and excluding Mrs. Sterling and any other Sterling from NBA ownership!

  24. Go Sleep Magic says:

    Obviously what Magic says is irrelevant because the players are still going and playing on the court despote the wife sitting in the stands. If the players really cared they would have stopped playing and made a statement. These are grown men and they dont need johnson to tell them who they should or should not play for.

  25. Knowlook says:

    No legal beagle here but I’m surprised that the NBA is not exploring all of its avenues with respect to leverage of ousting an unwanted owner… Perhaps it’s been discussed however I would have figured this option would already have been circulated in the media. Because there might be an easier way to disband Sterling in perpetuity sooner than later.

    The only true fair solution is to disband the Clippers, by League vote at season’s end. After which, they should nominate 2 or 3 qualified parties to take over a new LA based franchise. Get a new owner. new brand. Goodbye Clipper curse aka Donald Sterling.

    This may mean creating free agents on that current team’s roster or having a dispersal/expansion draft–but let’s face it, does the NBA want to keep this guy’s dirty laundry as the lead story for the foreseeable future? What if sponsors shy away from the NBA brand as a whole? IT CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE.

    Not sure what the directives are in their constitution, which they since published in light of the allegations, but the best choice is to let the Sterlings keep the Clippers–it just won’t be an NBA franchise. That’s how you turn a billion dollars into dust with the stroke of a pen…and he’s earned every lost penny for his disregard to basic human rights.

  26. eSulting says:

    wow, there are a lot of terrible comments out there.
    let me get somethings straight:
    magic didnt say he wants to buy the clippers, he basically just said he wants to own ANY nba franchise SOME DAY. so if a sterling type of guy is that stupid and let people around him record his racist statements, voila it means an opportunity for ALL people who are interestet (btw black or white).
    And he understands that clippers players are hurt in their feelings. So is the nba, rightfully. And its about their rules, not the law of the states for that matter.
    We shouldnt read much into this, really. He just called it how it is: Sterling wont go without a fight, because people like that actually think they are right, superior, and nothing is wrong with them. Thats how diabolic racism is, just ignorant.

    His wife remains a touchy issue, however.
    – she wasnt caught on tape, so why should she be forced to anything?
    – but there seems to be a history, pointing out that her mind is a-like the one of her husband (i dont know about her legal issues, anybody?)
    – if the players make some heavy statement, the pressure on her will be to big and she will sell
    – she’s still involved with the guy banned, that makes it hard to really break down the “cashflow” to donald sterling
    – but not letting him make money out of the nba, and by that also of a lot of black people, is a goal of the nba’s penalty (and a fair one, too)
    – its also a business, and a lot of people, including the players, want to make money and play basketball next season – so they will work this offseason to find a solution

    So maybe Magics prediction about the players not playing for Ms Sterling is wrong, but it might comes down to this:
    will the clippers players raise and make a statement and force a sell, or will they just be quiet and see?

    • used to be fan says:

      Listen to yourself she was not cought on tape. People should tape whatever you say, maybe against your bois, present it and have you fired. Lets see how youbwill like it.

  27. MagicAids says:

    U cant catch racism #HIV

  28. nba says:

    Magic johnson is causing so muc drama.. Hes dividing this country. He should worry about his own life, and help the people of those families that were victims of his actions.

  29. Nick says:

    Magic is a smart man, he’s planting seeds, playing chess, driving the Sterlings out without doing anything illegal himself so he can then have an opportunity to be a majority shareholder. Your move NBA

  30. WhoCares says:

    Ok this is RIDICULOUS! You can not take away someones company because of an opinion. Magic Johnson needs to get over it along with the rest of the NBA. They act like they have never heard a racist comment before. If you let everything you hear bug you then you must have a depressing life grow some thick skin and get over it. You are making a rediculous amount of money for playing basketball who cares who you “work” for. If you can take away some ones company because you disagree with there views then I feel sorry for America. Don’t have opinions folks, you will loose everything you worked for.

    • LTowelie says:

      Yep. Good point. You are like the only person on here that’s made this good of a point. I honestly do not think the clippers players care that much. Not everyone is that hypersensetive over some old racist man. The only thing the clippers care about they is playing basketball and a pay cut.

    • man against racism says:

      Your whole way of thinking is RIDICULOUS..Racism is wrong and I’m glad that he was found out 🙂

  31. Deadmon says:

    Mr. Sterling a a billionaire Jewish businessman. In his recorded racist phone call he justifies his actions by saying “you’ve been to Israel, the blacks are treated like dogs there”. His general acceptance of racism in his homeland is appalling. His apathy is not unique. Welcome to America. The NBA has ignored this quote, TMZ even went as far as to remove the soundbite from their version of Mr. Sterlings phone call. Israel is host to Apartheid 2014.. will the largely Jewish owned mainstream media report on this whistle blowing? Probably not, they haven’t yet.

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      Deadmon, well it’s not right for any race to be treated badly in Israel or States. It’s just as wrong for blacks as it is for
      whites, to make racist comments. Whites today are treated badly regarding double standards in USA. Blacks at times are profiled, Asians are picked on, because of their language, and Hispanics cause of their culture, but we’re are all human beings.
      All created by God, every single race are treated badly cause of race. Racism is wrong in any country, no matter where,

  32. Matt Jeemer says:

    What this guy think about? If the players don’t play, there is a contract and they don’t get the pay. No other teams can get them either as long as they are in contract. Everyone has one or other way a level of racism in their mind. They cannot express or apply in public, business or in a society. Why we bother about someone tell their girl friend a comment in a private conversation or in a bed room.? Is it legal to record someone private conversation ? If there is no investors , there is no teams and no NBA and no millionire players… Don’t forget that.

    • LearntheGame says:

      You’re 1000% wrong if she keeps ownership of the team the players have the right to leave because it voids their contracts based on unsuitable work environment this was already explained they will not be there if Sterling anybody keeps the team. The Nba already stated that if they keep the team they will void all of the players contracts. You should read more.

  33. KOBE says:

    Shut Up Magic, you don’t speak for me or anyone else in the league.

  34. en. says:

    Bunch of whining and crying but when they say something it’s ok….ex(ADRIEN BRONER)

  35. stefan f says:

    I am more qualified that Mrs Sterling in regards to owning an NBA franchise. she is still married to the jerk so why should she get half? no one wants to work for a boss who thinks they are lesser than then them . magic is just speaking the truth. private or not his disgusting views were exposed and his family clearly were not bothered by these views for all these years, good for the nba, taking a stand against outdated and ignorant ideologies.

  36. bodjee says:

    He is loosing his magic.

  37. rob says:




  38. nomagic says:

    Who will lose the most if players don’t play? If owners can somehow suspend their pay, the players are the ones to lose. Lots of owners operate at a loss. They don’t profit from the team. So if no one plays and pay is suspended, players are the ones who will go broke.

    Most of them will have to end up working at McD. Because they no other skills other than basketball. They should be grateful for the owners.

    • anonynous says:

      Players probably have enough endorsements to last a lifetime….

    • rob says:

      dude, the lowest payed players make at least 10 times the annual salary of the average american, so saying they will go broke is quite stupid – to put in mildly.

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      nomagic, that’s where u are wrong. Every race can’t be famous. When u say that they have no skills working
      outside of basketball, work at MCD’s. Well owners wouldn’t be rich, if it wasn’t for the players. The players
      make the game, people come and see the layers play, not the owners. So owners would be the one broke, if it wasn’t
      for the players playing.

  39. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    I do not support Sterling’s racist point of view but are they making a big deal out of this just for a PRIVATE phone call?

    Everyone has their likes and dislikes, don’t force whatever you like down people’s throat. That’s called Freedom.

  40. okc2014 says:

    Once the Flippers lose this series w/ OKC, then let them figure out what they are going to do (players). Right now there are 4 more games to be played. Lets’ play!

  41. OKC says:

    Wow I didn’t realize we had so many ignorant people on here. People sure are quick to jump to the defense of miss Sterling and discredit Magic Johnson. If miss Sterling had half a shred of decency she would sell her part of the team just because it would be the final nail in Donald Sterling’s coffin. Be respectful and remove yourself from the public eye. As long as she holds on and continues to be as stubborn as Donald while continuing to get profits for herself and Donald, she will be doing a disservice to the league and particularly the Clipper organization which is full of people who have worked really hard to build their franchise up to this point.

    And some people are flat out revealing their racist leanings. @BasketballFan, you don’t deserve to enjoy a league which is mostly populated by African American men who have worked very hard their whole lives to get to this point. I really don’t need to say anything more than quoting your terrible racist comment… “How about this, all cities around in the United States where most black people are living has high crime: killing, selling drugs, stealing, robbing, fighting…..all kind. We don’t feel comfortable going in black people town at night, and i am sure you do feel the same too. So for this, can i say black people are criminals?” And were did you get those statistics or was that straight out of your idiot I watch Fox news all day handbook? I’m really shocked at how many people are defending Miss Sterling who is being just as stubborn as Mr. Sterling, this is a great example of white people being overly sensitive and crying about how bad it is to be a white person in this country now which is insane. Anyone saying we shouldn’t be getting upset about “private comments” obviously would just prefer to have an outspoken racist representing this League. Btw I am white and I am disgusted with both Sterlings and the people defending them.

    • used to be fan says:

      Poor millionaires! Chill out. Everybody has the right to their own opinion. Nba loved every single fan because it helps increase their revenue.

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      OKC, All races commit crimes, not just blacks, whites as well, just about every race. Don’t put the stereotype out
      there, and say its black only, u know it’s false.

  42. Coachmm says:

    I wish that Magic would keep his comments to himself. He is posturing to try and buy the team. Since when has Magic been the voice if the NBA? Stick to the Dodgers

    • rob says:

      magic is an nba legend and will always be one of its voices. if you are arguing to keep racists in the league, you are effectively arguing to dismantle the hard of many people – starting with jackie robinson.

  43. Majk says:

    Magic is out of his mind. He’s the one and only racist in this game. Cos of one guy’s private comments, NO WHITE person is allowed to own Clippers from now on? Stupid Magic Johnson!

  44. sterlingless says:

    Sterling family should be profit from clipper anymore in any way shape or form. His wife is just as responsible for condoning his racism.

  45. DaRealSlimShady says:

    Magic didn’t say anything bad. He never said the NBA should force her to sell. Magic was just saying that the clippers wouldn’t play for shelly. That’s a pretty good prediction if you ask me. Why should they play for her? If they refuse to play then she’ll be forced to sell the team. There’s really no way for the NBA to kick her out because she didn’t do anything bad. But Magic was just saying the players wouldn’t view it that way and they would want her out

  46. sophie1150 says:

    How dare M. Johnson make remarks about S. Sterling. He wants the Clippers so badly. Is he behind the recordings and their release. Magic, should we hold your wife responsible if you gave any woman HIV? If any Clipper players or the Coach, want to leave, show them the door. Great opportunity for some new players. Wishing the best for Shelly.

  47. Basketball Fan says:

    Dear Magic Johnson,
    You are creating a mess now. You want the whole country divided by a private comment. You want to own Clipper with a discount. You’re such a cheap dirty person Johnson.
    You are saying players won’t play for Mrs. Sterling because her last name is Sterling? You’re discriminating. You said because her last name is Sterling, so she is responsible for her husband comment?
    How about this, all cities around in the United States where most black people are living has high crime: killing, selling drugs, stealing, robbing, fighting…..all kind. We don’t feel comfortable going in black people town at night, and i am sure you do feel the same too. So for this, can i say black people are criminals?
    You got HIV, and NBA still let you played the games. So please stop hating Mr. Johnson.
    Thank you.

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      Basketball Fan, don’t stereotype like that, all races commit crimes also. White, Asian, Jewish, Hispanic. Don’t stereotype like

  48. Kofi says:

    It’s funny to hear this from someone who is educated and knows which country this whole thing is happening where there is a rule of law, why won’t they play for her? if not then they shouldn’t have even play to this point, she has the right to keep her 50% as she wishes to do so. As for Magic am just loosing respect for him bcos he has express his interest to buy the team and all these S**t is coming from him “conflict of interest” by the way if I was the Sterlings we were going to sell it to someone to move the team to somewhere perhaps to Vancouver or so SMH.

  49. Jubalaire says:

    If Shelley sterling lost the battle and someone else wants the team, she can fold the team by the anger because they just have enough money and manpower to handle the future living expense, and the team is no longer a deal ,no question about it.

  50. That kid says:

    As I read this news article and the comments…..some people in the comments dont understand… Magic HAS a point!!! If Sterling’s wife owns it, she can still give money to her husband… IT’S ALL THE SAME!!! SOME PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND the NBA….

    for example, Nel’s comment is very biased… THIS IS THE NBA LAW NOT OUR COUNTRY’S LAW!! THEY CAN FORCE TO SELL IN THIS SITUATION! So get some facts before you start talking.

  51. billy says:

    Clippers won’t play for Shelly Sterling? aren’t they still playing right now…if they really cared they would have not played from when this first happened

  52. RalphRichardson says:

    The NBPA won’t be playing the 2014-2015 if anyone named Sterling owns the team. People seem to be more upset with Magic then Donald Sterling or Shelley Sterling. Shelley’s legal action against the mistress lead to this whole situation. If the NBA is smart they handle this as quickly as possible or they risk putting the whole league in jeopardy . The NBA has to remember that people come to see the players. If they players don’t play they don’t have a league. Shelley can fight if she wants to but to do so will ultimately devalue the team and the league as a whole. Why go from potentially making several hundred million dollars from selling the team to having a team that’s worth nothing in a league with no stars . Its very silly to me . Hopefully the owners understand this is a do or die situation. Adam Sliver sure did.

  53. Ronald says:

    Shelly Sterling has the right to exercise her ownership of the Clippers. She did not violate any by laws or make any slurs toward any player management or personality of the NBA. Sure I would want Magic to be one of the owners. The speculation of the team is ridiculous. Donald was banned for life because of statements made not her. The NBA has to do positive steps to give the league empowerment in improving relations but not decimate the innocent person(s) in ownership relations as well. Donald will be gone forever, Shelly should not have to suffer because her husband’s mouth. If her name is on the businesses that were on ownership paperwork of landlord tenant lease relations, she is guilty as Donald. If not, leave her name and accusations alone.

  54. Narf says:

    Discriminating against Sterling wife and not allowing her to own her half of the team because she has the same last name as Donald is basically as bad as the discrimination of her husband. She shouldn’t be penalized just because of her husbands remarks. And just cause Magic says she shouldn’t be allowed to own the team, the NBA should agree? What did she do wrong?

    • used to be fan says:

      Got it. Magic discriminated and now is banned from ever owning an NBA team. This is how things will be from now on.

  55. Nel says:

    So who would the Clippers accept as the ONLY owner, Magic?

    Magic Johnson? Ophrah Winfrey? or another African American?

    Last time I check we have laws in this country…nobody can force anyone to sell or own a basketball team.

  56. Nick says:

    Wow, what a bitter man Magic is!

  57. stan tookie says:

    so disgusting how Magic want to get Clippers on his own for free.

    • Manny O says:

      That has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. What makes you think he wants it for free?

    • 4xPlusMvpsPlusRings+Final Mvps says:

      For free! Which magic are you referring too! Keep lamenting over your kinsman downfall but keep in mind is part owners of LA Dogers( Billions of dollars ball club). So get your FREE thinking in order.

    • Gene says:

      He doesn’t want to get them for free you idiot. Did it say that anywhere up there? He wants to buy the team. Your Sterling’s nephew or family member, aren’t you? All the rich basketball players should get together, and have you dropped off in Afghanistan.

  58. TheKush says:

    I don’t know if it was just me but last nights clippers fans didn’t seem that interested in the game the energy in that building just didn’t feel right.

  59. okckd35 says:

    This is the official proposal to change “lob city” to “flop city”. These clippers are terrible terrible floppers. Can we see some fines be issued? Never seen so many people just fall over from shooting 3’s in the 20 years ive been watching the nba

  60. gaco says:

    magic johnson be trying to own them clippers

  61. NBA Fan says:

    I’ve been very impressed with Westbrook. He’s always entertaining to watch. If he improves his shot selection, I don’t think many players can play better than him.

    • Kofi says:

      Thats one funny hell dramas from we black people and no wonder we’re the least respected race SMH, this’s funny and nonsense, if all those so call rich African Americans claims to want a team they can start their own teams but the Clips ARE NOT FOR SALE period the NBA should be ready for a long and big legal battle

      • Mr. Spencer says:

        Kofi, least respected race us blacks, well when it comes to being a racist, whites are the most hated, cause if a
        racist comment is being made by them, they’re the ones that will be scrutinized and damaged. Donald Sterling
        got himself into this mess, and now he’s paying for it, It’s not right for no race to be racists.

  62. Jack says:

    as a Dodger emplyee everyone at the stadium is very upset with Magics position on the whole thing….you need to seperate yourself from that negative have a perfectly good buisness venture in the Dodgers and he does not show in face at the stadium shows no dodger love and talks about the clippers more than he does his struggling Dodgers…I dont like magic im thinking hes just a snake…Hate the face he is getting another bobblehead this year dude has 0 dodger love.

    • Mirzot says:

      What??? Proofread your comments, PLEASE.

      • Jay says:

        The title of this article “Fair Warning” is laughable.
        If the players don’t play next year ( as Ralph R) mentions, the players don’t get paid. How are they going to pay for their cars, houses, entourages and other expenses? Perhaps, they’ll go back to their old jobs.
        Who cares what Magic Johnson thinks or says? He can go back to Michigan and buy the Cleveland franchise.
        This is a nation of laws. Let the other owners speak. And let the lawyers representing the Sterling family have their say in court.