24-second thoughts — May 5

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: John Wall and Bradley Beal had their way with the Pacers in Game 1

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The first round of the NBA playoff could not possibly be topped by the conference semifinals, not after all of the fantastic and dramatic action we witnessed the past two weeks.

Well, a man can dream can’t he?

Game 1 — Wizards @ Pacers

24  If this was a track meet, the Pacers shouldn’t even take their sweats off …

23 — Pacers starting this one the way they played most of the first six games against the Atlanta Hawks in the first round … and then cranked it up, temporarily, like it was Game 7 …

22 — Tired? Haha. Never!

21 — It’s a fair question at this point. Do the Pacers look like the title contenders we thought they were at 33-8?

20 — Deep down, I’d have loved to rock that wicked get up Serge Ibaka wore into the arena tonight, hat and all, to my 8th grade dance. Oh and Russ Westbrook is on his own, too …

19 — Just Say No to some photo shoots!

18 — It’s not just me raving about the Wizards’ young backcourt duo. Even Hall of Famer Gary “Mr. The Game Is Too Soft These Days” Payton had to give it up to the youngsters …

17 — What he said …

16 — Some things you know are just wrong and cruel and aw, forget it!

15 — Hawks guard Jeff Teague said it best …

14 — It’s like the Rude Boys and the late great Gerald Levert said back in the day, for the Pacers it’s “Written all over your face!”

13 — Welcome to the club Randy Wittman. The Wizards coach joins Pat Riley (first 5 with the 1982 Lakers) and Mike Dunleavy (first 4 with the 1991 Lakers) as the only coaches to win their first four road playoff games. Not bad for a guy who has been on the hot seat in Washington forever.

Wizards snatch home court, for the second straight series,  just like that!

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Game 2 Clippers @ Thunder

12 — Chris Paul silences his haters early with 17 points in the first quarter and a 5-for-5 effort from deep … en fuego!!!!!!!!

11 — Straight from the Silver Linings Playbook …

10 — I realize this is a totally inappropriate time and place to bring this up, but can they not find a sleeve for Blake Griffin’s monstrous right elbow? Padded. Because it could easily be used as a weapon if he was the sort of cat who didn’t mind skirting the edge of fair play during a game. #justasking

9 — Clippers running a clinic on the Thunder early. One team with a Game 7 hangover … and it’s not the crew that had to board a plane to get to this game …

8 — Thunder raising the white flag early with Kevin Durant guarding Chris Paul 30-feet away from the basket. Seriously, this is not a recipe for success Scott Brooks! Meanwhile, comedian Kevin Hart has already tapped out the Inside Crew with this one …

VIDEO: Kevin Hart is spot on with his take on TNT’s Inside crew

7 — Clippers’ flow on the road is on another level tonight. You need the right quarterback to do this on the road …

6 — Still no news on that Knicks coaching search …

5 — CP3 is in silly mode now. A ridiculous 8-for-8 from deep as the Clippers keep piling on the Thunder. He’s going to miss at some point, just maybe not tonight …

4 — How are you going to see the comeback if you head for the exits before the game actually ends?

3 — The Chris Paul Show ended a bit early, but he was every bit as good as it looked. Thurman Thomas on Tecmo Bowl good!

2 — The Clippers indeed started this season as one of the deepest teams in the league on paper, Metta. But the Knicks? C’mon man ,,,

1 — Clippers dish out the worst home loss the Thunder have suffered since moving to Oklahoma City from Seattle. Ouch! Masterful effort from CP3 (32, 8-for-9 from deep, and eight assists) and others. Spectacular work from Doc Rivers. A Hall of Famer says so …

VIDEO: Just one of the many highlights from The Chris Paul Show Monday night in Oklahoma City


  1. thespectator says:

    by far the best playoffs in a very long time

  2. rcast says:


  3. LAflippersOKCblunder says:

    If Clippers make Finals I predict Lakers will officially disband and end franchise. Or else Clippers will become new Lakers in protest of all hubbub with owner.

  4. Mike says:

    An aching CP3 is still one of the best players in the league for a one-off night, but he’ll need to play at this level every night to beat OKC and I doubt he can do so with his current injuries. Especially with a strained hamstring, that just doesn’t go away. At some stage Westbrook will run him ragged, and Durant will have his way with everybody else. OKC in 6.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Exactly. I give credit for Chris Paul; he was on fire. But, I can see between the lines. Chris Paul is scared. He can ONLY score from outside or long range. He can’t score inside; he’s too afraid he’ll injure himself if he takes into traffic.

      If the Thunder realizes this HUGE Clipper weakness, they’ll take CP3 off the 3-point line and force him into traffic. BAM! Injuries. Clippers can’t win this series by taking 30 3-pointers every game. Not gonna happen. They’re going to have to score, somehow, inside. They can’t. OKC’s interior defense is too good. Once Chris Paul realizes this, he’s going to struggle big. Serge Ibaka will block more shots.

      Outside shots look sweet when they’re going iin. Clippers can’t rely on this to win the series. Thunder needs to increase defensive intensity on all cylinders. Then, there’s nothing Clippers can do. Thunder are the superior team. They have no answer for Durant and Westbrook. Reggie Jackson and Caron Butler will play better.

      OKC in 5.

  5. Gannon says:

    I predict the Clippers and the Nets in the finals. Clippers will sweep. Doc Vs. Pierce / Garnett? Come on!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      No, it was just one game. Remember, the Clippers lost Game 1 at home against the Warriors but still managed to win the series.

      Same thing will happen here. Thunder will win this series.

      • Sola says:

        are you serious !!! all the clippers do is shoot 3’s and can’t shoot from inside the paint , that why their called lob city right ? and if you would watch a clippers game you would know that chris paul is actually reluctant on shooting the 3 and likes to penetrate and dish

        secondly, you guys have no interior defence yes ibaka is a great defender but the clips have an ibaka too his name is deandre jordan and his wingspan is rediculous , and what kendrick perkins ? really i swear okc fans were thrilled when he got injured and if he was on the court i highly doubt he could stop blake griffin

        thirdly, they take it in game 5 after they lost game 1 , so they beat clips in game 3 and game 4 on the clips home court who had the best home record in he west ? seriously no buddy your not thinking straight, your thinking is almost as bad as scott brook’s coaching actually it might just be better :p

  6. Mmmm says:

    Clippers will win the series, but Portland will win the west

    • naterich21 says:

      That’s bold. Spurs in 4.

      • artifex says:

        Think Spurs will win but I don’t see a team being swept this semis.. well maybe Indiana.
        I thought they put it together and make a restart.
        I take spurs and Clips in 6 each (spurs win west)
        Miami in 7 and DC in 6.(Miami win east)

        I’d be happy to see DC making it, but don’t see them beating the Heat in a BO7.
        in 2 years from now (pending no major changes)? Why not!
        But we’ll see. Maybe Nets continue their streak… 4-0 on Heat this year. The Truth is Back!
        Then I give DC a chance. They’re fresher than Nets after 14 games…

    • moemoney says:

      u must be smoking buddy thunder vs spurs in the west and heat vs pacers in the east mark my word

    • recom says:

      spurs will not lose to SHORTLAND

    • Mike says:

      Blazers are going to jumpshot their way past the Spurs and Thunder/Clippers?