D’Antoni resigns, Lakers need to go big (Coach K big) in search of his successor

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

VIDEO: GameTime’s crew breaks down what might be next in Lakerland

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Before anyone asks, Phil Jackson is already taken. He’s got plenty of work to do in New York with the Knicks.

So the search for Mike D’Antoni‘s replacement as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers has to begin elsewhere. D’Antoni resigned tonight, ending his bumpy Hollywood ride 20 games below the .500 mark (67-87) and without fulfilling any of the ridiculous expectations that accompanied his arrival.

In fact, the Lakers have been reeling since they (well, Jim Buss) chose D’Antoni over Jackson when Mike Brown was fired five games into the 2012-13 season, a decision that was as curious then as it is now given the disastrous results. The Lakers were believed to be poised for a return to championship-level status when Dwight Howard and Steve Nash joined Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol to form the nucleus of the revamped Lakers two years ago.

It never happened. Injuries and inconsistent play derailed that train before it ever got on the tracks. They scrambled their way into the eighth and final playoff spot at the end of the 2012-13 season, but Bryant suffered a torn Achilles and was unavailable for the postseason (they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs) and Howard bolted for Houston in free agency in July.

Reports that D’Antoni wanted the Lakers to pick up the team option on the fourth year of his contract, after a dreadful 27-55 season no less, surfaced in recent days. The Lakers reportedly refused to pick up the second year of his contract last week, per ESPNLosAngeles.com.

D’Antoni felt he wouldn’t have any chance at success without some job security, and you could argue he shouldn’t when you consider that he actually survived this season. Sure, there were injuries galore and drama that was beyond D’Antoni’s control. Bryant played just six games. Nash played 15. Gasol was in and out of the lineup and unable to find a rhythm or fill the leadership void.

But this Lakers’ crew wasn’t going far with Bryant and Nash healthy. They had absolutely no shot without those veteran stars leading the way. There was turmoil from the start and some of the most embarrassing moments in franchise history — that 48-point beating from the Los Angeles Clippers still stings — occurred under D’Antoni’s watch. The Lakers had the second worst season (.329 winning percentage) in their history and their lowest win total since moving to Los Angeles from Minneapolis.

“Given the circumstances, I don’t know that anybody could have done a better job than Mike did the past two seasons,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a statement. “On behalf of the Lakers, we thank Mike for the work ethic, professionalism and positive attitude that he brought to the team every day. We wish him the best of luck.”

Other more famous folks with deep Lakers’ ties simply wished him good riddance …

Where the Lakers go from here is simple; back to school. College, specifically, to grab Duke legend Mike Krzyzewski. And before you go crazy, hear me out on this one.

With a top-10 Draft pick and plenty of salary cap space to work with this summer, the Lakers have everything working in their favor. And that’s why they need to go bold with this next hire. They need a program builder. They need someone to repair the culture and start over with whatever new and improved cast they can put together around Bryant, Nash and whoever else they consider a part of the core.

They’ve pursued Coach K before, unsuccessfully, of course.

They need to get it right this time around.

We’ve seen the way Krzyzewski handles himself with NBA players. He’s been masterful with USA basketball. The NBA’s biggest stars — from Bryant and LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony all the way down the line — not only respect him, they go all-out for him in ways that many NBA types feared they would not when he joined Jerry Colangelo‘s program.

I’m not saying Krzyzewski is the only choice. No one could blame the Lakers if they go the traditional NBA route and tap a George Karl, Jeff or Stan Van Gundy or even someone with Lakers ties like Byron Scott.

They could even try to lure Kentucky’s John Calipari, Michigan State’s Tom Izzo or even Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim, guys with great relationships with certain NBA players who could be key free agents in the coming seasons.

But the two best men for the job already have pretty good or great ones. The Zen Master is making a mint in New York to fix the Knicks and insists he’s done coaching. He’s off the list.

Krzyzewski  could stay at Duke forever. And he might, if Bryant and the Lakers can’t convince the universally respected coach of the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team to finally take the leap and give the NBA a shot!


  1. Aktom says:

    As a laker fan, I am also very happy that D’antoni is not lakers coach anymore, but Cmon Magic…You can’t express your happiness and hate for D’antoni at the same time that way..

  2. Maverick says:

    Sekou Smith get your facts straight; The Lakers finished in the 7th spot last season, not 8th.

  3. Maverick says:

    Sekou Smith get your facts straight. The Lakers finished in the 7th spot last season not 8th.

  4. Angel says:

    What about Steve Kerr

  5. celentano says:

    buss needs to get brian shaw+bernie back. kupchak get some decent ballers with 1 good lottery pick,show your magic again!!!

  6. Elektro:Pionir says:

    Lakers should bring in Stan Van Gundy. This guy knows the game and he is a great coach. People often not value him because of Dwight drama in Orlando. But given the Dwight desire to leave for big market, there was nothing Stan could do to keep him there or change his crybaby attitude. I think he would be the perfect fix for Lakers and I believe he would create immediate impact even we the under average Lakers team.

  7. Dimes says:

    Oh pls no. Coach K not with lakers. NOT WITH KOBE. -_-

  8. NBALogics says:

    Kobe doesn’t have to become the actual coach he can become the player coach Bill Russell did it successfully and won 2 championships, Michael Jordan did it but failed. Kobe won’t win championships but he can be very successful with it. Not only that but he knows his body best so he can sit him self when needed.

  9. kobe says:

    hire avery johnson

  10. Jay says:

    Lakers finished 7 seed. Houston took 8th. Spurs dropped to 2nd last year. come on man!

  11. Antonio Perez says:

    it doesn’t matter who the coach is the results will be the same the coach was never the problem , the problem was the team , the problem is kobe then next season lakers fans will say we have a new coach it takes time for the players to adjust from one system to another , fakers everybody gets injured or is just an excuse not to play let’s see who gets injure next season , they only get injure when dan tony is the coach predictable lakers i hope they get the best coach they can get because i don’t want to hear more excuses lakers fans

  12. darthvonpokemon says:

    How about Jerry Sloan ? I never see his name mentioned as a possible candidate.

  13. vince says:

    I think that Lionel Hollins would be a great choice. Memphis is still playing his system. Imagine Kobe playing for Memphis, they would be awesome. His players all played extremely hard for him and have nothing but praise for him.

  14. Vedran Pavlović says:

    @Sekou Smith:
    The Lakers DID NOT FINISH 8th last season, but SEVENTH.

  15. Nameless_one says:

    I watched Kobe Bryant coach from the sidelines. Most team members were listening to him…..beside him was the Laker coach trying his best to give his ideas across. If Kobe still isn’t ready to play come next season, I think he would be a good fit to coach the Laker Team, he loves the sport and knows most of how the other teams play…even as well as the other players on other teams. Who knows how to play better than he? He’s well respected by the team members, let’s give him a chance to show his worth.

  16. steagl3 says:

    If Coach K refuses and LA wants a younger, fresher coach (like Phil will do in NY), then they should look towards their former players-turned-coaches, Kurt Rambis or Byron Scott. Rambis obviously has more coaching experience with this franchise and could probably take over relatively smoothly. He already knows Kobe inside and out and I doubt would have a problem managing his ego. Though if LA were smart, they would part ways with Kobe to free up room to truly rebuild (ala the Celtics) but they mortgaged their future away by resigning him so no matter what coach the pick, LA will be a mediocre team at best next year.

    • Gordon says:

      Rambis is a nice guy, but he was a terrible coach in Minnesota! And PLEASE no more recycling of coaches……George Karl, too old, NONE of the VAN GUNDY brothers, Rick Carlisle, Rick Adelman(retired), and Mke Fratello..
      All of these guys should be taken off the list!!

      My candidates for the Job are Tom Thibadeau, Nate McMillan, Mark Jackson, Derek Fisher, Kevin Ollie, John Calipari.

      We need and coach that can recruit players to Los Angeles………somebody who can relate to a YOUNGER generation of players. As much as I like Byron Scott, I’m not sure if he can do that.

      Regardless, the Lakers should TAKE THEIR TIME, and carefully choose their next head coach!

      • Aaron says:

        Take their time fine. I was about to put Byron Scott on my list of potential candidates, but I have a few of my own who have some experience coaching in the NBA with success.

        Lionel Hollins
        Sam Mitchell
        Vinny Del Negro
        Scott Skilles
        Maurice Cheeks
        Lawrence Frank
        Avery Johnson
        Alvin Gentry

  17. josey says:

    Im glad u brought up coach karl! I know without about he would have the LAKERS PLAYING DEFENSE AND DEPENDING ON WHO ALL THEY PUT AROUND KOBE! THEY COULD BE A CONTENDER! THATS HOW CONFIDENT I AM IN GEORGE KARL! LOOK AT HIS TRACK RECORD! AND YOU PUT HIM IN THE LAKER’S SIDELINE! His health is the only concern but this guy can coach!

  18. GOLA says:

    The Lakers are back. Carmelo should consider coming to L A.

    • steagl3 says:

      Yeah that would work out great – the two biggest ball hogs in the game trying to share the ball! And of course, no cap room to recruit any other decent players, so if one of them gets injured, say goodbye to the playoffs again.

  19. TTKIN says:

    I like how everyone blamed Dantoni for everything (not just Laker fans), but as soon as he is “forced” to resign, everyone has his back saying it wasn’t his fault, it was the roster.

  20. marlon green says:

    The Lakers need someone that will control the team and command respect in the locker room and actually has some REAL type of success in coaching or playing. Yes Dantoni has some success playing overseas and successfuly seasons in Phoenix but I felt the players took him for a joke. And what kind of coach lets Kobe play all 48 minutes in consecutive games at the end of his career? Thats why kobe got hurt. Yes Kobe can be a hard head but thats why I said a coach that would have respect from the players. Coach K would be good but he is not leaving Duke. I dont know who exactly, and Dantoni did get some bad luck with injuries both seasons but the Lakers looked pitful. I just think a fresh start is good.

    • marlon green says:

      And Magic can say whatever he wants when it comes to the Lakers because he has proven himself a winner when he was there. And all he is doing is looking out for the Lakers and wants them to win. I dont see any former players supporting their team like that.

  21. Sid says:

    Congrats Lakers – best move since long time!
    i was about to Give up watchin Basketball if O’Antoni stayed!
    No matter who will be next coach, find a guy who brings a championship system, someone with a defensive mind, hard workin and respected!
    Get Tom from Chicago – coach K seems fine for the job as well, maybe Lionell? Anyway someone who makes us fans scream defense with a meaning, we have enough offensive weapons! We need a guy with a game plan and a hardened defensive mind!
    Get what MT needs with your first draft pick!
    Also get a good SF in the draft – a guy that knows defense! And keep him!
    Get Kevin love from MT!
    Resign Pau for center!
    Keep some of the guys from this season for the bench.
    Eh voila! A championship caliber team! Wasn’t that hard was it?!

  22. robert says:

    lakers shoudl try to get coach k and if they cant they should try to get byron scott

  23. Bill says:

    C’mon Sekou. I expect better from NBA.com. We know Jerry Buss is the one who wanted to go with D’Antoni over Phil, not Jim.

  24. steph curry says:

    YES YES YES YES YES YES i say they bring in george karl duhh coach of the year last year or either lionell hollins but i would pick george for sure

    • agree totally says:

      Either Coach Karl or Hollins. Both build their game approaches around defense – and both have proven records. Lakers should be pursuing contracting either of those two.

  25. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Lakers fan boys are funny. They talked about Kome like Shaq never exist, nor Gasol or Bynum(worst case the corrupted refs). Look what D12 is doing in Houston, at least they are in the playoffs.

    Lakers will never be relevant again as long as Kome is with the team. He’s banking in and you cannot sign anyone that’s going to make a difference. And wait until he ruins your next rookie superstar. Hope the organization is smart enough not to side with Kome anymore.

    So fan boys, what’s your next excuse? No mike to blame anymore. I called Gasol/Jim.

  26. bodjee says:

    Bernie Bickerstaff did a very good job for the Lakers.

  27. esc says:

    This is why I could never, ever respect the Laker organization: They fire a bonified coach- Mike Brown with a 1-4 record with injured players, then allow a mediocre (at best) coach like Mike D walk on his own terms. How could anybody in their right mind respect an organization with little regard for Magic and Kareem. This organization has more Sterling in them than anybody can decipher. What a disgraceful franchise. Kobe will get the same treatment when he retires. I guarantee you there will be no place for Kobe in the front office when he retires. What a disgrace to the memory of Dr. Jerry Buss, who would never allow the Laker organization to slip into mediocrity. Jim, Jeannie and Mitch are the worse leadership in LA history.

  28. Joe Laker (Joe Blake of Syracuse, NY) says:

    There’s an old saying ” a quiter never wins and a winner never quits”. This is team number three that D’Antoni has quit on….the Suns, the Knicks and now the Lakers back to back to back. I think that there is a pattern of behavior to be considered. He’s never won but always quits….just food for thought. Good-by No D- D’Antoni.

    Joe Laker of Syracuse , NY

  29. Jher says:

    I hate being picky about details, but what I hate more is incorrect details casually thrown around by someone paid to know details. The Lakers finished 7th last year not 8th. What’s funny is the link actually shows exactly that.

  30. flip says:

    Hollins would be a good choice. And let’s just hope the lakers get lucky in the draft and get an NBA ready guy like randle. and kobe and nash get healthy and stay healthy. and sign deng or gortat or lowry maybe 2 of them. and resign pau bazemore, hill, and meeks

  31. esc says:

    Forget it. Don’t need Coach “K” J, or any other letter of the alphabet. Need a proven “NBA coach” like Nate McMillan. Forget these college “BOY” coaches and bring in an experienced NBA coach

  32. okc2014 says:

    What a relief. I think they should hold off from hiring a coach until they can land good players. Or like I heard on tv, to ask the desired free agents: “what coach would entice you to come play here?” Bump Kobe, he should not be in the future planning thinking or the decision maker here.

  33. CLIFF says:

    The problem with these large mnarkets is that we are in a rush to fix what’s broken. The Lakers should do a 2 year plan to get back to competitive level. A good to great coach is out there, but he must be a great fit. The transition from Kobe should start now. He will never me the “Black Mamba” ever again. If he is will to tone down his role, he may still contribute. But, it time to turn the page on the KB era.

  34. J4CK Nicholson says:

    What the Lake Show needs is a coach for rebuilding. Enough of the shortcuts and delusional signing of “top free agents”. We don’t have much draft picks to give away (no thanks to Nash) so I hope they build the right way this time. Painful, yes but it’s about time to look years ahead, not just “win now”.

    • TTKIN says:

      I agree with that. Teams that grow together are the ones that win. Did u see the ESPN 30 for 30 about the Pistons? They gre together and won 2 titles. They were dethroned by the Bulls team that even Isaih said “u could tell they were just obsessed with wining at that point”. Look at OKC now (although they haven’t won a title, they grew together and are now a perennial contender, hell, they may even win one if they trade Russ for Brook Lopez to get some inside scoring). I hate HOU, but they’ll be a title winner in a few yrs given all those young players growing together.

      It takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.

      • too true says:

        Laker management have been running round like headless chickens the last three seasons, making lame excuses for picking the worst coach in the league to “try” and replace PJ. Apart from being the height of stupidity and ignorance, it served as an insult to loyal Laker fans of many years (myself included). Rebuilding takes time, as you rightly point out: it’s time for front office to get real, sit down and make a mid-term plan (2-3 years) with a plan to getting to Top 4 West by the end of that timeline. No more f!!king around Jim Buss … it’s time to start repaying your fan base with some results!

  35. Freddy Ramos says:

    What about pat Ewing he would be a good fit

  36. whats up says:

    There is a new team in the NBA! They are called the LA Lakers…
    Bring Magic as the new coach !! Thats an offer he cant refuse. LA city will go mad

  37. stan weier says:

    the truth of the matter is that superstars the likes of a Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant are gems the Universe only brings along once a blue moon. then combining them with the best talent and characters is a job very few men are capable of. there have been many excellent coaches in the nba who did incredible work and yet never won a championship. in the case of the lakers 3 dynasties were possible, the Magi/Jabar era, the Shaq/Kobe era and Kobe/Gasol era and here notably all the coaches will gladly say their job was made easy by the leaders of their units. the coach for them now will definitely be an ex laker and i’m convinced his name will be Derek Fisher, they lakers should have followed the Jason Kid at Brooklyn scenario and understood that this is the immediate future of the game. someone with concrete knowledge of their organisation and understanding of the modern player and styles of play. he might be in a position to bring in the likes of Durant and Lebron and with his insatiable love for winning and ability to take the back seat (no ego problems) Derek Fisher would make the lakers not only relevant now but for the next 20 years!

  38. Jacoobus says:

    Sekou this is something I have thought about for years, since it’s clear how little Jim Buss wanted Phil around and the overture he made to Coach K several years ago always seemed like an attempt to avoid doing what he ultimately did when they brought Phil back. The thing is though I don’t think any amount of money will bring in coach K. If Jim Buss is really trying to go big as you put it he has to sacrifice something more dear, power. I’m not saying it would work but the only real shot at getting coach K is for Jim Buss to give him the job he refused Phil for years, a coach/GM type roll. He could easily step down and give his job to Mitch, or he could give his job to coach K and keep Mitch as GM. I don’t see why he needs to be at the top of their basketball operations anyway, he owns the team, if his family want him to oversee that portion of the team he shouldn’t need an official title other than Mr.Buss, but he doesn’t seem to understand that so he’ll always be Jimmy.

  39. ivan says:

    George Karl, 2013 coach of the year with “role players” on his roster for 2012-2013. led Denver to the playoffs in all nine seasons

  40. stan weier says:

    the truth of the matter is that superstars the likes of a Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant are gems the Universe only brings along once a blue moon. then combining them with the best talent and characters is a job very few men are capable of. there have been many excellent coaches in the nba who did incredible work and yet never won a championship. in the case of the lakers 3 dynasties were possible, the Magi/Jabar era, the Shaq/Kobe era and Kobe/Gasol era and here notably all the coaches will gladly say their job was made easy by the leaders of their units. the coach for them now will definitely be an ex laker and i’m convinced his name will be Derek Fisher, they lakers should have followed the Jason Kid at Brooklyn scenario and understood that this is the immediate future of the game. someone with concrete knowledge of their organisation and understanding of the modern player and styles of play. he might be in a position to bring in the likes of Durant and Lebron and with his insatiable love for winning and ability to take the back seat (no ego problems) Derek Fisher would make the lakers not only relevant now but for the next 20 years!

  41. squala96 says:

    I expected a lot of hoorays and yahoos with this news, but surprisingly, most of the comments aren’t even that. Unfortunately, the Buss siblings won’t resign, so getting a new coach is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a need to get rid of the duds in the current lineup. Since the Chris Paul failure, the Lakers have just gone downwards. Even Dwight just didn’t get settled in as everyone had hoped. It’s only worth keeping Meeks and Marshall for doing tremendously despite the W-L like the Clippers of old. Everyone else can be traded away for more substance to help Kobe. It goes without saying that an SF and PG of starter quality are required. The ball handler shouldn’t be too hard to get as there are quite a number of decent little guys around. Rudy Gay is a worthy proposition should the Carmelo deal not happen.

  42. Balthazar says:

    Before we start celebrating lets ask ourselves who is going to be the new couch. Woodsen?… If they want Melo will he play for him again. They should hire Kareem to do something, There are a lot of laker legends that should get a chance to help out the lakers

  43. protest says:

    no hope, man. there is no hope 😦

  44. Knicks4Life says:

    Gotta love Magic’s tweet…didn’t he have a go at coach once? When did him and Jordan become such bitter, twisted, egotistical old men?….

    • Majk says:

      Yeah, those MJs (Magic & Jordan) are really messed up people. I knew that about Jordan for years … but what Magic is doing lately is just a disgrace. Tweeting like an angry teenager. Stop running your mouth and do it!

      • Gordon says:

        Magic can say WHATEVER he wants with the week that he had (Sterling comments)

        One thing that I love to criticize is how people keep telling other more successful people how they should act, speak and express themselves.

        When YOU get your chance to comment, who’s telling YOU what to say???? Nobody!

        It bothers me when I hear people say ridiculous things like “If I had his money I woud do…….” Well, when you get that kind of money, you’ll feel like you have the right to do what YOU want to do…..who cares what the “bloggers” say?

  45. LosLakers says:

    What about Brian Shaw?!?

  46. ray says:

    as what nash said b4 “the only mistake of d’antoni is that his not phil jackson”,.there will be alot of pressure to whoever will be the coach of lakers..hopefully they will made a good decision and good pick!

  47. Parker says:

    WOOO HOOO. In his 2 years as Laker coach. resigning was the best move D’Antoni ever made. He was the wrong fit for this team from the start. Even if the team had been 100% healthy the last 2 seasons, it would not have mattered. His so called “vision” would never work for Lakers with the veteran players they had. Only a idiot would have Pau Gasol playing out with the point gaurds shooting long jump shots and 3’s. Good riddance!!!!

  48. dunjav2013 says:

    Reblogged this on dunjav.

  49. Garry says:

    Either George Karl or Jerry Sloan would be my first two picks. Maybe one of the Gundy guys.

  50. If head rolls in L.A.(Sterling,D` Antoni) so should they in Indiana and OKC.It`ll be a busy summer full of heads rolling and trade surprises.

  51. wak9 says:

    This is great for the Lakers. Dantoni is one of the worst coaches in nba history

  52. Carlo says:

    I was a great fan of Magic in his playin’ days but his remarks about D’Antoni’s demise are pretty disgusting. I’d like to see him coaching a D-League players team to NBA playoffs. Same for all these wiseguys despising D’Antoni and cheering about his leaving.

    About “plenty of salary cap next year”… I would’n be so sure. There’s Kobe’s huge paycheck to count and everybody know that to build a quick-winning team would need far more than one star (see Miami: THREE stars with “self-limited” salary).
    Whoever will be next LAL coach, stupid fans will suddenly discover that going from bottom to winners will be a looong and painful road.
    Besides, what respected great coach would be available to take over a disrupted team like that?
    D’Antoni was lured by the possibility of coaching a Kobe+Nash+Howard+Gasol team.
    Then… Kobe & Nash broke, Gasol (potentially one of the greatest centers ever) was unreliable (both physically and morally) and Howard… well, he was the same, old Dwight of the ridiculous Orlando-days saga.
    Will any great coach be fooled into coach a “I want my 6th ring over anything” Kobe + 1 (maybe) good rookie + 1 ailing Nash + a bunch of D-League guys?
    One reason for great coaches are great is that they’re not stupid.

  53. enzo says:

    Kupchak is still obsessed with D’Antoni, did he never realised that D’Antoni ruined his best players for unsystematic style of play, he should waken up or he should resign as well!!Kobe will not be injured if the workload on the team was played systematically, most won by D’Antoni should be attributed to luck not in his coaching style.. Bugger off Kupchak and new hope for the Lakers!!

  54. realist says:

    Not a Lakers fan but this is good for their team, Mike (no D) ‘Antoni is not a championship level coach, not sure why an organisation with such winning prestige kept him on for as long as they did.

  55. Kal says:

    Lionel Hollins or Mike Woodson, too…

    but I dunno… unless they magically land LeBron or Melo, Lakers are screwed basically. They haven’t planned well for their future at all.

  56. James says:

    What about Luc Longley?

  57. Drago says:

    The Lakers are done and done with or without D’Antoni.The next couch better be the greatest of all time cause anything less and the next decade will be a loooong and painfull one.

  58. Hadi says:

    Actually the Lakers were the seventh seed in the west last year! Great stuff on NBA.com!

  59. call says:

    worst LA coach ever

  60. ignatz2000 says:

    We blame Kobe for our 5 championships and keeping us the most prestigious franchise in all sports. Now what?

  61. !!!! says:

    how about Jerry Sloan

  62. bataar says:

    OMG. it was very difficult to watch lakers losing last year. will it happen again?

  63. Truth Teller says:

    I like this perspective. It’s far fetched, very far fetched. But at least it’s innovative. That’s what the Lakers have been missing for a while now, spirited innovation. That move to L.A., sign Magic for life, Get Phil Jackson twice type of innovation. I get that they lost the artist. He can never be duplicated. But his process can. Hire and let basketball people make basketball decisions. Let business people make business decisions and owners can hold everyone “including themselves” accountable, and invest the money necessary to build a successful situation. Thats when you win, When everyones good at their jobs, and doing the jobs that they are good at. Because after all this is Hollywood. And though we enjoy a little drama, we only applaud when the show ends the right way.

  64. jake s. says:

    How awesome would it be if they selected Del Negro?!

  65. purpngold says:

    This is the best L.A. news we have had in the past few years since Phil left. Lets just hope good ol’ Jimmy doesn’t screw up this time around. Like Magic said, happy days are here again and the Lakers will have a shot at winning basketball again.

  66. phil atti says:

    FREE ATLAST FREE ATLAST THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FREE ATLAST! George Karl, Jeff or Stan Van Gundy are you guys out of you all minds give the job to Bryant

  67. Mendel Gayle says:

    Mike D’Antonio just did the Lakers a BIG favor! Now Mitch, Jim, & Jeanie have to do their job! Let’s do our homework and get this RIGHT!!! Going for a big name coach should not be the “MAIN” factor in this search.

  68. pyro7 says:

    jason kidd did a wonderful job with the nets. the lakers should take a leap of faith n hire derek fisher or steve nash. thats rite, nash should retire.

  69. Trying to Be Interested says:

    With all the money spent on Kobe, and a potential large amount spent to retain Gasol, the Lakers will not get a good free agent to sign with them this year. Next year will thus be another holding pattern, waiting for Kobe to retire and free up salary cap. The only possible upside is if Kupchak finds another Kobe/Bynum in the draft, Kobe allows his contract to be restructured, Gasol takes a pittance to stay, and (stupor mundi) a good free agent actually wants to play in L.A. for less than market value.

  70. Bruce says:

    Lionel Richie might be available.

  71. Mett says:

    Coach K is not going to make the jump to the NBA, as he has consistently turned down this option throughout his career.

    Byron Scott is perhaps the best fit for the Lakers right now.

  72. justin says:

    WOw, Mike did BUSS’S JOB FOR HIM!

  73. mohammad says:

    Why nit make Kobe “The Black Mamba” head coach????!!!!!

    • Self Proclaimed Hater says:

      Coach Kobe: “OK guys, get the ball to me and everybody just get the F outta the way!!!”

  74. Arnel says:

    I think Byron Scott would fit them best….bring in Kyle Irving! (And Kevin Love!). Go Lakers!!!

  75. Mike D'Antoni says:

    Ain’t there nobody to give me one more chance….please…?

  76. Jay says:

    How about Magic Johnson and V. Stiviano ? They’ve worked well together on other endeavors.

  77. Bill says:

    Coach K is not going anywhere

  78. Moe says:

    Lionel Hollins is a good coach but Lakers don’t play D. So cross him off the list.

  79. ChiefKillua says:

    finally..lakers fans its a party!! pringles quits!!

  80. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Now who will the lakers fan boys blame this time? Will they finally wake up and blame Kome? Stay tune!

    • p00kienrayray says:

      Kobe was out like 95% of the season, why blame him? To give D’Antoni credit, this team was filled with a bunch of leftover pieces that weren’t worth much. It was no surprise how they ended up.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Of course there not gonna blame Kobe, he’s there GOD..

      • Parker says:

        7 trips the the NBA finals and 5 Championships tend to make a player a GOD in the eyes of the fans.

    • Parker says:

      Yeah, we should blame Kobe. Let’s start by blaming him for the 5 Championships he helped the Lakers win. We should also blame him for his excellent work ethic and commitment to the game and the Lakers. Let’s blame him for always coming into training camp IN SHAPE (as opposed to using training camp to get in shape). He should also get the blame for only caring about winning championships over personal stats, scoring titles and MVP awards.

  81. Juan vazquez says:

    Why not try Lionel Hollins he took the grizzlies further each year and would be great.

    • Leo28 says:

      Totally Agree with you. Lionel Hollins was able to take Memphis to the next level and, in my view, was fired for no reason.
      He is a very good coach and could bring some defense to a team that forgot what the word means.

      I really do not understand why he was not mentioned above…

      Greetings from Brazil.

    • Chris says:

      He might not be able to handle the egos of kobe and players they sign, plus in Memphis he built the grizz from the ground up not to mention having players that fit his system. If the lakers go after Melo or Lebron in FA, they might not fit well into his system of grinding/physical/defense.