Kerr: Phil and I will keep talking Knicks

By John Schuhmann,

VIDEO: Jackson Talks About Steve Kerr

NEW YORK — Since Phil Jackson took over as president of the New York Knicks in March, Steve Kerr has been the favorite to be the team’s next coach. That scenario is a little closer to being a reality now that Mike Woodson has been fired and Kerr has begun discussions with Jackson.

Kerr said Sunday that he met with Jackson for “a few hours” over dinner on Friday and talked again with his former coach on Saturday. Kerr met with reporters before Game 4 of the Nets-Raptors series, which he’ll be calling on TNT.

“We’ll keep talking,” Kerr said. “There’s a lot to cover on both sides. This was the first time we’ve talked about the job. It just opened up last week, so we’ve got a lot of things to discuss.”

Jackson indicated last week that he wasn’t sure if Kerr would want the job, but Kerr made it clear that it appeals to him.

“How could it not?,” he said. “It’s the Knicks and it’s Phil Jackson, my coach. I’d be crazy not to look into it.”

Kerr has thought about coaching since he stepped down as general manager of the Phoenix Suns in 2010.

“I’ve actually talked about coaching for the last couple of years. It’s just nobody paid any attention.

“I’ve been planning. I’ve been meeting with people. I’ve been going to training camps. I’ve been visiting with coaches. So I’ve been preparing for this and if it’s something that feels like the right fit, it’s something I’m going to do. On the other hand, I love my job at Turner and I’ve got a great gig. So, we’ll see where it all goes.”

Despite all the planning, Kerr said he wouldn’t be on the Knicks’ radar if Jackson wasn’t there. Kerr played five seasons for Jackson in Chicago, winning three championships before winning two more with the San Antonio Spurs.

“Let’s be honest,” Kerr said. “If Phil wasn’t there, nobody from the Knicks would have contacted me, because I don’t have contacts within the organization. I don’t know anybody. This league is all about contacts and relationships. So, you sort of end up following your own people.”

Kerr wouldn’t discuss the Triangle offense specifically, but said that he and Jackson “share a lot of the same philosophies.”

“I learned a lot of my basketball from him and Tex Winter. So I think it’s safe to say that we have a lot of the same ideas.”

Kerr also wouldn’t talk about his impressions of the Knicks’ roster or free agent Carmelo Anthony.

“Those are things that Phil and I are going to discuss further,” Kerr said, “All kinds of things, organizationally, personnel-wise. But those discussions are all private.”

Kerr didn’t indicate that there was any timetable. With the Knicks holding no draft picks this year, there shouldn’t be any rush to hire a staff.

“There’s just a lot to cover on both sides,” Kerr said. “He’s got to ask me a lot of questions and I got to ask him a lot. And there’s a lot of research that goes into this. It’s a big job and it’s important on both sides that we make sure that we cover all of our bases.”


  1. efrenzy says:

    ok so some idiots want carmelo to leave new york and replace him with who? he brought new york to 3 straight playoffs and would have done so too this year if his team mates had stepped up earlier in the season mainly jr smith what the knicks need is another scorer who is consistent and maybe a more explosive point guard cause raymond just aint doing it for us. i think tim hardaway jr is a bright prospect for the future along with shampert and one of the main key is if we can have a health stoudmire it would be great

  2. squala96 says:

    Shame on those ingrates who want Carmelo out. Ballhog or not, he brought hope to what’s pretty much a laughable team that just happens to be in America’s most famous city. Durant also keeps shooting, but no one calls him that. Even his Airness did most of the scoring, but I don’t hear any negative remarks about that. Every other Knick is just unreliable. Anthony shouldn’t waste his time there. He’s not getting any younger and needs to make it big where he can get genuine help from other players.

  3. NewEra says:

    Please leave Carmelo. Go anywhere. You’re a ball hog. Your shot is wet, but your defense is parched and you have poor lateral movement. (breath of relief–that needed to be said.)

    As for Kerr & NY, this will work. Rings and the tutelage he has received from Jack n Pop (lol that just happened–unplanned) will earn respect from any player wanting to win. Brilliant mind, just needs some leadership experience to thicken his skin. This rebuild will do perfectly.

    Felton fell off & JR is reckless, they can also exit with Melo…

  4. A_Man_Hating_Woodson says:

    i don’t know anything about steve kerr coaching, and i don’t know how he coach in the future. but i think he will be a good coach, because phil jackson will teach him how to coach a team seriously. with phil help, every rookie coach will benefit, at least they are no problem with the playoff (of course, need to get some good player and release some bad player in the offseason)

  5. Knic.... Nets Fan says:

    LOLolol steve kerr! Carmelo get out now.

  6. Laker fan says:

    Kerr will get the job, he and Phil Jackson are going over what needs to be done with the roster, coaches, etc.

  7. Neil says:

    Hey, there’s a coach in the phil. He is the winningest coach that uses triangle offense. most likely knows Coach Phil’s triangle offense than any other (except coach Phil) you might wanna take a look…

  8. bounce the ball says:

    Steve Kerr is an entertaining announer and has an understanding of the game and was a good player. That beats out MJ as he was only one of those. However if Kerr takes the coaching job he and MJ will have another thing in common…failed at coaching in the NBA.

    Kerr is not the personality it takes to run the team, and although he has a great understanding of how the game is supposed to be played he is too weak of a personality.

    • threepointer9 says:

      MJ was never a coach… I think Steve Kerr will make a great coach, you would have to have some kind of persaonality to hang with the teams he has in his career. Phil Jackson was hardly a dominating force in the league as a player but has become one of the greatest coaches of all time. Jason Kidd went from being the villain to sacking his coaching staff, going alone and making the playoffs.

      i think he is worth taking the chance on.

  9. ism says:

    Authority comes with success. And to those of you who think Kerr’s too nice for NY: newsflash! The Knicks are not exactly in a position not to trust their coach (which has been chosen by Phil Jackson). Just give it some time. Just like Kidd needed some time in Brooklyn and proved not to be that bad at all. And the Lakers prematurely swichting Mike Brown for D’Antoni which was a perfect mismatch with DH.

    • Sterling says:

      Why does everybody point as STerling, using his name, his pictures, etc? That’s ruin his image before they can actually pin point that it was him in the recording. it could be another white Clippers excutive who talked to his gf and calling it his team and his games. This is not good for the NBA with chuck and everybody stirring it up using the Sterling name before knowing it

  10. Richard says:

    Melo .. hiring Steve Kerr is your cue .. get out now and save what’s left of your career.

    Houston is calling.

  11. Buckdawg says:

    Always thought Kerr would be a brilliant coach. Very smart, very professional, high basketball IQ, and has seen and won it all. Good luck to him, whatever he decides to do.

  12. Elijah 41 says:

    I don’t see why not to hire Steve Kerr for a coaching job for the knicks..This will be a smooth transition for Steve Kerr from a player to a coach after he is one of the player Phil Jackson produce…

  13. theholyspectator says:

    obviously phil isnt a dumb man…he has to know what hes doing by even considering steve kerr as a head coach…aint like any of us fans know what his ability is as a possible coach…hey look at jason kidd, sure the team has vets already on the squad ie. KG, paul piece, dwill, etc…knicks dont have that per say..well lets see how this all plays out, steve hasnt accepted the job either…

  14. firemanonfire says:

    carmelo will team up with lebron because its a wise choice..if u cant beat them, join them..kerr will handle the knicks very well..wade, lebron, melo, bosh, oden..what a first five for the fifth championship!

    • Learn About basketball before you talk says:

      apparently you don’t know nba. melo’s goin to be a FA. miami isn’t goin to sign carmelo. why would they ? they already got 3 star players pushing their salary cap. and melo might be goin to a team who is most likely playoff contenders . THE KNICKS aquiring steve kerr as Head coach is a smart move .

    • James Anderson says:

      If you cant beat them join them? The knicks havent had much of a problem beating lebron in recent years.

  15. celentano says:

    desperate choice from phil to choose the knicks,thanks to stern & jim buss to blow up the complete lakers organisation + mamba legacy too!

  16. Willy Spurd says:

    I like Steve Kerr, he is the boy next door, always says the right thing. So, in my opinion that doesn’t work in NYC. I think Steve should wait another year and go for the San Antonio job. But, its a huge challenge in his life and not bad pay either, working a few years with success, who knows? I would love to see the Knicks back in the thick of it all, but it might take a few years to work out all the expenses.

  17. Kerr? Hahahaha, and again hahahaha. Nuff said.

  18. Wes Wynter says:

    melo to boston! trade jeff green and our lottery… banner 18 in 2015 with that move

  19. bane says:

    i dont understand the criticism. it’s proven that some role players have great basketball minds since they practice efficiency and running plays and after the big roster change that is in the making i dont believe the players will be a credibility shouldnt be a problem since he has 5 rings playing for the two of the best coaches of all time.

  20. Clydox says:

    I do believe in Phil Jackson’s methods..

  21. Kalbo!! says:

    Steve Kerr! For Christ’s sake.. You’re one of the unsung heroes I like the most. Don’t lemme lose my respect on you by being Phil’s puppet.

    We all know that Jackson declined the head coach position coz it’s already too late and too difficult to rescue the knicks to the playoffs at that point. So, in order not to take the blame and still be able to coach the team, he and the knicks owner decided to put him on a higher position and used Woodson as puppet. But since Mike is not a very compatible medium for the wanna-be hall of famer coach, he’s now talking to one of his previous player who’s already very familiar with his system so relay-coaching would be more effectively executed.

    Come on guys. You know this is not an isolated case. Just look at how Pat Riley uses Eric Spoelstra? Though, I must give credit to Eric as he has been able to do relay-coaching so effectively without any sort of background with Pat.

    • i3lance says:

      You have got to be kidding me. Have you been drinking ‘Haterade’?

      Pat and Eric?…I don’t reply to rubbish but you clearly don’t have that much basketball pedigree is terms of acumen.

  22. jdub455 says:

    Lol.. steve kerr? Knicks? Who is phil gonna talk to next? Longley or wennington?? I dunno if kerr has got the character to lead the knicks, I don’t question his experience cause he played with MJ and Phil and was clutch too but its his leadership that is untested… Plus I don’t think melo and that group is an easy bunch to coach… they don’t run the plays sometimes… well I guess phil knows what he is doing, after choosing the coach, it will definitely be a BIG roster change esp if kerr will be chosen..

  23. Harry says:

    cjippers owner jealous the whole thing is about her and black men hanging out together, he should have just said i am jealous than shut up!

  24. Agalonso says:

    I think Jackson knows Kerr’s habilities and capacity to be head coach of NY Knicks. We must remember Steve was one of the Champion at Chicago Bulls in 1996/7/8 and he won two more rings with SAS.

  25. D.Allen says:

    Call Scottie Pippen….he would have more credibility with the players. Scottie was pretty much a coach on the floor with EXCELLENT basketabll I.Q. If Mark Jackson and Jason Kidd can get a shot….Pippen deserves a shot FOR SURE!!!!

  26. Vanessa Thompson says:

    Hiring Kerr will be a #BIGMISTAKE…..

  27. Like to see Steve Kerr take this gig. Anything better than recycling a former head coach from another team or a coach from the past. Time for another Mark Jackson, a Jason Kidd, a Frank Vogel, a Terry Stotts. Steve Kerr would be a great choice.

  28. Mr,splashman says:

    Kerr 2015 Knicks Championship

  29. go2themike says:

    Kerr is smart to keep things close to his vest. Although I hope Phil has scouts working on the draft like they do have a pick. There could be a possibility of trading for a pick. So I hope that Jackson picks his staff and they are in place before the end of May.

  30. okc2014 says:

    Sounds like a wrap if you ask me. Carmello won’t stay there. Too much rebuilding from the ground up. Heading to Chicago or Houston.